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4.2 out of 5 stars
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 20 April 2013
I was a late convert to a smartphone and have only had experience of a BB Curve 8520, which I thought was great, but it certainly had it's limitations, was slow, froze alot, etc.
The Z10 is on a different planet! Not only is this phone a great looking phone, it is well made and the performance compared to the lowly curve is vastly different.
I thought I would miss the physical keyboard (was tempted to wait for the Q10), but having got a PlayBook was used to the way that worked and the Z10 is very similar. Swiping/gesturing is very easy and everything flows nicely. The hub is great, keeping all message types in one place, easy to access and manage. I love the way there is no "home" button, you can minimize each app but keep it active without having to close it down, meaning you can switch between apps quickly and easily. The browser is super fast, clear and most sites render really well. Transferring data from my old curve was easy with the use of BB link on the pc desktop. BB Protect is still around and great, as is password keeper. The camera works well and takes great pics although I have not yet used the timeshift function. One great advantage the Z10 has over the iPhone is the facility to change the battery (who doesn't know someone whose iPhone won't charge any longer?), I bought the stand alone charger with spare battery (not had to use it yet), also the added advantage of increasing the storage with a micro SD card.
Using the Z10 as a phone is a doddle, updating contacts easy, and using the voice recognition is fun although not accurate enough for more than a short text. Battery life is ok, no worse than for other smartphones (my daughter's are Samsung Galaxy S III users and advised me to turn off bluetooth, wi-fi, etc when not using. Just put the phone on charge overnight.
Bluetooth is great, paired it to the Mazda 6, can use the phone in car for calls and it also automatically finds my audio and starts playing! Brilliant!
I love this phone, there is so much more I could say but you would probably get bored first! And one more thing, I recommend getting a good screen protector, MediaDevil Magicscreen Screen Protector: Crystal Clear (Invisible) - Blackberry Z10 (2 x Screen Protectors)are the best!
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32 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2013
I bought the BlackBerry Z10 as soon as it came out as an upgrade for my BlackBerry Curve 9300 which I had been using for the previous 2 years.

The Curve 9300 was great for what it was but had serious limitations in terms of functionality and was starting to look very dated. The 9300 was great as a phone (better reception I am told than an iPhone) and was brilliant for email & messaging but was next to useless for the Web due to a tiny screen and small RAM. For some time I had been envious of people with these swish new Apple and Android touch-screen smart phones which make web surfing a breeze, can scan bar codes with ease and have shed loads of cool apps available for them.
Despite this, however, I am a BlackBerry fan and after considering iPhone, Android and Windows 8 phones from Nokia, I decided to wait for the BlackBerry Z10.

I have not regretted my decision. Firstly, the Z10 is, in my opinion, the coolest looking phone on the market. The screen size is very well judged - not too small and not too large. In my view the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone 4S (and earlier iPhones) is slightly too small and a 5 inch screen of some Android phones is slightly too big. It's a compromise between usability and portability and I think BlackBerry got it perfectly right with the Z10's 4.2 inch screen.

The Z10 user interface is superb. It is very responsive and intuitive and one quickly gets used to the gestures. The BlackBerry Hub is a great idea, putting all notifications and messages in one place - no competing product does this to my knowledge.
The phone feels nice to hold and has a quality feel to it despite being made of plastic (it is high quality plastic though). It is every bit as well made as the iPhone 5 despite the use of aluminium in the construction of the Apple product.

It has an excellent main camera. Megapixels are not really important as they are only one of many factors that influence the picture quality but the Z10 has an 8 mega pixel main camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera (The iPhone 5 is 8MP and 1.9 MP respectively). The Z10 also sports a LED flash which is very handy for low light conditions. One great and unique feature that camera has is "Time Shift" photography. This takes multiple pictures of the subject and allows you to cycle though the images to find the perfect shot. For example, if the subject turned his or her eyes away at the moment the shutter was clicked, you can cycle forward or backwards though multiple shots until you find the best one (i.e. where the subject is looking at the camera/phone). No competing phone has this feature.

Being a BlackBerry, it naturally has the famous and popular BBM (BlackBerry messenger) and on the Z10 this include BBM Video Chat which is great. I have had several BBM video chats with my wife on her BlackBerry Playbook and her Z10 (yes, she has one too - she just had to have one after being so impressed with mine!). I believe the iPhone has a similar feature (Called "FaceTime" I think).

Before my Z10 arrived I was concerned that I would not like the touch-screen virtual keyboard compared to the physical keyboard on my Curve. I need not have worried. The keyboard on the Z10 is simply superb! Yes, it is easier to hit the wrong keys compared to a physical keyboard on traditional BlackBerrys but it learns your writing style and suggests words to help you type faster, more accurately and with the least amount of effort. And if you tend to mistype certain letters, the keyboard will remember and subtly adjust to make sure you hit the right key - and this really works. Lord Sugar, who has been using a BB Z10 for over a month, recently tweeted that it has the best virtual keyboard of any phone he has used.
Some reviews have criticised the Z10 for a lack of apps. This is unfair! The Blackberry 10 operating system is brand new whereas IOS and Android have been out for years. You can't expect there to be as many apps available at launch as there are for IOS/Android! There are still a fair number of BB 10 apps however and they are growing all the time. There are also some very useful apps pre-installed such as Twitter, Linkedin, Docs To Go (MS Office compatible), Story Maker (video editor) and BlackBerry Maps, etc. I am sure app developers will produce more apps than for previous generations of BlackBerry phones as these phones are much more capable and they are apparently selling very well too.

One area where my Z10 was initially disappointing was battery life. It was only lasting about 4 to 5 hours on standby before needing re-charging (appalling!) but I have just updated it to version which promised better battery life (as well as several other improvements) and I am pleased to report that this has afforded a vast improvement in battery life (at least 3 times better!). I would never have thought that a software update would have brought about such a big improvement in battery life but is has!

In conclusion, a wonderful phone. If you have been considering high-end Android, iPhone or windows 8 phone then seriously consider one of these - I doubt you will regret it.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 29 September 2014
I have been very fortunate in that I have been able to try a number of phones in the real world. I have a work phone and a personal phone, both of which stay with me 24hrs a day.

My employer used to supply Blackberry phones, the last one was a Bold 9780, which while not much use for watching video or surfing the net was undoubtably the best phone I ever had for making calls and sending/receiving emails and texts. The battery also lasted for days, not hours.

Then Blackberry fell out of favour and we were all given an iPhone 4S, which is a very fine product. Well made, it was also better for surfing the web. But, for my purposes it was a complete waste of time. The mail client proved unreliable and despite a number of attempts did not play well with our MS Exchange server. It also dropped calls constantly and the Bluetooth connection in my car would stop working every iOS update. As a consumer phone and plaything it was great, but no good for business. The battery life was also appalling.

My employer seemed to agree and next up was a Samsung Galaxy mini. This has proven to be the worst phone I have ever had. Terrible battery life, call quality, screen and email client. It does nothing well and most things badly. I still suffer with this thing today, but hope someone further up the chain will see sense and change it soon.

Contrary to the above I don't dislike Android phones. Up until recently I had a Samsung Galaxy S as my personal phone, which was replaced by an LG Optimus X4 HD - now that was a fantastic phone - when it was working. The main issue is that it did not like moving about too much. As soon as you left one mobile tower region it would locate the next and the signal would show on the display, but for some reason no calls came through? The Samsungs both suffer the same issue, but to a lesser degree. All would drop data connections for no apparant reason. Both LG and Sumsung decided to drop support for the latest Android version too so I was stuck.

This leads me to the Blackberry Z10. I needed a cheap solution to replace the LG when my wife tried to call me after a family emergency and the phone decided I did not exist. I had had enough. So, rather than follow the herd I decided to go back to what I trusted from the past. The Apple iPhone was too expensive and the Blackberry Z10 was available for under £200 sim-free, so it was worth a shot.

What a pleasant surprise, this is easily the best phone I have ever had by some margin and that includes the iPhone. It is just so easy to use and totally reliable. The call quality is excellent and it picks up a signal in areas that none of my other phones would even touch. With 4G compatibility too! The screen quality is superb and BB OS10 is a totally underated OS. Easily as good as Apples iOS and more reliable than Android in operation. It is rock solid and has never let me down. The latest version even runs Android apps for those that can't find a suitable native application.

The email HUB is a great feature. It brings together all your email accounts into one easy to access area. There is also integration with Facebook and Twitter for those that need it.

And contrary to reports, the battery life is actually quite good. Easily better than the iPhone and Samsung handsets. Probably on par with the LG, which was pretty good at around a day and a half with normal use.

Negatives? Not much. The native app store is OK, but could be better. The Android app compatibility resolves most of that issue, but I have found a few apps that refuse to work. Not many though.

In summary this is a lovely phone. It really deserves so much more success than it has. When I read the Blackberry haters in the press it really makes me angry. Have they actually tried to live with this phone or any of the new Blackberry products for that matter? I suspect not, because if they did they might be surprised. I was.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 20 February 2013
The phone is well designed, elegant, feels stable and is very powerful.

Right now there are not many apps but that wil change very soon once apps are moved to BB10 OS from the old OS.

The phone required a bit of patience to set up and can be a little frustrating unless you follow the below:

Bacc up your old BB with Desktop software, then connect your new BB10 to your computer, install the BB10 replacement of Desktop (BB LINK) then sybne your new phone and everything will automatically merge pretty seemlessly.
The internet browser is amazingly fast, the camera is incredible with great picture quality and the new features for editing the photos you take is brilliant

I have had mine abot 48 Hours now and I have no problems with the new gesture driven actions etc.

I would have ideally waited 2 months before buying but was forced to purchase early as i accidently broke my old BB Bold. Yes te phones highly priced but if you take care of your phone the value will be there in the long run.

My friends who are iphone users are very impressed with the browser speed, camera and design.

As a BB user for some time I love the phone and its stopped me moving to iphone which i was very close to doing.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 16 February 2013
Fantastic phone - the use of gestures throughout takes a little getting used to, but not if you've already used a Playbook. This is a very intuitive way of navigating software. Blackberry have also included additional apps out of the box - documents to go, for instance can open/edit word and excel files, including in .docx 2007 format, and password protected files. The screen is incredibly crisp, and features a higher pixel density than even apples retina display on iphone 5. This phone is quite well future proofed, featuring NFC, 4G, bluetooth 4 and good GPS (based on data supplied by TomTom, I believe) which is very quick to get a lock on location - literally 2 seconds!
Of course, it's not perfect - many reviewers on tech sites have commented disparagingly about battery life - though I think it will seem poor to people who have used older BB phones, which were quite renowned for good battery life. The Z10 is decidedly average in this respect, 1-2 days probably. Also, the selection of ringtones is extremely limited - but then I suppose most people will use a music file anyway. Accessories are also thin on the ground at present - I visited P4U, Carphone Warehouse, EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3 stores today in search of a screen protector - same story in all of them: None Yet, try again in a few weeks or look online. I bought a set from 3, with grid lines on, that you can cut to size. It'll do for now. I bought a gel case from Gadget Giant, which is a great fit, and I would recommend them.
All in all, I'm happy with the Z10. Now to persuade others that there are viable options beyond iOS and Android! As to whether to get White or Black, I just opted for the cheapest at the time (P4U was selling white sim free at £480, black one for £550).
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 1 March 2013
I have had my Z10 for 3 weeks now and it is the best phone I have owned. I have had 2 other BlackBerry's before it plus I have a PlayBook. I upgraded from an 9300 Curve which I liked lots but had a terrible browser that could only load the smallest of pages without closing. Also the memory was so small. But the Z10 has none of those problems. I find the browser to be quick and have no trouble zooming the text to see it. I am still getting used to the on screen keyboard after physical keyboard, but so far I like it even if I do make some mistakes, and the predictive text & the way I can flick it onto the screen is a great idea. Some other reviews have said that the editing circle obscures their view but I have not had that problem and have found it good.
The only things that I can fault are the lack of apps,I miss my NatWest, T-Mobile & BlackBerry Travel apps. Also the Facebook app is truly terrible as the news feeds are all over the place and in random order nowhere near as good as the BlackBerry 6 app. The Twitter app is OK but does not update automatically so I have to keep refreshing manually not like the BlackBerry 6 app.
The battery life is okay but it should be bigger as if I play too long on my games at lunch break the level goes down and may not last until I get home. The Z10 appears to be well built and in my opinion looks good. I think in time the apps and the OS will improve and then I will give it 5 stars.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 12 December 2013
Reviews are like comfort blankets for consumers like me, we use them when we are `not quite sure of something' or the purchase is important, expensive or both. We take almost everything as gospel and discard quickly products that do not meet the reviewers' expectations even though often we have not even laid eyes on the item itself, let alone actually used it.

Being on a sublimely inexpensive `SIM only' deal which gives me unlimited everything I was looking to freshen up my handset but was acutely aware that there was no point in spending more in total over say 2 years than a contract as that would not make any sense at all. Initially my spec was quad core (for all the games I don't play), micro SD for expansion, a decent OS and most important of all ... a handset that would fit into the top pocket of my favourite Levi shirt (Yup we're talking 70's retro here ...).

Initially I wanted to continue with Android as my tablet runs that OS, I had paid for (a few) Apps and I thought it would offer better continuity. The problem I found was that the mini versions of Samsung/HTC products were poorly specified by comparison to their big brothers and almost as expensive ... likewise with the Sony which is due for release early 14. I'm not going to say that Apple don't produce excellent hardware but their OS is not up to Android and the cost of a handset witha decent spec in terms of storage was prohibitive.

Which brings me onto the Z10 .... I've only had the handset a few days and can find nothing at all to dislike about is short of one or two Apps that are not yet available. The OS works very smoothly and is intuitive, there is a wealth of YouTube tutorials if you get stuck but most of the time everything just slides (literally) into place naturally. Texting is a dream with the best predictive system I have ever seen. The BB hub holds all of your comms in one place and you can choose which ones flash or beep at you (just to annoy people at meetings). There is a wealth of business functions that I have not had the time to look at yet and the Blackberry Link allows the phone to interact with you PC or other comms devices either via USB or wireless ... very handy for syncing with iTunes and backing up your data. You can even plug the phone into a TV via HDMI to play back whatever you choose ... it's here that the Adobe Flash support really can come into it's own. The camera produces high quality images and has a useful `time shift' facility to suit the technology junkies out there.

I could go on (and on) but what this device does best of all is communicate either by phone/SMS/social media/eMail ... and that is the key for me. Maybe I'm not the most prolific gamer .. or maybe I chose to do my gaming on a device better suited like a tablet or console. Oh ... and the handset looks good in either black or white.

If you are still undecided.... talk to someone who actually has a Z10 or ask for a demo at your local phone shop (then do what everyone else does and shop around). Worried about the lack of Apps ?? don't be as an OS update due early 14 will update the phone to Jellybean and provide full support for Android apps which can then be installed directly to the phone, so far I have spent £10 on BB Apps to replace ones I had on my last handset.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 7 April 2013
Bloody brilliant!

I've had everything from the latest iPhone to the newest HTC, and good god they get tiring after a while, especially when everyone else has the same.

So I purchased the Lumia 920, and that was sure as hell not for me neither, I missed the good old BBM days and when I heard BB was making a comeback, I jumped right onto it!

So I've been lurking and posting a whole deal on the forums @crackberry and once the Z10 hit the online streets of UK I ordered one and it arrived to Denmark.

Now the Z10 is a beautiful thing, the OS is new, the applications are growing and major companies are appearing as new apps appear.
Several OS updates have been made and I must admit that BlackBerry is really looking bright, they listen to the complains and improvements and damn they do it well.

A major OS update 10.1 is coming soon with overhauls and giant additions for the OS, so I'm as happy as I can get, also this phone simply gives everyone another turn around when I pull it out of my pocket. It turns heads at all times, a good refresh for anyone looking to come back to BB for a business and social media integration point of view.

Best of luck!

EDIT: So we've been seeing a lot of leaks for the Z10, and lately we are waiting for the official 10.2 OS update, but I've been sneaky and test driven the new leak and man it's insane, the 10.2 OS update really takes the BB10 OS to a whole new level, the amount of additions, toast notifications, new updates, reworks just makes it all golden! Google it if you want to know more :)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 November 2013
Excellent smartphone ! very fast, responsive, battery life definitely longer than iphone 4 and samsung s2.
I gave iphone4 to my mother 2 years ago after a few months of usage , because i didnt like it, heats up when i am on long chats. iphone 4 was very heavy in comparison to samsung s2 (almost 3 years ago). since then I have been avoiding apple products because i felt for the same amount of money spent, i could have gotten something of similar specifications at half the price.

I then switched to samsung s2 and never looked back. until now. s2 still works great, but I just HAD to jump on z10 because it was CHEAP!

I'm in love with blackberry hub, and bbry keypad. very good predictions as compared to Swiftkey which I have been using on samsung s2. bleh shouldnt have bought swiftkey.

Despite bad reputation of BBRY at the moment, this phone is solid, and amazing. What went wrong was BBRY z10 marketing strategy, and very very high pricing when it was first launched.

Regarding apps, there are loads of junk apps on android, swiftkey included which i had to pay for it.
Office suite pro which costs 11 euros , i am GLAD i DID NOT buy it. Reason being, Documents To Go app which came with this stock z10 blackberry phone is SUPERB. I do not need to buy it from app store.

I would op for Quality, and not Quantity. better to have one good app than ten bad apps
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57 of 64 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 11 February 2013
Always we need context. For this we need to summarise the marketplace. At the top of the peer list is the iPhone (iOS), which is a very slick, must have addition to lifestyle that's not so hot with email. Then we have Android, which isn't so slick but usually cheaper and also about lifestyle, but not so good with email either. Now to Blackberry. They've always been strong with email but have offered up some appalling usability issues and they have never been about lifestyle. Blackberry are struggling and have put almost all their eggs into this one Z10 shaped basket. They are specifically aiming at the same smartphone markets as iOS and Android.

In a few short words they've almost pulled it off and might very well do it with some key additions to their app store. Use the Z10 for a couple of days and the iPhone feels clunky and retro. The Z10 is all about intuitive gestures and a slick interface that feels natural about ten minutes after you unpackage it. It is a better device than any Android I've used by a long margin and it is at least equal, and often better than the iPhone. In almost every area the Z10 ooozes thought and innovation. Everything you expect is there and at almost every turn you can see someone has worked out how to make it better.

What the Z10 lacks right now, is lifestyle. The Z10 browser is excellent and many apps we rely on in the day to day are available via the browser. Go to the BBC sports site on your Z10 and you will get the exact same experience as the BBC iPhone app. Two gestures on the Z10 and you have an icon to launch the BBC sports site. The same is almost universal for any web based services, National Rail for instance, works just the same as an icon on the Z10 as it does the iPhone. But the Z10 doesn't have important clients like the Kindle, or core services like the Dropbox client that will automatically upload any pictures and videos you take to your online storage (although the Z10 does have a basic Dropbox browser client). Blackberry need these apps and more like them very soon. Smartphones are now integral to our daily lifestyle. For all Blackberry's breathtaking innovation, without them the Z10 is not a viable mass-market alternative to either iOS or Android.

Blackberry devices have always been about information, reviewing it and responding to it. The exceptional strength of the Z10 is the ability to use it in one hand while on the move, carrying bags et al and be able to access everything that is important with just a few swipes of the thumb. The touch keyboard is simply the best of breed across all devices, including physical keyboards. Their implementation of predictive text is nothing short of genius and not only very effective but great fun to use. Who'd have thought that about predictive text! With Blackberry the ecosystem has always focused on email and the Z10 is a jump in evolution of this. A lot of effort has been invested and for once Blackberry have delivered a product that can be wholeheartedly embraced without reservation or tolerance of one design flaw that steadily wears over time. The Z10 is as close to perfect a smartphone experience as any information centric user could want. The stand-out apps it does have: Facebook and The Guardian, and Independent newspapers, really show what is possible with the Z10, making these services incredibly intuitive and natural to use.

The camera is high quality, the experience and usability is the simplest of any device and for the first time we get to edit the images we take. Features like personal hotspot go one step further and give you much more control over the experience, allowing you to monitor data usage and manage additional connections once you're in. Web browsing is intuitive and once more focused on the fact you are often likely to be on the move, using the device one handed and and in need of quickly accessing information.

An interesting addendum is you previously needed a BIS phone contract to use a Blackberry but you don't with the Z10, working like iOS and Android using encryption over a normal data connection. Hoorah to that. Corporates can continue to use BES if they want to. You should also note the RRP (non-contract) is about £415-450, so if anyone is charging you more then you need to weigh your need for the device over the extra you are paying.

In design the Z10 is little short of perfect. Software innovation will make it even better. We just need those lifestyle apps and Blackberry have a genuine shot at not only the best smartphone but a device that makes the competition pale in comparison.

I hope this was helpful.
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