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on 23 October 2014
We've just bought a Lattissima Plus coffee machine through Amazon and are now playing around with the settings to achieve the best drink we like. So far we are finding that by using the factory settings the drinks are just not hot enough or large enough. Main problem is the temperature and we don't really want to have to heat up the milk or water by another method. Please can anyone offer a soution as I am sure we are not the only people who want a longer and more importantly, a hotter coffee.
7 Nov 2014. I'm up-dating my review now that I've had time to really try out the machine. I can now give it 5* and can add additional instructions to those in the booklet.
If you follow the instructions you only have a small drink no matter what you choose. However we have decent size mugs (250ml) and I've worked out how to fill these with a good drink. My personal choice would be an Americano topped up with hot milk, so here's how I now make it. First run water through the machine by pressing the "Lungo" button but without a pod. This warms up the machine and also warms your cup or mug. Put your warm mug under the spouts and insert a pod (I prefer a higher intensity as it will be watered down for the Americano). Then press either the Espresso or Lungo button, depending on the pod chosen. When it has finished release the pod and then press again either the Espresso or Lungo button and water only will top up your drink. More water can also be added if preferred but don't dilute too much. Then I press and hold the Latte button with low froth setting until the mug is full. This makes a perfect Americano. Note that it is not wise to leave the pod in when adding extra water as this can spoil the taste.
Now my wife prefers a Capuccino, but the standard settings don't give a large enough drink so this is what we do. We make an Espresso or Lungo as normal and add extra water but not much more (don't add this if you prefer a very milky drink or Latte). Then top up with milk by pressing and holding the Latte button, initially with low froth setting and then move to the higher froth setting at the end.
Admittedly this a more manual way but does give a longer and more personal drink to your taste. Higher intensity pods are best for us but that is again a personal choice.
The Lattisima Plus is really good and very addictive. Now we know how to obtain personal settings I can highly recommend it.
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on 26 March 2014
I love this machine and the nespresso coffee. The milk frothing system is great and I would have awarded 5 stars but for one 'issue' with it that is not mentioned in the nespresso user manual and nespresso technical support do not know/advise you about either. After a few months use I found that the milk frother no longer produced frothed milk. I descaled the machine several times, cleaned the milk frothing sytem (removing all of the removable parts first) in hot soapy water & the dishwasher - nothing seemed to solve the problem. Then, I discovered one very important thing you need to do to make sure the frother works correctly. When attaching the flexible rubber tube that dips into the milk, make sure that the two holes at the top are inserted at right angles to the inlet that seats in the main machine itself. Hey presto - frothy milk! This vital piece of information is not included in the user manual for this machine and technical support do not mention it either. I have asked nespresso to revise the manual, so hopefully everyone will know how to properly assemble the milk frothing system.

Extra note - after descaling the machine, you need to Reset to Factory Settings to ensure frothing mechanism works properly.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my 3rd Nespresso machine. I originally had a Magimix Nespresso M200 Coffee Maker (Black) with the cappuccino milk frother. I got rid of this for space reasons and because the milky drinks it made were lots of fuss and not very hot. I then bought a Magimix Nespresso M100 Automatic Sand Coffee Maker, White which is a brilliant machine and makes great lungo and espressos.

However this new Lattissima is in a different league. First of all it is really compact. Much smaller than the M200 and about the same footprint as the basic machine. This is in part due to a compact water tank that does only hold about 10 drinks worth of water. This is fine though as I change the water every day anyway. The machine is brilliantly thought out and easy to use. Some of the things I like are:

1. The water tank lid is also the handle
2. The machine has a sensor for large and small drinks which you change by sliding out a step for the cup.
3. The milk frother can be put in the fridge in one piece. It just plugs into the machine.
4. The milk frother has a steam clean button that can be used while the milk tank is full.
5. The cappuccino's made are HOT. Not tepid but actually hot which is really nice.
6. Turn it on, wait 40 seconds to warm up and press the cappuccino button and it automatically makes the right size drink. No having to watch it is 100% automatic.
7. Manual override - if you want more coffee extracted from your pod simply press the espresso button again and it does more. Press the button to stop it at any time.
8. The milk frother components can be washed in the dishwasher - perfect!

I will update the review for reliability in 6 months time but right now I have nothing but praise for this superb machine.

4 months later it still gets used daily. It also works well with off brand Nespresso Compatible pods that you can buy in the supermarket with all the other "Pod" coffees. Genuine Nespresso Pods are better though for a fuller taste and they flow better as well.


One year update. Wife and I use this thing 4 or 5 times a day between us. Usually for Americano it is true (double shot pod + hot water) but for cappuccino as a desert coffee now and then. Totally reliable and as good now as when new. The milk tube has gone grey from the dishwasher but everything else is perfect. One more feature I missed before is that if you run out of water when it is running it gurgles and stops rather than breaking! Truly idiot proof. The best off brand pods I have used are the Carte Noire Espresso No 3 Elegant 10 Coffee Capsules 53 g(Pack of 8) which are great value and work well.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I thought I was a bean to cup girl all the way, never thought I could be swayed to a pod machine, but this machine has converted me with its frothy coffee loveliness. I love the way the milk goes in the jug at the front; love watching it foaming out, blending with the coffee to make a rich, smooth, delicious cuppa. It's so easy to use - just load up the milk and water, slot in a pod and the rest is just pressing buttons. Everything that matters is adjustable, from the size of the cup you want to fill, to the foaminess - lots and lots of froth if you like that sort of thing. If - like Tony Hancock's rebel, or, indeed, my Mum - you don't like any froth, the The De'longhi EN520.B can accommodate you, too.
Cleaning is wonderfully easy, just press the button and hold. Ready for action seconds after switching on: it's very fast, the build quality is excellent, it's wonderfully easy to use, and... OK, pods are undoubtedly a more expensive way of buying coffee but the taste is really good, much closer to coffee-shop coffee than anything else I've tasted, and at a very reasonable price indeed. All in all, if a pod machine is what you're after, I definitely recommend this one.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used a few `pod' based coffee/hot drink machines including those using Dolce Gusto powder capsules and Tassimo powder/liquid pods. I also have an insanely expensive Jura bean to cup machine that uses coffee beans. In my view Nespresso gets closest to the taste of a freshly-ground coffee taste. This is because Nespresso keeps things fairly simple. They only make coffee pods whereas Dolce Gusto and Tassimo attempt, and I use the term deliberately, to provide a range of drinks including tea and hot chocolate. Most significantly though Nespresso machines usually aim to produce black coffee - espressos or lungos. The other brands attempts to use dried or UHT milk generally result in an unsatisfactory drink. With this Nespresso model produced by Delonghi if you want a cappuccino or latte the machine uses fresh milk and it results in very good black coffee, and very good milk-based coffee.

The machine will make four pre-programmed drinks each with its own lit button - espresso, lungo, latte or cappuccino. Each drink, although programmed, can be simply adjusted to meet your particular tastes for more milk or a smaller espresso. For milk based drinks the removable milk container on the right of the machine needs to be fitted. When it's not only espresso and lungos are selectable. You simply put a pod into the machine, for milk-based drinks make sure the pipe from the milk container is over the cup, and the cup is over the coffee pipe and that's it. Unlike many Dolce Gusto machines a predetermined amount of coffee and milk is dispensed, for milk drinks the milk first and then the coffee. In terms of using the milk option, milk is automatically heated and results in a remarkable amount of milk froth for lattes and cappuccinos, far better than my Jura bean to cup machine even at the lowest setting. After making the drink the used capsule is stored within the machine by opening and closing the pod container lever and the milk dispenser tube is flushed with water by pressing a button on the water container. Note that with other capsule machines you have to dispose of the capsule by removing it from the machine after use, so this is a nice additional feature.

A comprehensive range of capsules is available when it's considered that nespresso only produce coffee pods, including single origin espressos, various blends, and three decaffeinated choices. At the most basic level you can select an range of coffee strengths. More subtle differences between the blends are detectable though. The pods are cheaper than many competitor systems because for all drinks use only one capsules, not two for the more complex drinks other manufactures sell. Each costs from around 29p.

Downsides to the machine, well if you don't like coffee, or want a machine that makes a range of ho drinks, the nespresso is not for you. In addition nespresso capsules are far less available than dolce gusto or tassimo capsules, a limited range of which are available through supermarkets. You have to buy the capsules through the mail, and for a minimum order of 50 capsules - although order 200 or more and the postage is free. Like dolce gusto and tassimo, nespresso is a propriety sysem. In other words you have to use capsules made by nespresso so a they have a monopoly and can dictate the price. Except this is not quite the case as another company, Cafe Tutto, produce compatible pods as well. These aren't available through supermarkets either, but the boxes will fit through your letterbox (ordering 50 capsules) so there's no hasstle for having to be around to accept delivery. More detail is available at Café Tutto Capsules Taster Pack (Pack of 2, Total of 50 Capsules). I've reviewed the Cafe Tutto capsules so won't repeat comments here except to say that they are only slightly cheaper, but at least you're not reliant on nespresso. And, apparently, patents on elements of the nespresso system began to expire which is allowing an increasing number of other coffee producers to sell their own pods. As well as mail order Nespresso also have a very small number - around 5 - outlets in the UK and Ireland than sell their machines and pods in London, Dublin, Cork and a couple of other locations from memory. Very smart outlets in fact considering they're selling coffee pods! You'll also need to clean the milk container twice a week, once through rinsing and once in a dishwater but this isn't a major problem. Finally, if you only drink black coffee don't bother with this machine. There are cheaper and more attractive nespresso machines without the hot milk option. In fact in design terms functionality wins over form. Many nespresso machines have an art deco look to them, this machine doesn't.

So, a very good coffee making machine. It doesn't use coffee beans but comes closest to machines that do and it works well. It fulfils its purpose pretty much perfectly so within those terms of reference is worth five stars. And it produces properly hot drinks with decent serving sizes, something dolce gusto machines are unlikely to do. It sits near to my bean to cup machine for an even faster and more convenient coffee with just a little sacrifice in terms of the taste of the drink.
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on 11 June 2013
After our Magimix Citiz machine stopped working properly, I needed to replace it with another Nespressso machine as I love Nespresso coffee I chose this Delonghi Latissima machine as I wanted a milk steamer on the machine also. It is a very smart looking machine, is easy to use and makes lovely coffee. The only downside for me is that the milk heater really froths the milk, even on the lowest froth setting, sometimes I only want the milk heated, not frothed.
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on 15 February 2015
I have recently acquired this machine, and all in all am very satisfied with it. The milk frother is an improvement on the Aerocinno which came with earlier machines, in that it has a larger capacity, is much easier to clean, doesn't malfunction or overheat, or leave a burnt patch inside which is hard to remove, all things I found unsatisfactory with the Aerocinno. This makes the machine a vast improvement on previous models.

If you are making a latte macchiato and you like a really hot cup of coffee, you might find it necessary to give the milk 30 seconds in the microwave first before clicking the milk frother into place. In fairness the machine does an excellent job of heating the milk, but if your fridge runs cold, there is only so much the element can do when the milk runs past it. Room temperature milk in the frother makes a really hot satisfying cup of coffee if that is your preference.

Another point about the milk frother - whilst it is very effective at producing froth, there is not an option for "no froth" like there is with the aerocinno. You can turn the switch for "less froth" or "more froth" but the less froth option will still produce a reasonable amount of froth. This is only a problem if you don't like froth and just want hot milk, so is worth considering.

One design aspect of this machine I'm a bit miffed about is that you can't fit one of the bog standard glass latte mugs that you can pick up cheaply at Dunelm or Homebase under here - there is a short space between the coffee outlet and the base where you place the glass. So if you already have a coffee machine you use latte glasses for, you might find they are obsolete with this machine. Obviously just normal teacups which tend to be wider and shorter are fine, but if you like a latte in a glass you might have to choose a bit more carefully.

On the whole though, once you have your vessel sorted and have decided how hot you like your drink and whether or not you like froth, this machine will produce excellent results and the easy cleaning and improved functionality of the milk system makes this a worthy upgrade from previous models such as the Magimix or Krups Citiz plus milk models.
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on 25 September 2013
Super happy with our purchase! Delicious lattes, cappuccinos & coffees at the touch of a button. We even use the latte button to make hot chocolate & just stop the addition of coffee by pressing again. I love that we can choose a high or low froth option & that the milk can be returned to the fridge after each use. Cleaning the frother is easy with just a touch of a button. It looks good in the kitchen & is very compact. It has a platform for smaller cups which can be pushed in for larger mugs. Unlike the keurig, you won't fit your travel mugs in this one. I do wish the water reservoir was a little bigger but it is easy to refill & it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a great coffee machine.
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on 21 August 2014
I was looking for a replacement to our trusted Classic Nespresso machine. Having previously mostly drank espresso's & lungo coffee because I honestly couldn't be bothered to use the milk frother if I was just making coffee for me, the thought of a machine doing it for me sounded too good to be true. It wasn't.

I particularly like the detachable milk reservoir as it means there is no waste. When you have made your drink, clean the system (takes 10secs and 1 push of a button), detach the unit and return it to the fridge. There is no messing around.

Yes, it is alot of money for a coffee machine, but I would recommend people go for it. You won't be disappointed.
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on 20 February 2015
I bought one of these following a return from holiday where the villa we were staying in had a similar item.
I loved the taste of the fresh coffee and ability to have several different types of coffee depending on your mood so we bought one of these.
My wife thinks this machine is wonderful by the way but for me the final result no matter which type of coffe you choose (latte/expresso/americano etc) they are just not hot enough after making.

I can take my coffee into the conservatory, sit down and know that I can drink the whole cut large or small in 10 seconds flat if I wanted too without so much as a blister to tell I had had a hot coffee. Now I know you dont want it boiling but I dont want it cold either after just 5 minutes. For me the whole machine should be delivering the coffee at a much higher temperature to what it is. If Starbucks, Costa etc can manage it why cant Nespresso? I have to ask - is the machine really upto delivering hot coffee? Disappointed.
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