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4.6 out of 5 stars35
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2001
This book is quite simply one of the finest I have ever read. Julian May is either a polymath, connected to an extremely wide and learned band of researchers, or is uncommonly artful at bluffing on a wide range of diverse subjects. I can disregard the latter as she shows such careful consistency throughout all the books of this series, and neither of the other alternatives diminish the almost perfect story she presents to us. Even from the start of "The Saga of the Exiles" May demands a familiarity with her world which we do not initially have the tools or information to comprehend. The keys to unlocking this world are contained on each subsequent page and reinforce its credibility, yet at the same time producing a sense of disorientation which some readers may find distracting. If you trust May she will take you on an incredible journey from the deepest core of one of her beautifully crafted characters, to the furthest most limit of our universe and beyond. This book is a bridge between "The Saga of the Exiles" and "The Galactic Mileu Trilogy" but is also magnificent in its own right. If you have the stamina to visit an Eden within literature then read the whole series. If you have other gardens to tend then take take a break and visit this one. Don't be put off if the fauna looks unfamiliar as it may just come from another world.
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on 6 November 2003
I have read several Julian May books but Saga of the Exiles and Galactic Milieu 'trilogies' are by far the best. I have re-read them so often i have had to buy a new set! Intervention though is my overall favourite, linking 'Exiles with 'Milieu. With characters like Uncle Rogi, it maintains an element of normal humanity. As i first read these books in the 80s and early 90s it was fascinating to see how the near future mentioned in the Intervention panned out. Julian May mentions such phenomena as the 1999 eclipse for example. I still await the intervention though! Like many good sci-fi writers, she takes an everyday idea and extends it, such as using myths we are familiar with and offering her version of their origins. However, for potential readers, Intervention does not stand alone - and a reader is likely to find that there are potentially 7 other books to read to make complete sense of it. It was good to read that there are others out there who wander in the pliocene and in the galactic milieu......
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on 26 October 2003
Now then, I picked up intervenion from my sister who promised me I'd like it since I love all science fiction from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings.
Intervention was the first novel by Julian May I'd read and still the best. It is basically the introduction to the galactic mileu trilogy of JACK THE BODILESS, then DIAMOND MASK, followed lastly by MAGNIFICAT.
In the near future mankind is starting to realise it's potential metaphysic powers (think mind reading etc) In steps an alliance of alien nations to look after our evolution and future. Young Jack Remillard is the hero but it was sly old uncle Rogi who captured my heart with his ghost.
Excellent charcater development written by someone who seems to have an immense knowledge of what she is writing about (is she a genius) Funny is some place, heartwarming and yet geeky enough with the science to keep me happy.
Loved all of them so had to follow it up by buying her SAGA OF THE EXILES trilogy. Found it hard to believe this was written first?!
All in all, if you love a bit of sci fi come future predicting come paranormal you'll love this - excellent books.
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on 1 May 2003
Julian May has that ability to totally immerse you in her universe, an ability shared by Tolkein and very few other Fantasy writers. You really feel part of her world, especially as this book is set in the current era and the near future, rather than in the distant future or the past. But this is not the real world that we all know, it is a reality she has constructed and developed in painstaking detail. This is an alternative universe where humankind is poised on the brink of destruction, overseen by an alien civilization who hope that we will avoid destroying ourselves before achieving our evolutionary potential - a potential where we evolve higher mindpowers. The way May describes these psychic abilities is truly breathtaking, you really feel that what is being described is fact not fiction. The only quibble I have with this book is that there are some elements that aren't fully explained, and maybe the book is slightly overlong. But I would urge all readers to persevere because the twist at the end is great, and will also have an added meaning to those who have read her Pliocene books.
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on 20 July 2000
I first read the Saga of the Exiles and then this masterpiece! I cant rate this highly enough! Only trouble I could see with it is that to get the twist at the end you would have to read the Saga of the Exiles! But I did before I read this!
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on 15 February 2008
At the time it was published I loved this series and I still do, it remains probably the best. If you read science fiction you have to read these. Repeatedly. If they could only find a way to film them!
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on 3 April 2016
Julian May's whole series of novels are fantastic. The mix of fantasy/sci-fi is entirely absorbing. The addition of a prequel to the Saga of the Pliocene Exile really works and now the two series work in concert to provide an epic journey that will keep fans of fantasy/sci-fi going for at least 6 to 8 weeks right through. The characters are well formed, the plots and subplots excellent, and the lasting impression on any reader is that this was a really well thought through piece of work.
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on 12 May 2013
Intervention is the first in the series followed by Jack the Bodiless, Diamond Mask, Magnificat and then the Saga of the Exiles from Book One. It probably isn’t the choice of your hard core sci fi addict, but I love the idea of charting the history of the Remillard family from the beginning of contact with brings of similar mental powers..
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on 7 July 2013
The first time I read this book was in the 80's so then it was still possible, now reading it in the year it was set was at times weird, wondering if it may ever happen. Brilliantly well told, fantastic scope and depth I can not praise May highly enough for this well crafted and told work with so many in depth and fascinating characters.
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on 14 March 2014
A truly wonderful tale. This book is part of a larger collection by the author and is key to understanding the complexity of the overall story and the fantastic characters within. It's pure science fiction/fantasy rivaling Tolkiens Middle Earth in scope. It's humorous in parts and dramatic in others. Highly recommended..
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