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4.2 out of 5 stars84
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2013
Having bought the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, I had to try this one out as well.

The 3D effects are pretty good
The mini-games are enjoyable
The secrets and distortions in dungeons bring something new
Processes are much easier (such as attacks, changing leader and switching items)
Companion Mode allows you to play as any recruited Pokémon
ALL of the Pokémon you recruit gain exp when you do, so even if you don't use them, they will still level up

The storyline is okay but the characters talk A LOT, a downer for those who (like me) have a 'less talk and more action' attitude
You have to choose yourself and your partner at the start (perhaps a pro for some, but I preferred the fun questions...)
The characters are a bit cheesy, they often cry and they are a bit OTT with emotions

Overall I found this game very enjoyable and fresh, though I think some Pokémon need to learn when to shut up ;)
A must for any Pokémon fan :)
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on 17 March 2014
I had heard conflicting reviews about this game, but I definitely don't regret investing in it. The play time is huge, so it's definitely value for money, and there are plenty of fun games and extra things that you can do even after completing the story. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it. Though, a few details were omitted in this and it was a shame, such as the character personality test at the beginning, which is something I really enjoyed about the series.
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on 25 June 2013
Amazon recommended this game for me, and I always have been a fan of the Pokémon games - Never tried mystery dungeon before.

So i did a quick check up, on some gameplay on youtube - I thought that it looked okay, so I gave it a try.. And now I'm loving it!

The beginning/tutorial of the game is a bit "long", but after that, the story is fantastic! :D I love it! :D
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on 10 June 2013
A very good game! The story is very engaging and actually very emotional in the final cut-scenes. Any players of previous mystery dungeon games will swiftly recognise the gameplay despite the new 3D graphics which bring a new level to the mystery dungeon series. Unfortunately i do have quite a few criticisms... As i have played and completed all the other mystery dungeon games it is very obvious when playing that this game was very much simplified and dumbed-down from the last Explorers of sky, Making it a lot easier and therefore quicker to complete. The local multiplayer isn't as good as it sounds as there isn't very much you can do. There are not many pokemon in the game compared to the last games in the series and you cannot recruit the bigger legendary bosses that you fight such as lugia e.t.c Furthermore whilst being AMAZING the story is very short in comparison to explorers of sky and having finished the story i thought "is this it?" admitedly the ending is soo emotional that i did nearly cry a little bit. I would recommend the game to anyone who has the slightest liking for pokemon especially younger gamers (when i was a child i would have loved this game more than my own brother!) or gamers who haven't played 'mystery dungeons: explorers of sky' however if you have played previous mystery dungeon games then be prepared for two things: 1.Crying. 2. disappointment.

The 3D graphics and the story are the redeeming features for this game and it is definitely worth buying and playing.
But if you can do without 3D, prefer a story that will take you months to complete instead of days and prefer more of a challenge then buy 'explorers of sky' instead.
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on 2 March 2014
I've always been a fan of the Mystery Dungeon games but never got round to buying this one until recently. I have played all the previous Mystery Dungeon games and I must say that they're all kind of the same? I mean, if you've played previous games you'll know that (SPOILERS FROM HERE)... You come to the Pokemon world as a human turned into a Pokemon and befriend some random guy and make a team then recruit Pokemon and explore dungeons. But when I say it's kind of the same, I mean that it still uses the old "having visions in your dream of secrets that lead to why you became a human" thing and the usual sad ending where you go back to the human world after saving the Pokemon world and then we all know that you're going to return anyway somehow. (No more spoilers)...

All the games are very similar BUT this does not mean that each one after the first is boring. There are lots of new little things in this one, such as mini games, and building a paradise. I've actually really enjoyed this game and will continue to play it and explore those 99 floor dungeons and see if I can reach the end. The 3D effects are really nice too. This game is awesome if you've never played Mystery Dungeon before, but as I've said, if you're someone who has played previous games, don't expect too much.
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on 2 October 2015
It's missing a lot of the fun features of the previous games and I don't think the storyline is anywhere near as good. Also, it's very wordy and while I don't mind that, the text comes on screen really slowly and there's no way to speed it up, which is annoying. It's not terrible and is still fairly fun to play, but doesn't match up to the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.
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on 22 January 2015
It's a really fun game and it's cool to have the new pokemon in it. But, it's nothing like the others. Meaning, you can choose who you want to be. That's great, but the suspense of finding out who you were going to be, on the old games was another perk of the game. Also, the talking is crazy. So much talking, if you're in a rush and you've just defeated a boss, then you'll have a long wait. No quicksave either.
I'd say try it, but perhaps play the demo first before you buy the real deal.
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on 22 April 2014
I bought this game mainly to add to my Pokemon game collection as I no longer have the time to put into mastering them all. Whilst I did play the game for a bit, I felt it was easier to level up and achieve objectives than in previous mystery dungeons games, and that the game was far less tactical than it used to be. If it wasn't Pokemon, I'd probably be giving a 3* review, but overall it seems ok.
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on 22 September 2015
I ordered this game as I had played previous versions before, one thing I have to say is that it is a lot more childish than previous versions so if you're an older fan such as myself you might find it a little off-putting. Not to say that it isn't a great game, but when the characters repeat the same thing over and over it may be a bit annoying.
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on 23 October 2013
As I have played all other Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games I wanted to get this one to. Some things are better and some things are worse like in any game. Just to be clear I haven't fully finished the game. I'm about 24 hours in.

+ Graphics - Have been improved to 3D which is a massive improvement from before which was 2D (not that 2D is bad).The game looks really pretty and colourful and the pokemon in the game all look really cool :D

+ Magnagates - Are a new thing that lets you scan things with your 3DS Camera to open a dungeon. Sometimes its hard to find something that will work but it's still fun for younger people. The dungeons are just random though so you could scan 2 things and come up with the same result.

- Story - Is a bit boring and there's sooo much talking -.- It just really gets on your nerves when all you wanna do it defeat some pokemon. The story is about this thing called the Bittercold which is going to destroy the world and all because some pokemon don't like it. Its up to you to destroy the Bittercold.

- Hunger - Has been removed... WHY? It made the game harder. Yes the game can get challenging but only towards the end. Hunger just gave the game another thing for you to worry about when in a really long dungeon. when you were going to die from hunger and you finally found that apple it just gave you that sigh of relief which you can't get from this game.

- Dungeon Length - Has been shortened from where I am I haven't found a 30 floor dungeon and I know I have nearly finished it cause I am near the Bittercold. There might be bigger floors after the story but on the other games the dungeon lengths were alot bigger because there were even 99 floors in some and 40 floors in story dungeons. I just think it makes the game feel alot shorter. The game might be for kids but there are alot of older fans of Pokemon and the game shouldn't be dumbed down.

- Starting Pokemon - Used to be chosen by you having to ask questions which made it fun to see what you got at the end. But now you just choose what pokemon you want which isn't as fun.

The game isn't a massive disappointment but I just don't get why they had to make it easier. if they just left it and made the graphics better it would be such a better game. I give the game a 6.5 out of 10
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