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4.0 out of 5 stars77
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2014
I have just taken delivery of my E5776s-32 for which I paid £76.71 including Prime delivery and VAT.

The order was sold by and fulfilled by Amazon. The E5776 is an "original" Huawei unit WITHOUT any EE firmware.

According to the Huawei branded box the LTE coverage is B1, B3, B7, B8, B20.

In Spain all LTE coverage is B3 & B7
Portugal is B3, B7, B20
Germany is B3, B7, B20
France is B7
Belgium is B3

In the UK
3 uses B3 & B20
Vodafone uses B20
O2 uses B20
EE uses B3 & B7

Amazon appears to have sold me a truly "unlocked" E5776 which will cover all the LTE/G4 channels in use in Europe for a very good price. I put a 3 sim in the unit which was recognised and set up automatically.

So far, so good.
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on 2 February 2014
I bought this in the EE shop yesterday. Various health problems have led me to suspect I might be admitted to hospital anytime soon - I was right. The NHS provide a wonderful service but they do not yet provide an option for Wifi (a service I would be happy to pay for if such a facility existed). Knowing this would be the case I bought this unit at short notice in hope of retaining some link to the outside world, and a permanent solution to boredom during the long hours of enforced idleness. I simply wanted to generate a Wifi hotspot from my hospital bed to connect to the internet via my laptop. I've been umming and ahhing for some time about such a device - until recently, most of the USB dongle equivalents in production seem to harvest mixed reviews at best, and I could not afford to be disappointed.

I was uncompromising on the need for 4G compatibility as I wanted it to accurately mimic a conventional Wifi hotspot as closely as possible, with little to no compromise on speed if at all avoidable. Also, with any big ticket purchase I want to make sure I'm getting the most up to date technology available - this is 2014 after all, and 3G is clearly being phased out.

I was skeptical at first as my experience with wireless technology has always been wildly variable at best. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find, not so in this case! I was all braced for a long and complicated setup procedure; installing drivers and encountering numerous and poorly explained errors with little or no information as to how to resolve them; this is what usually happens when I buy a new gadget. But I make no exaggeration when I say this far and away exceeded expectations in terms of both setup and performance. Got it home - switched it on, checked my available networks and there it was! Typed in the network key (conveniently printed on the back of the device) and got full connection first time. None of that "Connected with Limited Access" or "Local Only" bullsh*t I've become so accustomed to from previous experiences. No, this really IS the real deal! 5 bars of signal and speeds near indistinguishable from any home Wifi unit - I can and will recommend this item wholeheartedly to anyone who just wants to generate a basic Wifi hotspot with no nonsense and no faff. Still don't believe me? I am in my hospital bed as we breathe and using it to write this review!

Additional specs:

Setup time: None! Switch it on and watch it fly!

Instructions: Excellent. Comes with a quick setup guide in correct and clear English - this is a HUGE bonus for those of us who struggle with foreign or poorly translated instruction manuals.

Battery life is exceptional (8 hours total - I've been using it for 3 hours and still have 4 out of 4 bars), but you can power it just by plugging into the wall or any available USB port on your laptop or tablet if you wish.

Display: Screen is small but clear - contains all the useful information you'd want to know, and perhaps more importantly, doesn't overcrowd you with a load of stuff you don't.

User-friendly? Check. There's only really one button on there, and it's the only one you'll ever need.

Portable/Lightweight? Yep and yep. About the size of a typical smart phone.

Aesthetics: Looks sleek and futuristic enough. Has a pulsating LED to let you know that it's working (screen switches off automatically to preserve battery - very smart). It's not even one of those annoying bright blue ones you have to cover up at night either; just a gently pulsating dim one letting you know everything's OK :)

SIM contract:
I got it with a half price offer from EE, so the device itself was a steal at only £24.99, and by far it is the best on the market. It runs from a regular SIM card (not micro-SIM) which they very conveniently offer on a 30-day rolling contract, affording me just enough flexibility for my needs. Granted, a competitive PAYG contract would perhaps be more ideal but they currently do not offer this with double-speed 4G. Nonetheless, this relatively minor shortcoming is one of the Network company rather than the device. The 30-day rolling is the next best thing, and acceptable value at £21 a month for 5GB of data. Cheaper contracts are available if you are planning on using it long-term - just watch out for cancellation charges (you avoid these with 30-day rolling).

I have literally zero complaints about this item; I've been scratching my head looking for faults but can find none. It's ingenius in its simplicity; does exactly what you want it to and doesn't baffle or overload the user by claiming or trying to do anything more. Utmost kudos and commendations to the designers and producers of this product - it's a champion of modern inventing and a godsend to the techno-savvy consumer.

Hurrah for Huawei !!
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on 14 August 2013
This is NOT factory unlocked, its a EE Branded modem that ahs been opened and manually unlocked before dispatch. Returning for a refund, as it has EE branded firmware and this cannot be chnaged, :-(
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on 4 June 2014
Have tried to use in a number of European countries, including major airports etc
Except in the UK
Advise for people who are considering buying this mobile broadband - DONOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
As it does not work in the areas it is also being sold under a fraudulent description
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on 1 October 2013
Prompt service by seller. The device worked immediately sim was inserted. Battery life not very high when on 4G.
Overall highly satisfied
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on 9 June 2013
About 18 months ago I acquired a Huawei E586 MiFi device for use on Three. It was sleek, small and trendy. My life radically changed and as a result the E586 was quietly forgotten about.

I've always been conscious of what should happen if I was suddenly without Virgin Broadband? It has happened in the past and it wasn't good news. And the solution was for me another MiFi device.

A bit of reading showed that Three were offering 10GB of 'Ultrafast' data via a SIM only deal for £15 per month. And it would be possible to acquire a MiFi device which would take advantage of all this. I was all set to buy a E589 which offered access to the Three'Ultrafast'network and seemed to do pretty well. However, my curiosity was aroused by the Huawei website mentioning their top model the E5776. This seemed to be offering the top spec and also appeared future proof-being fully 4G compatible.

Anyway, I acquired one. It is an amazing device. Relatively small it feels well made and up to the job. A built in battery rated at 3000mAh is good for 10hrs use/500hrs standby. In practice these figures should be halved. A clear LED display informs of the network, connection (eg 3 or 4G), how many devices are connected, battery life and whether it is connected to the Internet. It also has a Micro SD card slot for holding up to a 32GB card.

In practice, it was very easy to set up. Place the SIM card in the relevant slot, charge overnight then connect the device to your laptop. Mine was set to Everything Everywhere or EE but this can be sorted by unlocking then changing the profile on your laptop as well.

In use this E5776 has provided a nice strong signal with no blips or signal breakup of any kind. I am using it on Three's data tarrif and taking maximum advantage of the 'Ultrafast' network.

I am delighted with this MiFi unit. It has consistently provided a strong and reliable signal. Download speed can go up to a (Theoretical) 150mbs-VERY fast indeed. It is a light portable unit which is immensely useful if you're travelling without guaranteed internet access. It is also future proof and is the best specified MiFi unit available in the UK as things stand.

For this type of device there is nothing to beat it. It has perhaps too small a display, could do with showing the user exactly how it's connected to a network eg HSDPA, HSPA etc Sadly it will only display 2G,3G,4G etc which isn't a lot to go on. And it should have been issued with a case.

Even so as far as MiFi units go, this is one of a kind. It provides outstanding results and I can thoroughly recommend it.
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on 7 October 2014
This is a GREAT product.

I bought this to take on holiday (to Malta), as the place we were staying did not have WIFI.

Concerned about some of the unlocked reviews, I tested this before I left, by purchasing a Three SIM - as the comments said it was locked to the EE network. I had NO problems using it. All you need to do is create a new profile using the console/UI (see manual) for your relevant SIM (in this case Three) and you're good to go. For help with the settings just google APN settings and enter the relevant ones for your SIM

When abroad, I created a new Profile for my GO Malta SIM (again new APN settings) and it worked amazingly well. I suggest disabling the roaming so it doesn't keep disconnecting. You can do this using the console/UI - this happens as a safety thing.

We had 3 phones, an iPad and an Apple TV (yes we are an Apple household) and all connected, with no problem (home and abroad). The Apple TV ate up LOADS of data, but that's my fault ;)

I also have hopefully 'future-proofed' myself as it's 4G enabled...My SIMs (mentioned above) were 3G (because 4G coverage is currently a bit unpredictable), but I still got great speeds... Approx. 18 Mbps - Yes, I did a speed test ;)
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on 25 October 2013
After reading other buyers problems with different sellers of the E5776, and wanting a truly unlocked version, I went for mpxsys as the supplier and can recommend them to anyone who want the peace of mind that they will get what they ordered.

As for the kit - paired with a 4G SIM card it absolutely flies and is a massive step up from my old 3G Mifi.
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on 11 March 2014
Took a fortnight to arrive and when it did I popped in a Vodafone PAYG data SIM card, changed the APN settings to the appropriate ones and, in spite of trying this and every other suggestion I could find on the internet, was still getting 'No Service', therefore unable to activate. The SIM card worked fine in other devices, so the problem was evidently with the Huawei.

I then ran some further tests with the Huawei E5776 and discovered that the problem is basically one of sensitivity. The SIM card did in fact work, but only when within a few hundred metres of a base station. I conducted a series of parallel tests with my Nexus 4 (also on Vodafone) within an area of up to 20 miles from my house and found that, while the Nexus 4 retained a signal strength of 3-4 bars at all points, the Huawei E5776 rarely achieved half that and on repeated occasions (and often when the Nexus 4 was still showing four bars) showed 'No Service' at all. Even in my own home the Nexus 4 showed four bars while the Huawei had no signal.

I have to say that this serious weakness in sensitivity makes the device not fit for purpose in my opinion. I bought it for travelling in parts of the Mediterranean where the mobile signal is often weak and this experiment demonstrates that there would be numerous occasions when although I had a usable signal on my mobile phone I would be unable to use the Huawei because of this inherent problem. I even tried the device with an external antenna, which made no difference at all.

I therefore came to the disappointing conclusion that I must reject the item as unfit for purpose and request a full refund. It's really only of any value in areas where the mobile network has a very strong signal and certainly not for travelling.
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on 20 June 2014
I have used the device on GiffGaff 3G (i.e. O2 network) and Vodafone 4G both in UK and it works fine. Vodafone tried to tell me the device wouldn't work on their network, they were wrong (as so often).

I am not 100% satisfied with the product, it takes a long time to start up and connect to the network, the battery lifetime is ok but not amazing, but overall it works fine when you are connected.

It sometimes redirect me to a page saying I need to restart the browser (not sure what causes it), but I loose the URL to the page I tried to view when this happens, so annoying, fortunately not too often and I have only seen it when using the device on a train.
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