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4.5 out of 5 stars52
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 December 2013
After my old DS lite wore out, I bought this with the express intention of buying Pokémon Y to go with it. This console was the cheapest black 3DS XL I found anywhere (and I compared it with LOADS of sites), and it works extremely well. It was well packed and packaged, arrived in perfect condition and has not left my bedside table since. The model is durable and I can't imagine going back to a smaller screen now. Though the bigger screen size means that the resolution is slightly worse than the smaller model, it's not actually something you notice. I love, love, love it!
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on 6 February 2014
I bought the 3DS XL as an impulse buy, I had a gameboy pocket years ago and a Nintendo DS more recently and I wanted to play new games in series like Zelda and also the retro games available on the Nintendo store.
In general I like the 3DS XL, the console is a good size, the right balance between being portable and having a good screen size.
It is incredibly simple to set up as there are continuous step-by-step instructions on screen, however you do need to set up each app separately, which does mean repeating your information a few times. The OS/software is clearly aimed at young children and parents and you are prompted to set up parental controls several times (which is slightly irritating if you are neither a young child nor a parent). I think that it is a really nice idea that you can earn "play coins" to spend in games by using the pedometer function on the 3DS.
The screen quality is acceptable (as its not designed to be a graphically realistic console). The camera quality is quite poor and seems to be more novelty value than a useable camera.
I would recommend the 3DS for its 3D effect and games, however I found the OS irritatingly childish (especially as the 3D mode should only be used by over 7's).

I deducted a star for it not coming with a charger, I was aware of this before buying however I see no logical reason why it does not come with at least a USB charging cable. I could understand if it charged via a generic cable like a micro USB, but it doesn't, its a Nintendo specific charging cable. Including a USB charging cable would cost them next to nothing (there is one for sale on Amazon for £0.25!) and take up very little room in the box - there is actually enough space in there for a USB charger with the current box design.
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on 9 September 2014
It should have had in big letters NO POWER SUPPLY WITH DEVICE. I had to buy a separate power supply so my daughter could actually use her birthday present.
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on 21 December 2014
A friend gave me money to buy this for myself, I suspected I wouldn't like it.

First of this is an ergonomic nightmare. If you're in a career that has given you RSI in the past, you can be sure that this device is likely to give you bad hand problems with just minutes of gaming. Nintendo's products are some of the most anti-ergonomic devices I have ever used in my life. It might be fine if you have tiny palms, otherwise you're going to have to invest in an attachment. If you're young you probably won't have this problem (trust me though, you might get some nasty pains when you get older if you're at a computer all day).

The 3D is a useless gimmick which you won't even notice when gaming. As such it is a waste of money going towards something that isn't required. Nintendo did release the 2DS, but that is a huge slab that is no where near as compact.

The games are extremely expensive for what they are. Over £35 for ports of N64 games. And a big "f you" to the consumer who wants to use the online store, it's more expensive than going out and buying physical copies. As a Steam user this blows my mind. This is more of a console issue though so I guess I can't really blame the 3DS for this (e.g Alien isolation being £25 on PC and £45 on xboxone).

There's maybe a total of 3 games worth owning on this system if you're not a fan of the beaten dead horse intellectual properties of Nintendo. I'm finding it hard to find quality games as some one who is overly bored of Mario, never enjoyed Smash bros, has no interest in Zelda, and finds Pokemon to be the most insipid turn based RPG out there. If you are a fan of these old IPs that get a new version every year or so you'll probably have no shortage of games. Otherwise I'd suggest putting your money elsewhere.

The device itself seems pretty solid. The weight isn't too bad, about what I expect for something of its size. I had some issues with the SD card which came with it, but I planned to replace it anyway. The internal speaker is decent and produces pretty good sound quality. The recharge time is pretty good and I suspect the battery has a good usage time too.

In the end if you will enjoy this device or not comes down to the following question: Do you like Nintendo's games (mario, smash bros, zelda, kirby, pokemon, etc)? If yes, you will probably love the 3DS.
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on 16 December 2013
I bought the 3DS XL so I can play 'retro' games that Nintendo is famous for.

Currently Nintendo is doing a deal where you buy the console and a selected game when resisted on Club Nintendo you will get a free game Super Mario 3D Land (£31). Which is a great game.

The only issues I can fault the console for is that the screens are low resolution (but I already knew that going in). The other issue that I found with the black version of the console is the hinge is too loose for my liking. However after research and another console it was found to be "normal". But the replacement was worst so I keep the first one. The silver/black version that I bought for a family member does not suffer from this.

Some people may get caught out on Christmas Day with not being able to charge the 3DS XL as unlike the US versions of the console, the EU does not get a charger included. However this is warned a number of times on most retails information on the console and the retail box itself.

Both the screen resolution and the charger issues are not enough for me to review this product with one or more less stars that others have done.

The graphics may be low and limited but who cares this is a console for fun..

Update 14May14: When the 3d is active on the screen you will get ghosting. A quick Google search shows this happens alot to customers. Even when they are sweetspot, as such dropping the stars from 5 to 4.
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on 20 July 2014
I have a PSVita which is a more powerful device with more features but I've bought this for my 11 year old son and I have to say that this handheld is great! Way better than a Vita.

I reccomend this console for hardcore Nintendo fans or if you have children If you have a kid between 6 and 14 years. Don't buy a Vita nor a Tablet or iPad. This is better for them believe me.
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on 13 May 2014
Its a fantastic console and has a range of good games to play on. The only thing that annoyed me was the fact that there was no charger with the console.
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on 1 December 2014
I have just brought this product for my son for Christmas, had I known I didn't come with a charger I would not have brought it as I would probably have got it for the same price but with a charger somewhere else needs to state that POWER ADAPTER IS NOT AVAILABLE IN CAPITAL LETTERS But then saying that it didn't state it in the description either so just assumed it had one until I opened the product to check.
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on 14 April 2014
I already owned a 3DS however the screen size and battery life were a little disappointing so I decided to purchase the 3DS XL since they now had a colour varient that I liked. The only thing that annoyed me is the lack of a charging cable I mean nintendo could have at least included a USB cable if they wanted to keep packaging down to a minimum. So far the battery life has met my expectations and the upscaling on the screen is really good and I haven't noticed any drop in quality.
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on 21 May 2014
Bought for a friend who thinks its great, uses lots of games on it and keeps him happy for hours
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