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4.2 out of 5 stars555
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2013
I'm verra verra sad to tell ye, but we don't speak like this in Scotland.
Worth reading for a laugh if you like terrible clichéd romance books written by Americans that have clearly never been to Scotland, but nothing more.

Also, this is a 'Christian' romance....meaning everyone in it is saving themselves for Jesus.
Nae kilt lifting until after marriage.

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on 4 January 2012
I don't normally read this kind of book, but as it was free, and I wanted to test out my new kindle, I thought I would give the first chapter a read then delete it from my kindle. How wrong I was; unable to put it down, I read it in two days. I found the writer captured the essence on the era, the pages of writing took me right into the midst of the moment. An excellent read, well written and left me wanting more from this author
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This book had a similar-ish tale to AFFF, in that both were set in Scotland, both involved feuding clans, and both clan leaders and leads were called Niall, and the settling of the feud involved a union between the clans.

This one had SO much more going for it: it had proper Scottish brogue, it actually tells you what year it was set in, it was fast-paced and with intrigue, treachery and feuding. Basically, it had all that the other lacked and more, but only had a chaste romance - but that suited the tale.

I enjoyed this read, perhaps mostly so because of the opening paragraph in this one, where Niall is in a state of grief as his beloved wife dies in childbirth, and as a year on, when everyone expects him to remarry and put the needs of the clan first, he refuses as he is not yet done with his mourning of his beloved, irrespective of what people might say.

Anne, the female lead, had backbone and was headstrong and independent, which was refreshing for a woman of her time, and for Niall to dismiss calls that she was a witch because of her healing skills, was a nice change.

An enjoyable, though without any love scenes, authentic Scottish romance. I don't think I've read a romance without any love scenes that I've enjoyed as much, since my very first Mills&Boon in 1981 (Golden Apples by Rose Elver), deliberately chosen due to its tameness, as my mum insisted on reading it first to make sure it was innocent enough!
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the American spelling. It is a real bugbear of mine to read a book about Scotland or England or the UK in general and find american spelling in it. Rant over so now I can cut to the chase.

This is a cracking book that will keep the reader gripped from start to finish. It involves a feud that has lasted for ages between the Clan McGregor and the Clan Campbell. The latter are always stealing cattle, burning down McGregor villages and in general being obnoxious. Annie McGregor, our heroine is the oldest daughter of Alastair Campbell and therefore his heir so when he finds a way to effect a truce between the two clans it involves Annie and Niall who is Tanist of the Campbells (on his Father's death, he will become Chief of the clan). Annie soon finds herself handfasted for a year and day to a man she hates and a clan she hates but she will do anything to stop the constant feuding and deaths that accompany it.

So starts her life as the Lady of Niall Campbell. She finds herself unpopular first for being a McGregor and secondly because she is a healer and was known in her own lands for her prowess in this art. She now finds she is no longer allowed to practice this art because Niall has a cousin who is a Preacher and has decreed that healing with herbs is Witchcraft. There are more troubles in store though because there is a traitor in their midst one who would do harm to both Niall and Annie. Who is this traitor and who was the cloaked and hooded man speaking to her Father at the beginning of the book which ended with Niall being taken prisoner by the McGregors.

Will Annie return to her Father and her old life in a year and a days time or will she marry the handsome Niall? It certainly doesn't seem likely.

Sadly I could only give the book 4 stars because of the US spelling otherwise I'd highly recommend it as it had a solid storyline and wasn't full of unnecessary sex scenes to pad it out. I also liked the use of the Scottish vernacular.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 December 2011
It is a good example of its genre and type, which is a Mills and Boone type romance set in the scottish Highlands. Complete with brogue and kilt clad handsome Highlanders. The writer has included issues of superstition and faith of that era, which is an added bonus. Romance readers will probably enjoy this light and easy read.
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on 14 January 2012
A truly inspiration and well written book! Having visited many of the places mentioned I felt as though I had lived somewhere in the story. Captured from the 1st paragraph to the very end, download and enjoy!
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on 21 April 2012
This was such a disappointment, the synopsis looked to be far more exciting than the story actually was. Far too Mill and Boon for may tastes. A pathetically old fashioned love story where one minute Anne and Niall are mad about each other, (she being crushed against his muscular body and gazed at with startling blue eyes!) and the next they are fighting the bit out! The one redeeming feature for me was that it was a free download, but I shan't be downloading the other 2 in the trilogy whether they are free or not.
Having said that if you are into this type of romantic twaddle you will love it!
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on 23 April 2013
This review comes after I've read all three books in the Trilogy... And rated the second two.
Well, yes, I did read all three. And they didn't get any better.
Anyway, this book... skipped sweetly and swiftly through the author's imagined version of 16th century Scotland. An American with a penchant for very basic love stories and virtually no historical knowledge, would probably love it.
I liked and could visualise the characters, and the 'happy endings' were a feel good factor. But I'm not sure why I went on to read the others as the American vernacular ran through all, the poor historical research was always evident, the attempts to portray the Scottish accent were infuriating and often inaccurate. I wanted to shake the author out of her seemingly arrogant assumption that she could guess her way through another country's history, speech and lifestyle.
But if you like Mills and Boon, can ignore all the errors and need to escape reality and its stresses for a few hours, go for it.
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on 1 April 2013
First of all I will admit that I skimmed a lot of this book. I like reading books of this genre and was interested in the Scottish connection but to be perfectly honest the book was just plain boring!
The story started off ok but about 25% of the way through, I felt like I had come full circle and was reading the same thing over.
The hero was fierce and unrelenting one moment and in a millisecond, he changed and was nice and simply exasperated with the heroine. The heroine was under threat of death for being a "witch" but could not seem to stop herself from acting foolishly in her need to "heal."
The story was not a bad one, it had certain merits that, handled well, could have made for a good book, but the author seemed to get stuck in a whirlwind, constantly going in circles until finally it came to a conclusion that was as predictable as night followng day. I had hoped that the bad guy would turn out to be someone totally unexpected instead of the one person who it had been made perfectly obvious throughout, was the culprit.
Overall, I did not hate tis book, and considering it was free on my kindle, I should not really complain, but neither could I recommend it to anyone in search of an historical highland romance, there just was not one.
And on a final note, the Scottish accent being written for us, is just plain annoying. This is a particular pet hate of mine, and one I had to overlook in order to read the book without the characters sounding ridiculous in my head whenever thay spoke. I'm sure that as readers we can imagine an accent quite well when we learn where a character is from without having it "written" in the vernacular.
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on 17 April 2013
I'm a little confused about the rating this book has got. Given it's 4 stars I was expecting much better.

I read all the way through it, but it was a close call, and I almost wish I hadn't. It felt like it was written quickly, and by numbers - each chapter started and ended with the same level of tension; a problem to solve, solve problem, introduce next problem. It creates a quick pace but induces a kind of seasickness in me. Too much structure and repeating rhythm, not enough texture. The characters seemed to vary their personalities and actions purely for plot reasons - leaving them shallow and unbelievable. Maybe I'm being harsh, but I'd like a little more quality from a book. Time spent solving plot issues, building characters and a believable world..

Overall the research must have been minimal. Tartans weren't originally clan based. That was introduced much later. Rhododendrons were introduced to Scotland till much later. Other life details were glossed over. I can't comment on what that era of time's accents would truly be like, but the accents as they were written grated on me. A lot.

I wanted to like this. I like historical fiction, my Gran was a Campbell, I was truly interested in the subject and period of time and yet I got very little from this. It was quick and easy, but I'm fairly sure there's better out there...
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