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4.6 out of 5 stars162
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2011
If you loved Percy Jackson, I'm sure you will like this. Set in seemingly the same world as Percy is (there is a reference to different gods living on the other side of the river) this is the story of Sadie and Carter - brother and sister - who come to realise they are not just ordinary children, but are part of the ancient civilisation of Egypt - gods, magicians and all!

Once again, there are thrills and spills, plot twists and lots of "he's the bad guy, no wait, HE'S the bad guy!". I had just come from reading one of my favourite sci-fi novels Dune and was thinking that a "kids" book would be a bit of a come down. Whilst not having the character depth and philosophy, it is nonetheless and great read for all ages. It has a touch of the Indiana Jones about it, whilst maintaining an originality that is rather rare in books nowadays.

Don't make the mistake of thinking it's a book for kids, and don't be put off by the film of Percy Jackson. If you read this, you are in for a real treat!
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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2010
Rick Riordan is best known for his Percy Jackson series, where Greek gods meet the modern world. In this new series, he's turned his attention to the Egyptian gods, and some of the mythology surrounding them.

My concern was that The Red Pyramid would offer the same formula as before, but with a different set of gods, but Rick has managed to avoid that.

For a start, there are two main characters telling the story, Sadie and Carter. They are brother and sister, but have been brought up separately. The story is told by both of them, and presented as a transcript of a discovered tape.

They are brought together when their father is captured, and the ancient gods are released. They quickly have to learn about their past, their abilities and their responsibilities, aided by some interesting characters.

Rick still presents the same blend - the main characters develop and grow, dealing with the usual modern problems, including getting to know each other. But at the same time, we are given an adventure story, and lots of Egyptian mythology.

The gods are presented differently this time - rather than watching over and not interfering, these are both good and bad, and looking to destroy!

My only real criticism is that it felt a little too long. I understand that this is to be a trilogy, but it may have better spread over more books. In some parts it's quite complex, and some parts felt as if they could have waited until a later book.

I do also think that the main characters act older than there supposed age, but this is something I also felt of the Percy Jackson series.

I would suggest that this series would probably suit a slightly older age group than Percy Jackson, mainly due to the length of the book and the complexity.

The likeable characters are there, the humour is there, the mythology is there, and so is the adventure. That overcomes the criticisms, and makes it a recommended fantasy adventure book.
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on 7 August 2010
Like the Percy Jackson books, this book contains funny punch lines, breath taking action and nail biting thrills. Rick Riordan has been extremly clever with everything in the first book of the Kane Chronicals. I didn't fancy the two characters swaping round to tell the story when I first heard about it but when I read it, I thought it suited this book amazingly well and the comments made in the brackets are full of humour when either Carter speaks to Sadie or Sadie speaks to Carter.
I don't want to give to much away but I can recall at the least five different twists at the end of the story. By the end of the story, the siblings have different views on eachother and their personality changes an awful lot. The fact that the whole story is recorded on a tape recoder and that somebody types it out is really quite remarkable.
I think that it was a very sensible move to change from greek to egyptian as it would be the same basic story. Percy Jackson is Greek gods, some good, some bad. If it stayed with the greek mythology, it would be Greek gods, some good, some bad. I totally disaggre with some of the comments made by other readers that it was stupid to change the origin of the story. I should mention a mistake on the last chapter of the book as when Carter ends, Sadie is written at the top (so don't get confused because carter is ending). I will be having a very important chat to the publisher about this mistake!
The simplified verdict is that it is simply fantastic and I can't recall any faults what so ever. I'm not into fantasy that much, more of horror, so coming from me you will now know that this book is a Riordan master piece!
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I have read all the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series to my children, and we were eagerly awaiting the new series which comes out in November 2015 when I realised we hadn't read the Kane Chronicles. We immediately embarked on The Red Pyramid, which is the first of the three books in the series. The children didn't warm to it initially, they love Percy and have read and reread the books on their own since I read them to them, so it was going to take a lot for them to accept new characters.

We persevered, and we're really glad we did. We ended up speeding through this huge volume in two weeks of reading several chapters every night at bed time. Our favourite characters are Khufu, Bast and Philip of Macedonia, but we've started to warm to the human characters now too. There are a fair amount of similarities with the Percy Jackson narratives when you get into the meat of the stories, dream travel, sharing powers with the gods, the mixing of old myths with new retellings of them and of course, the ever present threat of a godly apocalypse in the wings. There was just enough here to make the children comfortable with the narrative, and enough new stuff for me not to get bored of reading to them, which is good because this was over 500 pages of story telling!
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Riordan has certainly done it again. I would second all of the rave reviews that have been filed here, but would add a mild world of caution. The stories of the Egyptian gods are much more complex and fluid than those of the Greek gods, and that means it takes a lot longer to get the reader up to speed in this book than it took in the Percy Jackson series. This is especially the case because the dual narrative structure means the reader has to sort out the back and forth dynamic of the siblings while also following the story. And, Riordan keeps the kids in the dark longer about their powers and their situation, and parcels out info and backstory in a much more leisurely and ambiguous way than he did in Olympians.

The upshot is that this book demands more patience from the reader, and more sustained concentration at the outset. The payoff is that the connections between and among the characters and the gods are also more complex and satisfying than the sometimes simple and easily explained interactions in the Percy Jackson series. This is probably a good development for fans and future fans. They can start with Percy Jackson, and then grow into the Kane Chronicles, (with the Percy Jackson Heroes sequel series as a nice and comfortable fall back).
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Carter and Sadie Kane have their world turned upside down in one night. They are siblings raised apart. Carter was raised while travelling the world with their father, an Egyptologist. Sadie was raised with their maternal grandparents in London England. On one of the two days a year they are allowed to spend together, instantly their lives are changed forever. On that fateful night the Egyptian God, Set, and his siblings are released from their long entrapment. Set traps their father and they must find a way to free him.

Exploring a slew of Egyptian myths and legends, the story is a history lesson wrapped in a thrilling adventure that spans time and continents. In a world where Egyptian magic still exists, and all the old legends have more truth than just myths, it is superbly written and intensely addictive; this story is amazing and leaves you desperate for book two.
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on 23 April 2013
From the creator of the spectacular Percy Jackson series, (Percy Jackson & the lightning thief made into a major film), is book 1 in the Kane Chronicles series. Witty and cleverly satirical this is a book which will have you in stitches, truly touched by such a gripping tale of inspired creative vision. Rick Riordan is a fantastic writer who brings history vividly to life in a way that is current, contemporary and refreshingly modern. I absolutely love the blending of modern and myth which makes it that touch more believable, thus making for vastly entertaining reading. Amid a gripping storyline is a host of captivating characters who are thrown into the midst of exciting fast-paced action and nail-biting drama, as electrifying as if you are a part of the story stuck in the pages.

The Red Pyramid is about an ancient curse, two heroes and an evil that won't stay buried...One follows Carter and Sadie Kane's story as they witness that significant night in which their dad blew up the British Museum! He is an Egyptologist with a secret plan that unfortunately goes horribly wrong, with the explosion shattering an ancient Rosetta Stone thus unleashing great evil into the modern world. Whilst Dr Kane is imprisoned within a Golden Coffin, it is up to Sadie and Carter to not only save their dad but also the twenty-first century from a deadly terror. As they set off on an epic quest which takes them from Cairo and Paris to the American South-West, they discover the truth about their family connection to the House of Life: an Egyptian temple of magic.

The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt are far from dead and buried. And so, unfortunately are their Gods...

This extraordinarily electrifying tale reminded me so much of the film "The Mummy" and also the action film "The Mummy Returns", wherein memorable characters awaken an ancient Mummy who is intent on revenge and unleashing horrors across the world from the middle of Egypt. I am fascinated by the Egyptian myths & Legends, how they believed in reincarnation, mummifying and worshiped great Gods. They built magnificent stone temples across Egypt and were in possession of many archaic artifacts which (they say) had magical properties. It is quite extraordinary how the author mixes together magic, myth within a modern-day setting and brings it all to life with humor and intense drama that is explosive. Carter and Sadie are brilliant characters who similarly to Percy Jackson, Grover and Annabeth are likable and memorable.

Unable to put this book down even for a moment, I was literally glued to the pages unable to tear my gaze from the addictive volume beneath my fingertips. Supremely magical, exhilarating and dynamic this intense read is so enjoyable as to have me entranced and utterly spellbound throughout! I would highly recommend Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles to those who love action and adventure, magic and myth all combined in an epic work of sheer magnificence
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on 3 November 2010
Bought this book for my 10 year old bookworm of a son, he has devoured all the Percy Jackson stories and is a keen Rick Riordan fan so I knew he would enjoy this. I was right - he has just written a book review of it for his homework and described it as the best book he's ever read!!!

I can't give a synopsis of it as I haven't read it myself, but apparently it is to do with Egyptian gods and myths (whereas Percy Jackson was based on the Greek gods) and is very exciting - my son couldn't put it down, and said every page was thrilling!
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on 23 July 2010
I was a huge fan of Rick Riordan's first series, the Percy Jackson novels. I was gutted when i finished the 5th book, because i knew there wouldn't be any more. But as soon as this book came out, i bought it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is told by the two main characters, Carter and Sadie Kane, who tell it brilliantly.
I have a cousin who is a 12 year old boy who loved this book, but i myself am a 16 year old girl, and i loved it even more than him!
This book may be aimed at kids, but it's funny and exciting and completely unputdownable (and yes, that is a real word...) I would reccommend it to anyone who loves fantasy books, and as a bonus, it subconsciously teaches you about egyptian myths and ledgends, the same way the Percy Jackson series taught me everything i know about the ancient greeks.
Such a good book, and well worth reading!
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on 11 May 2010
I cannot thank this man enough for getting my son reading. He devoured the Percy Jackson series in about two weeks (having never read a full length novel before!) he then worked his way through the 39 Clues - waiting for the postman to come with the next book! Now he is LOVING this one. I have never seen him so excited about a book - he has chosen to read instead of playing video games or using the computer. Frankly there can be no higher praise than that. Highly recommended.
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