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3.9 out of 5 stars129
3.9 out of 5 stars
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 March 2015
I bought this as much as anything to test out my GTX 970 (plus the fact it was going cheap) and in this respect it didn't disappoint. Wonderful graphics with all the detail, shadow and lighting, all very smooth. FPS is my main genre, so it wasn't difficult to complete in normal mode -- I didn't find the check points too far apart. You can move through using stealth or blast, and it's fun to tag enemies and artillery and come up with a plan based on their numbers, capabilities or location.

In theory you modify your suit as you find upgrades along the way, but I don't think it made a major difference, just fine-tuning. The alien AI was fairly good, your human foes perhaps not so clever. The boss levels weren't too tricky either, but better that way than doing them 20 times, wondering what you are supposed to be doing. So it was all fairly straight forward and smooth. Like Battlefield4, there's an interesting contradiction that you are placed in epic scenarios but with non open-world, sometimes corridor-like play (reminded me of Halo!) that prevents the necessary suspension of disbelief and reminds you it's just a game.

That said, the graphics, the soundtrack and fairly seamless cinematic scenes were at times very immersive, and it felt like being in a 4D movie production -- certainly some great experiences to be had, and something I'd like to see more of. This goes a long way to making up for the sometimes limited trajectory you play on compared to open-world. And there was one final limitation: you normally expect about 40 hours out of a first campaign, this one is more like 20. All scenes are later unlocked so you can go back and play them on higher difficulties.

At launch this game wasn't graphically playable at its best for most of us, and it cost rather a lot for the hours you get (btw, still way better value than e.g. cinema -- imagine how much 20-40 hours then replays and multiplayer hours would cost there -- hooray for video games!). Now that we can unlock the best of the graphics and the price is well down, I'd say this game is an opportunity not to be missed, and rather more so than at launch.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 10 June 2013
What a game. Very enjoyable to play and great graphics. The story line is engrossing and interesting. One of those games that makes you think. Enjoy.
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52 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on 9 March 2013
Crysis 3 is the lastest installment of the franchise. After reading some great reviews online, and thought Crysis 2 was better than a lot of other people, I took the step of preordering the game...the phrase "act in haste, repent at leasure" springs to mind.

Visually it is stunning, however the PC requirements are for the more top end PCs. Even if you have the specs to run it, it doesn't mean you can play it with the high graphics setting. I would check out the site I posted in the comments box to see how your graphics card performs for this specific game (other factors, ram, cpu etc not withstanding).

It is certainly next generation graphics, and you can't help but gawp at the beauty of the surroundings. Grass blowing in the wind has never looked so good. Until you go outside. Snide comments aside, this is one aspect of the game that is easily 5*.

The gameplay is a slick but empty experience. Your two choices again are stealth or blast your way through. Stealth is helped along with the introduction of a bow and different types of arrow that don't cause you to become uncloaked when you fire. This certainly makes the game less challenging depending on how often you want to use it. You also have the usual upgrades to the suit, improved armour, longer stealth etc. This side of things hasn't really advanced from Crysis 2, but I guess since it's the same suit, you can't expect much to be different. There is one difference however. Sprinting no longer saps your suit energy, although if you are cloaked it drains it fast. You also have the option to drive veichles on some missions, and there's part of a mission where you get to shoot aliens from a plane. You are the gunner and sadly don't get to drive. Nonetheless, this is one of the visually stunning highlights of the game.

Let me also mention the cut scenes, some of which you can skip, some you can't. I know the developers have tried to develop the story a bit for this installment, but there's just too much dialogue and the story isn't engaging enough to really care about what's happening. This would be fine if the game was actually long enough in its own right where a bit of story padding doesn't detract from the experience but it's over before you even get into double figures in terms of hours played (including the cut scenes). It has little replay value, I wouldn't go back and rush to do it again on the hardest difficulty.

I purchased the "Hunter" edition, which on the day of release wasn't vastly more expensive than the normal version. Unless you are desperate to have an advantage in multiplayer, there is no real reason to get this. Given the difference in price at the time of the review, if you are tempted to buy I'd stick with the normal version.

The best analogy I can use is that this game is like going to an expensive restaurant, picking a really tasty sounding a la carte dish, it turns up on a large plate, immaculately presented but you only get a tiny portion. You finish it still feeling hungry and look at the size of the bill and end up thinking it probably wasn't worth it. The chef and restaurant owner however are looking pretty smug.

This is a pretty bleak review and I'd have loved it to be more positive. The graphics are its saving grace, and multiplayer is ok. My advice would be to wait until it comes down in price, or save your hard earned pennies for something better.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 31 January 2014
What started out as a reasobaly well thought out soldier/sniper ever-so-slightly-futuristic shooter game a few years ago has now kowtowed to market pressures and morphed into a pretty much basic, generic type of console game. You can't save at will but have to reach checkpoints, otherwise you lose progress and have to start over from the previous checkpoint reached - a ploy to make the game seem longer as you will need to repeatedly manage more difficult "levels" in order to learn how to overcome them successfully. That is just so boring in this day and age. Once I've cleared the current "arena" of enemies (which as you'd expect is anything that moves), I don't then want to be taken out by some unexpected booby trap and then have to go back to the last checkpoint and start all over again, I'd rather save after clearing out the enemies and then deal with the next round of death threats. But they don't want to give you that option. Dull dull dull.

On the plus side, the graphics have improved yet again over the previous two incarnations, and the cinematic opening scenes are worth sitting through. Most controls are the same as in Crysis 2, creating the impression it is actually the same game, just with updated graphic sets and a scattering of new weapons and nonosuit upgrades,
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 August 2014
Absolutely stunning visuals. The best I've ever seen, it looks better than the 3dmark and unigine graphical benchmarks. Bare that in mind, because it is extremely graphically demanding. My R9 290 just about runs it smoothly at max settings so be prepared to pay £300 at least graphics hardware to max out this game.

Story is compelling with a good ending I felt, but a bit short. The multiplayer is as good as you are at the game really, you'll like it if your good at it or won't like it if you aren't so good at it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 November 2014
This should have "DX11 REQUIRED" in large letters on the front of the box! Why on earth couldn't they have made it compatible with DX9 like the previous games?
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on 14 August 2013
Updated review (after completing the game twice):

Crysis 3 has impressive, high resolution and high polygon count graphics, curves and animation are smooth with consistent frame rates.

However, the story line is alright. The use of pre-rendered cinematics at lower resolution is disappointing; it would be preferable to see cinematics computed in real time by the game's graphics engine. Physics are disappointing, especially when compared to games such as Far Cry 3. On the first level (on the ship), grab a box and drop it into the sea: it's passing through the surface of the water as if there is no water, no splash, no floating, nothing. If the developers paid more attention to the story line and the physics, this would be a very special game.

The multiplayer mode is great. Very responsive game play and carefully designed maps provide the ultimate battlefield for futuristic soldiers.

The game is still very much worth buying and playing for its top-class graphics and smooth, consistent gameplay.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 1 February 2015
OK ...
1. Even though I had a physical 2 disc copy of the game Origin downloaded the game anyway (just over 10Gb) which took leaving the computer on overnight. Yes I have very poor internet speeds.. I can only imagine the furious outbreaks from customers that have a capped broadband monthly allowance.. That's why most would purchase a physical copy I reckon.. :-/
2. In-game settings had no HD 1080p resolution or "ultra" options in fact it only went as high as 1280 x 720!! (I have an Nvidia GTX 760 super clocked acx cooled EVGA graphics card with a Phenom II 965 x4 cpu over clocked to 3.8Gb.. My cpu top temp is 45degrees (due to a dark rock 3 pro cooler).
3. Tried to reinstall but was informed that my game code is of course already in use.. So couldn't..
4. I tried to contact EA through their help service and failed on numerous occasions over a span of 3 days..
5. Tried to play the game anyway as I'm not just about eye candy 1080p but after the third random crash I just gave up and requested the refund..

I'm pretty sure all the above issues can be resolved so easily but alas I couldn't get anyone to help from Origin .. And online forums that are littered with unsatisfied Origin customers, listed solutions in folders and files that weren't in my install directory..

All in all I'm fed up with Origin

I also bought a physical copy of "Shadow of Mordor" that installed fine via steam from the actual discs.. I've had zero problems with that and I'm enjoying ultra settings on full 1080p with a very satisfying 30-60fps

I will NEVER purchase am Origin game again! Steam for me all the way ;-)
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 July 2014
This is a great game, graphics, action and excitement! I have bought and played all the CRYSIS editions so far - love them. BUT this edition is flawed by its length. Just when you really get into it you reach the end! So only four stars here. I shall have to play it a couple more times to get my money's worth. Overall though worth buying.
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on 14 March 2014
I picked this up for under £10 so can't complain about price. My main reason for buying it was to see how my new gaming rig would cope with running it. Graphically its amazing and a real workout for you GPU and CPU as the game is programmed with multi-core CPU's in mind. On the topic of CPU's I decided to build an AMD system this time with FX8350 CPU and R9 290 overclocked graphics card. I'm betting on the next generation of consoles all being AMD Octo-Core based we are finally going to see multiple cores being used across consoles and PC's in the next generation of games. This game is testament to that by the superb framerates from a sub £150 processor. Albeit the graphics card is no slouch and was the costliest part of the build but you need a good GPU at the heart of your system.

The game itself is enjoyable and if you have played the others in the series and enjoyed them you should enjoy this.
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