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Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is something of a mighty atom of a camera. It is quiet small, even by compact standards (easily fits into a shirt breast pocket), and to be honest I wasn't expecting too much from it

Happily, I was proved wrong. The camera, when in smart mode, automatically choses the shooting mode (panorama, portrait, low light, etc). The results at 16mp are extremely sharp and will please most point and shoot photographers. But apart from its abilty to take a good photograph, the built in added extras that give the WB30F the edge over anything I've used before - and especially in it's price range. Have a read of the Samsung full description on this page to see the full list of features, but the most used by myself is the All Share facilty. Basically, everytime I take a picture it is automatically sent to my nearby Samsung Galaxy S4 (no wifi needed) and from there it can be posted to any website, emailed, or transmitted up to your cloud (via the 3G network) - so basically your photos are immediately backed up.

The panorama shooting mode is excellent, the remote viewfinder handy, letting you use your phone as the viewfinder and to take the photo. There are lots of other little surprising features, that whilst on their own are not really necessities for a camerea, but coupled with what this little item can actually do and how it performs all add upto a fantastic little package.

So, if you're looking for a do it all, point and shoot camera with a reasonable zoom then the Samsung WB30F won't disappoint, and at a price point of below 120UKP is fantastic value for money.
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on 14 November 2013
Lots of features, easy to use, fits in pocket easily and does almost all it says it will do. It is only let down by the quality of the picture
that is nowhere near as sharp as my other cameras.
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on 4 August 2014
Okay, first the girly review...I just love the colour of this camera, it's the perfect shade of fuschia! Exactly as pictured!

Next, the more serious review...the functionality of this camera is just brilliant. providing you know wireless network keys etc. you can send pictures by email or upload to various social media mediums at the click of just a couple of buttons, allowing you to share moments almost instantly. Okay, so it may not be quite as quick as using a smart phone but the zoom is excellent, far superior to a phone and the battery life cannot be faulted, so far they far outlast rechargeable regular batteries! Other functions include being able to take vertical and horizontal panoramic pictures, add frames and filters to pictures and video alike, and clear up skin imperfections and generally smooth out complexions. I'm discovering more about it every time I use it
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on 26 April 2015
This Viking boat launch was photographed using the "SAMSUNG 16 MEGAPIXEL WB30F CAMERA" at Falmouth Harbour Cornwall UK - 2015. The images are bright and sharp and many were taken using the 10 x optical zoom.
All images in the video from 2.38 to 8.18 minutes were taken on the Samsung 16 mp camera.
It coped very well with the ice cold gale force wind conditions unlike my "Lenovo S8-50, 8 inch tablet" which crashed and screen froze at least 5 times and didn't save any of my video or still footage. Too cold for it!
The images in the video were taken on the auto setting and have just been cropped to 1920 - 1080p and were only sharpened a tiny bit. There has been no colour enhancements except on the cover image.
This Samsung WB30F creates 16 megapixel images at 72 dpi and a file size of around 5.5 megabytes that have good contrast and colour and are nice and bright.
These have been probably the easiest still images to process for a video on my channel to date. A great compact camera that is only around £80 give or take. Worth every penny.

It is better than my Pentax Optio 12 megapixel compact camera that I bought for £180 3 years ago and a lot more reliable than my confounded Lenovo S8 (8 Megapixel/1080p video) tablet that will now be restricted to indoor use!


review image
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Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first impression is that this is a good-looking modern camera. It comes with a hand-strap and a mobile phone style charger. This type of charger is an excellent addition as this means one fewer charges to take away when on holiday.
This does mean you couldn't charge a 2nd battery whilst using camera if you wanted to... minor point.

This camera is a good size but not smallest like the Canon Ixus range. I would still call this a leisure camera as it still fits in the pocket nicely. It has an excellent 8.5cm screen (visible)

One major problem with the design is that the flash is near your hand (i.e. the wrong side). For people with larger hands, this means that you'll forever be covering the flash. The higher models use a pop-up flash.

The camera has a number of shooting modes; Program, Auto, Portrait etc. These are accessed via an on screen menu not a mode selector switch on the camera body. This makes it fiddly but as most people will be using this on Auto, this shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately there's no Manual mode.

The lens seems very good. Wide angle at 28mm and full zoom at 43mm; this is more than enough for most uses.

The resolution of 16mp is insanely high. In the war of pixel escalation, this surely is overkill.... unless you're going to blow-up your images to A0? As you're most likely be using this camera to take "selfies" with your mates whilst on holiday then this doesn't really matter.

The flash works well but metering seems too bright. Macro is exceptionally good at just 1" (had fun taking close-ups of insects) and image stabilisation works very well at full zoom. Low light compensation seems very good.

Shutter response is a little slow compared to my Canon Ixus and the zoom response is definitely annoying. Continuous drive is VERY slow (probably due to massive file sizes) to the extent that it's probably quicker just pushing the shutter release repeatedly.

The advertised WiFi app is awful. It just doesn't work. So don't think you'll be sharing any photos with your camera to send via 3G anytime soon! This removes MOST of the perceived benefits of this camera in an instant. If there's any update of this app I shall report accordingly.

Connection to my home WiFi was simple and the Email of photos works very well. Also you can save to Skydrive (no Google drive) or send straight to Facebook
For some reason you can't update the camera software over WiFi & have to rely on a USB connection to your PC.

The biggest problem with this camera is that for a little more money (around £20) you can get the model up (250F) which has the pop-up flash, touchscreen and external mode switch (but a slightly lower pixel count). Combined with non-working app and a few minor glitches, even though this is a great camera, I can't recommend it. Shame

##EDIT## 25th June
The Samsung Smart Camera App now works.
It combines a number of features; Remote viewfinder, Auto Backup & Mobile Link. The most useful of these allow captured photos to automatically be sent to your phone which can then be uploaded to, say, Facebook. The integration is very good which leads me to giving the item an additional star.

##EDIT## 31st July
I've just taken this camera on a 2 week holiday. Unfortunately, the weaknesses in its perfromance has become apparent. The delay between pressing the button , focusing and taking the shot is very poor. Sometimes the camera appears to "hang"... not focussing at all. On the odd occasion I had to press the button repeatedly to get it to do something thus missing a "Kodak moment". My old Ixus 95 is a MUCH better camera with regards to this issue; rapid focus & near instant shots. As the lens is quite wide I often needed to zoom-in slightly but the delay in the zoom is also poor.. again I'd often have to repeatedly use the switch to get it to do something. For these reasons I'm forced to deduct a couple of stars... 2 stars.. stick with Canon
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VINE VOICEon 5 July 2013
Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This camera is a joy to use, it's the epitome of point and click yet has enough functions and capability to capture great pictures and apply some fancy effects, it's tiny yet powerful. The screen is nice and bright and works well even in sunlight. Great lens and zoom (wide angle: 28mm and zoom: 43mm) with a great macro zoom down to about 2cm. Images are bright and clear with a good colour response and with an almost overkill pixel rating of 16mp to really capture everything you need. The massive pixel count does drive a very slow continuous drive mode though. Model selector is onscreen not a physical button which could be fiddly.

Flash is good if somewhat a bit too bright, I'm not sure if the meter is working too well.

I found the Wi-Fi app a bit problematic but workable after a while, it took a lot of mucking about to make it work though so approach with caution unless it's really important to you to share pictures to your phone. Wi-Fi connection at home was good though with an incredibly easy connection to my Samsung TV on the same network. I'm working on connecting the camera to my home NAS now so that it backs up everything it stores when it is in range.

Very highly recommended and a great bit of kit.

(update, the app has been improved and works well now.)
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on 1 August 2013
I wanted a 'cheapish' camera for holidays and survey pics at work, after my trusty Panasonic gave up and died.
This was an excellent choice! For those who want a simple point-and-shoot, this will not disappoint. Set it to smart mode and the camera looks after all settings for you. As others have said, 16mp is a bit of an overkill, unless you want to print A0 posters from your holiday snaps. I adjusted mine to 10mp and the quality is great.
The wi-fi connectivity means you can also email your pics directly from the camera; auto save them to your smartphone or tablet (I've tested with and old iPad 1 and a new Glalaxy Note 10.1); and you can even use your phone as a remote viewfinder, to control the zoom and take pictures.
All this for just under £100 - very happy!
PS: This camera takes a micro SD card. I bought a 16gb one. Set at 10mp, the camera display says I will get 5000+ photos on this card.
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Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my first samsung camera, I've had Sony, Fujifilm, Kodak, and others, my present camera is the Pentax Q10 which is a lovely camera but fairly complicated.

I use a camera daily as I trade full time via auction sites selling Hi-Fi equipment, a good quality picture helps sell the item, a quality camera is essential.

First impression of the Samsung is very good, It's not a chunky camera, some I have had have been clumsy in my hand, the Fujifilm was difficult to hold, no such issue with the Samsung it is probably the nicest hand fit I have had, all good so far.

Comes with a rechargeable battery, charger and USB connecting cable, you will require a Micro SD card.

Didn't take long to charge, and easy to fit the battery and card, some cameras are fiddly with hard to open compartments, again very impressed with the camera.

The display on the rear is pin sharp, far better than my Pentax and the others I have used.

On the camera you have few buttons, the main features are controlled on screen, easy to navigate, and not over complicated.

You can set the camera to Wifi which was easy, found my wifi signal in seconds added the routers key and I was able to send a picture by email, all you do is enter an email address and its done. You have lots of other options you can use to send the pictures including Facebook which I thought was a great feature, I have used my Smart Phone to take a picture and send it to Facebook but never when I'm on holiday as I ban my mobile, the Samsung will be great.

I set the camera on auto and started clicking in varies light conditions, all pictures are pin sharp, It's not as good as my Pentax Q10 when using it with my light tent but it's still very good, the image's are very clear and natural colour, much better than I had seen on any Digital camera I have had before.

I've quickly fallen for this camera, I can't stop holding it and admiring it (sad I know), my little boy is in a football tournament tomorrow and can't wait to use the samsung, it's got a very good zoom which keeps the pictures sharp and in focus in at distance, my little lad will be impressed If I can get a few close up shots.

This is the best all round camera I have owned, If you are looking for a camera then this is where I would spend my money, it's easy to use, lovely to hold, pin sharp pictures and has wifi, amazing.

I remember Samsung when they first came to the UK (worked in a family business selling TV and Video) they were good value, well featured for the money but they were not a Sony, how things have changed, not only are the features amazing value, but the quality is outstanding, better than my older Sony Digital camera.
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on 5 January 2015
Such a great little camera for the money.
Super shots that can be easily uploaded to social media or emailed. Instantly save your favorite shots, I once lost some great pictures when the memory card corrupted, with this camera you can instantly back them up. I recently uploaded loads of photos using the zoo's own wifi which saved me money in our hotel. Great for holidays and days out. It is so small it fits in your pocket so great if like me you end up carrying kit for all the family.
Easy enough for a child to use but takes such good photos it will satisfy any keen photographer. This is the little camera you carry when you don't want the hassle of lugging a large dslr around and need to conserve battery life on your phone. So popular with my teenage daughters that I need to buy another to stop them using mine. I haven't been able to use the auto download facility as our tv aren't Samsung but as all the other facilities work brilliantly I may just buy a Samsung tv too.
Only drawback is that it doesn't take batteries so you need to recharge it but as this uses the same charger as our Samsung Galaxy phones that hasn't been a problem.
A little camera that punches well over it's weight you will not be disappointed.
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on 2 June 2014
I bought this camera from Gates Deals as a gift for my nephew, but there was something wrong with it as when he plugged it in to charge it, it wouldn't work. When i contacted the seller about this problem, they were most unhelpful and did not allow me to return it or get a replacement. i'm really very upset by this as it was an expensive item, and i am at a loss as to how to get a replacement. I definitely will not be using this seller again.
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