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on 13 November 2013
This book was mentioned by a friend and I thought what the hell and bought a Kindle Copy. I have no self help/LOA books to compare it to as I don't normally read them, however, with this book I was hooked from the first page and suddenly everything made sense.

Maybe it was the scientific element to it, maybe it was down to the fact I am a firm believer in Quantum physics and the idea of parallel universes, but something went click.

I did the first experiment with excellent results, did the second with excellent results, and the sat there with a scrap of paper and did myself a five year plan. I put on this scrap of paper how I wanted my life to be in five years. Within three weeks of doing this I had two of the five things, one of which was definitely the FP giving me a huge helping hand.

This book really brings home that all we as people need to do is plug ourselves in, because our consciousness creates our reality... we think it, therefore somewhere we have created it, and all we need to do is reach it. And once we have our focus, suddenly things come to us that help us get to where we want to be.

I have never gone back to do the other experiments because I had all the proof I needed.

I now rave about this book and recommend it to everyone.
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I have been practising the law of attraction (knowingly) for around 10 years now and unknowingly since I was around 18 yrs old and had no idea what it was. During that time, I have read many books on the subject, new and the old classics and listened to the various recordings of Esther and Jerry Hicks and the one thing I find lacking in most of the new publications is a real 'how to' for people who want quick results (in today's world this is usually most people) and perhaps who don't have the time to read everything out there (again, this is probably quite a lot of people). Again, I am afraid I was disappointed here.

For many who have recently discovered the LOA or give it a go and it does not seem to work, the questions are:

1. 'how does it work?'. This book does approach that aspect quite well. A lot of the stuff out there like E & J Hicks can seem a bit 'hairy fairy' to most. A little like maybe coming from another planet or taking an hallucinogenic might help understand it, to most. But this book, gave us a fairly down to earth, quantum physics/scientific explanation of how and why this should work. Apart from some of the personal leanings Grout used which I personally often found a bit too far removed from the actual content in the chapter in which it was included and her repeated PR attempts for her self-help course or website, the content was easy to read, understand and gave you more of a reason to believe it is possible, even for the skeptics out there. It was an enjoyable read on the whole and gave a very plausable evaluation of the facts.

2. 'why doesn't it work for me? or what am I doing wrong?'. Yet again, another publication from someone who has clearly read heavily about the subject and has put their explanation to paper. Nothing new, nothing more enlightening than any other, just a new way of presenting the info and so yet again, the question many ask through frustration at lack of results go unanswered. This book states 'put your intention out there' but does little to explain exactly how and while we are not all dummies, something so intangible needs more explanation for many. There is more to simply saying to the Universe 'I want a new car'. That is stating a desire but there are other requirements involved. Did you know that you should never reject a gift? By doing so, the Universe gets the message that you are not willing to receive and therefore stops offering.

I would love to see a book that actually goes into detail about how to really combat the negative obstacles we put in the way. It is not easy to stay 100% positive and it is oh so easy to ask for something and even while you are asking, there is a niggle at the back of your mind saying ' I will never get this but I will ask anyway'. How do you combat that? And the moment you start feeling negative, you start panicking and thinking 'have I just ruined my chances of receiving this?' and then the fears spiral. how do you get out of it? This book does not really deal with these issues any differently than most others out there.

If you want a book that explains Quantum theory in layman's terms, this is it. If you want a book that uses quantum theory facts to argue the point on how convincing the LOA is given these facts, this is it; but if you truly want to understand how to USE the LOA, you will need to read more. Attract Money Now is a good place to start and while its based on attracting money, its methods are pure LOA and can be applied to anything but the one thing I like is how to deals with the obstacles created by your mind and to train it to think LOA. It has a practical approach which does go some way to dealing with the problem of 'no results'. The Wisdom of Genevieve Behrend: Your Invisible Power, Attaining Your Desires An oldie but a goodie. Worth reading as it does also deal with the various steps involved and how to train your mind properly to achieve results. The Science of Getting Rich,Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Think rich to get rich and The Complete Master Key System (Now Including 28 Chapters) are all worth a read too. A book good for giving step by step practical exercises to do which help you to understand how and why is (Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't) By Michael J Losier (Author) Paperback on (May , 2010).

I cannot conclude whether the results I got from the experiments in this book work as I have had results without it. It is a good starting point and perhaps is enough to make any skeptic re-think his/her belief in the existence of the LOA.
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on 14 November 2013
I didn't think I could manifest anything but something drew me to this book - and guess what? I CAN manifest stuff from the Universe! The experiments do work. There is abundance - and it has my name on it. I am so pleased that the Universe pointed me to this book. I'm a very happy person!
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on 20 November 2013
Found this a brilliant book with practical exercises that should persuade even the cynics that we can be in control of our lives. I started reading this type of literature years ago, starting with The Secret. This is the only book that has really captured my imagination.
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on 4 November 2013
Okay, so my wife bought this book and absolutely loves it. Having completed a number of -but not all, yet- the exercises, and had results from them; if not what was expected, they did produce results. I won't go into too much detail but, the last computer I had died rather suddenly, or rather the hard drive did.
So, I was without a computer for some time, getting more and more fed up. Eventually, my wife ordered this book and the first or second exercise she did was about the fact I had not realized how fed up I was... so a computer was required and to cut this story short, I got one, from a source I did not expect at all. It was a very nice gift of money. The behind the scenes going on did happen, this is not me making out the book works miracles (nor did she contact the person with the money and ask for it, I know this as she would not be able to keep it to herself if that had happened), as it was my wife who did the requisite exercise and here I am typing this on my new computer. I think it's worth a punt for anyone remotely interested in this kind of thing, but, you have to do as the book says for it to work, as in, keep it to yourself and give it the required time to work.
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on 25 August 2013
How refreshing to read a 'spiritual' book in plain scientific style language. The experiments are instant and easy, and such a great way to create your own 'evidence'. A truly perspective changing book.
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on 6 July 2013
Amazing practical guide to living a stress free harmonious life.....couldn't put it down it in 2 days.......highly recommended..enjoy.....good read....
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on 24 March 2014
I bought this book a couple of months ago and since have "manifested" over $1,500 USD and the wherewithal to fund 6 very expensive courses I have been dearly wanting to do for months.

I tried most of the experiments - not all because not all of them were relevant to me - and most of them worked. But the point is that what I really wanted I achieved.

This book explains the science behind the practice of manifesting so you can believe that it's happening / going to happen, which is the trick of it. What sealed the deal for me was the forgiveness practice she suggested. This was only mentioned once but that tipped the scale. There are many gems along the way that make the whole compelling and practical

I think I'd even go as far as to say that this book helps to ignite your belief in the inherent goodness of the universe, and just how easy it is to access that. I am in my mid-forties so obviously I have had my share of "rainy days" but even so I was very impressed with this book.
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on 30 December 2014
Started, stopped, started stopped. Completed all experiments bar one that is in progress and all were positive outcomes. Finished this book with a warm glow in my heart. This book taught me to look past the bull s*** and see the facts. Many thanks Pam. Wonderfully written would recommend to anyone. You don't have to be stuck in a rut to read this. Good luck.
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on 30 March 2015
Kindle ebook purchase
- Denis J
I enjoyed the read with its multitude of examples of how people changed their lives; with some through serendiptous events occurring in their lives - previously put down to chance or simply fate. The author is humorous and has a certain writing style about her that is enjoyable, along with the "street garb" qualities that help get the message over that we are all at "cause" in creating our life experiences - wanted or not wanted.
I was attracted to the book through the visual impacting cover, which relates to the famous scientist Einstein; and how everything is really energy waves operating at different frequencies of vibration.
The author focuses on encouraging the reader to try nine simple experiments, to demonstrate that our thoughts and powerful mind can and does impact our reality - as we perceive it to exist intertwined with our five senses. The author, in trying to demonstrate the power that we all hold inside of us, by proving to ourselves that the experiments work; bring into play an undercurrent of powerful faith and belief - two important tenants - that we really do effect our reality by the way we think and focus our thoughts.
The author brings to our attention the powerful "FP"; the energetic field of unlimited potential that exists all around us but invisible to our five senses. I call this energy field the "Non-Local" unmanifest realm, from which all matter is formed and dissolved back into. The author also highlights the need to be clear in thought with a focused intention that needs to be like a laser beam in impacting this creative energy. This view is similarly held by the new book out by Denis John George, titled: the "3-3-3" Enigma; where the expression: "Beeline Express" is used - meaning, to "let in" your desire to be experienced from this unmanifested field of creative energy, you need to align your desire with your whole integrated Being, The effect in achieving this state of awareness, converges the energy waves of desire and your integrated Self into one laser like focused energy beam. It is this single thought wave that impacts and bring forth from the unmanifest field your desire to be experienced in the realm of physicality.
I applaud Pam for her book in trying to get people to realise they are much more than the physical bit which we see and believe that this is all there is to us? I recommend you buy this book on Amazon and prove it for your self!
- Denis J
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