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on 24 April 2014
This monitor was an upgrade from my Dell U2711 27" TFT monitor which was fine.
The first thing I noticed on delivery was the size of the box. It was so much smaller, I thought I had been delivered the wrong item, this was despite the fact that Amazon had placed the package in an additional box for transit.
Unlike the U2711 the stand required fitting to the monitor. This was just a snap-in procedure, and because the monitor being so much lighter, it was a very simple task.
I connected the monitor using the supplied DVI cable and existing power cable, I have no requirement for the card reader or USB ports, Windows 7 loaded the driver and retained my 2560X1440 resolution. Various other cables and a software disk were supplied which I chose not to use.
Easily adjustable in every way the monitor appears bright and responsive. I cannot offer any technical appraisal, but I am more than happy with the monitor and it's a good choice. I find it a slight bonus that I have a bit more space available than previously. Amazon was able to supply the monitor considerably cheaper than going to Dell directly I might add.
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on 14 April 2015
If you are a serious about your photography or graphics design, then this is one awesome monitor. I searched real hard and also tried an Eizo before settling for this.
Remember, there are two 2713 monitors; 2713H and 2713HM. If you are looking for Gaming and everyday use, go for the HM model. It will closely resemble the vividness of the iMac Displays.
However, if you are after a true reproduction of colours, then this has the Wide Gamut for this purpose.

It is well collaborated as a factory setting, and you are able to see the vibrancy immediately, however, the prints are a little out. The reason being is that the monitors preset is designed to be pleasing on the screen and not for print. I had to purchase a Spyder4Express calibrator which does a great job, but once finished, you are left with what would be considered a washed out look. This is exactly what you want as it is representing a larger gamut of colour and is therefore a lot closer to what the final print will be. From here on forth, whatever you change on Lightroom/Photoshop, will be carried through to the print. You can make you pictures as saturated and vibrant as you want, until they are popping out of the screen, you will get that on a print.

If are looking to buy a monitor for these purposes, this is the best I could find sub £1000 and even then, I found it difficult to find enough of a difference to justify the extra cost.
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on 21 January 2014
I love this monitor. I've got a 27" Apple Thunderbolt monitor at work, but I much prefer this.

Main reason is the reflective screen! There are times during the day at work when I can't bear to look at the screen because it's so reflective.

I'll admit the colours on the Apple monitor are much richer, and this has a bit of a motion blur effect going on when you scroll quickly, but this is also half the price!

If you can't decide between the two, I'd say get this, save the money, and enjoy the non-reflective coating.


Note for Mac users:

My Mac, when I connected it with DisplayPort, put the monitor into YPbPr mode - which is UGLY. To get it looking great, you need to switch it into RGB mode. The difference is amazing! If you're seeing blurry text, or a kind-of yellow/red shadow around elements on screen, you'll need to visit the following site and follow the instructions:
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on 20 June 2013
Ok it's not a Mac retina screen which has a gloss surface which automatically makes things look sharper. Having said that when I bring an image up in Photoshop this beast comes into its own. There's a calibration tool which you can set up in the taskbar so makes it accessible without having to reduce Photoshop. My only niggle is for the price tag of £550 approx I think they could have made a better stand and screen surround, but it's not a deal breaker. The extra USB sockets on the side are useful and the connectivity options on the underside are well thought out.
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on 7 August 2013
The first U2713H I have ordered has REV 02 made in April 2013. The colour of this monitor is great, after calibration by I1 display pro, it has average detal 94 0.34, Max Gray Scale 1.14, Max Chromatic colors 0.59. However the uniformity is awful. the centre has color temp 6500k, the top left corner has color temp 6282k and the bottom right corner has color temp 6784 k, Also each corner has very bad backlight leaking. Therefore I have ordered another one which has REV 01 made in Nov 2012, guess what it's even worse than the first one. Returned both of the monitors and going to try something else :(. Hope Dell can improve their quality control in the future.
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on 1 January 2015
I got this to go with my late 2012 Mac Mini and it worked perfectly with the supplied Display Port to Mini Display Port cable at 2560 x 1440 resolution. I have no back light bleed at all and the matte coating is brilliant, you don't notice it, as in no grainy look to the screen. Images are as smooth as if it were a gloss screen, the casing actually looks quite smart too. Not as flash in design as the Apple Thunderbolt, but this has the exact same panel in it and I didn't need the other features, docking etc, that the Apple display has, so I went for this. You get the same picture quality for Photoshop work without having to sit there looking at your reflection as I would have done with the Apple monitor. I have found the menus for adjustments very straightforward and logical, I don't know why they seem to have caused so much frustration to others in reviews on here. Also on mine, the stand is quite sturdy and you can press the on/off button with one finger and the whole thing, for me, stays solid and doesn't start moving or swivelling with the pressure. Very happy with this.
Also... I don't get any buzzing noises from it, regardless of what I have on the screen.
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on 16 March 2015
The monitor performs well, but Dell have some serious quality control issues, backed by appalling customer service. The first monitor I ordered had bright pixels, and the replacement has a permanent dark speck right in the image-editing area which gives the impression of permanent sensor dust. Dell have refused to acknowledge a problem, first suggesting it was dust that could be wiped off, and then insisting that they can "never be 100% clean" when it couldn't. This is despite having the extended warranty. For this reason I would be concerned about ordering this online.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 8 November 2014
If you find this review useful, it would be great if you could click the appropriate button below ;)
Do not buy this for normal office work, watching youtube videos or for playing video games. This monitor yields more colours at the sacrifice of bad motion blurring meaning bad ghosting for games and videos. For motion, you should buy the dell ultrasharp monitors with the letter M at the end, that stands for media. for example U2713HM. The 5 star reviews for that model gives the same message about NOT getting a U2713H for videos and gaming.

There is no such monitor at this price that could do everything well and you will end up tossing money at a functionality you'll never use.
If you are a photographer who mainly publish on the web you too are tossing money away too. 99% of the population do not use wide gamut screens and have the video cards required to support it. What you fine tune on this monitor will look very different from a consumer monitor. It's better to tune photos with what you're main audiences use.

This monitor is only good for photographers who print their photos with printers and publishers that have wide gamut colour printers. That's it. A calibration device is not necessary. Publishers will let you print a sample for free and when you receive your photos, change the color settings to best match it. Take colour accuracy to the next level and buy a colour swatch with a grey card. Take your first photo with the colour swatch /grey card, this way you'll match real life colours with the monitor then finally with the printed photo. This is maximising the color accuracy you're paying for. Nowadays with instagram - like filters, colour accuracy is no longer important.

There is no further gain from having high gamut, in fact the colours might even seem weird to you because you're eyes are so use to what 'cheaper' monitors look like.

At this price range:
There are monitors with higher frame rates, which are better for video games and videos.
There are monitors with 4k resolution.
You can buy a high end TV and use it as a monitor.

I gave it 5 stars because it is sufficient for my work. What comes out of the printers looks very close to what I see on the monitor without costing me £1k for an Eizo. I spent the other £500 on a used canon L lens AND paid for the plane ticket that got me up close to a lion in a African Safari.
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on 13 May 2014
I picked up one of these recently as an upgrade to my previous 24" monitor. My example was "refurbished" - it has a couple of tiny purple patches on the screen which only show when the screen is black but not with any other colour. I can't really echo any of the "con's" here - the display base is flat with a plastic outer case over a heavy alloy interior and the stand itself simply clips to the monitor. The software and drivers installed without a problem and the screen controls are easy to use. The display itself is great , very much sharper and more colourful than my previous Benq monitor which was a TN panel. 27 inches is a nice size too - I had been looking at a 29 inch 21:9 monitor but I am pushed for space so 27 is big enough without being overwhelming.
The only con was the printed instructions which are utterly useless, a scrap of paper more or less.
I have to say that I wouldn't pay full price for one of these as the new 4K monitors are appearing in that price range, but for the time being I am very happy.
PS the screen was set to 75% brightness when I installed but I reduced this to 50% and it is still very bright!
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on 17 June 2014
Bought June 2014. I do not have the motion blur effects, but I do have the automatic mode switching effects (I now have it in manual mode). I don't know if the stand has been modified, but I find it quite adequate - it is solid with plenty of vertical and tilt adjustment. It works well with my Mac laptop (1GB video memory) at full resolution (but only with displayport cable not via HDMI adaptor), but my Windows laptop (2GB video memory) via HDMI cable only supports 1920x1080. The problem is that my video card (AMD Radeon 7650M) only goes up to 1920x1080; so you need to check that your computer has a suitable video card. I do not have colour calibration equipment so I have had to alter colour etc by eye. Eventually I have found that for my Windows laptop that I select sRGB, Mac gamma (2.2), and increase the brightness/contrast from 50%/50% to 75%/75%. Out of the box everything was too vivid with skin tones being particularly unacceptable and quite dark when compared with my previous monitor (HP).
Nevertheless this monitor is capable of being very good and should be given consideration as a suitable purchase.
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