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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 16 July 2013
This is an overall great mouse. It looks great as a mouse. The battery life is immense with an 18-month time period. Although of course, battery brands/types vary. The auto switch off helps so much to allow this. On a review I read that the time it takes to switch back on after switching off was a few seconds, however, I found it's almost instantaneous after I click the left mouse button, moving the mouse doesn't work.

The Back and Forward buttons on the side are a great help as well, since the Back button is the bottom one which is helpful since I use Back a lot more often than I use Forward in a web browser. Or anything for that matter, including Windows Explorer etc. The middle mouse button has also a nice texture on it which is sort of like a grip, which I suspect should last a long time. Under the Back/Forward button is a thumb rest which is a nice addition to an overall great mouse.

The button which changes the DPI is not really needed for me since I have been using a Mouse which doesn't use this for a long time, so I am accustomed to the normal DPI. But I am sure anyone can get used to the increased speed and precision that can be drawn from having an increased DPI.

To close, I feel this is a great product and I would extremely recommend anyone should pick this mouse up. This is based on;

- Price (£9.99)
- Comfort
- Utility
- Alterable DPI
- Long Battery Life
- Wireless (Although I have seen people say a Wireless Mouse isn't as responsive as a Wired Mouse, I don't know weather I notice that it's the Mouses fault or my Computers fault when I am games.)
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43 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on 28 August 2013
I've been limping on with an aging logitech with a broken wheel for some time and finally replaced it with this mouse. I'm very impressed at the price - I'm a VFX student so I have two criteria: is it cheap? Does it perform well? This ticks both boxes. Well done Anker!

I've already given it a runaround in 3D apps etc, does everything I need it to and its wheel works! Great! Love the dpi button on the top - make sure you switch it up to 2000dpi to get the full sensitivity offered. NOTE - to tell which dpi setting it is on see how many times the button flashes - 1 flash for 1000 dpi, 2 for 1500 and 3 for 2000 dpi.

Other reviewers have stated none of the buttons are programmable, which isn't the case, you can download the drivers here:


This makes the forward and back buttons fully programmable which is really cool (I have them set them to cut and paste currently).

My only criticism would be that perhaps Anker should provide a little guide leaflet in the box so that all users understand what the buttons do and where to get the drivers from. (Looking at other reviews I think a lot of people are rating the mouse poorly because they haven't got it set to a high enough dpi etc) I'm a curious guy so I rammed all the buttons until I figured out what they all do, whereas other users may find it confusing so a simple leaflet would probably help there.

Anker seems to be great, I see their customer support is all over this page which is awesome - if Anker reads this, can you make a USB heated mouse? I always wanted one for winter, I'd buy it, student houses are cold :P
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31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on 1 July 2013
Ok, for £9.99 I wasn't expecting the build quality of my Logitech MX revolution, but I didn't expect to have the left click button sticking down for a few seconds at a time only 20 mins after I start using it...bloody annoying in normal use and downright hilarious in Far Cry 3! The pads on the bottom aren't tapered at the edge so don't run as smoothly over my mouse mat as they could and the rubber pad where your thumb rests is coming unstuck.

It is, however, a good shape in the hand and nice and light to use but the potential is wasted.

Update - 4.8.13 - Cannot fault Anker's customer service; they read the above review and acted almost immediately contacting me to tell me a new mouse was on its way. I've had the new mouse about 4 weeks sticking buttons and the mouse is very light to use and sits well in the hand. The rubber pad where your thumb rests is still where it should be so, all in all, what I hoped for when I first bought this mouse. However, the issue with the pads on the bottom not being tapered at the edges is still there so it's feels scratchy over my fabric surfaced mouse mat. A couple of go's with a hard flat tool and a little pressure on the edges has sorted that out though. Uprated from 1 star to 3...would have been 4 stars if I hadn't had the first faulty one!
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2013
I received this mouse to review from Anker just as my Microsoft mouse packed up so it was a handy comparison. I must confess that I did not think it would be as good as the Microsoft one but it was just as good, in some cases better, if feeling a bit more flimsy.
The install was very easy I tried it on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Just plug the very small dongle in and it works. There is no battery supplied so you need to put in an AA battery. The mouse is very comfortable to hold and the main buttons have a solid action. The three DPI settings work and although I could see the difference I did not feel that it made that much difference. As stated it is ergonomically designed which is correct but this means that it is only suitable for right-handed people. The most impressive thing was its response over a wide range of surfaces it worked well on the arm of a highly patterned armchair which had completely defeated the Microsoft mouse. The range was good as I used it on my multimedia set up and 37" screen and it worked well at over 6 metres away, I did not try the claimed 10 metres. The two buttons on the left hand had me guessing what they did for a while. They actually are forward and backwards one screen on the Internet. The buttons are not programmable and I spent a little time trying to find some settings but there are not any {EDIT they are, thanks to the comment below which gives a link to a download. I can confirm it works on Windows 8. I will not post the link as Amazon tend to remove reviews with links that don't go to Amazon sites}. The battery saving function was a bit disconcerting having to click a button to bring it back to life however this is a small price to pay for the claimed battery life of 18 months.Although I will keep the dongle plugged in it is handy to have a storage slot for it on the underside of the mouse.
In summary a very good mouse and although I did not pay for this it is at a very good price point.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 26 February 2013
The build quality of this mouse is completely amazing, makes the price look like a total bargain (please see photos I uploaded), the mouse fits perfectly in my hand and the thumb grip is a great addition as it allows me to never lose hold of the mouse when playing fast-paced puzzle games, where quick movements are required. However the only downside of the mouse is that it surely isn't suitable for left-handed people.

As soon as I plugged in the USB receiver and inserted a battery the mouse started working straight away on Windows 8 Pro, however I did find it not working after some idle time, which is simply to save battery, to get it back working just press the button at the top and it should work again, don't take me wrong, I believe that this battery saving feature will allow you to save some extra money in purchasing batteries. Another feature that is really useful are the side buttons, which, if you are an internet addict like me, you'll find very useful to go backwards and forward when surfing the web.

I should also mention that this mouse's precision is indeed very high and much better than my other mouse I currently have at home, and although I am not a very good gamer, I believe this mouse is perfect for gaming that requires precise movements or even just for the casual user.

Overall I believe this mouse surely is worth the price and if you're looking for a good affordable alternative to your mouse at home that does not have wires to annoy you then go for it.
review image review image review image review image
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 20 September 2014
I'm going to get straight to the point and start by pointing out the negative things before moving on to the good things about this mouse. These are the things that bothered me since getting the device 2 weeks ago.

1- The left and right click buttons on this mouse have a loud/cheap click to them. This bothers me because you're somehow always conscious of the clicking while you're using the mouse and this can get annoying especially in a quiet room with others.

2- The glossy part of the mouse which extends to the the right and left click is nice to the touch but it also sometimes stick to your fingers while you release a button and the plastic makes this annoying vibrating sound, similar to when you vibrate a plastic ruler against the edge of a table.

3- It has no off button. It's not the biggest deal breaker but it is annoying that whenever I put my laptop to sleep I have to remove the USB dongle as well in case of accidental clicks that would wake up the laptop. It's happened. However it does have a special groove in the bottom of the mouse for the USB dongle. It would've been nice to see an on off switch though.

4- The materials are a bit cheap and not really put well together. I guess that's understandable for a £10 mouse, but there was a sharp part at the back of the mouse that seemed to stab my palm during usage, so I found myself filing that piece of plastic down. The rubber part where your thumb sits was also popping out, nothing glue couldn't fix.

On the positive side,

1- Ergonomic shape and size. It does fit very nicely in the palm, well my palm at least, and is an overall good size. It could've been slightly heavier but that's okay.

2- Most importantly, it's very precise. The pointer is accurate and the speed is just right. I have it always on 2000 DPI. The pointer doesn't jump around. Haven't faced any pointer problems so far.

3- It's cheap. I'm not going to say it's the cheapest mouse out there because you can pick up ones for £2.5, but for the features and quality function I think it's price is excellent.

4- Works well without a mousepad on my wood desk. It doesn't scratch along the surface as much as I thought it would and the laser does quite well on a textured surface. I haven't tested it on a lot of surfaces but my guess is it would perform pretty well.

Overall a good mouse. Functional and not too bad in the palm either. As for the scroll and side buttons they function like they should and I don't think they can be added to pros or cons. I hope this review helps with your decision!

EDIT: I've found myself left clicking and middle clicking many times with the mouse making a clicking sound but not responding to the clicks. It's been very frustrating!
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21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on 9 June 2013
I ordered this a couple weeks ago on a Sunday, and receiving it on the Tuesday, two days before the estimated delivery. The box is very minimalist with a little card and something that looks like a bookmark, but i stuck it on top of my computer. Anyway, i stuck the usb into the computer and recognised it in about 10-20 seconds. The mouse was very comfortable with the textured thumb pad but the only discrepancy is that it is simply stuck on with glue, with it being held on with a type of glue it sometimes it feels as it the material is going to peel off. Dont let this put you off, it may just be me. As i said, it is a very comfortable mouse and the three dpi settings really help as i use dual monitors, so one simple swipe will get me one side to the other with the second dpi setting. Along with this the mouse disappears after ten minutes to save the battery of draining itself for no reason, i got a bit confused as the first day i was moving the mouse and the pointer had disappeared, simply click the mouse and it will return.
One little feature that i find useful it that the mouse's dpi button also flashes when the battery is flat, which means i can now throw away my old batteries that i thought may have a little more juice in them. I currently have stuck in a fresh battery and if it is true that it will last 18 months then i will also be impressed.
Sorry for the long winded review but it is good value for money!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 23 January 2014
I've looked around Amazon for a decent wireless mouse that doesn't cost the Earth for a while now, and seeing as I'm using an Anker wired mouse I thought I'd go for them again because I love this company!

I'm not using this mouse anymore, which is more my fault than Ankers, but I'll give my opinion on this mouse based on my short time with it anyway.

I had two problems with this mouse: the dpi was too low for my liking and it was too slow to move across the screen (on a 32" 1080p screen) so for gaming it wasn't ideal. The second problem was the battery compartment. When it had a battery in it a corner of the battery compartment was slightly raised, which didn't affect the performance of the mouse itself but made a bad noise when moving around on a desk. It's because of these two reasons that I stopped using it and gave it to a friend, who has had no complaints so far.

The positives of this mouse would be that it's a delight to hold; is very comfortable in the hand. Also, it looks gorgeous for a £10 mouse!

If you're looking for a budget wireless, non-gaming mouse, then you definitely can't go wrong with this. Also be prepared to provide your own battery as it doesn't come with one.

If Anker made a more expensive version of this wireless mouse (£20-£30) which had a rechargeable feature and a higher dpi, I would definitely get it!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 4 January 2014
I bought this as a temporary stop-gap while I waited for Logitech to release Mavericks drivers for the MX Anywhere. It was cheap, and I thought it was worth a risk.

Well, this mouse is excellent! I won't be going back to the Logitech. It works well, feels good in the hand. An all round winner.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 April 2014
This mouse is very comfortable, glides well, and is very responsive. The DPI button for quickly cycling through 3 levels of mouse sensitivity is a neat feature when switching between general web browsing etc & gaming. The design looks and feels of excellent quality. My only very minor criticism would be that personally I find my thumb sits over the join between the comfy rubber pad & the plastic on the left side of the mouse when my hand is relaxed. Ideally I would've liked this rubber pad to extend further over the surface of this 'ear', but it's not a major issue, & is only personal preference.

I did initially experience loss of connection with the wireless receiver whenever I clicked in text boxes, which caused the cursor to freeze, & required taking the battery out & putting it back in again to reset it. However, after a couple of days I narrowed the cause of the problem down to the proximity of my mobile phone, which apparently was interfering with the mouse signal! I now never place my mobile anywhere near my PC, & this mouse works fine. This may be worth bearing in mind for anyone who experiences a jittery or frozen cursor with this product.
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