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3.5 out of 5 stars63
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 September 2013
I have been intrigued with the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater for a few years. I remember checking one out at a big box housewares store and was just thinking how interesting the design was but equally amazed at how high the price was. The design was certainlly clever and modern but it was not clear to me whether the performance could equal the expectation and cost.

I finally have a Dyson Hot + Cool thanks to the Amazon Vine program and I've been putting it through some serious testing and usage. My video review will cover most of my thoughts but I'll highlight some of my thoughts here. After using it for nearly a year in both cold and hot conditions I am able to say it is NOT very effective as a fan and only marginally more effective as a heater.

Let me be clear about one thing, the device name is totally misleading. It is called "Hot + Cool Fan Heater". It is NOT a cooler. It does not cool air whatsoever. An air conditioner cools air. This is not an air conditioner... it is a fan and it is not very effective as a fan because the air flow is simply too weak to be effective. Additionally it is very loud during operation.

I do like the look of this heater/fan. It's very modern and futuristic. Its slim design will enable it to be put in some otherwise tight spaces and will also look quite modern and elicit many comments, I'm sure.

The actual performance is poor. As a heater, it works pretty well, but only in a smaller square foot area. Since the head can oscillate back and forth, it sill distribute a warm flow of air fairly effectively in smaller rooms. Normally the thermostat in my house is set to 62 degrees during the overnight. I set the Dyson Hot + Cool downstairs in the living room. The entire downstairs area is approx. 900 sq feet but but has a relatively open floor plan so about 3/4 of that square footage could essentially be considered one room. The Dyson managed to keep the temperature right aroun 68 degrees all night long. The Dyson temperature had been set to 70 and as far as I know, it never attained 70 degrees. I'm pretty sure it ran continously all night long. I thought that being able to maintain a 68 degree temperature in that size space was pretty good though since it's still winter where I live and if the heater had not been on, it would have dropped to 62 degrees inside. If a smaller room were being used, it would heat the room to a higher temperature.

As a "cooling" fan, I was not impressed. There is simply not enough velocity or volume of air to be very effective as a fan. Not only that, but the Dyson is loud especially when the fan is operating at its highest setting. At the low setting it's not that loud, but then it's much less effective too. So to get a significant fan effect, you have to turn the speed up to a level much higher than "low."

I do like that the fan oscillates and also tilts. Howver, in my use of the fan, there was a significant amount of wobble in the head of the unit when it was tilted and oscillating. In fact at one point the unit almost vibrated or wobbled itself off the edge of the counter it was sitting on while I was out of the room. I could not believe my eyes. When the head is straight up with no forward or backward inclination, it's fine.

The remote is useful and magnetically attaches itself to the top of the head when not in use. But in my video you will notice at one point the remote slides off the top when I tilt the unit so the magnet is not as strong as it should be to hold the remote securely.

If you are a design forward kind of person or just admire the "genius" of Dyson, this fan will probably appeal to you. It's more flash than function in my opinion. If you're thinking that for the price it's got to be one incredibly effective fan and heater, you'd be mistaken. For the price, it's one awesome looking piece of equipment, but performance is not so hot (no pun intended.)

For my money, I"d rather buy a seperate floor standing fan, or box fan, that can really push some air and at significantly less cost. The Dyson can't even compare.

As a heater, it's pretty cool (sorry again, no pun intended) but again, expensive. I have a small, square, ceramic heater that is very quiet and effective. I think it cost around $40-50.

One worry I have and that I can't address until I've used this for a much longer time, is how much dust will collect in the air intake holes on the lower section of the unit. I've had other devices with similar looking holes and over time you get this very fine and hard to remove collection of dust buildup that would also reduce air flow. Internally dust might build up somewhere too. I have no idea how that would affect the already mediocre performance... or how to clean it. And the air output venturi would also collect dust over time and have to be cleaned.

I guess the Dyson and me aren't a good fit. It's cool looking as heck but I just don't think it lives up to my expectations of performance for something that costs this much. I can see this fitting in to certain decors really well though. And its slim design does enable it to fit in what would otherwise be tight spaces for other more conventional fans/heaters.

UPDATE: 6/3/2013 - Having used this over the winter and now during some really hot weather, I'm reducing my rating to 2-stars. For the price, this just doesn't provide a commensurate level of performance. I would not recommend unless you just want to make a fashion statement but don't really care so much about effective cooling or rock-solid mechanical performance.
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on 24 November 2013
I spend a little time at weekends looking after my old boat and at this time of year it can get very cold. Obviously it isn't insulated like a house would be and I tried halogen, ceramic bar and fan heaters and an oil filled radiator and they just ate electricity and were absolutely useless.

The Dyson AM05 looked nice and sounded just the job. I watched some Which? type consumer test videos etc on You Tube and read reviews and decided I really wanted it even though its wickedly expensive. I already have the AM01 fan at home and intend to keep it because on that you can set the fan speed far more precisely than the fan on this one which only has 4 set speeds.

It is a hungry beast (I watched on the eletricity meter while it alone was plugged in and going) but to be honest, after just 10 minutes the room temperature rose from 9.5 C to 18.5 C. I switched it off and over an hour later the temperature was still 16.8 C and over two hours later the remperature had only dropped to 15.9 C. If I only have to have it on for 10-15 minutes every few hours, it will cost me far less than a "conventional" heater which would have to be on all the time to achieve the same effect whilst burning electricty at the same rate. As a happy bonus it also reduced the humidity level from 77% to a much healthier 55% and the level stayed around that level for hours afterwards.

I have never been so warm and cosy there. I had a smile on my face and fewer layers for the first time in sometime and could get on with things without my breath condensating in the air.

The magnetic remote that sits on the top is a great idea, cleaning is easy and it is not unpleasantly noisy (some people have complained it's noisy but given the technology behind it, that would be expected. It's basically jet engine technology after all.) There's no dust burning smell and even on the highest speed, which I didn't use for long (2kw) it was really no noisier than any other fan. Oscillation is silent and spreads the heat across and around the room and it works perfectly well on speed 2 and uses less electricty at a lower setting (1.5kw) You can also tilt it downwards and as hot air rises and circulates this helps spread the warmth even better. You can also direct it nicely. It's very easy to set up and operate. It looks gorgeous, and you can set the exact temperature you want to get the room to up to 37 degrees. That would probably take a while and be far too hot for me, but it's nice to know it can do it.

So why only 4 stars? It doesn't throw the heat out as far as the advertising suggests -- fine for a small area but in a big lounge I doubt it would really live up to expectations. It's also very expensive but a little budgeting elsewhere will be worth it for when I need it's benefits. Let's hope as more people buy them the price comes down for people in the future.
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on 18 November 2013
Some of the '5 star' reviews on Amazon are based on the Dyson heater being able to heat their room 'super' fast, as if this is somehow attributed to DYSON's 'special' design. This is not the case. Any cheap fan heater of the same power rating will have an identical effect on your room temperature.

At 2.0 kW max output, the heater OUTPUT is the same as ANY electric heater rated at 2.0 kW.

As electric heat is 100% efficient (there are no system external losses), it will only add 2.0 kW (kJ/s) of actual HEAT into your room.

In doing so it uses 2.0 kWh which is added onto your meter and your electric bill (at about 15p per kWh) - The operating cost will be the same as any other 2.0 kW fan heater.

I would suggest trying a cheaper £30.00 heater first (also available on AMAZON). You will get exactly the same heat and save yourself over £300.00.

Any heat that is created by so called 'inefficient' motors used in more conventional fan heaters, also ends up in your room, so as there are no 'external' losses there is absolutely no difference to overall efficiency. The fan motor power is normally very small when compared to the heater power anyway.


The claimed 'POWERFUL COOLING' in 'COOL' mode should be called 'Fan Only' mode.

This is deliberately misleading and simply not true. No fan can cool simply by moving air through itself.

There is NO removal of heat from the air. The air temperature out of the fan is the same as the air temperature into the fan.

It can not and will not lower your room temperature.

However, if you sit with the air blowing at you then you may feel cooler.

As air moves across your skin it causes faster evaporation of 'moisture' (sweat), which then cools you (latent heat of evaporation).

The faster the air velocity, the faster the evaporation, the more 'latent heat' is adsorbed, the cooler you feel.

Measure the inlet and outlet air temperatures through any room fan (or the DYSON) - they are equal.

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on 9 August 2013
I have a new, smallish conservatory which has been unbearably hot in the past weeks and will probably need heating in the winter, so the Dyson seemed ideal - space-saving and dual purpose. It did cool the area, but not as much as I had hoped. However, it has no rotating elements, so can be left on unsupervised even when pets are about.
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on 23 July 2013
I was interested in this fan mainly for the cooling function and spent some time looking at other reviews before I bought mine. Although they were mainly positive, I`m afraid I have to put my review alongside the few that weren`t. This is due to a couple of factors. Certainly it cools you down as long as you have it no more than a few feet away ( which is very different to one review I read stating that it will "take the room down to a chilly -1", it certainly won`t ), but I wanted the bedroom kept cool on a hot night and found that the fan is just not up to the job. Also it is incredibly noisy, even with my earplugs in - very good wax ones which I really shove down into the ear canal - on the lowest setting I can still here it blowing away, whereas with a cheap desk fan I get a nice gentle draught with no noise at all! So, in conclusion, I would say that if you want a cool draught blowing straight at you, buy one if you can stand the noise ( you`ll need the telly turning right up and don`t even think about having a normal conversation ), otherwise, don`t bother. I think the Dyson hot and cool is way too expensive, I should`ve stuck with the desk fan and saved myself £300!
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on 19 July 2013
I am very disappointed in this fan being a Dyson I thought it would cool a room It was bought for my 94 year old Mother to help keep her cool in this heat wave , it was no
good at all went back to a good old type fan DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY
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on 3 November 2013
it does the job but didnt think it warranted the price my elderly mother couldnt understand how to work the controls
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on 19 July 2013
After reading conflicting reviews I bought this item to cool down my flat. I can confirm as a heater it is great but the cool setting does not cool down a room. I got the impression that the temperature could be put down to 0 and it would blow out cold air - this is not the case - it blows out air the same temperature as your room even on the coolest setting; so basically acts like a regular fan but £300 more expensive. It was also very noisy on the cool setting - more so than my regular blade fan. Difficult to give a star rating because I would have given it 5 stars for heat but only one for the cool setting.
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on 24 May 2013
4 stare because of price, it's very expensive. On the one day of summer it did alright on the blowing cool air around the average size room, much better than a normal fan. It does heat the room faster on the hot air blow. We have had a few cool evenings of late and the AM05 heats the room in a few minutes. I like this machine and would recommend it to anyone, Shame about the heavy price.
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on 21 August 2013
We read about this in an article in the Daily Mail,reviewing airconditioning units.
The reviewer gave it top marks. In view of this and a load of jargon and goble de gook about it's cooling power we bought one.
BIG EXPESIVE mistake. This has less cooling power than a 20yr old fan we have in our bedroom that we paid about a fiver for second hand.
Unfortunately we took it on holiday with us, so when we got home and complained to Dyson that we did not consider it fit for our purpose,they were quite "happy" to tell us we were out side their 14 day return deadline.
Cr*p customer service cr*p product.
In my view a total rip off.
Don't touch this product with a barge pole there are much cheaper and better alternatives. All you are paying for here is the Dyson "brand"
I would have prefered not to give it a star rating, perhaps the heater deserves it.
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