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on 17 August 2015
In a recent attempt to prove to myself that I can be manly, I purchased this razor on a whim upon realising that removing hair from my face with a knife is an excellent first step towards manliness. The razor arrived within days, and after a quick read of some "How to" guides online, I set about the task of de-stubbling my face.

Having read reviews comparing the task to fighting with Wolverine, I approached my first non-electric shave with caution. I prepared my face, used minimal blade angle to avoid cuts, and went about the process as slowly and methodically as possible. After some time of gently allowing the blade to glide across my cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck, I wiped my face clean and stood back from the mirror to admire my work.

It was then that from seemingly nowhere, hundreds of tiny beads of blood started to emerge from my face. I grabbed a towel and dabbed furiously to stem the flow, only for the bleeding to continue and for my previously white towel to resemble the cape of a matador. After what seemed like an eternity, the bleeding stopped and I was able to again wipe my face clean. As instructed, I then applied an aftershave balm to my face, and discovered what it feels like to stick your head into a beehive.

Once the blood was gone, the stinging had ceased, and I was finally done, I was able to see that there is no denying that this is as close a shave as I have ever managed. The areas of my face that do not look like they've been caressed by Edward Scissorhands have not been this smooth since I weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces. With practice and time, I can see myself regularly switching to the cut throat (although with the aim next time of not actually cutting my throat). The tiny nicks in my face took only a couple of hours to disappear, so do not let this aspect of the shave put you off.

Other reviewers are correct in saying that little hairs do get caught in the blade, but this is easily rectified. This item is well made, and is an excellent first step towards the traditional way of shaving without having to worry about stropping (I learnt that word today in an attempt to make it look like I know what I'm talking about). A note of caution to prospective buyers would be to ensure that you are very careful when handling the blade. Upon finishing I went to wipe the razor clean, only to shut my finger between the handle and the engineering of Wilkinson Sword. That cut will take a little longer to heal than the ones all over my face...

If like myself, you are feeling a little emasculated, have no doubt that you should be putting this straight in your basket. Just please be careful, this is a skill perfected over weeks if not months, so take your time and don't your make first few attempts before any important interviews or meetings. Good luck!
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on 21 February 2015
Just learning to use this thing, my first impressions...nice balance, well made, holds blade securely, maybe a bit too securely for some people's will NEED caution needed to get blade in and out. Overall design is good, with a clean and surgical feel to it. The case and blades are a nice little bonus. Some hint it's bit small... not found that an issue TBH. In use... you can get a very, VERY close and clean shave... but there's no well behaved forgivness with this, razor cuts and niks are a very real hazard here and frankly; the blade is rarely to blame on this score (unless blunt of course), it's all about your skills, or lack of. It is NOT like a mach 10 (or whatever those over-priced 5 bladed things are called these days), however that's kind of the point... It's not just a quick shave process to simply scrape off that 5 o'clock shadow, it takes time, both to learn a method that feels good for you and the time taken for each shave. I have had this a week now, shaving every other day to ensure I give my skin time to rejuvinate and as my skills get better (you THINK you know your face until you use one of these semi-tamed beasts) each shave becomes less pain and more pleasure. To get your shave on well... have a hot shower, give you face a good clean with a decent cleaning cloth and some proper face cleanser... put some shave oil on, maybe steam your face to further soften the stubble.... get your shaving brush (or just use gel - if you wish) lather up your shaving soap (the Arko stick is quite nice).... lock the door, put a DO NOT DISTURB sign up (you're going to be in there for a while) and away you go... just you, a straight blade, a (well-lit (ideally!) mirror and your skills.
Shaving becomes not just a quick skin scraping exercise... it becomes an almost meditative experience that requires, nay demands skill and focus. The sense of accomplishment you get from having a good long shave leaves you with a feeling of well-being, calm and contentment. Something you just cannot get from the 5 minute "safe scrape".
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on 12 October 2013
Never used a straight razor or shavette before so I warn readers of that. Of course I was naturally a little nervous about using it for the first time! But I'll start with the product itself - the blade section is made of two leaves that clip together securely. The blade is inserted between the two leaves and when clipped it produces a stable cutting edge. It is only a little fiddly locating the blade into a couple of studs on one of the leaves and then you are good to go. The leaves fold into the steel handle of the item. It seems well made and everything stable.

Shaving, well don't worry too much, the leaves only leave a tiny amount of blade protruding - you are not going to kill yourself even if you tried! First shave, well I had some cuts, no great surprise, but nothing too major. Invisible by the following day. Held the razor about 30 degrees from the line of my skin. But overall a pretty close shave notwithstanding my lack of experience. Cuts have reduced markedly and closeness increased in shaves 2 and 3, with any nicks on shave three being pretty well invisible an hour after shaving. Only obvious cut I had was turning my head while shaving when I was distracted! Nothing to do with the tool, just the operator.

It takes a little longer than a cartridge razor, so I'm saving it for the weekends. I'm getting a DE so will compare that when it arrives.

Overall, much better quality than I expected for the price. Matched my hopes, not my fears, when it comes to using it!
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on 24 April 2013
nice sturdy shavette; blade hold is very good and it shaves very comfortably; all in all a good product that works really well
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on 19 January 2016
Great product, does the job just about but with various issues. Firstly, the product arrived in a nice leather case with a pack of 10 double blades. The leather case for some odd reason, (probably the treatment) had a very strong petrol smell.

Secondly, the product has these brown marks on it that don't seem to come off even with some force. It looks nice but is let down by the markings.

Thirdly, the finish on the product, where the joints are for what seems two pieces of the main blade holding piece, is very poorly done. They aren't even completely joint. Let alone flush along the edges.

Fourthly, the hinge holding the enclosure piece and blade piece is lose and keeps swinging when held making it very difficult to use altogether. I've tried to tighten it, does nothing.

Lastly, the main part. Where the blade is held doesn't have a safe opening. When the blade is in and you need to remove it, you need to put something in front of the blade to make sure you don't push the blade into your finger.
review image review image
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on 15 August 2013
Ok so the first time I used this I looked like I'd been in a fight with Wolverine. My fault not the razor. It's all about technique & having the right products. Ditch that can of foam & get some real products. Also have a look on youtube to learn how to do this. Great feel to the razor & really looks the part. Provides a very close shave & makes a great ssshhhh sound. Super fast delivery & razor feels like it should be alot more expensive. So stop being ripped off by those big name brands for their multiblade razors & but this. You wont regret it &it doesn't half make you feel alot more manly!
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on 2 February 2014
For the money, this shavette is ok.
It is very compact (~14cm folded and ~22cm fully extended).
I'm not a massive guy, but I think this design is too small... It is ok to put into your travel bag, but the handle+grip (where your middle finger goes) is really too short to get a decent hold so it isn't the most comfortable of confidence inspiring razor.
As with all shavettes, it has the normal limitation of only having a cutting surface as big as standard DE razor (i.e. not massive).
The design is pretty sleek, but metal surface scratches easily. The weight is nice, it feels sufficiently substantial but not too heavy.
The razor blade holding mechanism is similar to many of the competitors, but for some reason it feels like more of a faff to use.
One feature that is lacking that I like on a competitor product is the snap lock feature when you close the blade (so the blade does not move out of the shavette body until some force is applied. As a result, this shavette can feel unsafe at times because you can easily knock the handle and open the razor with very little force.
Overall, it is ok as a backup razor; but I really wouldn't want to use this every day. Spend a bit more and get something decent!
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on 20 March 2013
This really is a superb little Razor! Looks and feels like a surgical instrument, comes with a packet of Wilkinson Sword blades and a leatherette slip case in black. This is a REAL MAN'S way of shaving! I mean it...............apart from a superior quality of shave, you feel the Testosterone levels rise as the blade glides through your stubble with a satisfying 'shhhhhhick' sound, ( one word of advice....use a pre-shave oil to prevent razor rash/burn) All the other methods of shaving are for boys....................this makes you feel like 007 first thing in the morning.......start your day with a threat of danger Gentlemen!
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on 21 February 2014
Product is good but not top. The blades aren't the best. When shaving is not so easy to clean, the hair enters inside the razor near the blade.
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on 18 May 2014
I bought this razor on an impulse. When it arrived I was anxious about using it and managed to cut myself in a couple of places. That being said, the shave it offers is far superior to "safety" razors; although they do take a little longer.
I would recommend dismantling the razor (take the blade out) after every use and clean it and the handle with alcohol or another solvent (I use lighter fluid which I picked up for £1.20 in a local home shop) If you clean your blades like this they will stay sharp indefinitely. It also prevents rust from developing on either the handle or the blades which could cause infection or irritation to the skin.
Another thing I'd point out is don't waste your money on "shaving foam" Buy shaving soap. It lasts for ages and is SO much better! It works with both straight and safety razors and really helps sharpen the shave.
I would buy again, were it not for the fact that this set will surely last me a life time!
I bought this set in January and I am only now on my third blade!
Be wary of the blade and don't shave whilst listening to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack...
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