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4.1 out of 5 stars260
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2013
If your reading this then you might just have made a lucky escape, why the drama you ask it's just this don't buy this version of the movie. In all honesty you need to get the Blue-ray extended addition, "Why?" because this version is a chopped up or chopped out hatchet job. I was lucky enough to see the Extended version first at my friends house not knowing that what it was, when I bought this one I was like "WTF! Where's all the rest of the movie and the good bits!?!"

Trust me when I say it's well worth the few extra shekels. Directors cuts are usually always better.

This version is only worth 3 stars, the extended version gives it the full 5 stars in my opinion.
A shame they don't have a extended version on regular DvD but meh you can't have everything.

As for the movie itself, if you liked GI Joe as a kid you'll love this movie, if you love action movies then you'll love this, it takes the mistakes made by the first one and fixes them all very nicely.
I'm now looking forward to the next one, if they keep it in the same vein and style.
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on 6 September 2013
Love this film; great special effects and fight scenes a bit of humour and buckets of ninjas!
I've been into G.I. Joe since I was a kid and it was called "Action Force" in the UK and the films really build on the nostalgia with a healthy dose of action movie goodness.
Definitely succeeds on its own terms though don't expect much in the way of deep insight or character development; that said it's a quality cast who really commit to the film and is beautifully put together.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 June 2014
Four ACTION-PACKED Stars! The 2nd edition of the G.I. Joe series of movies, following "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" is full of action, adventure, and GREAT special effects starring the G.I. Joe Elite Team of "Duke", "Road Block", "Lady Jaye", "Flint", "Snake Eyes", "Mouse", "Ship Wreck", and others, taking place after the Nanomite War. Terrorist leader "Cobra Commander" and "Destro" are already in captivity; "Storm Shadow" and "Zartan" are still at large. The story begins with the "Joe's" involved in a rescue at the North-South Korea DMZ and later during another mission they are ambushed, which sets the stage for an international conspiracy. The rest of the story is pure enjoyable, entertaining Sci-Fi fun, improbable scenarios, plot holes, lots of fights and explosions, while keeping the audience guessing who is on which side.

But it also features one of the most marvelous swashbuckling ninja fight sequences at the 55 minute point at a mountain stronghold, away from the main `Joe' group, featuring amazing CGI, `wire' fu, great fight and stunt coordination on a mountainside, and breathtaking matte landscapes that rival the likes of the Matrix Reloaded and is definitely worth the price of admission for this 7 minute sequence alone. I have watched that sequence alone a dozen times.

Great action, adventure fun in an expensive-looking movie. Starring Duane "The Rock" Johnson, Channing Tatum, Jonathan Pryce, Byung-Hun Lee, Adrianne Palicki, Elodie Yung, Luke Bracey, and Arnold Vesloo, with an extended cameo from Bruce Willis, it brought in $375 Million at the box office: with the preceding film bringing in $300M. Directed by Jon M. Chu. Four ENJOYABLE SCI-FI Stars! (Amazon Prime Video; Time-1:50)
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on 18 October 2013
Pure escapism... we've waited so long for this to come out after the last move.
Loved it!
Now waiting for the next one.
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the 'G.I Joe' special unit are set-up by 'Zartan' posing as the President,
the discredited unit are slaughtered......however a handful survive the
attack.......the survivors have a score to settle.
'Cobra' want World-domination, only the surviving G.I. team with a little
help from their 'Martial-art' associates including 'Snake Eyes' and 'Storm
Shadow' have a chance of stopping the cleverly crafted plot.
'Dwayne Johnson' ( the Rock ) again showing his prowess as an action-hero
along with all-time favourite 'Bruce Willis' along for the ride.
with terrific fire-fights and impressive Martial-Art sequences on board
giving viewers a fast moving and electrifying action movie to enjoy.
the film is 'escapism' on a much better than the
first offering in my view..........thoroughly entertaining.
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on 24 July 2013
This is a stunning,visual feast of wall to wall action.Vastly superior to the first film and highly engaging.
I saw this in 3D and it was easily one of the best 3D films I had seen.
If you like action movies with great set-pieces,then this is for you.Easily one of Dwayne Johnsons best.
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on 30 June 2014
Absolutely worked really well in 3d. Awesome! Visuals stunning, sound is pounding, 3d flies out at you in places. Nearly had several flying stars in my forehead. Was ducking in my seat, really funny at the time. Got several sub woofers fitted to my 4d cinema and when Bruce willis fired his automatic weapon from the back of the moving vehicle, I felt like I was right there. The 4th D in my cinema being an tactile transducer fitted to my cinema chair to turn sound waves from the film into thumping vibrations through my chair. Each powerful gunshot is felt right through your body and adds an fantastic dimension to this film. Will be watching again and probably be ducking for more throwing stars. Brilliant!
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on 23 July 2013
i got this yesterday and have just watched this one was fantastic it has finally gone back to being a proper movie unlike the first one which was awful but after seeing this one i was very impressed this is for anyone who enjoys action films
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on 18 September 2013
First things: - if you hated the previous GI Joe movie and don't like daft excessive action with flimsy plots, you're going to hate this one too. Simply move along - it'll be 2 hours of your life you won't get back and you'll wish you'd known better. Secondly: - knowledge of the previous movie may not be strictly required, but certainly helps a LOT. The two films could almost dovetail together, with one crucial plot point from the last one having a huge effect on this movie.
Third: - (and if you've read ANY press reviews or seen any of the trailers, this isn't a spoiler) one of the biggest cast members of the first film bows out pretty swiftly, which may really annoy fans. This is essentially 'new gang' but 'same style'.
Does Retaliation work as a sequel? Yes. It's a lot of very silly fun, with slightly harsher violence than before, ditching some of the cartoonish tone for moments that feel a tiny bit more adult-orientated. The action set-pieces are still elaborate and contain a lot of acrobatic stunts and impressive gunfire. There's a very silly evil scheme that threatens the world once again - and our heroes are up against even greater odds.
Does it work as an Action movie? Yes. It's guilt-free unplug brain fun and will happily amuse fans of the first film.
The casting is patchy. Johnson ("The Rock") is good as a lead, and his banter with Channing Tatum is pure comedy gold. Tatum is probably his most likeable in ages, which makes his limited screen time a shame, and Ray Park gets an expanded role as Snake Eyes, delivering a few more shades to a character that will always be hard to flesh out by its very nature.
The role of Cobra Commander is played by Luke Bracey - almost permanently behind a shiny visor. Presumably the less nuanced role and dialogue given to his character this time around didn't appeal to Gordon Levitt enough to reprise it. Ray Stevenson is visually imposing and fun as Firefly, and makes a great bad guy, if only his accent would pick a country and stay there.
RZA continues his almost film-breaking awfulness after 'Iron Fists', performing another martial arts role with the leaden nuance of a lump-hammer smashing crisps, delivering ham-fisted dialogue like world-shattering pronouncements. Thankfully his screen time is even more limited than Tatum's.
Of more amusement is Jonathan Pryce's turn as Arnold Vosloo's Zartan in disguise. Essentially tormenting himself throughout the film, he gets to deliver several cracking moments of political satire, and although he gets one terrible joke about waterboarding, appears to be having a terrific time, which buoys up the whole film.
The action is exciting, the humour is all there, and the cast are mostly good. Why isn't this Five Stars? Well, the story feels too 'bitty'. While the first film (flashbacks and all) felt like one coherent movie, this feels like several films stitched together. The main heroes are kept apart for so long on their separate missions that it feels like two partially related movies have been taped up into one. It doesn't help that Snake Eyes' dojo segments and spectacular mountain battle scenes are so visually different from the more US based scenes with Johnson and co. So the only real failing is stylistically - in the choice of how to make the plot hang together. Oh, and I almost forgot, Bruce Willis is in it. That kind of says everything you need to know about how important he is to the film.
Watch it if you can ignore the flaws.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 August 2013
G.I Joe's are an elite American fighting force, here they are lead by Capt. Duke (Tatum) & Sgt. Roadblock (Johnson). After completing they're latest mission to capture stolen nukes in Pakistan, they are betrayed & the majority of the G.I Joe's wiped out. The surviving team members now branded traitors by the government, head out for retaliation on the master minds behind they're betrayal. None other than Zartan & Cobra commander.

Now we haven't seen the first film Rise of Cobra so this was our first introduction to the G.I Joe's, who are based on the toy action figures by Hasbro, and set in a near future science fiction world. We didn't have any expectations as to what we were getting into, which worked for & against us as a result. The action was amazingly well done, from shootout's, superbly choreographed Samurai battles to an over the top CGI laden mountain battle swinging on ropes(i'm pretty sure they used clouds to hook into at one point,as it was illogical from the baddies initial orientation from the mountain chateau). The story is a combination of ideas that have been done before & we had a hard time figuring out who some of the characters were & whose side they were on. But much of this was covered up due to the fast paced & explosive nature of the film, which is surprising considering it has a 110 minute run time.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (Welcome To The Jungle) was the lead character from about 15/20 minutes in, highly watchable as the buff badass out for revenge. Tagging along were D.J. Cotrona (Detroit 1-8-7) as Flint & Adrianne Palicki (Red Dawn) as Lady Jane, were the (unmemorable) surviving members of the G.I Joe's. Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street) briefly inspires with a great rapport with Dwane Johnson that's sadly cut too short. Jonathan Pryce (Brazil) was believable as the President. Ray Stevenson (The Punisher) made a decent baddie in Firefly with his unique gadgets. Byung-hun Lee (I Saw the Devil) was impressive as conflicted Samurai Storm Shadow. And a few cameo's from Bruce Willis (Die Hard) who wasn't phoning in his performance, made an interesting gun nut General & filling the fatherly recognition for Lady Jane.

In conclusion, G.I Joe Retaliation just about manages to paper over it's cliche story & weak gaps with it's main draw of tons of fast paced explosive action, if that's what your after you won't be disappointed. worth a watch.
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