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4.6 out of 5 stars245
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2013
Einaudi first caught my attention after a friend recommended his album Divenire, which I think was probably my favouite albums of his. I wasn't blown away by Nightbook, and had high hopes for In A Time Lapse. My hopes were met and surpassed.

In A Time Lapse is, like his previous works, dominated by piano and is a delight. This album seems to have slightly more accompaniment by strings and other very unobtrusive electronic/synths, but they never form the backbone of any of the tracks. There's little point in doing a track by track analysis of the album because it is simply stunning from start to finish. I did particularly like "In A Time Lapse" (Track 2) and "Brothers" (Track 7), just because I particularly liked the melody and rhythm of these tracks. The rest are all sublime as well!

The album runs for just short of 1 hour 7 minutes, and the sound quality is brilliant like in previous releases.

One thing I should say is that I disagree somewhat with the previous reviewer Big Jim who said this sounds more ambient than classical. I would say that it is classical, albeit minimalist like his previous works. I guess it's just semantics, but I would associate ambient music with elongated chord sequences that lacks a huge degree of melody and movement. On the contrary, I have always thought Einaudi has had an excellent sense of both melody and rhythm. Sure, this isn't Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack music, nor is it classical music written for a full orchestra. But one of Einaudi's strengths is getting the emotion across with what is a fairly sparse accompaniment. The thing is, it works! For me personally, I enjoyed this album more than my previous favourite Divenire.

Overall, for fans of Einaudi I think this album will hit your musical sweet spot. It sounds fantastic and oozes quality without ever sounding overstated. This music is both relaxing and engaging, and I cannot recommend this highly enough. I would say this is the best Einaudi album to date.

**Update 27/1/13 - I've just seen that he is touring the UK in mid-late April 2013 if you are interested in seeing him in concert. See the comment box for locations and dates. I've posted the website if you want more information. Also, I am just a fan, and not affiliated with any promotional company!
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on 12 September 2013
I'm always disappointed the first time I listen to a new Einaudi CD - all the tracks merge and nothing stands out, nothing seems special, nothing is catchy or immediately likable. There's a feeling of wanting the CD to sound like the previous one (because I always love the previous one) and of course, it never does....quite.
But then, after a while, after several listens, certain moments tend to stand out, magical moments that I hadn't noticed before. And then whole tracks stand out, ones that I keep returning to, listening to over and over again.....
"In A Time Lapse" works just this way: the initial disappointment, nothing as strong or as hypnotic as "Nightbook," nothing that stands out, nothing that catches - and then such RELIEF when suddenly I was snagged. It was the track "Newton's Cradle" that got me first, then "Experience," both of which I just want to listen to again and again until they are seared into my mind. Now I can't get enough of the CD and I haven't even received it yet - I've been listening to it on Cloud Player.
This is quite brilliant: everything I want from an Einaudi CD. It's hypnotic and dreamy, just a little edgier than "Nightbook," more complex than "Divenire." It's also taken years so arrive as "Islands" was yet another compilation. A new Einaudi CD is always an event and it seems the longer it takes me to like it, the more wondrous it is. "In a Time Lapse" is truly wondrous.
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on 30 January 2013
This album is exquisite. The beautiful yet simplistic orchestration for strings enhances what is, for me, a truly unique listening experience, because the tracks on this album, although unmistakably in Einaudi's characteristic style, are somewhat 'different' to what has gone before. For me the music of Ludovico Einaudi is always satisfyingly pleasurable to listen to at any time of the day, but this album in particular is now one that I play when going to sleep at night, because many tracks possess a certain 'dreamlike' quality which is very lovely and can be sleep-inducing. For me, 'Corale' 'Discovery at Night' 'Two Trees' 'Waterways' and 'Experience' stand out in this respect, although every track on this CD simply flows with the quintessential beauty of its own harmony and melodic form.
In the last track 'Burning' Ludovico gives us a glorious finale to this album, with its soul-stirring crescendos of divine melody as the piece progresses, and harmonies that, whenever I listen to this track, generate such a deep feeling of ecstasy that I never fail to find myself covered in goose bumps! I adore this album and there is not one single aspect of it that is not totally pleasing to me, even down to the photographs of the beautiful Autumn trees on the cover.
'In A Time Lapse' has to be one of, if not the best album Ludovico Einaudi has produced to date, and is something everyone who loves music that is guaranteed to touch the inner depth of their emotions should hear. Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to Ludovico for yet another great and inspiring gift to the world of the music of our time.
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on 27 April 2013
Bought I Giorni as I heard it on the radio and was mesmerised by the spine chilling simplicity of this work. Went to see the genius at the Brighton Dome and the first half was this album. So unlike I Giorni but equally stunning, Pink Floyd meets Danny Boyle. Loved it, the genius is deep and mysterious, I'm hooked!
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on 25 January 2013
Two things are really very rare about Ludovico Einaudi in this modern world of disposable culture. One is that classical (or perhaps more accurately non-pop composer) musicians occasionally make waves within mainstream music and culture - though usually for a comparatively short time - but can rarely gain enough traction to sustain their art across a long career, at the ubiquitous level anyway. Second, few can cross the boundaries that Einaudi seems to. From Shane Meadows movies, to the Olympic Games and Top Gear; from left-field documentaries (I'm not Here) to the new Ricky Gervais series (Derek), Einaudi has friends and admirers in all sorts of places.

And so he should have. Because a third rare thing today is for the anticipation of a new album to live up to the hype. On this score, In a Time Lapse delivers in spades! Sometimes derided as a composer who plays around with figurative sketches and who prefers piano refrains to fully-fledged compositions, it is this approach which in fact dictates where Einaudi's mainstream popularity resides. Not because it makes for easy or, as some would describe it, ambient listening; but because his sheer sublime simplicity with a tune make classical fans, pop fans, ambient junkies and just plain music lovers everywhere think they've heard his refrains somewhere before, or else wish they'd dreamed them up themselves. In any case, this record has far more 'colouring in' then other albums from such fantastic musicians as Alice Costamagna, Daniel Hope, and Marco Decimo, who add, if anything, even more intensity to the occasion. Thus, Time Lapse has all the galloping drama of previous title track Nightbook from Einaudi's 2009 record; Discovery at Night echoes the rich rhythms and staccato rhymes of Primavera; while closing composition Burning slows down some of the aching, romantic mystery of Divenire.

But, as with so many Einaudi pieces, it is the silences in-between that deliver more emotion than one could ever imagine. "Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams", Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. If the last word had been 'notes', he could easily have been talking about Ludovico Einaudi and this latest collection of arrangements. A superb record. Recommended.
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Einaudi produces great flowing piano music that just keeps on going. einaudi creates an atmosphere that is unmistakably his own, and listening to it can indeed feel like being in a time lapse. Your cares and worries tend to dissolve in the flow of his music. This is classic Einaudi and if you have liked his previous works you'll likely like this one too.

If you are new to Einaudi this would be a good recording to start with.
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on 17 August 2013
Cannot give it 5* because whereas "Brothers" is possibly one of the very best pieces of music Einaudi has composed, a couple of other tracks have you reaching for the ear defenders! The electronic cello (or is it a double bass) is an acquired taste I think! "Nightbook" was a league away from his earlier compositions and was a bit "marmite" and I think stalwart but older fans may find the same with this one.
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on 30 March 2013
Ludovico Einaudi has always refused to be constrained by semantic boundaries, and his music continues to defy categorisation; however, both pop and classical camps can and do argue that he is or isn't in their particular tent. To the listener this is of no consequence: flick that button and such considerations dissipate under the ensuing emotional tide which is simply *music*.

A gifted young composer, Einuadi became a pupil of the great Luciano Berio and it was Berio who freed him from the idea that pop and classical should never meet; the scores to films ensued, and as his music spread so did his increasing popularity.

In a Time Lapse - as in previous albums - features the piano prominently, though here the music gradually grows out into rich orchestral sonorities; this feels like an entirely natural living process, as the colours transform, out of stasis and into bloom. Always though the piano underpins the advancement and again and again we return to that calm and inner sanctum which is Einaudi's own voice: those gossamer-like piano chords.

I Virtuosi Italiani are joined by violinist Daniel Hope Spheres - Einaudi, Glass, Nyman, Pärt, Richter [+digital booklet], augmented at times by synthesisers and electronica for what is a mesmeric and at times hypnotic journey.
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on 11 January 2014
I bought this album for a friend for christmas, and he is very much into his generic rock/metal and electronic music, and he doesn't really enjoy much music outside of that... This album however...
My friend loves piano and string instruments, and he's a talented drummer/percussionist, as well as being an electronic composer, so considering this album was said to contain all four of those elements, I bought it for him and he is now in love with Einaudi's music.
I have since listened to the album, and it is stunning. Some of this music is so beautiful it makes me sad that I haven't composed it myself, and never will be able to write music this beautiful.
The music on 'In A Time Lapse' doesn't quite have the same drive and focus as previous album 'Nightbook' , but it is no less powerful.
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on 26 April 2013
It's a bit of everything really. Like all of LE's previous work, the melodies are deep, harrowing and a full on 8.5 on the Richter scale of emotions. This album has incorporated a less pronounced use of a backing orchestra, but it's definitely still there - and it definitely still adds a lot of value to all of the pieces in which it is present. The use of the string orchestra has managed to extract a very striking sense of equilibrium in the album. I've seen YouTube clips of people playing all the parts in a track through the piano, and it just doesn't seem right.

The only downside about the album i purchased is that my favourite track, 'Experience', skips a lot midway through the track. Massively disappointed, but will nonetheless buy that track again to replace the faulty one!
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