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on 1 August 2013
This is a superb piece of kit. I don't have an iPhone and was keen to avoid the apple route but whilst the market is flooded with numerous different manufacturers offerings, its difficult to find something as good as let alone arguably better than the iPad. Having spent hours researching, one common conclusion was that the nexus 10 was the best out there. What they've done is take Samsung's exceptional hardware and complement it with pure android software. The result is a brilliant tablet which has relegated my laptop to rare use.

I like:
- super sharp display (best pixel per inch ratio around at the time of purchase)
- extremely responsive touch screen, very smooth
- front facing speakers so sound is not muffled when tablet is laid flat
- gorilla glass screen so can take a vigorous beating from a one year old
- wide selection of apps available on play store
- decent build quality

I'm not so keen on:
- battery life not overly great. 6 - 8 hours based on average usage; reviews of other tablets seem to indicate a longer battery life available elsewhere
- no expandable memory options. I have the 32gb option for that reason but one of the reasons I prefer android phones over apples is that expandable memory facility.
- sound can be a little tinny. Toshiba's excite pro has Harmon kardon speakers, albeit rear facing.
- don't expect a quick charge. A huge battery and will take a while charging. I leave mine overnight as it takes a good few hours.

All in all very pleased with the purchase and happily recommend.
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on 12 April 2014
Whilst this is a general review about the Nexus 10 product, it is also a review about where you choose to buy and what you might get, which in my case wasn't what I expected. Just wish I had read more of these reviews before I clicked that button.

While this tablet worked it did everything we wanted, but after around 6 months it started to play up, freezing etc and then just would not turn on. No problem so I thought and I contacted Amazon under the warranty. They advised that I contact Samsung Service which offer a 2 year warranty and that's where it all went wrong.

Having been through the Samsung repair loop, the item was returned un-repaired with a note saying that the item was not covered by their European warranty as it was originally manufactured and shipped outside of the EU, and advised I contact my
In this case Amazon, were great (probably because they had already had numerous returns for the same reason) and immediately supplier.
offered a full refund including the postage to return the item.

However, it is now apparent to me that buying on-line (in this case via Amazon fulfilment centre from a supplier call Photo Deals) that you cannot guarantee that the item will be covered by the manufacturers warranty (which in Samsung's case is 2 years) as the source is completely unknown. Amazon do offer a 1 year warranty but of course should the item fail in the 2nd year you are not covered. Samsung have advised that I should contact them with the IMEI number should I buy another unit and they will confirm whether or not it is covered, and I can then decide whether to keep it.

So yes I would buy another Nexus( the 10 I believe has actually now been withdrawn from sale pending a possible new model )but the moral of the story is - if it looks cheap, there is probably a good reason. You might get it cheaper but you have absolutely no idea where it is being supplied from and what you are getting. I'll be buying from a local store next time, not a lot dearer but the peace of mind is worth that extra cost.
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on 30 April 2014
I bought this twice from two different Amazon retailers. The first one had a broken seal so I returned it. The second one came in about a month ago but I waited so that I could provide a true picture of the tablet in terms of usage over a good period of time. I must say my observations are mixed. Lets first talk about the cons

Kitkat 4.4.2 Random reboots: I know as soon as you google this for nexus 10, you will find innumerable strings of posts referring to this problem. As soon as I got the tablet, I let it download the latest updates. The path was Android 4.2 --> Android 4.3 --> Android 4.4.2
Seems Google have not got the issue fully corrected yet. The reboots occur truely randomly. Sometimes it will occur when I am using Chrome and sometimes Opera. At other times while playing a game or simply listening to streaming music. In one word, its annoying. It happens maybe 2-3 times in a week which is incidentally when I get time to use it fully. It does not stop my work by any means as the reboot time is roughly 15-20 sec. But its not something I expected, I must say! Any tips to get this sorted will be appreciated, other than of course the last resort-factory reset which I am trying to avoid.
Random screen freeze: This seldom occurs but when it does, the app being used freezes as well for some time(10sec). I am still not sure what this is, possibly a glitch. Not a lot of bother but thought I mention
US product: The product looked like it was shipped from a warehouse in US. It had a US plug and US warranty in. The UK adapter plug was pathetic, full of dust and also of lower Ampere rating. I had my own so the one included went straight to the bin

That is all for Cons! Really!

Pros: Oh I have loads!
Brilliant booting time - As I mentioned before, ~20 sec at max. Superfast
Amazing screen and display resolution - Samsung always gets this right. trust me keep it on Auto Brightness as you will rarely need the full brightness, thanks to the screen. Resolution is amongst the best out there in the market even today in 2014.
Fast processing speed: Kitkat 4.4.2 combined with Nexus 10's processing capabilities beat even the latest tablets hands down. Games are fast to load and even the most intensive 3d games work amazingly well. And boy, do I love the clarity.
Battery life: Gives me 2 days easily with moderate to heavy use.On Standby, it hardly loses charge.Charging time is 5 hours from around 20% to 100% if you use the charger provided(2A in my case). I have not got myself a pogo charger yet. Will wait for Google to release it themselves.
Size and weight: Very impressed. Its not too heavy,and quite thin. I see a lot of posts online about 60gm lighter, 100 gm lighter etc etc with newer tablets and the price almost double of this. Dont see the point really. I also bought myself a Moko protective case/stand from Amazon, just to make sure its well protected.
User friendly and stock Android with direct updates from Google: No unnecessary apps pre installed other than the ones included in the stock Android. You have innumerable options to choose from in the playstore.
Tablet UI and layout is very user friendly. I love the landscape mode. It suits a 10.1" screen.

The piece I bought came via UPS from US so I am not too sure about the warranty on it within UK as it is not mentioned within it. Would appreciate if someone does. The product itself is fulfilled by Amazon is why I bought it in the first place. Hopefully will not require to use the warranty

All in all a great product. It has so much more potential. Google are you listening?
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on 20 November 2013
There's so much to say about this tablet it's difficult to know where to start. It's by far the best Android tablet on the market so I guess a quick run down of comparisons with the iPad..
The Nexus 10 is faster, lighter, vastly more flexible, has a higher resolution screen, better speakers (front facing stereo as opposed to rear facing mono) and has comparable battery life. oh, and of course it's cheaper !

The Android operating system has really come on massively in recent years, it used to be buggy and cumbersome to use, but not any more, although it provides far more flexibility it is now extremely simple, a side by side comparison to Apple's IOS shows that copying from 1 application and pasting into another, for example, is far far easier on Android. An online reviewer comparing the 2 latest updates of the operating systems described Android as "A proper operating system that gives you the freedom to do what you want with it, as opposed to IOS which feels like a small box that Apple are intent on keeping you within" and that is so true !

Android's new feature allowing multiple user accounts is brilliant for those wanting to share their device, simply add a new account with the tap of the finger and the 2nd user can set up their own wallpaper, apps and so on without having any impact on the first user's settings, IOS doesn't offer this facility at all, and it's proven very useful for when I lend my Nexus to my son to take to school.

The Nexus' micro USB port allows for connection of a mouse, keyboard, XBOX style gamepad, joystick or external hard drive, none of which are supported by the iPad, and if you're using an app like splashtop to remotely access and control your PC at a high resolution then a mouse is essential (I've found a remote desktop app very useful and also adds a whole host of extra possibilities, especially when you can transfer files across the remote connection from your PC to your tablet and vice versa).

Then there's customer service, my own experience of Apple service is shocking - they took 6 months to get a replacement for my son's ipod and when they eventually got around to it they made me drive a round trip of 90 miles to pick it up, refusing point blank to post it out. As if that wasn't enough they then tried to charge me for it saying that during the 6 months they kept me waiting for the replacement the warranty had expired. Outrageous !!
In stark contrast, when I thought I had an issue with the Nexus google offered to post a replacement out by next day delivery with a returns label to send my old one back (though it turned out my problem was my son plonking his 42" TV right in front of my router so moving the router solved my issues). If you want a roughly comparable level of cover on your iPad you'll have to pay extra for "advanced care". Enough said.

Some will argue that the iPad holds its price better, there's a specific reason for that - it's because they only do small updates between models meaning the older ones are less outdated and VERY similar in performance (which makes you wonder why bother...more money grabbing I guess !), but it's that very fact that has enabled the Nexus and android to overtake them and they're soon going to be faced with 2 options, either produce much bigger updates, or continue to sit on their laurels and start losing customers in droves, both of which will have a big impact on secondhand iPad prices making this a moot argument.

Thing is though, you can get a brand new Nexus 10 £50 cheaper than a seconhand ipad, and when the Nexus has so much more to offer it really makes it a complete no-brainer !

There are 2 slight downsides that I've found with the Nexus and Android, the Nexus does tend to get quite hot when it's pushed heavily, and because android have only fairly recently dramatically upped their game there is the odd app that isn't yet available (such as Sky's F1 app and amazon's LoveFilm) but I expect that to change soon enough as more people start switching to this superb bit of kit.
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on 30 March 2014
To all prospective buyers - note that the item we received was a French import. The instructions, packaging and charger/plug was FRENCH.

We kept the item because it was a gift and would have kind of taken the shine off the day.

There were loads of other cheaper buying options for us that were advertised as imports so we were thoroughly cheesed off that we paid the extra to buy through Amazon but ended up with a non UK item.
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on 29 November 2013
Best in class screen - very good internal spec - had it for a couple of months now and all is OK. Photos and videos look great. Not easy to access files from external USB flash (only micro USB provided) for extra external storage - you will need an OTG micro to full size USB adaptor and an app from the store to read a flash drive - not sure why this app isn't pre loaded. No SD card slot!
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on 24 April 2015
This is actually a really good tablet. Great screen, fast, powerful, slightly slow to charge BUT..... mine stopped working completely within the warranty period. Contacted Amazon they said contact Samsung. Samsung said it was a Google product so wouldn't support the warranty despite it being made by Samsung. Google then said as it was not bought through Play Store it was down to Amazon. Amazon again said contact Samsung. After about 20 extremely frustrating phone calls and a wasted day I took it to Samsung repair centre in Sheffield. After a while they said the tablet was originally sold over 2 years ago and therefore out of warranty. They also said this tablet was not for UK but Spain. I argued and showed them the Amazon order they said ok they would honour the warranty if they could show me the original purchase WITH a the serial number on it. After numerous more calls to Amazon I was told that was not possible to get the order with a serial number on.
The only solution offered by Amazon is to return for a refund. So here I am a tablet less than a year old completely useless. I cannot back up any of the data or remove any sensitive information on the device as I cannot switch it on. If I return this I run the risk of this information getting into the wrong hands. I am shocked I can't get this £300 plus tablet fixed less than a year after purchase and the process to get this far has been a disgrace.
Great tablet if it works absolute nightmare if it breaks.
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on 13 March 2014
I had a Motorola died through massive useage.a brilliant underated tab.after a lot of research bought the nexus 10 instead of the experia 10. Bigggg mistake.the nexus is a very average tab.nothing terribly wrong just nothing special about it.screen is ok.battery life is passable. Charging takes forever but that i knew before hand.i was spoiled with xoom as a full charge was possible in 90 min or less.why would such a supposedly great tab often require two touches on screen to elicit a response .all said a very ordinary tab but could have been so much better , ie nexus 10 is not a patch on its 7 inch little brother which is as polished and refined as the galaxy tabs.if you are thinking about buying one ,carry on but dont expect it to live up to the hype.
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on 28 May 2014
Bought the nexus 10 after much research. It sounded just what I needed as it was really just for entertainment purposes. Found my way around for the basics but then decided to download music from my PC to tablet. In fact I asked my IT man to do it when he was fixing something on my computer. He tried for an hour and still couldn't get it to work. If he couldn't get it to work then I haven't got a hope. Have looked on a number of websites and found a couple where other people are having the same problem. Is this a common problem does anybody know?

I did try Samsung support - saw live chat and thought great, I am sure they will help - it turned out to be dead. Sent an email which they did reply to fairly rapidly wanting to know the country of manufacture - ummm! I think they are likely to be a losing battle.

I think it is all a dastardly plot to get us to spend more money buying new music instead of recycling but may be that's me being cynical! I have to say the rest of the tablet is fine but I am finding this download thing really frustrating and taking the edge of the enjoyment. Would I buy it again - probably not. Certainly not for someone who wants to download things from PC.

PS if anybody knows how to get around the problem I would be grateful for some advice 'cos I can't find the answer anywhere else.
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on 5 September 2013
Box opening - Contents: Nexus 10, micro USB charging cable, two pin charging unit, UK 3 pin plug adapter (attached to outside of box), brief guide

Charging - to full 100% in a few hours with Nexus 10 off. Gained charge with Nexus 10 being used. Turned blue tooth off in settings menu as read somewhere this might speed up the charging or lessen drain on battery.

Connecting to internet - Settings; Selected modem, obtained continuous 'authentication' message without connecting. This was overcome by long holding the modem name, choosing 'modify' in the drop down and entering the modem password (for the BT modem it was the 'wireless key' on the modem.)

Transferring file from existing cloud storage to Nexus 10 - Installed existing cloud app (BT Cloud). Downloaded a file from the cloud to the 'download' folder on Nexus 10 by selecting the folder, long holding on the file and selecting 'download' in the drop down. The file was then moved to a desired folder using cut (scissor icon) and pasting in the desired folder (clipboard icon).

Editing a file - Installed Kingsoft Office app from Google Play and successfully edited the above transferred file (Excel) with it.

Transferring file from PC to Nexus 10 - Installed Nexus Media Importer from Google Play. Obtained BobjGear Android Tablet Adapter Set containing a micro-USB-OTG cable/connector and a micro-HDMI cable/connector. Transferred video file from PC to flash drive. Connected flash drive to Nexus 10 with micro USB cable. Connection achieved with three flash drives tried. Appeared to need at least 30% charge on Nexus 10 to work with a SanDisk Cruzer 16GB flash drive. (ie not much of a problem). Selected video file in Nexus Media Importer, tapped on copy icon at top right and transferred file to the folder indicated (movie folder)
(connection to a WD Passport 320GB hard drive was not achieved, apparently due to not providing sufficient power, contrary to some indications on the internet - eg a swishing sound was obtained from the hard drive rather than the normal continuous sound when powered by a PC. A helpful representative from EasyAcc asked whether I was sure that the Nexus 10 could not power the device as the Nexus 7 apparently can. If not the EasyAcc external battery 12000mAh with Y cable should do the job) .

Video presentation - The video displayed at 100% occupied only a fraction of the screen as it had been created by Roxio Creator 2012 Video Wave with 4:3 aspect ratio. Maximum resolution offered with this aspect ratio appears to be 720x576. Recreated video with 16:9 aspect ratio with resolution 1920x 1080. This produced good sized, high quality video on the Nexus 10 displayed with MX Player Pro (non ad version) installed from Google Play.

Uploading file from Nexus 10 to Google Drive cloud - Installed Google Drive from Google Play (with 15GB free storage) . Selected Google Drive and add files (plus sign) icon. Selected upload from drop-down, Selected OI File Manager to complete the action. After waiting for download to finish, selected Google Drive and tapped on circular arrow (synch) icon to show the uploaded file. Tapped on uploadsed file to open (Kingsoft Office displayed uploaded Excel and pdf files on the Google Drive cloud.)

Synchronisation operation - Having sought to avoid automatic updating of my Google Drive cloud, I investigated what synchronisation was taking place by adding files to either cloud or Nexus 10 and seeing what happened in the other when manually synching . It seemed that when I added a file to the cloud the Nexus 10 was initially updated. When the file was deleted from the Nexus 10 the cloud did not subsequently put it back. There seemed to be no other interplay between the two. Anyway I was content that I could control the cloud storage process without the machine taking over.

Bookmarking - Tapping the star icon to the right of the web address allowed saving of the bookmark which could be seen by selecting bookmark from the options icon (three vertical dots). Holding on the bookmark allowed adding it to the home screen.

Connecting to TV - successfully Using the abovementioned micro-HDMI cable . Our TV doesn't have HDMI input so used a HDMI to DVI-I In (PC) cable. Sound not obtained on TV but played on the Nexus 10.

Other apps: BT sport - worked well, Ancestry - Displayed family tree and allows editing of individual's data. However I would not edit on a tablet because of limitations in scope of the app and complexity of some edits. Flickr - deleted app as only seemed to work in portrait, used website instead.

Battery duration - goes several hours and so a lot of the day with continuous use. With occasional use could go for days.

Operation - Smooth and slick with sensitive/responsive touch screen. Hardly any lack of first (light) tap response. Only issues were concerning above familiarisation with the workings of apps etc as above. No experience of spurious reboots as in some reports on the web. I cleared the cache by tapping on 'settings', selecting 'storage' and 'cache data'. This did not give any significant problem with subsequent operation.

Sound - fairly good and can be set loud

Screen quality - excellent. Some reports on web referred to it being duller than I-pad. This might in fact mean less saturated.
My photos are displayed well . I shrink from oversaturation.

Screen cleanliness - finger marks easily cleaned with optical fibre cleaning cloth (Neet through Amazon)

Case - Nexus 10 fits well in Invero Slim Fit Tablet Case Cover with Stand obtained through Amazon. Fold-over flap on long side which holds Nexus 10 firmly in place. All ports accessible. Useful rubber ended stylus with clip which avoids finger prints on machine and gives more accurate control. (also a screen protector which I am not sure is necessary or desirable to use). Excellent value.
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