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4.6 out of 5 stars14
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2010
When I bought this, God knows how long ago (must be at least 6 years ago), I was thinking I was buying an album by a different band. When I gave this a listen I was shocked, not only because I was expecting a different band - forgive me, I was a lot younger then - but by how moody the songs were and how 'disconnected' the music and lyrics could make one feel. I grew to fall in love with this band and their music quickly, and this album has since become one of my favourites, without a doubt. I wouldn't call it metal, but not exactly soft rock. There's a very even, very fine balance between the two. Amazing stuff, sorrowfully beautiful, deep and meaningful. Such well crafted music.
If you feel alone, enjoy the poetic and moving lyrics of this fanastic album, you'll find you're not the only one. The music won't knock your head off with technical wizardry or jaw dropping shredding, but it will create an atmosphere to drown in it's isolated bliss.
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on 18 May 2006
isn't it strange how intensive a record is able to touch you? with melancholic melodies, deep moving vocals and a gloomy sound an album can be something like a drug... you always want more of it.

and that is exactly what "last fair deal gone down" offers to you. by listening to it you have to open yourself and so the record will and show you a part of its unbelievable beauty. the songs are simply overwhelming. you find yourself lying on your bed, absolutely drowned in the wonderful tunes the tracks give to you. renkse and nyström created a record which displays a mirror, reflecting all the devastated feelings you ever had in your entire life regardless of the reason why you had those feelings.

the lyrics are fantastic, as crestfallen as lyrics can be, sober and clear but never lack emotions or a little shine of hope.

"my prospects have become less promising,

i find it hard to believe in anything,

seems i lost my world and so i lost my faith,

and i can't go back to where i've been"

the melodies are lovely, the rhythm guitars are strong, the effects are well chosen and the whole album is a treasure. recommended to everyone who loves ... music
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on 11 July 2008
[Updated June 2013] - As ever, Katatonia is dark and bleak but, arguably, even more convincingly so in this album. Despite their conistently high standards, in my opinion, this underrated album remains Katatonia's magnus opum. It represents the culmination, or maturity, of a sound they explored in the Discouraged Ones and Tonight's Decision. By contrast, Viva Emptiness, was transitional and, perhaps, a hint of the more technical, polished and progressive sound that was to follow. The album is strong across the board (Sulfur and Oh How i Enjoy the Light, originally B-side tracks, are outstanding and would ease their way into most bands greatest hits compilations) and each track takes you on a different musical journey. We Will Bury You has an immediacy and an urgency that grips (in a similar way to, say, The Doors' Break on Through (to the Other Side)). Other songs build more slowly upon you. Sweet Nurse has the catchiness of a "hit" without compromising in terms of subtely and emotional depth. Dispossesion and Teargas are also among the most popular songs but my personal highlights are the majestically evocative I Transpire (at once, surreal and ethereal) and the deeply moving Tonight's Music which, i believe, is Katatonia's very own "Stairway to Heaven".

The lyrics are mostly effective but it is the other musical elements which stand out. I think bands like Katatonia demonstrate the importance to understand and "feel" the unspoken words - the music itself. And, in terms of sheer emotional expression and depth, LFDGD is arguably without parallel. It is an outstanding team effort ably led by Renske whose tortured but clean vocals, at this point, still bear a close resemblance to Robert Smith of The Cure. Renske switched from growling to clean vocals several years earlier, in the Discouraged Ones.

The influence of gothic folk artist Will Oldham (Palace Music) is clear. One disparaging Amazon review of this album shows the reviewer could not have been on the same wavelength as Katatonia in LFDGD and that his taste lies somewhere else. That's fine but a grunge / nu-metal (?) band called "Staind" should not be uttered in the same breath as this group! Katatonia cannot easily be categorised. It has evolved roughly from a brand of doom metal to gothic rock to progressive gothic. Its music is steeped in melancholy but can engender a wide range of emotions. It is often appreciated by fans of Opeth, Anathema and, increasingly, Porcupine Tree.

Personally, I count this album among my favourite rock or metal albums of all time. It feels honest and heartfelt. It grows on you. One song after another, it engages with your soul like mainstream music rarely does. The obsession with melancholy and loss remains but the group's doom/death metal origins has been left far behind. You will either love or hate Katatonia. You are either on the same wavelength or you are not. If you are, this album is priceless.
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on 31 May 2006
this is possibly katatonias finest hour,granted it was viva emptiness that brought the band the recognition they craved but it was on last fair deal gone down that katatonia brought the songs that stay in your soul for all of eternity,the mood is dark and the songs beam of confidence and an uplifting message,the vocals are all clean and the guitars blend in with the melloton or polyphonic keyboard for those who aint sure what a mellotron is,its an album that is filled to the brim with punchy chorus' and meaningful lyrics.

the album opens with the moving dispossession,chrome and we must bury you follow and at this stage you will be captivated,but nothing will prepare you for the brilliance of the next track teargas which is as good a song you will ever hear,when jonas sings the lyrics,'is this the time i should be on my knees for you' i guarantee you will be singing along,passing bird,sweet nurse and the futre of speech continue the high quality,the bonus tracks are strong as well,katatonia are a band that some will love,some will hate,this album is where you will decide.
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on 3 April 2014
I was expecting something a lot more visceral, I was half expecting not to like this band anticipating something heavy and cheesey death metal growling. I was pleasantly surprised, really liked it, reminded me of the Cure in odd places. This is my first encounter with Katatonia, but I think it will not be my last.
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on 18 December 2007
This is the first album I heard from Katatonia, and it is indeed as good as friends had told me. All songs are very good, and it seems that everyone that has heard this album loved it. The only thing is that all the songs are pretty much based on the same concept, and as long as you've heard a couple of tunes, Katatonia are not going to surprise you. Think of Ramones, for example. Although they have great songs, they are all pretty much alike, I hope you get what I mean and don't misunderstand me! So, that's why I rate the cd with 4 and not 5 stars. Get it anyway, Katatonia deserve to be listened to.
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on 24 April 2001
I really was'nt expecting this, as their last release Tonights Decision lacked that special something for me. I've been a big fan of Katatonia over the years, from the days of heavier doom/death in the form of Dance Of December Souls, Funerals To Come and there simplistic death metal style on Brave Murder Day (not forgetting EPs, etc inbetween).
When their style changed direction with the more melancholic, clean vocals (introduced on the track Day on BMD) on Discourged Ones, I was suprised but thought it was an amazing album and a definate 'grower'. They seemed to be unable to do no wrong in my eyes (or ears), till TD, it just did'nt have the staying power on my stereo that all their other releases had managed. Then I bought Last Fair Deal Gone Down.......a masterpiece, though oddly not that far removed in style from TD!? Its, for the want of a better word, 'catchy', tracks like Sweet Nurse being hummed to over and over and The Future Of Speech becoming a firm favourite. There is more melody in the songs, though still a good injection of the heaviness expected from a Peaceville signed act (see tracks like Don't Tell A Soul), and I personally think they blow their label mates Opeth clear out of the water (even the Blackwater....Ha!). Through their metamorphis in past years Katatonia remain a firm favourite in my collection, showing a definate love for what they do in their music. I can't wait to hear what they come up with next! Till I do though, I'll be kept very happy with LFDGD.
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on 20 April 2001
What can I say about this album, in my opinion it is very close to Tonight's Decision for best Katatonia album to date.
The sound of this album is very similar to the last 2 Katatonia albums (Discouraged One's and Tonights Decision) it fits somewhere into the gothic doom metal genre..but I can't now and have never really been able to suitably categorise Katatonia !.
If however you are looking for Katatonia to get back to their original more doomy black metal sound (Sounds Of Decay, Dance of December Souls, For Funerals To Come, Brave Murder Day) you will be dissapointed as I just can't see them going back that way, this sound is alot more suited to them and I think they have found a winning formula with this sound.
Although excellent all round, some songs really do stand out from the rest, 2 examples of this are Sweet Nurse and Teargas mainly for their atmosphere and melody.
Other similar artists are Anathema (Newer stuff from Eternity onwards), Cemetary and The Wounded. I have heard this album compared to Paradise Losts gothic era stuff from a few magazines (and the other reviewer !) but I have not seen this connection myself, there is not one track on this album or any other Katatonia album for that matter than is anything like anything PL have ever done !.
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on 21 November 2013
Was introduced to Katatonia a few years ago and haven't looked back in listening to them! Wish i'd seen them in Manchester a few weeks ago, but was on nights! Playing along side Paradise Lost....another of my faves!
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on 12 May 2003
Having never heard of Katatonia until one drunken night in a Swedish music festival, i was absolutely struck down that such good music could not have reached the UK! Upon arrival in London, i had a quick check of the music store and there it was, this album.
As soon as I heard the opening chords to Dispossesion I knew that these guys were good. I was so wrong, they were incredible, a feeling that is rarely held through every track of an album.
The very heavy singing combined with the clean yet distorted (what!?!) guitar with those impassable melody riffs on top work beautifully together. I find myself endlessly humming to different tracks and there is never a wrong time to listen to this album as it quenches so many music desires.
Katatonia by far blow away their label buddies Opeth, and I really look forward to their next stuff. LFDGD is going to be a hard album to top, but the group has every capability.
Anyone who loves guitar, catchy tunes and something just that bit different will love this album. It is gloomy yet so so emotional, i have often sat in my car singing at top voice to all the songs with a slight tear in my eye.....must have been a piece of dust...
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