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107 of 109 people found the following review helpful
on 21 March 2013
Being skeptical about buying a DSLR (due to the cost mainly) I decided to try out this bridge camera, and I must confess I was more than impressed. The main feature of course is the unbelievable 50x zoom, which is totally stunning, and will help you take photos you could never have imagined. Photo quality is quite good, although noise does make its way into certain iso settings, but it's not that obvious and you can easily correct this by "playing" with the settings(or lighting, if possible) . The camera focuses really quickly, though in macro mode if the light is low it may have a bit of a difficulty focusing. You can set the shutter and the aperture, or just switch to auto and let the camera decide what's best for it's shot. Generally, the photos in auto mode are very good, unless you want to tweak the settings for a specific shooting. You also get many creative options, like the toy camera effect and the cross screen, among others, which can give nice creative photos without the need of additional editing. Video quality is simply amazing, and luckily the camera keeps its focus(unlike previous Fujifilm models). There is also the option of raw saving, if you have the need for it. The lcd screen is crystal clear and it can tilt so it makes taking low or high photos a piece of cake.
My only complaints:
-the proximity sensor on the eyepiece is a bit tricky because it can be triggered by your body or hand and the lcd switches off to the eyepiece, which is kind of annoying ( you can select for the lcd to be always on and render the sensor inactive, which is exactly what I did).
-the sound of focusing is apparent in videos ,like in previous Fujifilm's models.
-Battery drains quickly especially if using the zoom, so you better have a couple of extra batteries at hand.

For its features (especially the 50x zoom) and price, this is definitely a bargain. Due to the small amount of noise at certain iso settings I would give this camera 4 stars, but because of the price it is offered and the features it has, I chose to give it 5. Overall I'm very pleased with it and very happy that I bought it!
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75 of 78 people found the following review helpful
on 17 July 2013
I bought this camera because of it's features and it's light weight. And I have waited to write my review until I have really test driven it properly and I cannot say one bad thing about it. I have always love Fuji and it has not let me down in any way at all. From Super Macro/Text to full zoom and the video quality, it is everything I thought it would be and it is a delight to work with. I still have my two Canon SLR's but to be honest, since I got this camera, the others have just sat there doing nothing !

So no regrets but only one piece of advise, when using full zoom tripod is a must but with the high resolution, cropping to fit is ok as quality is not lost.

Rather than post separate photos showing it's features, I have made one album to give an example of what this camera does and you be the judge.

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28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on 16 July 2014
I bought this as a replacement for my S1000fd that had served me so well for many years and would have done so for many more had I not dropped it! The replacement needed to have the same utility as the original and needed to be reasonably compact. The SL1000 exceeds expectations on the first requirement but is somewhat (about 1.5X) larger than the S1000fd and thus is right on the edge for being 'compact'.

The SL1000 is definitely a bridge camera and has an extraordinary range of functions; many of which I'm sure that I will never use. But if you are after a camera that you can use automatically in 'point-and-shoot' mode but also have an inclination from time-to-time to explore the more advanced and manual features normally reserved for DSLRs, then this should suit your requirements and at a reasonable price for the quality.

The pictures are sharp and stunning in auto but can be further enhanced by simply using any of the other modes and adjusting the settings; the results can be pre-screened before button press and thus the ideal picture can be framed.

The zoom is excellent but, be warned, zooming in to the full extent will require a tripod to hold the camera steady since image stabilisation doesn’t feature – the same applies to macro shots.

I have now had the camera a day and shot over 200 pictures. I’m extremely happy with the results and the ease of use. Do remember to download the full manual since the booklet provided only covers the basics.

This is not a compact camera and should be purchased as such. But if you’re after the functionality of a DSLR with a full auto function at an affordable price then you won’t go far wrong with the SL1000.
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42 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on 13 April 2014
Wow what can I say, came the next day.
I'm not a camera buff at all, so easy even for me to understand. We had terrible weather with storms and I got some amazing pictures with it.
The zoom is amazing, I took a picture of a plane in the sky that was flying over Landsend, when I looked at it on the screen I was in shook as it was crystal clear, the smoke everything, the windows and even a bird which I could not see with my own eyes.
It's now like my best friend it goes everywhere with me, I wish I plucked up the courage to get one before now.
Still close up pictures are amazing, started off with food like you do lol the detail of tomatoes and cucumber, I was shocked, I mean who in their right mind photos a tomatoe and keeps it. Not the norm for your everyday photographer.
Now my dog I have got great shots of him running on the beach, detail and zoom in again. You can self teach yourself all sorts with this camera, people think I have been doing this for years. Need to get myself a tripod now weare coming into summer soon.
I am one happy happy person to have bought this camera.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 6 April 2014
Bought on behalf of brother so no choice from my point of view. Great camera easy to use, my brother being a man tends to learn as he goes along rather than read instructions first. He found it great and less complicated than it appears. Does everything it says it does and more, waiting to try it out on local wildlife and birds, the feathered kind. Really pleased with it, well worth the price.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 26 April 2014
Quite impressed with the results, and it is a relatively easy camera to use. Bought it mainly because of the long zoom. Big bugbear is the battery life which I find abysmal. Charging time very long. Even having a back up battery is of little help. Reverting to my old camera, Panasonic. I get great results and good battery life from it.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
The Fuifilm FinePix SL1000 was bought for me as a gift as I specifically wanted a camera with a decent optical zoom so I didn't have to lug my DSLR camera and its various lenses to every event.

I'd done a bit of research before asking for this model , including reading many of the reviews here on Amazon.

A 50x optical zoom is more than enough for my needs and for the Paparazzi in you there's even a 2x intelligent digital converter option setting available giving you a phenomenal maximum 100x zoom available.

Yes you'll lose a little quality when you venture beyond the already adequate optical zoom range but in this case I think you'll find the results pretty impressive. I have never been impressed by digital results in the past, whatever the magnification. But the SL1000 shows what can be achieved.

I want to stress that the shots I took in my garden, below, were all hand-held (no tripod). With the stability of a tripod they would be even sharper. But I wanted to show you the "snapshot ability". I have not enhanced the photos at all for this review the only addition being the text.

I couldn't be more happy with the camera and compared to the cost of all the equivalent kit you need to carry around with a DSLR it represents incredible value for money.

The final picture quality may not quite be up to the standard of a Digital SLR, but it's certainly not far off and perfectly good enough for most situations. If, like me, you like shooting wildlife pictures this is incredible for getting decent close ups at long range.

Close-up fans won't be disappointed either. Macro works very well too, making this one very versatile camera.

Control freaks will like the fact that this is a very competent bridge camera with all the familiar modes available for taking more control such as Aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual.

Several scene settings are also available to help with certain shot types. Sports, portraits and sunsets being just a few examples.

HD Video shooting is also in there. But I'm one of those who prefers a camera to take pictures. It's more of a "nice to have" than a "need to have" feature.

Those who already have a DSLR will find the controls a cinch. Those who are used to a compact will find this easy to pick up and play too especially in the "SRAUTO" and "panoramic" modes

Battery life is good and comparable with my DSLR camera. Without too much zooming a couple of hundred shots is easily possible. But I like my zoom so I made sure I bought a couple of decent spare batteries when I got the camera. I find 3 batteries gets me through a whole days shooting without having to worry about limiting zoom shots.

OK lets get the irritations out of the way.

Fuji's provided charger is lousy and mine, like so many others, failed in just a couple of months. However, there are some VERY good compatible chargers on Amazon. I would recommend searching Amazon for "SL1000 charger" .

My advise would be to buy the charger when you buy the camera. Don't wait for the original to fail because I can guarantee it will be at an inconvenient time. The battery cannot be charged in-camera so you can't fall back on that as an option. Even if your supplied charger is still working so many, like me, have found an alternative charger performs the job much quicker.

There are a couple of other irritations.

The first being that Fuji omitted to put any screw thread on this camera so no filters can be attached. I would have liked to be able to at least attach a UV filter.

Secondly you can't attach a lens hood.

These both seem like strange omissions by Fuji. I don't think it would have taken much effort for things so basic to an amateur photographer to be available.

From what I have seen on Amazon there are some 3rd Party adapters available on Amazon but from a practical point of view nothing could ever be as simple as screwing an accessory on.

I have still given the camera 5 stars because it certainly does everything it should and exceeded my expectations in performance.

The charger issue is annoying but can be sorted out easily and my other quibbles are relatively trivial. I don't think they are serious enough for me to rate the camera down because that is still a great performing piece of equipment. Great value for money !

I'd recommend this great camera to anybody. FinePix indeed from Fuji !
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 31 August 2013
Amazing how Fuji have packed so much technical stuff in this one camera, I have it with me all the time. It slips into my (large) coat pocket and the pocket of my waterproof. Only two negatives one is the live view viewfinder has slight delay making it a little inaccurate on moving things, although I have got used to it. The other is a bit picky because they have done wonders with the 50 times lens it seems unfair to complain but the most open stop makes it not an ideal camera for low light although it still performs pretty well because of clever electronics and software. I use this camera on all but professional jobs, if my professional kit was stolen, while working I am sure I could complete the assignment with it and I bet the client would not know.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 31 March 2014
Having three Fuji cameras already I decided to try something different. Bought a Nikon locally which had a fault and was returned changed that for a Kodak, again had a fault and was returned. Neither of these cameras (fault free) could match this Fuji. Good clear shots, easy to use. Only slight negative if I had to find one is it is quite heavy. I now have four Fuji cameras!!!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 19 September 2014
ive had this camera now for several weeks now after having my last one stolen in Cyprus. this model was new to me but Fuji lenses were not. i have put this camera through every test i can think of and have been absolutely delighted with its performance. quality quality quality is all i can say. perfect results in all conditions and fantastic photos.
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