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4.4 out of 5 stars
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Many of you will probably have been put off watching the latest film adaption of the Twilight saga after the atrocious reviews that it has received, others probably did (the film only received a rating of one star from The Guardian); however, I can't say that I'm surprised at the film's less than warm reception because Twilight is just one of those movies that critics love to hate.

I know Breaking Dawn got a lot, and I mean a lot, of bad reviews, but it really wasn't that bad. To be fair I used to be absolutely obsessed with Twilight so I'm not exactly unbiased but my obsession has almost died away and I still thought the movie was alright. It did take my quite by surprise though because it was really quite a graphic movie, at least it suggested, and sometimes showed, many horrific things. In the UK the film is rated as a 12, but I firmly disagree with this and think that it should be made a 15 - people in America were having seizures! I think that says enough. Another thing - Edward breaks the bed. I highly doubt many parents of 12 year olds really want to explain to their children why he broke the bed.

The film starts with Bella's marriage to Edward Cullen. Then, of course, they fly off to Rio for their romantic honeymoon and everything is well until Bella realises that she's two weeks late. Bella and Edward clearly hadn't been using contraception as they didn't believe that vampire/human babies were even possible. Much to Edward's displeasure, Bella decides to keep the baby; however, the vampire-human hybrid growing inside of Bella is a lot stronger than she is and so she goes through much pain and discomfort and her life is endangered. When the wolf pack hears about Bella's pregnancy, they decide it is a threat to humanity and it must be killed. Jacob, still in love with Bella, cannot accept this and breaks away from the wolf pack. For those of you who don't already know how the story goes, I won't ruin it for you, but for people who've already read the book, I'd say it's pretty obvious where the cut off point for Breaking Dawn part 1.

One thing the movie did for me, was it highlighted the ludicrousness of some of the things that happen in the book. When you're in the 'twilight' zone and getting into the story, you sort of go with the flow and everything seems normal, but when someone actually says the lines outloud, you realise how ridiculous they are. For example, Bella's decision to name her daughter Renesmee if it's a girl, and Edcob if it's a boy seems stupid in the book, but you soon get used to it; however, when Bella actually voices these thoughts out loud, I could only laugh and laugh and laugh. Edcob? Seriously?! It is unclear whether or not this was intentional or not, but Breaking Dawn was quite a funny movie. In fact, it sort of reminded me of Hot Fuzz, because the genre was sort of comedy mixed with horror.

So onto the horror. There are some truly, truly, disturbing scenes in Breaking Dawn, so if you're even vaguely squeamish it would probably be best if you brought a pillow to hide behind. I love horror movies, but, not gonna lie, Breaking Dawn had some freaky s*** in it. Towards the end of the movie, there is a lot of blood, Bella turns into what can only be described as an actual skeleton and then there's the actual birthing scene. Oh the horror. Those who've read the book will know that Edward rips the baby out of Bella - using his teeth. Sure, that's fairly disturbing to read, but actually seeing RPattz with blood all round his mouth holding a bloody baby will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

As expected, the acting was horrendous. No matter how good a person is at acting, I think that when they're cast into a movie like Twilight, they leave all their talent behind. I have seen many other films and television shows that the cast of Twiligt have starred in so I know that they're all very talented and it is a shame that they weren't able to showcase their talents.

I can't really say whether or not I would recommend this to others because I think this is just one of those movies that people will love or hate and almost everybody will already have preconceptions of it. If you're already a twilight fan, then you're almost certainly going to go down to the cinema to watch it this holiday, but brace yourselves for what you will see. If you haven't watched the previous Twilight movies, then this is definitely the wrong one to start with and it will give you completely the wrong impression of the Twilight Saga. If you've seen the other movies, but you don't know what's going to happen in Breaking Dawn, then you're in for a show! Despite it's bad reviews, I still found Breaking Dawn a fairly entertaining, humorous, though slightly disturbing film.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 November 2011
I just saw "Breaking Dawn" part 1, and I was VERY impressed, even if as a man I am probably not the most typical fan of "Twilight" series. I rather liked all the "Twilight" movies until now and this one is, to my personnal taste, as good as the previous ones - and even in one aspect a little bit better, as Edward and Bella finally become lovers. Below, you will find a short description of what I believe are the best elements of this film, with very limited SPOILERS:

1. Actors. All actors evolved as the serie continued and I believe they all got better with time. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are both excellent, but - in my humble opinion - it is Kristen Stewart who in this movie shines the most. Quite a lot of people frequently criticized her actorship claiming that she simply can not play at all and has a very limited assortment of expressions in her tool box. But for me, after reading "Twilight" books, this is how the character of Bella should be. I can hardly picture her wide smiling with all her teeth bared or doing any other highly extraverted things like that. In fact I believe that either by design or by accident Kristen Stewart got the things right about this character - her minimalistic approach to facial expressions actually makes (for me) Bella very believable and also quite likeable. In this part of the story, Bella shows a more dynamic approach to life by taking her destiny firmly under control. She makes important decisions and takes extreme risks, stubbornly resisting the opposite advice of all her family and friends - all of that in a deceptively unassuming way... And Kristen Stewart acted in the movie exactly as I pictured Bella did it, when I read the books. A very good job!

Other actors are also great, with Ashley Greene and Billy Burke being as usual the pillars - but amongst the supporting roles it is Nikki Reed who really gets the most praise from me. She has a much bigger role in this film and she is perfect in it! The one (little) disappointment is Jackson Rathbone, who changed comletely his haircut for this film and as a result his character, Jasper, seems much less impressive, which is a pity. He also seems to appear very little in the "first line", almost as if the director preferred to hide him a little...

2. Visual aspects. As usual, the images of state of Washington are great - dark forests filled with (were)wolves are very much present here and they are a great background for the story. The tropical island where Bella and Edward spend their honey moon is also very pleasantly showed.

3. Music. As usual in those series, music and songs have been selected very carefully and with a great taste.

4. The (were)wolf pack. The Quileute wolves are shown here even more and better than in the previous part. The scene of their war council, when they are all in the werewolf form, is absolutely great! The scene when Sam (the alpha male) asserts and confirms his power over the pack is excellent - as good as the description of Jacob's defiance and its consequences.

5. The wedding. A very nice and moving scene with some humour elements, especially when the guests make speeches offering toasts. Emmett, Jessica and Bella's father give here a great show. In the same time Mike Newton obsesses on vampire bridesmaids from the Denali clan, to the point of drooling (and I TOTALLY understand him!). Bella's mum and, suprprise surprise, Rosalie (!) are also real treasures in wedding scenes.

6. Quileute wolves vs. Cullen coven confrontation. This heartbreaking, tense and at moments violent conflict in which both sides are trapped against their will is a great moment in the Twilight saga - and its final resolution is even better! Finally it is true what the Beatles were singing - all you need is love! Babies help too...

7. The fight for Bella's life, Renesmee's bloody birth and Bella's fate - excellent! Those were moments very difficult to film - but the challenge was met succesfully! Nothing more about it to avoid more spoilers, but I was very impressed!

Conclusion: it is an excellent movie which I watched with great pleasure. My wife, who usually is a much harder person to please, loved it too and she is going to see it again with some girlfriends. And we will certainly both wait with great expectations for the "Breaking dawn" part 2. If it was done as well as that one, it will be certainly worth waiting one year to see it...

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON BLU-RAY (21 March 2012): This item has a printing error on the outer packaging which lists a special feature that is not included. This feature is listed as: "Filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1: A New Beginning, The Wedding, The Honeymoon". According to amazon, this feature was never meant to be on the Blu Ray version and was only ever present on the 2 disc special edition. However, after buying it, I received from amazon a message informing me, that the distributor is producing a disc with the special feature on it FOR FREE for customers who would like it. I was instructed just to email my amazon order number and my adress to the distributor to receive the upgraded Bly Ray disc FREE of any charge, including shipping.
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on 24 February 2012
What can I say about Twilight? I've never bothered much to read the books,or watch the movies for that matter, but I saw girls/women around me in awe about this. Edward this, Edward that, Robert Pattinson here and there. So after watching Vampire Diaries I got curious and started watching Twilight. Within 20 minutes I was hooked. Can't let go anymore, ordered the books, ordered all the movies there are and following everything now very closely.

Feel a little embarrassed because I'm a 35 y/o woman that is totally hooked on the characters (book as wel as the people portraying them on screen) and keep rewatching over and over and over again. I actually feel a bit empty inside when I'm done watching, so I start from the beginning again haha!

I love the story, the special effects in the movie, it's just such a great big love. You shouldn't overthink it all too much. I know people are saying well how stupid is that, she has to die in order to be with him, he is too protective and overbearing. But don't look at that. Look at why she wants to become a vampire and why he acts around her the way he does. It's their love. And that love is amazing and I would wish for everybody in the world.

So read the books, watch the movies. You'll have a lovestory for life :)
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on 20 September 2012
If you like me thought the first installment of the Twilight saga was the best, it captured the emotions, scenes and characters to perfection then this one is a major let down.

Very very slow to get going and when it does nothing much happens, nowhere near enough emphasis on why Bella is suffering so much and not enough time was spent on her turning moments.

The special effects as expected were great especially the ones when Bella is pregnant but having been a huge fan of the Twilight saga since the first book was released I was left really disappointed with this film, also the vampire characters are not getting better looking but worse looking with every film that is released, seriously look back at all the characters in the first film then look at this one??? What is going on!!! I understand they are aging in reality but come on!

I wouldn't recommend this film but if you like me have bought the others then yeah get it, at least your collection won't look out of place with one missing.
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on 9 July 2012
First of all, I feel sorry for the film makers. It can't have been easy to make the disaster that was breaking dawn into a film, but why 2 parts? I can see why Harry Potter needed it but Breaking Dawn doesn't. Especially as the book is so disasterous.

I enjoyed the first 3 twilight books. But for me, and many others Breaking Dawn ruined the series. But this is about the film not the books.

The first half an hour of the film is great- we see Bella and Edward get married, and go on a nice honeymoon, and finally "do the deed" resulting in bruises all over Bella. However, turns out bruises weren't the only thing Edward has to worry about, as a few days later he discovers he has impregnated his new wife. Yes, yes I know, you're all wondering how THAT happened, how Edward a guy who is basically dead is able to father a child, but apparently these vampires can. I also find it a bit hard to believe that Edward who was so concerned about Bellas safety didn't use a condom AND that 500 year old doctor Carlisle didn't realise it was possible but there you go.

So basically after that, the rest of the film features a very sick pregnant/anorexic looking bella (no idea how it's possible to look both of those things but she does), and the conflict between Jacob and the wolves. This goes on for about an hour.

Then the final 15 minutes of the film is when things start to actually happen again- Bella goes into a rather gruesome labour (although not quite as gross as the book thank goodness), and Bella looks dead at this point. There's a little fight between the Cullens and the wolves, whilst Edward injects Bella with venom and bites her everywhere in an attempt to change her. Meanwhile Jacob resolves to kill renessmee, blaming her for Bellas "death". However, before he does he conveniently imprints on the baby. Thank god the film makes decided to show renessmee as an adult when he imprinted, which made it slightly less creepy. The imprinting means Bella now gets to keep Jacob as her friend AND that the wolves cannot harm Renessmee. AND because Edward injected Bella no treatys were broken. How convenient!

The film ends with Kristen Stewart plastered in make up as she opens her new red eyes. In my opinion the film is better than the book, although that isn't saying much.
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on 5 May 2012
First of all let me just say that this is still a compelling and enjoyable experience for fans of the saga. For anyone who hasn't seen a Twilight film before, this may be the worst possible film at which to star watching, as it will seem incoherent and muddled. Put down the remote, and go and watch films 1 - 3, then come back. Otherwise any emotional resonance will be lost.
Starting with the impending wedding of lovers Bella and Edward, and soon moving into dramatic territory that puts the vampire and werewolf clans at loggerheads, film 4 is a more 'soapy' affair in the sense that it relies very much on character drama playing off tensions and resentments that have been established throughout the series. There's comparatively little action, and what little there is, is breif and cut abruptly short.
The scenery is often beautiful, the romance is well performed, and the drama is high, however. Bella also undergoes a convincing range of trauma including some extraordinary CGI assisted gauntness.
The wolves still don't quite look perfect, and there's a 'psychic talking' scene between the pack that may irk some viewers (like my other half who felt it was awful). The plot also fails to explain what has happened in the past that would cause the wolves to get so riled up about the current situation. Are they basing their reactions on historical evidence? Or just knee-jerk paranoia?
Other than that, and a rather truncated ending, the film does move the series along in a new direction. It's just not the strongest standalone episode, and it strongly needs Part 2 to be a real game changer to avoid being thought of as anything other than "that weak film that came before the good ending."
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I've just seen part 1 last night at the midnight showing at my local pictures and it was absolutely brilliant!

The film producers have done the book justice and stuck with the book's telling rather than veering off and adding bits in that were not in the book. They have also put a lot of content from the book in without exactly explaining it all so I would imagine if anyone hasn't read the book that some parts may be missed on them so my advice would be if you haven't read the book to please try and take the time out to read it as it is absolutely fantastic and obviously goes into more detail than the film producers would be able to in the short time of the two films.

The film starts off with the invites to Bella and Edwards wedding going out with Jacob obviously not taking the news well and we see him running out of his house and changing into wolf form to take off upset. The film then progresses onto the wedding and both Bella and Edward look stunning. There is also a little cameo appearance from the author of the books Stephenie Meyer as she appears in the wedding crowd as one of the guests so try and watch out for her if you can. The happy couple then go off on their honeymoon to Isle Esme (an island that Carlisle bought for Esme for her wedding present from him when they were married which the film briefly mentions but doesn't totally explain) and they is a bedroom scene with breaking of the bed involved. I don't want to ruin the film with any spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the book but from this point on the honeymoon takes a bit of a dip and the couple end up having to cut their honeymoon short and return home.

As a massive fan of the book I was really pleased with the film and they way the film producers have kept true to the book. There are also lots of humorous moments in the film with some of the wedding speeches actually making everyone in the pictures laugh last night. The background music was beautiful with quite a few of the previous film's tracks in this one such as Bella's Lullaby. The film also finished on what I would say was a good 'middle' point of the book. I can't wait for part 2 and have just pre-ordered part 1's DVD to go with the rest of them. Brilliant and a definite must watch for all Twilight Fans.

********************************************************************************************************************** Make sure you wait at the end of the film after the trailers as there is an extra scene with the Volturi which a lot of people missed last night as they rushed off to get home (understandable at 2.30am but I feel sorry for them that they missed it).
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on 5 December 2011
I've been an enthusiastic reader of all the Twilight Saga books, and have enjoyed all the movies (even New Moon - criticised by many for what was only its faithfulness to the book). The Breaking Dawn novel blew me away: the best and strongest of the lot, harrowing and exhilarating to read; and I couldn't imagine how they would be able to film it in anything like the same spirit - especially the graphic horror of Renesmee's birth, which I know has been a step too far for some; and equally difficult, the culmination of Edward and Bella's vampire-and-mortal love.
I needn't have worried. The movie did the best possible job of filming the unfilmable in the only sensible way, by sketching these awesome moments in quick flashes that anyone familiar with, and appreciative of, the books would follow without difficulty. Marvellous! Even more than I had dared to expect.
At this point, unsympathetic reviewers (and the "haters", who only contribute to spread a little venom on something they've never liked) say, "But what about people who haven't read the books?" To which I'd reply, "Then go read them, and give them a proper chance; and THEN go see the movies again. If you still don't like the books, then don't presume to comment on something you'll never understand."
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on 18 November 2012
Breaking dawn part 1 is one the best films out the saga and one of the best films I've ever seen! The saga is a book-based saga written by Stephine Meyer. I love the wedding scenes as the special and will be in the thoughts forever. Its full of drama and there are really cute and sweet scenes. The film has a great structure, with a extremely sweet and magical wedding at the begging, it turns tense and the question is will Bella survive... The excitement is built up with a story and moods changing with the characters.

The director Bill Condom has done a brilliant job as it looks and fells atmospheric; everything looks right and is scripted to fit the unique story. Edward (Robert Pattinson) is played well as well as I love his unique style and creates a loving man; even though vampire he shows a loving man with his soul mate although he does not have a soul. It is sweet as they can relate with each other but he's a vampire and she a human and none knows.

In my opinion the story and character even the set is amazingly done and acted.
I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12 as anyone younger than 12 some scenes would be inappropriate as there is battles. I Love this film and the saga and I would recommend buying this film.
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on 13 March 2012
Running Out of Ideas

I thought the first three films in the series were increasingly good at capturing the complexity of first deep love. I guess I'm not the "audience" this film is aimed at but I found it very cheesy and idealised "hollywood" version of a wedding and the early days of marriage. Bella continues to be surly and didn't even smile as she walked down the aisle. I thought the special effects were poorer in this than in the prior films, particularly the eyes of the baby which look painted on.

It doesn't bode well for the last film in the series. Let's hope its more convincing and a fitting close to an otherwise good set of films.

The missing extra's - I got an unsolicited email from amazon confirming that the distributor will send out the missing extra "Filming The Twilight Saga:Braking Dawn Part 1" and saying this was a print error and should not have been included. You should check your email to see if Amazon has also contacted you.
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