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3.9 out of 5 stars73
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2013
Ordered this product to replace our previous 8 year old Dyson cleaner. This is much smaller and lighter than the other model. It works really well, and the automatic adjustment between carpet and wood flooring is superb. The only two negative things are: The hose isn't long enough to reach the top of the stairs, and the cord is much shorter than on our previous model. The stairs issue is solved by the cleaner being light enough to carry up the stairs as you clean, but can be a bit tricky to balance it on one step whilst cleaning another. And the cord issue just means unplugging it more often, which really isn't an issue! Yes, you do have to empty the canister more often than before, due to it's size but this isn't really any hardship. Would much rather have a lightweight machine which needs emptying more often than a big heavy cumbersome machine! All in all, you get what you pay for and as usual Dyson come up trumps yet again!!
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on 8 July 2015
Having had Dysons for years, I cannot believe how bad this one is. I bought it for my mum who is elderly as I thought that the lightweight version would be easier for her to push. Unfortunately the opposite has proved to be the case. Yes, it is lighter when you lift it up, however, although it works fairly well when cleaning wooden/laminate floors, when cleaning carpets, the machine creates a vacuum & lifts the carpet from the floor making it extremely difficult to push. The utensil hose is far too short so that you can only use it right beside the cleaner itself and if you move further away, pulling the machine even a little, then it topples over as it is so unstable. The tools themselves are fiddly to take out & put back in the machine. It is so bad I have had to give my mum my vacuum cleaner (the much older but fantastic Dyson DC04) as even although it is heavier, it is far easier to use. The only positive things I can say is that it is light to carry (but then who carries their vacuum cleaner much anyway?) and it turns corners easily. Apart from that I would say avoid.
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on 28 February 2013
Had a Dyson before and wanted one again and this is so much lighter than my other easier to use more flexible than old model
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on 3 March 2014
After making my feelings clear in the title I will now start on the pro's and cons

Pro's :

1) The ball - turns on a sixpence makes moving around obstacles easier than a standard cleaner
2) Ease of maintenance - everything clips together so it can easily be broken apart for cleaning or blockages
3) Looks good - enough said

Cons : Working from the top of the cleaner down

1) The carrying handle - This is not the top handle that you expect, its the handle on the dust collector. When you are not paying too much attention you grab the obvious handle which is the top one, this is not actually latched down and I have actually pulled it off several times when I have been in a rush.
2) The cable - way too short especially for a cleaner that costs in excess of £300
3) The extending hose - Way too short at roughly 5ft long and twisted which means you have to turn it as you pull
4) The slimline dust collector - The walls are so close to the vortex assembly that it gets blocked rather quickly and loses suction (see point 2 of the con's)
5) The hand tool - This has a plastic skirt which doubles as the dusting brush, the brush slides up it to reveal the hand tool which is now effectively 3" long, impossible to clean down by the sides of car seats with it
6) The other hand tool - not actually found a use for this yet, but the kids seem to like using it as a kazoo
7) The ball - this has a lot of stuff inside it which apparently saves on space. Unfortunately this also means the the main pipe from the cleaner head is now split in two which means that it blocks a lot. This is where point 2 of the con's comes in really handy as you have to take it apart a LOT to clear the blockages
8) The self adjusting floor height - This is actually a spring loaded foot that always sites exactly on the floor. Sounds good until you realise that anything thicker than dust is simply pushed along in front of the cleaner (this includes paper). As a result you are constantly picking up the cleaner and putting it down on top of the stuff you need to clean up

We bought this cleaner to replace a VAX Air Reach which is less than half the price of the DC50 and a far superior cleaner. I honestly cannot understand why thing thing has such good reviews as it is completely useless in my honest opinion. The major downside is that is has a 5 year guarantee which means that I cannot come up with a good excuse to get rid of the thing any time soon.

Please go ahead and buy British, but save lots of pennies and frustration and purchase a VAX cleaner instead
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on 26 March 2013
Splendid machine. Filters easily accessible for cleaning. Not heavy to clean the stairs. Very easy to empty! I thoroughly recomend it!
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on 11 November 2013
Having owned a Dyson DC25 for a few years, it had begun to struggle and the suction, even after new filters, was deteriorating. I suspect the building/plaster dust didn't help! Plus the dc25 was shockingly useless on hard floors.
As I only have a 2 bed house, I chose the dc50 as the appropriate replacement. I was particularly interested in it for the auto adjust base plate for hard floors and carpets. The size and weight weren't important to me.
I wasn't expecting mass power when I bought it so I was very pleasantly surprised when I turned it on and did the carpet. It's made it look revitalized and very clean indeed. Everything about it bar the wand is better than the dc25. Quieter, sucks up more dust, less pipes so you can get along skirting boards better. Plus it's really good on hard floors too. I'd read somewhere that it wasn't that great on hard floors because you had to turn the brush bar off, so I was hesitant at first to consider this machine. However, having read the manual and dyson website, it is total nonesense that you can't have the brush bar on. Dyson instructions (or at least the picture) shows it should only be turned off on rugs, which I suspect means shagpile or something that might jam the bar. Plus other reviewers state that the quality of the plastics seems flimsy. Whilst I agree it doesn't feel as robust as some of the earlier models, lighter and thinner materials doesn't always mean cheaper. Who cares anyway when you have the 5 year warranty.
All in all, a brilliant machine, easy to set up, easy to use, great results and exceeded expectations.
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on 17 October 2013
We bought this hoover because of its mobility, because health problems mean carrying a heavy hoover up and down stairs is now a problem.The drawback is it feels a bit flimsy.
The other drawback is that the extended hose does not reach all the way up a normal household flight of stairs, and the tools at the end of the hose when fully extended cannot be angled to clean stairs. You have to carry the vacuum up the stairs in one hand (not a problem, it's v light) while hoovering the stair with the other hand, with the extension as short as it will go, as that is the only way you can get the cleaning tool at the right angle.
In normal hoovering mode, no problems, v powerful.
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This review is of the ANIMAL DC50 - the only difference is in the additional tool the animal comes with (which can be bought separately, if you want it, and of course the colour of the machine. The functional machine itself is the same

Assembly of my new Dyson was frustrating and had me with automatic deduction of star - the manual shows this virtually through pictures alone, but these are not the automatic best solution for more verbally oriented thinkers (hence that child would have been brilliant) i fell down on one picture which was actually a close-up of a part of the machine, and a particular angle of view, and I puzzled for a while. With mounting frustration I had a lightbulb moment and tried a Youtube search for Dyson DC50. Bingo! I'll post the link in comments, since Amazon tend to block reviews themselves with website links.

Why the video isn't on Dyson's site (as it is an official Dyson video) and when the manual also doesn't give the URL is an irritation. More annoyance in the fact Dyson have decided to make the video dialogue free so it is soundless, demonstration only - but at least this was a breeze to follow. There are also further useful videos showing how to remove and wash the filters, a once a month job.

Feeling quite cross with Dyson, assembly finished, it was time to test this lightweight machine in action. And the result was instant infatuation, and forgiveness for the length of time construction took.

I'd always thought (till I had one) that Dyson were just oversold, overhyped machines. But some years ago, needing a new vac, I got offered a reconditioned elderly Dyson (DCO3, a great beast of a machine) and just WHY Dyson was spoken of so admiringly by their owners became immediately clear. So when, about 8 years after initial buying of that reconditioned model, it gasped its last, it seemed a better option to go for a new Dyson than a service, particularly as the one drawback of the previous had been its demands for gym fit arm muscle to lug it about, and space to store it.

Over the years I'd also assembled a huge variety of Dyson tools to attach to it (this is one of the design details I love - curved soft brushes for pelmets, dusting brushes, mattress tools, sneaky snaky bendy crevice tools and the like) so staying with the big D made financial sense.

And so did the great deal Dyson themselves are/were offering on this newest model in their armoury. As the deal included an extra discount as I had registered my very elderly model (I think the DC03 was 'new in '97 or '99) AND the throwing in of a bundle of attachments 'household cleaning' for free, plus free delivery and free recycling to a Dyson graveyard (re-re-reconditioning??) going direct to Dyson took my savings easily into 3 figures.

So........before the song of praise starts, there is one cavil. Yes the actual extendable handle arrangement seems a little wobbly, lightweight and plasticky. Is this a design fault, and will it break - well, Dyson comes with a 5 year guarantee, so if they have made a mistake with this, my sense is we will discover this soon, and there will be claims under guarantee. My gut instinct is that it seems a little more fragile than it really is, and that is only because of being used to a huge weighty sturdy earlier model.

The suck on this machine may not sound (looking at statistics) as if it will as powerful as some other Dyson models,(128 compared to almost double that on the DC33 and upwards of 200 on other full size models) but the way the dust and the fur appeared to be galloping towards this pretty little machine as I easily and casually steered it around was fab.

What has UTTERLY endeared the machine to me, however, is the Tangle Free tool - standard with the Animal, can be bought as an addition if you didn't get the animal version. The difference in cost, via Dyson itself, between getting the Animal (tool included as standard) and cost of non Animal PLUS tool bought later, is around £10. The tool is the only difference between the 2. As I share a home with cats, I decided to go for the Animal.

Well - whereas using a standard upholstery tool, even with the excellently sucky Dyson does require some pressure - the tool means the lightest of strokes with the tool (rapidly rotating wheels and brushes in opposite directions) removes fur I never knew was there. At last, a foolproof cure for the dreaded tabby bottom which I have had to work very hard to eliminate for years and years!

And, this may sound sad, but still - as someone who is an extremely sloppy housekeeper - I HATE cleaning, there are better things to do with my time than DUST - this machine has (blushes slightly, anthropomorphising a machine!) a happy little personality.

I went for the DC50i - Dyson call this 'Animal Limited Edition' - only because this was the one they had in stock - the DC50 Animals (and Special Editions) are flying off the shelves almost as fast as shipment arrives. The day I ordered,after waiting 10 days for stocks to get here, a shipment of Special Editions had arrived, so that what was I went for. The only difference is colour - SE has a red cyclone top, as opposed to the all in one purple of the Animal. And (blushes with embarrassment again) it is such a lovely colour, and looks so pretty with its red top, and purple bottom. It's kind of fun taking it out for a spin.

Even more surprising, for such a powerful machine, the noise level is markedly less than the older model. Now i have no idea how noisy a Dyson is compared to non-Dysons - but I have moved from a machine which sent 2 out of 3 cats immediately towards the cat flap when I picked it up, to one which now only produces a cross exit when it becomes obvious I'm going to be cleaning the soft furniture they are occupying

As what of the vexed question of washing filters and disposable bags versus emptying and cleaning a hard integral container, which seems to divide Dyson fans from bag fans. Personally, the 'empty your Dyson dust container' is an easy and efficient operation IF you do it regularly. The clouds of dust etc which some have mentioned, just don't happen (to me) if I empty before the container is half full. And yes, the tank on this is small, but I don't find frequent emptying - a one handed operation - onerous. YES I won't deny there is an area of the container where the mat of cat hair doesn't fall out cleanly, but I can't see the problem in giving it help by a little tug so it falls into the dustbin. There are many worse tasks in cleaning!

Before Dyson, I had bagged vacs. I resented the cost of said bags, and the so-called reusable bags really were the ones which were FOUL to empty.

Hurrah for Dyson! Particularly the red-top.
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on 5 March 2014
Thought a new Dyson would be an improvement on my old one - how wrong can you be??
It doesn't work so well on hard floors when picking up anything bigger than dust, it just blows items away.
The lead is small compared to other vacuums I've had.
The extension hose isn't long enough. I struggle to hoover the first turn of the stairs without a balancing act with the machine.
I find it awkward to return to the upright working mode after using the extension hose.
The tools provided are neither use nor ornamnent and have reverted to using the tools I got with my previous Dyson.
When I contacted Dyson about an offer posted on their registration site for free additional tools, they weren't available to me because I'd bought on-line.
It falls over at the drop of a hat.
I'm only waiting for it to break down so I can justify binning it. Diane H
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on 18 September 2013
This is exactly what we wanted - it's light, very portable, easy to use and we were amazed at the amount of dust in our carpets when we first used it! Would highly recommend.
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