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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2013
Another excellent book in the series and well worth five stars. However, this set of books is really a serial rather than a series, so two words of warning. Firstly, you must read them in the correct order for it all to make sense. Secondly, the third book seems almost as if it is going to reach a conclusion when everything turns on its head and, at the end, the story is as far from finishing as ever; so we have no idea as to how many more books we will have to buy at just under £5 a pop. Personally I will persevere with the next one but I can feel myself getting bored with the continuous going around in circles - it's the same reason I never watch soaps on TV. Having said all that I have to say the style of writing is excellent and the Kindle presentation is also very good, though there were the seemingly inevitable typos.
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on 20 March 2013
Still well written but lacks the pace of books one and two. Very little to encourage reading book four when it appears. Probably the book to draw the threads together; any more and I will definitely lose interest. Characters seem to lack soul in this one and behave contrary to their previous forms. As the teachers used to say, must try harder.
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on 30 December 2012
I had been awaiting this book since reading the second title earlier this year and couldn't wait to get started on it. It didn't disappoint, very hard to put down as there is always something drawing you back to read that little bit more.

Well worth reading the entire series so far.
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I've enjoyed the first couple of books in this new series, I found them to be real page turners. This third (and keep in mind you need to read them in order) picks up where the second leaves off and is a good read, it just didn't draw me in as much as the first two.

Without wanting to spoil the story, I like that the author has mixed things up and introduced new settings to keep the series fresh, with less focus on the space side of things. I was less keen on what felt like an increased amount of internal monologues, however this might be due to having recently read an excessive amount of them in the disappointing Safehold series by David Webber. Rest assured the writing style is still excellent and easy to read.

If you enjoyed the first couple this is worth a read, be warned though that this feels like part one of a much longer book, the ending is so open I'd like the next book right now!
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on 16 June 2013
This is the third book in the Phoenix series, and in my opinion, not the best. The conspiracy is developing as predicted, but the author has taken a lot of liberties which I think detract from the plausibility of the plot. Things happen to quick an easily, for example, Kalila's entrance into the Assembly is just a little too neat, bearing in mind this is meant to be the biggest empire in the galaxy. That statement by itself is a little open to question, being that it comprises of about 400 planets, out of a galaxy of 200 billion stars. Also on a more pedantic note, an empire usually has as its leader an emperor, not a king. An emperor (or empress) has a higher ranking than king or queen, and since this empire is meant to be vast (albeit not really on a true galactic scale), I think it is a more appropriate to use this title.

On the Nighthawk, there is a scene where Miles, the acting XO, has the whole bridge crew drinking beer to improve moral while on duty. Sorry, but I find it a stretch to believe such a thing could happen - maybe a couple of centuries ago on sailing ships, but not today, and I very much doubt in the future.

In places, the writing style is somewhat stilted and akin to something out of a Boys Own Annual. The author is young, and hopefully this will improve in time, as today's readers are more sophisticated, and expect a more mature approach to this. On a more positive note, the author avoids a lot of padding and unnecessary waffle, which some writers seem unable to avoid.

Having said all that, the story bounces along quite nicely, and the subtlety of the plot and sub-plots interweave pretty well. The story generates quite an interesting tapestry, with elements of terrorism, genocide, assassination, love, and human strength and weaknesses all playing their parts.

Will I buy the next book in this series? I don't know for certain. I thought the price for this e-book to be a little high when you compare it other books in this genre by authors like Doug Dandridge or Michael Hicks. Also, I hope this doesn't pan out into a never ending series - we're up to book four already. Make it the final one.
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on 2 June 2015
If you like space fantasy conspiracies like me then you've probably been starved since Stephen Donaldson's Gap series. I'm not going to claim that this series is on a par with that, but in some ways it's just as good. This is an epic space opera, with competing factions and hidden objectives. I absolutely loved it.
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on 26 December 2012
This was a better than average read, read it all in one sitting which is always a good thing. Not as filled with the usual intrigue or mystery as the first two, but it did expand a bit more on the whole political side of things (ie, the droll stuff)

A good series all in all, and if you've read the first two, you're going to read this anyway. It didn't capture me as much as the previous books, but that could just be because I read it at Xmas!
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on 15 February 2013
OK so when I first started reading and found out that this was SciFi with Vampire, Zombies and WereWolves thrown in I was ready to give up but by then it had got me hooked.... so much so that I now have read the rest of the series and cannot wait for the next one to come out.
If you like SciFi then you will like this book. There are heros and villains and gangsters and some interesting spies and mysteries... also a little love-interest too! I think the most interesting for me is trying to work out who are the heros and villains and spies - to some extent this could be taken out from space and considered within this planet, although in that case the prejudices of nationality might pre-determine the reader's response to the characters.
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on 2 January 2014
Mr Sanders has given us a great book here. It is the best yet in the series. Plots get thicker, characters deeper and surprises bigger. I really am left excited about reading the next book.
Now, come on you who transfered this to ebook. You can do better. Earn your money and let's have less nay zero spelling mistakes and plain wrong words in there. You're letting the author down. Shame on you.
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on 4 November 2013
I originally got The Phoenix Series because the first book was free. I read it virtually straight through and had to buy the next two books immediately. I have not enjoyed a series, especially a space war one, for ages. I like all the different aspects and working out who is really responsibile and what the long game is, also the romance/love interest, where is that going to go. I seriously can not wait for the next book and keep checking on Amazon to see if has been published yet.

It goes to show that offering a free book will lead you to buy the next one and the next and the next, especially if it is as good an author as this one.
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