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4.6 out of 5 stars231
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2013
I LOVE this product. I have ten years of personal accounts to scan as well as files with useful info. With my flatbed scanner it would have taken ages.

Things I like about it:
- I can chuck in a whole wodge of papers and it will scan the whole lot into one document at speed regardless of size of paper. Don't forget to take out the staples!
- If you then want the document separated you can separate it into single pages.
- It takes out blank pages automatically.
- It is very sensitive and warns you if you have a document which is folded but you can tell it to continue if this isn't an issue. I am not worried it will skip a page.
- Having Adobe Acrobat means that you can delete a page from the document if you wish.
- I haven't had to change the scan quality - even faint pages have come out when I didn't expect them to.
- There is a transparent folder to scan awkward docs. I wouldn't mind a couple more.
- You don't even have to change the guides to scan small docs if you put them in the middle.

How I would improve it:
- I wish there was a simple button to change from single to duplex but you have to bring up the scan manager to change this.
- It took me a while to find the Scan Manager to change the settings. Once you know where it is, it is easy. In Windows it is on the bottom toolbar on the right (click arrow). DOUBLE-click snapscan icon to open it.

I hate throwing away magazines/periodicals that I think might be useful but now I have been cutting them on the fold, removing the staples and scanning them in, in one go. Awesome. No more clutter!
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on 27 May 2013
The best piece of office equipment I own, without question. Scans to the ipad, android phones and PC trouble free. Easy setup, very intuitive. Manual, scarcely, needed, as its very intuitive to setup and operate. I have hundreds of pieces of paper across multiple files & with this, I'm now going to go paperless. It scans the documents quicker than you can load them. I scanned 50 or so pages, and by the time I had went to the kitchen and returned the docs were scanned on on my ipad, and all, wirelessly. The technology is amazing. What is more, I had a business card lodged in between bundles of a4 and it automatically crops the image, perfectly, around the business card. Hmm, guess you can tell I like it lol! Oh, & you get a bundled version on adobe acrobat x, so you can create PDFs
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on 7 September 2015
UPDATE18/04/2016 - Increased from 2 to 3 stars.

Fujitsu appear to have fixed issue #1 at some point (I have auto update of the drivers set). There is a "connect by Wi-Fi" option on the task bar right click that allows a user to grab the scanner to a specific PC across the network.

I would still advise s510 owners to try and obtain the ix500 software and see if they can get their existing machine running under Windows 10 with that instead of shelling out more money. Both are fine scanners but why buy another if you have one that works?


Works well enough but was a bit of a pig to get going (and I am an IT expert). Still don't have it working on my Android tablet. It was and then I changed something. Hmmm.


#1. the wireless function - OK it only works on one PC at a time. You would expect that. But what I did not expect is that the currently selected PC cannot be changed by wireless command alone. No... you have to attach the USB lead to reprogram the wireless destination each time. Now what kind of sense does that make?

#2 Very not happy as I already had an s510 that was working well. To add insult to injury - while Fujitsu say that "the s510 is not supported by Windows 10" and that drove my purchase it turns out it is the old version of Scansnap that is not supported. If you install the new version from an ix500 and then connect the s510 to a USB port guess what happens? It connects immediately, is recognised and works well. So did I waste my money?

#3 Then there is the fact that all my old PDFs that were very much captured by s510 Scansnap cannot be converted to text readable with the new ix500 Scansnap because of "PDF not created by Scansnap" Oh yes it was Fujitsu!!! Just by your old version rather than the new. So terrible backwards compatibility at the software level as well.

Did I mention it's a really lovely scanner and when it does work it is the usual Fujitsu ease and efficiency. No I did not because I have this lurking suspicion that as an existing customer of the previous model and a buyer of wireless anywhere on the network I have been cheated at some point.

If you are an s510 owner think these points through before buying.
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on 13 August 2013
I would definitely recommend buying this scanner to anyone who is eager to sort out their entire hard copy documentation at home in pursuit to release some serious space taken by statements, receipts, certificates and many more other documents that were collected over the years which we are just so cautious to dispose in case of possible future need to refer to them... With this very user friendly and yet so compactly designed piece of scanning equipment this task becomes a walk in the park.
I am professionally using production scanners and software that requires licensing as well as deep knowledge of how to set up both to perform a data capture that nowadays companies are after. Fujitsu ScanSnap is hassle free, easy to install and ready to use as soon as taken out of the box.
Crisp clear images scanned in a very intuitive manners, user ingerence is reduced to absolute minimum, you get outstanding results every time in no time as speed is also included in a package.
Coupled with your own licence of Adobe Acrobat which opens another vast array of what you can do with all newly created PDF files.
Huge library of support on board in a form of tutorials and manuals. Very useful and well thought over!
Checked Wi-Fi scanning from smart devices (iPad & iPhone in my case) all works just beautifully, recently software was upgraded and now I put my USB cable in a drawer as scanning to PC is also done wirelessly. Great!
It has got many of other useful features like scanning of business cards, scanning to different outputs to name just a few.
Its size impressed me also as scanners which are able to scan fast, double sided and in colour tend to be rather big and heavier so hats off for developing scanner which looks so nit and quirky and is not taking up half of a desk space on on top of those produces top quality images. Small but mighty! That's how I describe my home scanning helper.
I would also recommend to all scanning users, do yourself a favour and back up your electronic library of records to an external media. Trust me it's safer that way, remember you aiming at paperless home, but what if something goes wrong with your PC?
All in all with my purchase of ScanSnap , could have not done better! Simple.
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on 30 August 2013
Firstly, the scanner itself can't really be faulted - it's fast, the ADF works flawlessly (even with documents of different sizes), good quality and feels quite robust. There's a simple single button control and it's a very clean looking unit that doesn't look that out of place in a domestic environment.

However, there are a few negatives;

A computer is required for scan to network - this is a big one, with all the touted support of "network scanning" and being able to scan to DropBox, FTP and similar services I had hoped the scanner would be able to do this directly without requiring a computer to be switched on (even my 5 year old Brother MFC could scan a PDF directly to an FTP server)

Sadly this is not the case. Worse still the device is "paired" to a computer using the USB connection and thereafter only that computer can use the scanner wirelessly. This is an artificial limitation by Fujitsu presumably so as not to impact sales of their higher end scanners that can truly be shared in a workgroup environment. Even at home we have multiple MacBook Pros - it would be good to be able to use the scanner from any of them (there are workarounds, but they're not only for those that are quite geeky!)

The scan to iPad/iPhone feature doesn't work at all at time of writing on iOS7 as the apps are incompatible. They are also pretty clunky looking apps, that don't adhere to the interface guidelines and haven't even been updated for the taller iPhone 5 so I do hope there's an update on the cards. Also, if you can use the scanner from multiple iOS devices, why not multiple computers ??

Also Mac users get a bit of an unfair deal as the bundled Adobe Acrobat Pro and Document Management software are PC only. Whilst they advertise these as "free bundled software" they are not free, the license cost is built into the cost of the hardware purchase and as such Mac users are paying for software they can never use.

It does, however, come with a limited version of ABBYY FineReader OCR which does make an admirable job of making PDFs searchable.

You also must use the supplied scanner software, which does get in the way a bit at times. This is again a bit disappointing as OS X has excellent built in scanning (and network scanning) options which it would have been easy for Fujitsu to support - again I expect this is a deliberate omission just as the limited 'pairing' concept.

Overall, This is a great piece of hardware that's intentionally limited for commercial reasons - it could very easily be much better but if you want a quick, accurate, way of getting lots of paper into (one) computer - this is probably the way to go about it. People expecting a true network scanner should look elsewhere.
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on 24 April 2014
I have been wanting to go paperless since the '80s. Finally, with this wonderful little machine it's becoming a reality!

The footprint is tiny, so it sits on the desk comfortably. I would say that the scan speed is faster than quoted. It can take a mix of thick card and paper with no trouble. Using the carrier - a plastic cover to sandwich your documents (it comes with one, so you may not need to buy extra and I wish I hadn't as they are really expensive!) - I can scan all my expense receipts in seconds and even scan A3 documents. If sheets do get pulled through together (which, in my case, is due to the punched holes in the paper and some fairly ancient documents) then it is very intelligent and stops, prompting you to take appropriate action.

There are a variety of ways you can save documents (e.g. to Excel, Word, PDF, File etc). It also comes with a full copy of Adobe - which almost means the scanner is free! It does need to be connected to a 'master' machine but also has Wi-Fi capability in that you can use your phone or another machine connected to your Wi-Fi network to control it. You still have to load the documents, though!

A superb value for money package that I cannot praise highly enough.
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on 9 August 2013
Brilliant piece of kit. As teachers/trainers we have lots of lesson materials and home and loads of software manuals which took up loads of space. This scanner has a bulk feeder for up to fifty sheets. It scans both sides in one pass and is not phased by different paper sizes up to A4, even when a bit creased. It's fast too. The character recgonition is excellent and it makes it easy to label and file documents. It's also very easy to set up and use. There's only one button!! It's also a really small size, samller than an average domestic all in one printer. It costs quite a bit more than an all in one, but it's worth every penny and saves a forune buying folders and a bookcase or filing cabinet to keep them in.
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on 26 August 2013
I wanted a way to scan several 100 old b/w family photos, dating back to the 1930s, a lot of them had notes written on the back so being able to scan both sides was ideal. The scanner is connected to an iMac so I scanned them direct in to iPhoto. The quality of the scanned image is superb. I noticed later that the process also produced a pdf document of the scanned images. I also had lots of packs of "bonus print" photos and the scanner can handle a pack in one go with the touch on one button it scans a pack of 20 in a matter of seconds.

I've not tried any of the wifi features.
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on 5 May 2014
It's hard to fault this scanner, and I don't want to try. If I had to come up a fault, it is merely that, when you close the lid, it has a 'soft close' cushioning effect, but when you open it, it doesn't. This means that because you've got used to the soft closing, you forget that it doesn't work the other way, and hurl it open and think you've broken it. It's quite tough though, and you soon learn...
That is literally the only thing I could carp about in several months of use. The scanner is seriously easy to use, gives beautiful results, and is as fast as lightning. I'm using it in conjunction with Evernote, and our house has very quickly become paperless, despite a years-long backlog of all manner of stuff. It'll scan a centimetre-thick bundle of A4, both sides, in what seems like seconds; very rarely am I waiting to load more. Paper feed, of various sizes, all in one batch, is astonishing, without any jams or misfeeds.
It isn't cheap, but it is certainly good, and I'm delighted I bought it; wish I'd done it years ago.
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brilliant - practical and although I am not paper free (yet) the amount of stuff on my desk is diminishing. As a person who uses multi mobile devices its is brill for attaching stuff to calendars and notes - I use a Mac and it works just fine with it. double sided copying - excellent. Took me some time to decide about getting this sort of scanner but I am very pleased that I did load it up press the button and off it goes!
Read the other reviews for techi stuff it was worth spending the time before deciding which to go for - but this one certainly works for me
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