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3.5 out of 5 stars169
3.5 out of 5 stars
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Silent Hill is a town of lost souls. There you are, you're now armed with enough knowledge to understand this film. So many reviewers say it is confusing and hard to understand. Then watch it and follow the story. What you will get is a surreal and at times horrific visual feast of the bizarre. Through it all runs the star Adelaide Clemens who has that gorgeous girl next door thing going on and is actually pretty good. I can't say that I found Sean Bean's American accent very convincing though. The characters from the first film line pyramid head and the nurses all make an appearance as well as some good new ones like a giant mannequin spider.
The 3D is excellent and as you'd expect is made good use of for the effects. In the featurette about the film in the extras the director promises that they used it in new ways that we wouldn't expect. In that case they must have been very subtle because I for one didn't notice them.
The soundtrack is also very good, in one scene when the police are knocking at the door the positional effect was so good I thought someone was knocking on my back door.
You won't find this film very scary; a little disturbing at times perhaps, but it is sufficiently bizarre to keep you watching.
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First off, if you haven't seen the first film, do that prior to watching this one. Not only will this film make better sense, but I consider "Silent Hill" to one of the top 100 horror films of all time. Clearly this film was not as good as the first. For me, the element of surprise was gone. This production also suffered from plot weakness, trite dialouge, and an unconvincing role by Adelaide Clemens as the lead character. I kept thinking how much better this film could have been if Ms. Clemens had swapped roles with Jennifer Lawrence in "House at the End of the Street."

This film picks up years later as Sharon has grown to 18 years of age and has changed her name to Heather...named after Harry's (Sean Bean) grandmother, the first thing I couldn't buy. He is attempting to live as far away from Silent Hill as possible as long as Heather can be driven there in a few hours, another plot point that didn't make sense, but must of evolved for movie time sake.

So after tearing the film apart, why would I rate it 5 stars? Because I loved it. The horror aspect was done well. They made effective use of darkness, shadows, strobe effects, background noises, whispers, and deformed faceless humans. It is the same reason we watched a dozen or so Jason, Freddie, Puppet Master, or "Hellraiser" films long after they became trite.

There were two great scenes that come to mind in this film: the spider was well done, and the arms through the prison bars scenes I also loved. You will know them when you see them.

Parental Guide: F-bombs (I recall 2 by Heather.) No sex. Brief nudity (Rachel Sellan?).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 December 2014
The problem with many sequels is that they are poor attempts to recreate the success of the first film. This was no exception. There was very little in this film to hold my attention & I would quite happily not have bothered watching the ending. The excellent atmosphere that provides the viewer with a tense & scary film in Silent Hill is totally missing in this film. There is very little in the way of atmosphere. The same scary creatures from the first film such as the nurses are back again but seemed intent on providing as much blood and guts as possible leaving little to atmosphere or imagination. The storyline was poor - mainly a rehash of the first film. I have to also say that I didn't go much on the acting - even with such a big name as Sean Bean, the characters seemed very cardboard.
This is a very poor sequel to the original Silent Hill film. The backers have attempted to latch onto the back of the success of the original film and have fallen into the trap of thinking a rehash of the original would do the job. It didn't.
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on 15 September 2014
Wow, what a fantastic film! Normally, I'm never lost for words as a writer, but this film: Silent Hill: Revelation 2D, is out of this world in terms of special effects, scares, suspense - and the ever so creepy nurse scene, oerrr, and the 'adorable' Pyramid Head (a superb character in the films), oh and the joy in seeing the very handsome Sean Bean tied up... (it's worth seeing just for that scene alone, ladies, hehe), I thoroughly enjoyed this viewing.

I personally think this film is superior to the first one for many reasons, and I'm not going to give spoilers as that'll ruin it for those who haven't yet seen this sequel, but suffice to say, it's one brilliant film. The music is beautiful and also instils a certain eager anticipation for whatever is to follow in the next scene. Everything about this film is that impressive, it's impressed me to the point that I'm going to get the Silent Hill PlayStation games as I've read in other review comments that they are excellent too.

Watch this film; it's worth every single penny/cent. And then some.

Top stars from me and I'm going to pay to watch it again as it really IS that good.
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on 23 May 2016
I’m a big fan of the Silent Hill games (well, the first three anyway) and was therefore somewhat disappointed when the original SH movie (2006, 3/5) failed to do the franchise justice. It was, however, far better than this second offering. Although SHR manages to recreate the visual atmosphere of the games quite well (as did the first film) it does so without being at all creepy or scary (unlike the games, which are very creepy). I’m not sure how it manages to do this but it does. The main fault with SHR, however, is the story, which is neither compelling or coherent. The performances lack conviction, perhaps because the cast had little faith in the script and were aware of the poor quality of the dialogue. The effects are variable, and although it was good to see the infamous SH nurses make an appearance the use of real people to depict them, rather than CGI, was only partially successful. Overall SHR is an even bigger let down than the first movie as it fails to live up to the source material and is yet another example of Hollywood’s inability to grasp the essence of video games.
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on 25 March 2014
This is a good carry on to 1st movie but saying that it does not follow well for instance how did they get out of white world and what happened to girls mother but even with huge peace from one film to offer missing this is still a good story and movie I enjoyed a lot and is a great bargain at £5 and well worth it...
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on 12 January 2014
a return visit to silent hill. as i enjoyed the first film i thought it would be more of the same,
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on 14 May 2013
I have played the games and enjoyed them, despite the fact I was scared out of my skin through most of the playing. The first film was ok. It wasn't anything special but it is a film I'd watch more than once.

This film is a lot better than I expected. I liked the main character and I enjoyed the way they kept her like one of the characters from the games. The plot wasn't amazing, but it was still watchable.

The Silent Hill sets were creepy as heck and I loved seeing Pyramid Head again. My favourite part might have to be the epic Pyramid Head battle near the end. I won't spoil who with but it was great.

Overall the film kept my attention, I was interested in the plot, I wanted to know what was going to happen and I was suitably creeped out by the creatures in the film. They were designed brilliantly as were the sets.

I'd recommend this film to watch as it was entertaining, but it's no masterpiece and has quite a few shortcomings.
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on 23 July 2014
I was disappointed in this film. I was a big fan of the first film when it came out as i felt it did actually capture the atmosphere of the games, however this film was weaker in every department. The monsters were less imaginative, the villains were more hackneyed and cliched. No time was erally spent establising the charactors or their motivations.
Having said that there were one or two decent scenes where the cinematography managed to show imagination and verve.
If you are a fan of Silent Hill i do not think you wil particularly like this. If you are not a fan and have not seen the original film then this will be a confusing mess. The only upside i see in it is the presence of Sean Bean and Malcolm McDowell, but even as a fan of both actors i cannot say that they save this film or perform hugely well.
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on 11 September 2014
A great 3D horror film but I had to purchase the American region free release to get both the 3D and 2D versions of the film. Although the 3D version is the way to watch it, the choice to watch in 2D should be included because not all people can see 3D.
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