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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 June 2014
I'm tempted to say I defy anyone to NOT like this series.
ITs got everything - except action scenes and blood and gore.
There's a love story. There a re parables, morals, pathos you name it.
It shows us that you can be clever in one area and lost in another. it shows bonds between ordinary people. It shines a light on all thes things but never says this is the answer. It says this is the way things are and you are lef mulling how you would handle them.

The characters easily identifiable. I guess there's a favourite for almost everyone.
There are explorations of emotions from unedurably crushing hurt and pain to inconceivable boundless joy and rapture.

I'll finish watching these thru and then pack them away knowing that it wont be long before I re visit this underrated overlookd masterpiece.
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on 1 June 2014
I think “Big Bang Theory” is brilliant for many reasons.

It’s very funny and the scripts are very clever. I am not particularly interested in comic books and sci-fi, but I am interested in particle physics and general science. I like the fact that the science is accurate and current. It’s amazing that a comedy can give insights into physics and other science subjects that prompts afterwards looking things up on the internet. The show also portrays psychology and emotions which I find enlightening.

Sheldon is the main star, but all the cast are very good actors. I think that Leonard, Howard and Amy give particularly convincing performances. And Penny is gorgeous and funny!

Sheldon’s eccentricity and his genius level of intelligence are impressive to watch as well as very funny. His performance, each episode, of his huge part of the script is amazing. The whole show is dialogue dense and written with precision. There are some cringe-worthy moments. but not many. The scripts pull in a very broad range of topics and an equally broad range of vocabulary, with correct grammar (otherwise Sheldon gets upset).

I imagine that the “quality” of the English makes it a good show for anyone learning the language. Regarding the DVD’s, I use the show to try to learn Spanish and French. I watch each show twice with English audio. Once with Spanish subtitles and then again with French subtitles (both are available on all series except series 1). The broad English vocabulary and big range of topics is excellent for learning new foreign words. It’s also great that the elaborate sentence structures of the English audio are faithfully retained in all the subtitles (including the English subtitles).

Fantastic funny show, great comedy characters and excellent high quality box set! Great value for money!
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on 7 March 2014
The Big Bang Theory is really funny and enjoyable comedy. The show features some very different and interesting characters: Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is a theoretical physicist, possessing a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PhD, an ScD. Starting college at the age of 11, and receiving his PhD at age 16. He is a calculating man with a blacken heart. He shares his apartment in with collegue and friend Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, who is originally from New Jersey and received his PhD at age 24, after spending time at University. Unlike his equally intelligent friends, Leonard is interested and quite adept in building interpersonal and social relationships with others. Also joining them in this series is: Penny, Leonard and Sheldon's neighbor across the hallway; Best friends Howard and Raj, who are also good friends with Sheldon and Leonard, most of the time; Sheldon's girlfriend, Amy, who is more keen to be in a relationship that Sheldon is; Bernadette, Howard's love interest in the show; and Howard's never-seen mother with a penetrating, piercing voice. Each character has really different and interesting characteristics, and each one adds the elements of humour to the show. The Big Bang Theory is really good series which is immensely enjoyable for most part. The episodes are all really different and all deliver lots of lots of laughs, side splitting humour and lots of entertainment.

This 19 Disc DVD boxed set has all 135 episodes from the first 6 seasons, so it really worth getting.

Inside this set are two thick DVD cases. Hosing the discs for the set:

Case 1 has seasons 1-3 on 10 discs:

Disc 1 - Series 1 disc 1
Disc 2 - Series 1 disc 2
Disc 3 - Series 1 disc 3
Disc 4 - Series 2 disc 1
Disc 5 - Series 2 disc 2
Disc 6 - Series 2 disc 3
Disc 7 - Series 2 disc 4
Disc 8 - Series 3 disc 1
Disc 9 - Series 3 disc 2
Disc 10 - Series 3 disc 3

Case 2 has seasons 4-6 on 9 discs:

Disc 1 - Series 4 disc 1
Disc 2 - Series 4 disc 2
Disc 3 - Series 4 disc 3
Disc 4 - Series 5 disc 1
Disc 5 - Series 5 disc 2
Disc 6 - Series 5 disc 3
Disc 7 - Series 6 disc 1
Disc 8 - Series 6 disc 2
Disc 9 - Series 6 disc 3

A detailed episodes guide is also featured in the cases.
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on 23 April 2014
What can I say. A great series. Recently took this on holiday and it was great evening entertainment. Its easy to watch the same episode over again without getting bored. Great humour and attention to detail and good quality DVDs. The only downside is that some of the series episodes have titles and some do not, so you won't know what you are selecting to watch.
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Hilarious sitcom focusing on the personal and professional lives of four intellectuals employed at a university. Sheldon and Leonard are roommates who work together and find their lives thrown a little out of whack when beautiful twenty-something Penny moves in across the hall. Sheldon, highly intellectual, ever so slightly anti-social and possibly even asexual, has no- real time for the down-to-earth but slightly ditzy blonde, but Leonard (slightly more in touch with reality and more determined to be 'normal') finds himself inexplicably falling for Penny, despite she doesn't get his jokes and overlooks him for more attractive men.

Unfortunately, Leonard is a brain, and his attempts to socialise with Penny, a struggling actress who works in the Cheesecake Factory, fail miserably for the most part, as he struggles to make clear his feelings for her all the while knowing he is well out of her league. Even when Penny finds herself attracted to nerdy Leonard, she struggles to accept the differences between their lives and their intellects, especially when he even inadvertently has a habit of making her feel inferior or stupid, leading to a lot of drama and 'will-they-won't-they' ups and downs which everyone seems to keep coming back for.

The show also features a great cast of other characters including Howard, the out-of-touch 'lost in the sixties' Beatles-wannabe who is slightly sexist and mollycoddled by an overbearing mother, and Raj, an indian immigrant who is a brilliant scientist, but suffers from a crippling inability to speak to women at all (unless he is drunk).

There is a lot of scientific tomfoolery and referencing going on in this show, but you don't need to be brainy or understand the jokes to really be able to laugh for the most part. Despite most of the cast are highly intellectual, there is a lot of stupidity going on that make them likeable, and that anyone can find relatable, and the snappy comebacks, ridiculous fashions, weird obsessions and snarky comebacks will have you coming back time and time again for the next episode.

Highly enjoyable, and very addictive. For this price, this is a great bargain as there are plenty of episodes to watch over and over in this set.
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on 3 August 2014
This collection includes the very first episode, which does rather look like the pilot. So when watching all 6 series included here it is fascinating to see how the series and all the characters have evolved.

The picture and sound quality are good but the disc navigation menus are not perhaps the clearest or easiest to use.

If you missed any shows or just want enjoy them again, this box set is for you.
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on 30 September 2013
If you've seen any of it on TV and liked it then you will love this box set. Amazing how it managed to turn out so many different episodes based on a the same characters and situation. I rate it up there with The Simpsons.
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on 4 February 2014
I mean, who could imagine that a joke (male, socially-incompetent nerds with uneducated, but sensibly normal female neighbour) could be kept going for so long and still be funny? Our daughters introduced us to this show, we bought this set and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has dips in quality, but then what show doesn't? The fact is that it remains consistently funny.

The centre of the BBT universe is Sheldon. Working with professional scientists, I have never actually met a Sheldon, but I've known some who have come perilously close. Jim Parsons is utterly brilliant in the role and richly deserves all the kudos that have come his way. How he manages to keep a straight face in some of those scenes is beyond me. The planets unwillingly orbiting around him are equally enjoyable, although I'm sure more could be made of the Raj character - perhaps this will happen now that the terminal shyness around women unless lubricated by alcohol has gone - that particular joke had become slightly worn. The later addition of the ladies Amy and Bernadette was a good move.

I look forward to further seasons. Will Penny and Leonard finally get together? Will Sheldon finally reach puberty? Will Raj finally find true love? Watch This Space...
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on 2 August 2014
I am hopelessly hooked by this American TV series. I am one of those people who do not have the time to sit each day and watch the box. However, there are certain American cultural soaps/sitcoms that come along once in a blue moon which we inhabitants of the United Kingdom take to our hearts. The last 2 for me were Fraiser and the early programmes of Hill Street Blues. How many TV programmes make you laugh openly, be honest? The Big Bang Theory does it every time for me. A pure enjoyment to watch. The writing/scripts are superb. The comedy/punchlines/references to previous Geek Science Fiction programmes easily translate across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK. Be surprised and watch a few of the programmes which are shown on E4. I became hooked and decided to buy the box set for posterity, and it is good value for money. I don't want to write endless sentences about the characters or references to specific programmes, just watch one of these and decide for yourself. Enjoy.
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on 29 April 2014
I bought this as a present for my sister for Christmas and she loves it! She had watched most of the episodes on E4 but they cut a lot of the jokes out and so she enjoyed watching them in their entirety.
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