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on 9 April 2013
I've used all the existing smart phone platforms and not a fan to any particular one. When I tried out the new Windows phone 7.5 OS Iiked it and got a LG phone. I switched to android (HTC One X) after a year for google maps and navigation. I soon regretted the switch thanks to the stupid all over the place email rendering of android and HTC. Windows phone even in its infancy got the basics right much like Apple iOS did.

I was so glad to see Nokia coming back in to the scene with the Lumia series. The Windows phone platform has come of age and the Nokia map apps made the 920 irresistible to me.

The Lumia 920 is beautiful tank of a device that will not leave you much room for a protective case (Not that you need it). Like any Nokia its very sturdy as shown in most Youtube torture tests. The wireless charging is a peach of a feature. Ability to use with normal gloves is so useful in the winter. Camera works brilliantly in most of the places camera phone moments tend to arise (indoors or places where light is low). Nokia maps straight forwardly store whole country maps in device and can work like a proper navigation device. You dont even have to install any apps to get through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or even heavy MS Office email attachments.

Audio quality from the 3.5mm jack is very good and there is a good equaliser built in for customisation. Before using the device you have to get the settings right or the battery can drain depending on the apps you install. A simple guide for setting this is in [...] and it take 2 minutes to go through. Once you've set it up, very hard use can easily get you through a day. If you turn on the battery saver option and use it sensibly it can stretch for about 2.5 days.

If you want your phone to just work without need for constant tinkering, fretting & waiting for updates that never come and without paying the Apple premium (rip off) price...... this is the phone.

If the dull black version of the body wears on you I can recommend [...] where you can buy (via Ebay) an all enveloping skin for the phone. There is a huge selection and they shipped it to me in the UK from texas for just £7 for everything.
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on 5 December 2013
Have just received a Matt black Nokia Lumia 920 Sim Free and payed just £207 with a well known retailer and have even seen them sub £200 which is a bargain for the high spec and quality of this top end smartphone (After 3 years with an iPhone 4 which has been faultless until Apple upgraded to the latest IOS and suddenly the whole phone just struggled to do the most basic things and lagged on everything, even despite tweaking/reset). I run Windows 8 on my touch ultrabook and at work on my PC and was very happy with it as on OS despite all the complaints, it is a just Win 7 with a new front end in my opinion and runs fast and smooth.

I wanted a phone that took advantage of Office 365 and the excellent Skydrive and had good business functions for contacts, e mails and looking at documents. So far I am wowed as its feels well crafted and solid, the way the glass curves around at the edges makes it just so tactile which iPhones lack, and the fuss of slightly more weight is of no consequence to me. The way it has just merged all my contacts from Google, iPhone, Linked in and Facebook is amazing and the fluidity of the screen is fantastic, live apps show me recent e mails and I can even pin important contacts to the front screen. I am an average app man and Windows store has most of what I need incl Kindle, Google, Office365,Spotify, Youtube, netflix, Findmyphone Amazon, Skype and others. Strava and Viewranger is missing for Cycling/MTB but I will survive and the Nokia mapping looks good to me, You just download the whole of the UK free including satellite view and all the other countries are free as well. Voice recognition works very well and makes Texting a breeze, nice keyboard with emoticons galore as well is fun, I have ordered a wireless charger as that is a real bonus for ease of use. The HD quality of the screen and colour saturation is outstanding on this phone and it just feels so much nicer to hold than an iPhone, the 4.5 Inch screen is a sensible size and feels a lot bigger after an iPhone 4, side buttons are in just the right place as well which again my IP4 seemed to lack and there is not any stupid mute button to accidentally knock as on IP4.

Apple served me very well for 3 years but it was getting a bit samey but I wanted something different and fresher plus the current price of the IP5s 32GB Simfree is £599 which was the final straw. I think they have just overpriced the product and I could have 3 Lumias in different colours!!. In summary this is an absolute bargain if you don't mind last years model at a fraction of the 2012 RRP and want to be smiling all the way to the bank whilst holding a stylish piece of kit.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 March 2013
After using iPhones and Andriod handsets, I've remained relatively underwhelmed throughout these user experiences. Something caught my eye with windows phone 8, and specifically the nokia lumia 920 (no not just the bright colours, though I have gone for an unconventional yellow) and I started reading about the operating system and how other users had found previous lumia phones. I decided to take the plunge and make the significant purchase (sim free) and it has finally arrived.

My first impressions were that the phones colour jumps out of the box at you, this really is something out of the ordinary. The back of the casing is very smooth and definitely does feel like it could slip out of the hand after one or two beers. I will definitely be investing in a quality protective case.

I was impressed with how quickly the phone booted up for the first time, though I have been less so with how long it takes to sync for the first time with hotmail, Facebook etc, I actually thought the phone had frozen with how long it took, but once it was finished I was very impressed with how the system links all you contacts, email and social networking.

The screen is just amazing, I have never used one like it. To start its absolutely huge and incredibly detailed when streaming video. And yes, nokias claims that the phone will work while wearing gloves are absolutely true and the results are excellent.

The camera is as good as any compac we have used, and the extra effects and features, including the amazing clarity of low light photos taken with the lumia mean I reach for the phone more often than the camera to snap a shot when we are out and about.

The nokia music feature is brilliant, I can stream loads of music over the wifi without any charge (to buy the songs cost just under £1 as with iTunes).

Finally I would say that battery is no better than average. For such a large capacity battery I was expecting to be able to charge it every other day but, as with every other smart phone I've used, a daily charge is unfortunately necessary. I guess that amazing screen needs a lot of juice. On the plus side, the convenience that comes with the wireless charger is really useful. I've reviewed the charger separately but I really think this will be the way forward to combat the ever increasing drains on smartphones batteries that often struggle to make it through a whole day.

For anyone wanting a break from the norm or a return to something that used to be so familiar (nokia layout), then I say go for it. It's certainly the most unique top end smart phone on the market and I don't regret the switch I've made to WP8 at all.
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on 14 May 2013
Having never owned an iPhone I can't say this phone is better.
However I have owned several smartphones and a couple of windows phones,
and this phone is by far the best. The phone is lightning fast, windows 8
is very easy to use. The camera is amazing , screen is stunning,
one minor drawback could be the sound, which is ok but nothing compared to new HTC one.
The sound is never an issue for me as I am always wearing
earphones when listening to music. At first I was a bit surprised by the size if the handset,
it is large. But once I started using it I realized it is the perfect size for its function.
All in all I can safely say this is the best and most fun handset I have ever owned.
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on 30 May 2013
We though Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone lost the game however we were wrong!

This handset is truly fantastic because Nokia and Microsoft have both invested in it heavily in areas such as big screen, camera quality, free or subscription based music, free SatNav and so much more...

The only downsides with this handset as far as we can see is the size/weight, number of apps currently however it is increasing dramatically and quickly as Nokia and Windows Phone is getting much more positive reviews now also is worth noting that there are alternative third-party apps for Windows Phone 8 for most popular apps until the actual apps are developed/released.

As Windows Phone 8 is a new successor; there is large gap available for improvements and as the users are increasing on the platform is very likely that in the next few months we'll see major improvements which would make it more convenient to use.

We're now migrating all handsets from iPhone to latest Nokia handset as we were so impressed with the Lumia range also there is so much potential there.

Hope this information is helpful.
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on 28 February 2013
2 weeks ago I have bought the flagship of the new Nokia smartphone range: the Lumia 920. Having used it very heavily I am very satisfied with this phone. Having been an Iphone adept for more than 3 years I can say that this is really an alternative to the Apple device. It has a great display. The operating system (Windows Phone 8) works very fast, better and faster than my last Iphone 4S and I found working with the tiles in WP8 much easier and more transparent that IOS 6.X. Sound quality is superb and that applies to the video and photo capabilies as well. A little disadvantage is that it is a bit heavy, but that gives a more secure feeling. Another issue is that the screen is rounded on the edges, so I had some difficulties applying a screen protector. In the end I left the screen protector cause I discovered the display stays quite clean due to the treatment Nokia gave it. All together I am very satisfied with my new phone. It is absolutely a very serious alternative compared to the Iphone. Don't get fooled with reviews that say there are not enough apps for WP8. I have found all the essential apps I used to install on my previous Iphone and they work excellent. I can recommend this phone to everybody who is looking for something really new.
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The phone may feel heavy to some people. However, their isn't much difference in weight to the iPhone 4S with a case.

The phone is very intuitive, as it links all emails and social media together, and adds friends lists into your contacts. It also allows you to put your favourite apps on one page, with the added bonus of live tiles. Furthermore, if you have loads of apps you can hold down the hash key in the app menu, which brings up the A-Z of apps. Once you are in the A-Z menu it lights up the letters which have apps. Some apps even support voice commands, for example, by holding down the windows button and saying "TVCatchup play Channel 5", it opens the app on Channel 5. You can also call friends (for example say "Call Dave mobile") or find things in your town (for example say "Find supermarket in Leeds"), and it will show you list of all supermarkets, or simply click on the map and it will show you all of them with directions. In addition, the phone has some really good quality apps.

The phone comes preloaded with:

Nokia Music (FREE unlimited 'music mixes' to play or download)

Here City Lens (shows points of interest through your camera lens)

Here Drive (turn by turn satnav)

Here Maps (like Google earth)



*Or you can go to the app store and install:

Here Transit (journey planner that shows nearby transport)

Panorama (like panorama mode on the iPhone 5 and Photo Sphere on Android)

Ask Ziggy' or Maluuba (personal assistants similar to 'Siri')

Furthermore, the battery life is good and lasts over 8 hours (with heavy use), with apps running in the background. However, the more apps you use will obviously drain the battery quicker. Pressing the back key after opening each app will close them, thus save power. In addition, if you forget to close apps you can turn on battery saver (found in the settings menu). This turns off apps until you use them again. The advanced setting gives you three options for conserving battery (When battery is low / Now until next charge / Always). You can also go to applications (swipe to the left or right in settings) and block apps from running in the background.

In conclusion, Windows 8 OS on the Nokia Lumia 920 is slick and easy to use, which makes the iPhone 5 iOS and android OS look really outdated and cluttered. Furthermore, this phone is very strong and stylish compared to other phones. In my opinion, this is the best phone on the market even if it doesn't have as many apps - I go for quality such as Nokia maps, and not quantity! Would I recommend this phone to family and friends? YES
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on 20 October 2013
Nokia Lumia 920 is a great phone, in many ways: it's touch screen is very sensitive and usable in direct sunlight, way better than anything I've used before, the camera is very good, the phone reacts instantly, with no lag whatsoever, and, most importantly for me, the quality of the phone conversation is good.

On the downside battery life is lower than that of my previous phones; if I use the phone a lot, with browsing, taking pictures and watching movies, it will not last until the next day. Another problem for the average user might be the lack of apps for Windows Phone; almost everyone implements their apps for Android and iOS, but not necessarily for Windows (e.g., the Dropbox app). So you should check if your favorite apps are available on Windows Phone 8 before you buy this phone.

All in all, I'm glad I bought the Lumia 920.
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on 11 August 2014
The Nokia Lumia 920 as the title suggests for some its like a tank heavy and such for me I say nay its not heavy but that's me its easy to hold easy to use great for texts emails great call reception web browsing is buttery smooth its main camera takes great photos more so in low light.

now for the cons heavy for some the processor now is a little dated the battery is not removable.

despite the cons its still fantastic hands down even though its a little old now but does the job flawlessly the specs are as follows bellow.

.Primary camera sensor size: 8.7 MP PureView.
.1.2 MP front facing camera
.Display size: 4.5''.
.Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4.1.5 gigahertz dual core
.Maximum talk time (3G): 10.8h.
.Maximum music playback time: 74h.
.colour options red/yellow/black/white
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on 30 May 2013
Long time Windows Phone user. Love the platform, and was only nervous about getting this 920 b/c of the large screen. It's been a few months now, and I love the phone. Great UI, great email support, fun games!
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