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4.6 out of 5 stars25
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2008
Migraine sufferers have to put up not only with the pain of their headache, but also with the inability of conventional medicine to do much about it. Drugs are potent, only work patchily and have nasty side effects.

This useful little book looks at one probable underlying migraine cause -- magnesium deficiency. Dr Cohen describes how up to 75% of Americans are deficient in this mineral and as a consequence are sick in many ways. Doctors are widely ignorant about magnesium and, in the pharma-culture that predominates, think of drugs as first resort rather than last.

Dr Cohen reviews many of the life­style factors that seem to provoke migraines, many of which deplete the body's magnesium stores.

Prudently, he does not claim that correcting the magnesium deficiency will cure all migraine headaches. However, he provides impressive evidence (evidence that your doctor will respect) that a high percentage of patients will get relief.

This eminently readable book has guidance on the types of magnesium available and how to find the right dose for you.

Of course, from the anthropological point of view, humans were not designed to have migraines or take supplements. As a nutritional anthropologist and author Deadly Harvest: The Intimate Relationship Between Our Health and Our Food, I would prefer people to restructure their lives, notably eating habits, so that migraines disappear. Having said that, for those migraine sufferers who cannot manage the complete program, the insights in this book could transform their lives.
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on 7 February 2012
Influenced by others' reviews, I sent for this book. At first, I was dismayed by its size - small and thin. Then, I thought about all the similar, but larger, books one has to trawl through just to get to a basic point. And then, I thought, this man doesn't want to draw attention to himself but to really help people. So, I got started. It's a very easy read. The medical documentation for (and even against) is interesting and fair. I've been averaging 2-3 migraines weekly. One was beginning and I put my Magnesium tablet under the tongue to aid absorption. Debated about whether to take Zomig but waited - migraine never progressed. Exactly the same situation again, two days later, and exactly the same outcome - no progression. This never normally happens. So, I am impressed. Long may this continue! And my heart goes out to all fellow-sufferers.
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on 4 February 2009
If you suffer from migraines and want to prevent them, rather than treat them, I recommend that you read this book. The author explains how insufficient magnesium can lead to a reduced blood flow to the brain, and how magnesium supplementation helps to prevent changes in the blood vessels around the brain which are thought to be involved in migraine. Six months ago, after reading this book, I began taking a supplement containing magnesium, vitamin B2 and the herb Feverfew and have not had a migraine since. Prior to taking the supplement I suffered up to two migraines with aura a week.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 December 2012
I'm 80% through reading my Kindle version. I've made countless notes and I find the book unputdownable.

I started supplementing with 400mg of Magnesium for other reasons and thought I was imagining the results at first. This book proves what I'm feeling
is true and not my imagination, because I noticed the benefits after a mere 36 hours.

We are all deficient of this vital mineral and like Selenium, there is a payback. I just had no idea this deficiency was responsible for so many
'inflammatory' conditions.

I've very grateful to the author!

Update 2013:
This book concentrates on pain management and the possible relationship of migraine with magnesium deficiency.
It does not explain Magnesium's effect on the stress response, e.g. its interaction with adrenaline and its ability to
slow down the stress response: "magnesium puts the breaks on adrenaline". I think its a shame the author missed
this opportunity.

Further Update 2013:
My Magnesium Deficiency was a lot worse than I thought. Ingested supplemental magnesium will never reach the correct levels
to avoid deficiency, as the body will only absorb 10-15% that way. All the world is Magnesium Deficient. The only way to bring up your levels
adequately is to use Transdermal Magnesium Oil. For more information, see the Kindle book by Dr M Sircus. Magnesium Deficiency is a very serious issue,
especially in preventing bone loss.
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on 4 June 2010
A short, and to the point book. Unusual in that it is very easy to read and very personal - it is written often on the basis of his personal medical problems within his medical career - and very well researched and backed up with scientific references. I also have found the advice really does work. I had suffered for years with crippling headaches until I sorted my Magnesium deficiency problem. If you have headaches read this book. Guy
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on 21 June 2013
It was mentioned to me that Magnesium might help my migraines which I have had for so many years and suffered debilitating bouts of. I am impressed with what I have researched so far and, after downloading this ebook, I certainly wish to purchase and have a good try with magnesium. I will try the magnesium titrate powder as it would seem this enters the system more effectively as opposed to tablet form. I hope to goodness it works......after reading and generally facing about, I need to make a positive move. It would seem that magnesium is effective for so many other conditions that it's hard to believe that so many people are not aware of its benefits. I hope to report back in the near future with, hopefully, good news. Well done Jay S Cohen for writing an informative and concise explanation of this little known vitamin. Dragonflyette.
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on 1 August 2014
Amazing. I take the cheap and cheerful magnesium and my migraines have disappeared! It has been well over two years now and I used to get up to one migraine a week. I simply couldn't afford the time of work all the time. The neurologist sent me a list of medication to take, which worked for a few months (with awful side effects - my voice changed and my hair was falling out in clumps) but I would just keep needing a higher dose, then I would try the next drug once the side effects got too bad. I was desperate for an answer and I found this book. If you suffer from migraines, please give it a try - what have you got to lose? Everyone I have recommended it too has had the same effect - no more migraines. Imagine that? :)
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on 1 January 2013
This was a chance buy but it has changed my life. The writing is clear and concise and as a lay person it was easy to follow yet has a professional feel to it. It also 'does what it says on the tin', and following the ideas in here has reduced my migraines to just two a month from two a week and I have used magnesium for just a few weeks.
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on 26 November 2013
God Bless the person who discovered this. I have suffered from migraine for many years. I use to have it at least twice a month. I have tried all sorts of medication and nothing worked. Infact i was also suffering from the side effect of those medications.

Since i started taking magnesium I have been saved from this horrible pain. I have started taking magnesium in october and no head aches and no side effect. I definetly recommend this to any one
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on 22 August 2013
A concise and informative summary of various medical studies that have shown how magnesium aids in the treatment of migraines. Dr Cohen references a wealth of published theories, tests and medical papers but relates it in an easily accessible text so that a mere migraneur can also understand and benefit from his arguments.

I have tried the methods suggested in combination with my current treatment regime, and I can honestly say they have worked for me where some of the more traditional methods didn't when used in isolation (the author describes some of the traditional routes of treatment too, which I found most comforting). Although I haven't yet used the magnesium solution exclusively, with the help of my neurologist, I am in the process of reducing my traditional medication, and will continue to take my cocktail of magnesium, coq10 and riboflavin.
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