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4.1 out of 5 stars1,133
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2014
Just recently bought the Kindle but have to say that I was rather disappointed that the range of apps that you can buy from the Kindle/Amazon shop is limited. There is no Pet Rescue Saga (for my daughter of course!), no Tesco app to do my on line grocery shopping, my banks app, etc. Alot of the apps that I use to assist me in my normal everyday life were not in the Amazon/Kindle shop.

Sometimes I also find it difficult to go to the home page and when the Kindle goes into sleep mode it is sometimes difficult to get it back on. I find it difficult to find documents that I have downloaded. I find the Kindle quite heavy, especially when in the case. Also be aware that you can't watch certains videos on the Kindle. I can now see why they have made the Kindle HDX with the MayDay button as there are quite a few things that I need help with. Maybe I would have been better of with the HDX, which is out of the price bracket I was willing to pay for a tablet.

There are quite a few negatives about the Kindle.

The reason why I have kept the Kindle is that the surfing speed is fast and also I love the carousel. It is great for when I use recipes as I can quickly scroll through all my recipes that I keep in a library (well I say library as they are stuck on the carousel). I also like the general look of the Kindle.

Definitely good for reading books which I think may be the main purpose of the Kindle HD but as it's a tablet I am reviewing it as a tablet.

I tend to use my mobile for the apps that I can't get on the Kindle which is not ideal but I can live with it.

I would not recommend the kindle to anyone unless you have an alternative way of using apps.
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on 5 April 2014
If you want a tablet, which can't access Google Store, has a useless browser and doesn't support flash this is the Tablet for you. Added features include touch screen gobbledygook and a really helpful swish action that you can't turn off and that will add more fun to your writing by adding all sort of crap into your sentences. You can download a useful back door app, in which you can get android apps if the Amazon App store bores you (took me five minutes to get bored of it). I eventually downloaded Firefox and then added Flash as an add on, this only partially works as it completely confounds the tablet and slows it to a crawl. You also need to hard reset it frequently.
Unfortunately these faults detract from what is a well built, superb quality tablet. Like Apple before it, Amazon have sought to control what this Tablet can do, where it can go, and what the CUSTOMER can do with it. This kind of Apple control is unwelcome. The OS has been adulterated from the Google norm and because of this normal Android apps sometimes fail to work properly. Amazon also has a policy of messing around with apps that might end up on the App stores, so Firefox have stopped writing specifically for the Kindle, unless Amazon stops this, apps might be limited, I doubt they would allow another application on their platform that works better than their own. Using firefox allows me to watch Youtube in the browser, which means I can select if I want full screen or watch it in the browser, to watch Youtube using Silk (kindle browser), means it switches to full screen with terrible results. One of the reasons I chose Kindle was because it wasn't Apple, then I found to my horror that they were aping them. A kindle fire is akin to a Ferrari with a Ford 1.2 litre engine in it, lots of looks, lots of potential, just let down by it's engine (OS). If Kindle want to wrest people from Apple, they need to provide better options and hand more control to their customers. It isn't all bad however. The speakers reproduce sounds fantastically well, and the screen resolution is utterly brilliant. The books available are varied and the app to read them is brilliant too. Watching Netflix or BBC iPlayer is superb. The Fire's biggest let down is its pointless browser and fairly restricted app store. Amazon must listen and adapt otherwise they could lose significant customers to other devices.
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on 9 March 2014
Bought for £127 a few days ago. So my inital 2 cents.

I bought the product because of price and because I wanted something to watch more convenient than a PC for movies/tele. I already have a Nexus 7 and Keybroad Kindle, both of which I am more than happy with. Connection via BT Infinity.

PROS: (in order)
(i) Picture is stunning!

(ii) Price.

(iii) 8.9" >> 7.0" - was very surprised at the sheer difference this makes to e-mails/web and having a bigger keybroad.

(iv) Integration into other Amazon services - which I have a lot of, (Lovefilm/Prime, MP3s, & books). Normally I would download content to the device to use, but I find the cloud system to be so integrated that there is no need whilst in the house - this should mean that my Kindle Fire will not end up crammed like my Nexus 7.

(v) There appears to be more content available via Kindle than PC with respect to Lovefilm/Prime. I can't absolutely confirm this, but there does appear to programmes available for free on the Kindle which 'timed-out' or never appeared to be available on the via PC steaming.

(vi) As I intend mainly using Amazon services with the Kindle the carsoual is very effective.

(vii) The sound output is noticabnle the best I have heard - including laptops. However as I use headphones this is not a significant feature to me. Although it does present a convenient alternative to voice radio.

(i) Restrictive use (I would personally want to be able to use BT Cloud services - will try in side load in due course, however can see why it would be doubtful - BBC iPlayer is available btw).

(ii) Side buttons are tricky - when new to user(?). There should be a audio feedback on usage. This is a particular problem when in the dark - wathcing movies in bed - as the screen flips so you never know which way is up/down, left/right.

(iii) Expect much longer battery re-charge times.

(i) Buy the Amazon Charger. It's rated output is 1.8A whereas something like the Kindle reader is 0.8A. So re-using the 'old' charger is not really an option (due to time to fully charge) - as I discovered. I looked at sourcing another charger and settled on the Amazon one. The main reason for this is that I detected that the Kindle Fire HD fully charges up to 70% of battery capacity from near flat then switches to 'trickle charge'. Some chargers will not handle this switch (Kinlde and Nexus 7 ones don't) so you end up with only a 70% chared Kindle Fire. If this occurs with the recommended Amazon charger when it arrives then either the charger or device is going back to Amazon. Note: I am an engineer so I can understand the variation in responses to using alternatives, for ~£22 it's not worth the hassle, imo. Other factor is that as the Amazon charger is rated as 1.8A, 5Volts then all my other devices will - hopefully - benefit from faster charge times as well!

(ii) I purchased a cheap £5 cover, and it's fine.

(iii) I didn't notice any difference between Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire when steaming. So I wouldn't go to town on the dual-port features if you're current steaming is poor.

(iv) Whilst on this subject I have not found the Amazon advertisements to be annoying etc.
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on 23 January 2014
I was bought the kindle HD 8.9 for my birthday in June 2013. From the outset it would only charge to 99%. From around October it then would not charge beyond 68%. I tried re-setting to factory default settings and buying a new kindle 'fast' charger but there was no change. We contacted Amazon who after going through the same suggestions we had already tried, then arranged for a replacement.

This replacement has never charged past the same figure of 68%. On contact with Amazon again they made the very same suggestions again, which didn't work and again finally could do no more than suggest another replacement.

Apart from the initial cost of this kindle it has now also cost me the price of a new charger (which come free with Apple iPad), £25.99 for a screen cover on the first kindle and not to be stung again, £6 for screen covers for the second kindle, one of which also now has to go back with the second kindle.

I was also disgusted to find out that the replacements Amazon send out are actually refurbishments. My husband paid the full price for a brand new kindle. If he had wanted a second hand one he would have bought one at a much lower price. Why should I now be expected to use a kindle which has already been sent back as broken and which Amazon have clearly been unable to fix but have just passed it on again to the next unsuspecting customer?

I would most definitely not buy another kindle HD 8.9 and would again say that after years of happy shopping with Amazon I am very unhappy with their customer service.
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on 12 October 2013
I've had my Kindle for about 3 weeks now and I'm so happy that I chose it over other tablets.

I decided to go for the 8.9 Fire over the other versions as I mainly wanted to use it for watching videos on Lovefilm and surfing the web. I am using it for books too, but not as much as the other services it offers.

First of all, the setup is incredibly easy. Just a couple of clicks and all of my videos, docs, photos, contacts were all synced. I was expecting to have to do this manually and waste a few hours of my life but it was instant... very impressed.

The picture quality it excellent, very crisp with good contrast. When reading I prefer to turn down the brightness and I find I'm able to read for hours without my eyes hurting (about the same as I can with a regular book). I'm really impressed with this as I thought reading from a screen for so long would hurt my eyes.

The sound quality is also great, having the two speakers really makes the difference. There's also a good amount of volume (i.e. I've been able to put music on and hear it clearly whilst doing the dishes or over my partner's snoring, haha).

The app selection isn't as extensive as other brands but the main ones are all there and I get the sense that Amazon are adding new apps all the time so it won't be long until they're up there with other app stores. Don't be confused... Just because this tablet runs on android, you still can't get a lot of apps you would be able to on your android phone. Amazon seem to have a dislike for Google so a lot of Google related apps are chargeable or simply not available. However the above is all moot if you're even remotely tech-savvy (or can access forums for that matter) as it's remarkable easy to bypass the app store and install any app you like directly to the device.

Another thing that impressed me about this tablet is that I can use my Samsung phone charger to charge it up. Massive win. However this does lead me on the the ONLY negative I've found so far... The battery. The battery life is terrible, but I had partly expected this from any tablet. The huge negative is that it takes SO LONG to charge. I don't plan to use my Kindle outside of my house at the moment so it isn't the worst thing in the world that I keep it plugged in a lot, but then there's the fact that the charging port is at the bottom of the device (landscape view) so if I want to watch something I have to hold the tablet rather than use the case to make it stand up on a table. Bit of an annoyance.

It is also noteworthy that I purchased this WITH adverts. The adverts appear on the lock screen and there are some recommendations under the 'home page' carousel. I've just discovered by going through the settings that you can turn off the recommendations WITHOUT CHARGE and all that remain are the lock screen ads. These ads aren't annoying at all, I mean you only look at the lock screen for a second then you unlock it and you're in, ad free. Worth a thought when deciding to purchase with or without ads.

Overall I am so happy with this product. I use it everyday and am excited to build my reading library on here and get though my gigantic Lovefilm watchlist.

Looking forward to buying a bluetooth keyboard to go with it so I can make the most of it productivity wise as well.
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on 14 April 2013
This is a great tablet for consuming Amazon digital content. If you want to do much more than that there are probably better options.

If you have LoveFilm Instant, Audible audiobooks and mp3s from Amazon and use Amazon cloud storage then this is a great choice. It also displays eBooks from Amazon but I would recommend reading them using a Kindle with an e-ink display which is much lighter, has a longer battery life and is less strain on the eyes.

Which tablet you choose for consuming digital content probably will probably depend on who you buy from (Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc). The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 seemed to be the logical choice for me as I already have a e-ink Kindle and use all of Amazon's digital content services.

I considered buying the Google Nexus 10 which is almost certainly a better system but it is more expensive. The Nexus has a 5MP rear facing camera and GPS which I would never use (most people would use a camera or smart phone). The money saved by choosing the Kindle Fire HD could go on a LoveFilm or Audible subscription or be used to buy an e-ink Kindle, e-books or mp3s.

The screen on the device is really nice. HD content from Lovefilm looks good. It is also very good for viewing PDF documents designed for A4 printing. I also use the device for storing and displaying my photographs (I downloaded a couple of apps which are better than the built in photo application). The HDMI output works well when connected to a HD TV. The device also works well as an Internet radio with a free app from the app store. Take note of the weight of the device (567g) and consider how you will be using it. I bought a case which can work as a stand. One problems is that some apps only work in portrait mode and the case I purchased only works as a stand in landscape mode. Another annoyance is that the USB connector is on the bottom of the device when it is in landscape mode and cannot be used for charging the device when the case is used as stand. The WiFi works very well and performs better than my laptop. There may be situations where being able to use the 5GHz band for WiFi is an advantage.

Netflix and the BCC iPlayer don't seem give HD content currently but this is probably the same for all Android devices. Flash support is missing due to Adobe dropping support for Android devices but if you search on the Internet you can find a way to install flash on the system (but Demand Five does not work).

The web browsing experience is OK but not as good as a laptop. It is possible to install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome but the standard Silk browser is OK.

The device loses a star because of the modified Android OS and the Amazon App Store which is missing applications I wanted to install but there are other ways of getting most of the apps which are available for Android. There are however some apps which are only available for iPads but I can manage without them.
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on 31 May 2013
Buy it now - you will NOT regret it - I was hooked after the first couple of hours and my lap top has only been switched on once since I received my Kindle 4 weeks ago!

As I purchased a new lap top last September I debated over spending more money on a Kindle Fire but after speaking to a few people and reading the very helpful positive and negative reviews on Amazon I decided to go ahead and I am SO glad that I did.

The Kindle Fire was the only tablet I considered as I wanted a reasonable sized screen at a reasonable price and one that was easily portable. The fact that it's linked to my Amazon account has proved to be ideal.

I had limited experience of touch screen products so hoped I would get on ok - this is so easy to use even if what you want to touch is very small, it's so accurate. It is the easiest product to use and I keep discovering new things I can do with the Kindle, it has unlimited uses!

It's so easy to set up - not very much you need to do other than personalise it with your own downlaods and shortcuts etc. and it was even partially charged so I could strat using it immediately. The screen is amazing, great, clear pictures, videos are so clear etc.

I knew I wanted to purchase the larger size and I am VERY pleased with it. Yes it is quite heavy but is still so portable and you can lean it against your body to use or purchase a cover which allows it to stand landscape and potrait (see Marware revolve standing case which I have reviewed and is invaluable).

I took the advice of an online reviewer and purchased the 16GB version which can apparently hold 2000 books and also paid the £10 to lose the adverts - both good choices I think as was the charger so that it can be plugged into a wall socket to charge, easier than charging via a computer and faster.

It's fab for internet use, starts up very quickly or can be left on and then wakes up almost immediately. Downloads are ultra fast and ready to use within less than a minute. The online guides are great and all of my queries have been answered this way.

Couple of slight negatives - I have only partially read one book on the Kindle and I'm not sure I like it for this although it may have been the book so I will need to try again although this was not the main reason for my purchase. I have used it in the garden loads of times, very portable but the screen cannot be seen in bright sunlight even when I use the auto brightness function. I had understood this would be possible but perhaps it is the version for reading only that has this ability??? Easy enought to move out of direct sunlight though and the screen can then be read without any problem.

Does not last for the stated 10 hours without being re-charged - it might do if all you are doing is reading but not for anything else. It does have plenty of life in it - probably around 5-6 hours on average depending on what you are using it for and it can be used whilst re-charging if you are close enough to a socket of course!

Do not let that put you off buying, you will not regret it and I cannot recommend the Kindle highly enough. What did I do before my Kindle / what would I do without it!! Amazon perfection yet again!
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on 4 May 2013
... and I'm still in love with this thing! It's great for reading, browsing the news in the morning, and even for watching a film on the go. I'm sure many people will get more out of it than I do with the ability to play games and use social media - both of which I use less frequently.

Down sides:
- there's no true mobile internet ability. Forums suggest using 3's MyFi or connecting via a mobile phone, but the device lacks software to connect directly or using a simple 3/4G dongle.
- there's no expansion ports, so you are limited to the device's internal memory. Cloud storage is available for Amazon purchases but this does limit the number of songs you can store on the device - please note the comment above: you cannot access Cloud storage without a wireless connection.
- the adverts are annoying - I wish I had paid the extra £10 to get rid of them.

Hints and tips:
- get a decent case. My mother has the smaller version of the Kindle Fire with a plastic Amazon case which is tacky, plastic and inconvenient. Shop for one of the better leather ones.
- put a protective film on the screen before you even turn the device on.

I think that's it for now. The connection speeds are great and there are no other grips at all.
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on 20 August 2013
This has exceeded my expectations, it does everything I need it to - Kindle books, live tv, bbc iplayer, netflix, email, facebook, twitter, and the sound and picture quality are fantastic. Very pleased.
I can only suggest that the people expecting a huge instruction book should probably not be using technology in the first place? It's very intuitive and easy to use, what instruction is needed?!

And to the reviewers complaining that the Fire HD doesn't do what they want it to do....reading in bright sunlight, taking photographs, playing facebook Apps, downloading movies rather than streaming - if you're spending a fair amount of money, why wouldn't you do your research first?
Disappointed by the unfairness and stupidity of some of the negative reviews - this is a great product, I love it!
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on 6 February 2014
I have a 7" Kindle Fire HD. I am delighted with it as an e-reader. As a tablet it browses the internet etc. However:
1. Sent Emails on my bt internet account go to the bottom of the list and are all dated 17th January 1970! There are a number of suggestions made by Amazon to try to fix this but in my experience they are fob offs and there is no fix yet. I still get emails (seemingly automated ones) from support saying they are trying to fix it but clearly after all this time they cannot do so. I only have this problem with my btinternet/yahoo account. It works perfectly for my other email servers. Be aware that it may not work with your server. You will see loads about this problem if you google it.
2. Do not believe that the Kindle Fire has anti glare. My wife has the basic reader and I had a Paperwhite before my 7" Kindle Fire HD. The Reader and the Paperwhite are brilliant in sunlight. The Fire is the same as any other glass screen on a phone or laptop in sunlight and is difficult to read, but great for combing your hair.
If you have a bt/yahoo email account or want to read in sunlight on holiday, the Kindle Fire is probably only going to be an irritation for you and you should maybe either look at another email server or other products. In summary, a pleasing product but with disappointments.
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