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4.4 out of 5 stars67
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2013
Okay, first a confession. When my brother first introduced me to Hitman: Blood Money on his Xbox 360 over five years ago, I didn't get it. I played a few levels, and in each one I would blow everyone away, not hide any bodies or put any thought into how I could creatively dispose of my targets. Needless to say, I hated the game and gave up after a few levels. Soon afterwards, my brother asked me to play it again, but this time he told me to avoid killing anyone unless absolutely necessary and to try and make any deaths look accidental.
I reluctantly decided to give the game another go and within a few hours, I was having an absolute blast. Stealthily making your way through the level, finding your target, taking him or her out in whatever way you see fit and then leaving before anyone even knows you've been there is absolutely thrilling and when a hit goes absolutely perfectly, the feeling of accomplishment is immense. The main thing that makes the Hitman series so enjoyable, is the freedom your given in each game. You can take out your targets in several different ways. You can snipe your target from a buiding, or you can sneak into his house and place a bomb in his chair. You can hide on top of an elevator and strangle your target when he enters, or you can place a bomb in the elevator and watch the fun unfold. Do you poison a wedding cake, or do you place a bomb in it? (I like blowing things up okay?)
All three games in the collection are fun but I STRONGLY recommend starting with Hitman 2 and working your way up to Blood Money. Hitman Blood Money fixed a lot of problems that were present in earlier titles. I found it incredibly difficult to get into Hitman 2 the first time I played it. (I played it on my Ps2 shortly after completing Blood Money on 360.) It is an incredibly difficult game. People easily see through your disguises, the controls are very fiddly and guards will frequently open fire on you for doing such heinous acts as running or opening certain doors. But once you get into it, it's still a very enjoyable game and has some fantastic levels. I should also say that I found the first level one of the most difficult in the entire game, so if your thinking of giving up because you find the game too hard, it does get a bit easier later.
Hitman: Contracts is a very good game as well and is arguably a better game than 2. It's definitely an easier game to complete anyway. Certain levels in this game are some of my favourite levels in the entire series, such as a mission set around a mansion late at night. The only problem I really had with contracts was that I found it to be very short and it ended quite abruptly. But since your essentially getting three games in one here, it's not a big of a problem this time around.
Finally we have Hitman Blood Money which is a lot of people's favourite of the series and it's not hard to see why. Nearly every mission in the game is an absolute gem. Many aspects of the previous games were also improved. Disguises work a lot better here and unless your acting very foolishly, you can walk around in any disguise relatively care free. Overall this collection is great value and a lot of fun. I can't say for sure whether everyone will enjoy it though. Unfortunately, it seems Absolution was many people's first Hitman game, which is a bit of a shame. Such people will probably find it very difficult to go back and play such old titles now. While I do believe Absolution is a great little game, it didn't offer close to the amount of freedom you were given in the previous games. That's why I encourage everyone to give this collection a go. Whether your a long time fan or just recently discovered the series, there's something for everyone here. Some may just have to look harder than others to find it.
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on 5 February 2013
These are all the great hitman games rolled up in a great package and price isn't bad either. I had to buy this for my Bday so after a playthrough of all 3 games here is a review of what I think.
Hitman 2.
Critics say it is the best of the 3 games but I personally disagree the reason is it has many flaws compared to the other games (Its older) it is very easy to be spotted even when you aquire disguises you still get spotted easily and being stealthy is extremly difficult and it doesnt take long for your health to be depleted which leads to frustration. I still think hitman 2 has good points aswell Lots of good levels and big maps and tons of guns.
Hitman Contracts.
has been under rated by critics but I love this game its easier to be silent a stealthy, health limit and combat is much improved and it looks Fantastic in HD and the soundtrack is the best of the hitman series,
Finally Hitman Blood Money.
It is looking very crisp in HD and is the best game play of all three (Newest of the 3), levels are exciting to play and you can upgrade certain weapons aswell. All in all im Impressed with this collection it brings back memories of when they1st came out, but the HD Improvements make much it better and for 20 quid its a bargain.
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This HD collection has drawn some criticism for not including the original Hitman: Codname 47 as part of the package (though, to be fair, it's not the first HD collection to eliminate the original). But let's be honest, no amount of tinkering is going to make a 13-year-old game look remotely acceptable in 1080p. Instead this collection gives us 2,3, and 4. Only the 4th game was released in HD previously, as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - 3/5

Having never played the original Hit-man: Agent 47 when it came out way back in 2000 I originally played the sequel for the cheap thrills of blasting enemies halfway across the screen (those silenced Ballers really pack a punch). Upon playing it again I'm sorry to say that the game has not aged well in the past 11 years. I guess I have been spoiled by HD graphics and higher resolution so much that the bland-ish environments didn't do much for me. The game takes place in a variety of locations around the world but never feels atmospheric. There is some really poor AI and glitches all over the place too.

From fans of the franchise I have gathered that the fun in the Hit-man games is the variety of ways you can infiltrate the target's safety and wipe them out. Well...not in Hit-man 2. There's only a couple of levels where you get more than one option, and most of the time it's quicker and easier to just go in all guns blazing than waste precious hours with stealth.

I have no doubt that the Hit-man games have become more immersive as the technology refined over the years, but Hit-man 2 is an unspectacular reminder of that era between CD-ROM shooters of the late 90s and the current generation HD consoles. Fun to play through one, and then inevitably forgotten forever afterwards.

Hitman : Contracts - 3.5/5

Coming 2 years after Hit-man 2 it's hard to believe that a game from 2004 could look and feel so 1998. The story has Agent 47 collapse in a Paris hotel room where he has flashbacks to previous missions (including 4 remakes from the first game) while an unseen doctor helps him recover. The tone is darker and more personal, and it feels tighter, I just wish the lazy programming didn't spoil it.

There are 12 levels in total, and if you're just in it for the 'thrill' of mass murdering then you'll whisk though the entire game in a single day. If you're going for the 'Silent Assassin' rankings then you'll get a bit more mileage out of it. Your efforts might be spoiled by security guards and cops seeing through your disguise FOR NO REASON! You better be rock solid on your controller with no twitchy fingers if you want those rankings, and be prepared to scream at the monitor until your larynx disintegrates.

Hit-man: Contracts came in at the tail-end of the Sixth Generation of console video gaming and thus became dated very quickly. It's a lot tighter than the expansive, and slightly overwrought, Hit-man 2, but IO Interactive really should have refined the programming.

Hitman: Blood Money - 3.5/5

Two years later this, the 4th game in the popular series, came out - right at the infancy of HD gaming. It shows, but it's still a noticeable graphic improvement. For this entry IO Interactive have changed the controls and gameplay, which annoyed me at first, but you get used to it, even though they are still rather fiddly and you'll often select the wrong command by accident.

The story bounces around in time as Agent 47 travels to various locations around the world offing evil-doers. It ties into the story of Hit-man: Contracts rather tightly, which is not something I expected it to do. The killing and gameplay is still very similar and the game doesn't offer anything new in that regard. I think it is time that Hit-man starts introducing gorier deaths that obliterate victims or feature noticeable damage instead of the ragdoll effects after a sudden burst of red.

I liked this game, but for Agent 47's first jaunt into HD I would have preferred new methods of killing that would benefit from the better resolution. Maybe next time.

The reformatting of Hitman 2 and 3 into a 1.78:1 aspect ratio is mostly flawless, but the peeking-through-the-keyhole shots have not been reconfigured, making the crucial visual details left out of view. The remastered Dolby Digital sound is good enough, but there is a deafening error during the Rotterdam level in Contracts that was pure torture on the ears.

Previous to purchasing this collection I had only ever played Hitman 2 on the Gamecube 9 years ago. Contracts was planned and then cancelled for the Gamecube, so to make this most of it I was determined to get the Platinum trophy for all three. It's a tricky, and sometimes extremely infuriating goal, but the nature of the gameplay lends itself well to trophy hunting.

Now lets bring on HD collections of Resident Evil 0-3, Sonic Adventure 1,2, and Heroes (already available on the PSN), Scooby-Doo, The Simpsons, Die Hard Trilogies/Nakatomi Plaza, Batman, etc...
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on 16 December 2014
Hitman is one of those series where you either get it or you don't, some people like stealthing through missions without any bodies found or alarms activated, and others just take the madman route killing everyone. You get a lot more satisfaction after a perfect mission though. I'll start from the beginning of the series which isn't in this boxset. The original, Hitman Codename 47 was where it all started and was a basis for some of the levels from Hitman Contracts to be remade from. It was a hard, clunky game with difficult controls and a huge lack of direction in terms of where you had to go, making some missions extremely difficult. I struggled a lot with the controls too. It was however one of the first games in that stealth/assassin genre in 3rd person where you could hide in plain sight after killing a target, then just walk straight back into the action dressed as them.

The sequel, Silent Assassin, changed the template drastically, it had essentially a completely new interface, easy controls for console, and was extremely fun to play. This was the best hide in plain sight stealth game I'd played, the level design was mostly good, always unique, and had so much potential for multiple playthroughs. It also had the best soundtrack in my opinion, was a joy to play. The sequel/prequel, Contracts, was hit and miss for me. It did have some excellent levels, like beldingford manor and traditions of the trade, a remake of a level from the first game, but not enough had changed from 2 years earlier, apart from a few new animations. Again special mention to the outstanding soundtrack by jesper kyd. Some loved it, but it wasn't a big enough step up for me. Blood Money came out again 2 years after the previous game, and it brought a lot of change, but also simplified things a lot, you could just run past the AI then they'd lose you and go back to normal, not on high alert. The accident system also made things even easier to get silent assassin on every mission provided you knew what to do. I found it disappointing again, there was a lot of change but they had simplified too many mechanics to make it easier for casual players, it put series fans like me off. The level design was very good though, but the soundtrack was a little too hollywood for my taste.

5 stars probably seems a lot then considering I complained about 2/3 of the games, but the simple fact is the satisfaction of beating a level perfectly made it all worthwhile, I loved playing them after school during secondary school and I wish I could forget everything about the series in order to play it all over again.
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on 1 August 2013
As an old hitman fan , this product is a MUST have for any new or old hitman fan.
Picked this up after the massive disappointment of Hitman Absolution and enjoyed every single second i spent playing it , million times more than Absolution.
This is the real agent 47 , the real masterpiece. you gotta use your head , you gotta find the best way to get in , kill the target and get out without being seen.
All 3 hitmans are unique games and they get better by each title ( till absolution).
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on 7 February 2013
A must buy for any series veteran, newcomer to the Hitman series and lover of stealth games! First off, they're very different to Absolution. I've played them all and Absolution is great but these keep to the true formulae of the series.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin... For me this is the weakest title of the HD trilogy. Everything is very dated with super annoying glitches. Fun can be had but patient is key to have real enjoyment out of this product.

Hitman: Contracts... No not the hit creator on Absolution but a half Codename 47 remake and half own content in it's own right. After completing this game again the other day, I can safely say this is probably my favourite title in the series. Love the hits, mission locations and general gameplay mechanics.

Hitman: Blood Money... Haven't really got into Blood Money with this HD trilogy release yet. Own it on PS2, 360 and PC. Considered the best by most people, it isn't the PS2 version up-scaled like most people have said but the 360 release version of 2006. It's only 720p not 1080i and doesn't have 4x AA like the 360 version.

Overall, £20 is a very fair price, Blood Money and Contracts alone would be fair at £30 as both titles offer superb gameplay and almost endless replay-ability.
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on 17 July 2013
Three Games and thus about 40 Missions. For some reason we still don't have a HD port or remake of the original game which is disappointing. And surprisingly Hitman 2 is the longest of the sequels with about 20 missions in it and only about 10 in the other ones.

It goes without saying that Hitman Blood Money is really the bigger and more improved one of the lot with Contacts having its fair share of improvements but overall these games while classic and having their moments just feel empty. Absolution was certainly a downgrade of its predecessors but playing through these after having played through that kinda makes me wanna play the new one instead. Its a strange and weird feeling.

Personally I think this was one of those franchises that got as good as it could get and should've stayed dead. But if you're a fan of thinking your way around how to complete a level by being slow and smart then I would say these games are a example of how to learn in being patient. But if standing still and thinking isn't your thing I wouldn't recommend these unless you're a fan looking for that old Nostalgic feeling.
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on 16 May 2014
I had never owned a hitman game before and I didn't know whether to get the newest hitman absoloution but being a fan of ps2 games I decided to get this game along with the splinter cell games. This game is amazing! It comes with hitman 2, hitman contracts and hitman blood money- I found that blood money was the best game of the three followed up by hitman 2 then contracts. The delivery was fast as well, I ordered during the Easter holidays on a Sunday at 9pm and the game arrived at the local amazon locker at approximately 3-4 pm ( please note that I was not using express delivery). Graphics wise I don't understand why these games that are up to ten years old are being compared to newer titles, I compared these games to their originals and other ps2 titles and this hd remake does an excellent job. Also I do not reccomend this game to a gamer who has hardly any patience in the games as this is a STEALTH game and sometimes to win u have to wake at a snails pace !!! Hitman also uses very good disguise machanics but in hitman two make one wrong move and your covers blown .
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on 4 March 2013
Great price for what your getting but the games have ages dramatically. but a collectors must !!! HD has very little effect
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on 9 March 2014
If you like any games about espionage and assassins, then this product is totally what you are looking for. It consists of three games: Hitman 2, Hitman Contracts and Hitman Bloodymoney. The second is probably one of my old favorites because I used to absolutely love ps2, but I gotta say Hitman Bloodmoney is the best! Its got it all and so do all three games included; stealth, intrigue, taking people out using every and all kinds of assassination methods and espionage application, a really cool secret agent musical score and set in the coolest and most choosable locations all around the world for the most enjoyable assassination and espionage mission events. As well as this, the storyline and combined with the action and gameplay quality, I find for somebody who plays many games, totally kicks ass. If you are into games about assassins, stealth or any kind of espionage action, then this game is a must have.
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