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on 17 May 2013
First off apologies for my choice of review title.

If you enjoy playing skyrim then chances are you might well have bought this already but if you're a late comer or like me someone that waits for price drops or shops around then this will still be on your purchasing radar.

Dawnguard adds a pair of opposing factions, the vampires and the dawnguard of the DLC's title. Thankfully these bloodsuckers are not the bland faceless holywood type but will actively slaughter towns and villages, including quest npc's the game doesnt feel are important enough.

Crossbow's were added and can be crafted alongwith different types of bolt should you side with the dawnguard, unlock via quests, with the vampire being less inclined to use stake based weaponary. New spells and shouts were also added but the use of those will vary more with how someone plays through the game.

The DLC slots itself into the game nicely. Once installed you get a letter and the guards start talking about attacks and the dawnguard fort rather than sweet rolls or arrow based injurys. The companions that can be got don't suit all playstyles, such as an armoured troll being rubbish at any sort of stealth, of course!

The story isnt bad and unlike the base game it feels like they actually had time to flesh things out. My complaint is that skyrim has lots to do but most of that lacks depth or substance without mods, guild questlines that fizzle out very quickly are a good example of whats bad in that regard.

Thankfully playing on the pc you can get mods for pretty much everything so the dragon attacks can be pretty brutal but the non-combat npc's will actually try to hide. A hundred or so mods and you have skyrim playing the way it could have been at launch and dawnguard slots into that pretty well.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2013
I have been an elder scrolls fan for several years now, I started my collection with Oblivion and went back to play Morrowind. While I will not deny that Skyrim was the best the redundancy of the undead classes did bug me, in Oblivion being a vampire had much better perks and the werewolf transformation was only useful for me at a low level as by level thirty I was doing as much damage if not more in a human form and could heal any damage taken more easily. Straight away Dawnguard fixes these gripes, with the addition of the vampire lords being a vampire is suddenly useful and the addition of skill trees for both werewolves and vampires gives both options new merit. And that's not even mentioning the story line, whether you side with the vampires or the dawnguard there is a sense that something really big is happening here, the new companion you receive has a personal stake in the story which gives you all the more reason to get stuck in. My one complaint is that the attempt to make archers more useful with the addition of a crossbow kind of doesn't work, my archer character is still the hardest to use it's just that now he can reload a little faster.
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on 1 January 2013
Just to those who are about to buy this add-on for Skyrim, or are struggling, please read.

This game is running off of Steam. You will get the box, it will be empty, (NO CD!), but you will get an activation code where you can download the game from Steam itself.

-Negativity, some people buy this, and expect it to be a CD that people can install freely.

-Positivity, you must understand that the add-on is Steam so that the creators don't lose money.
We all know how successful Skyrim is, and how much they've put into the game itself, and the add-on. If the add-on was a CD, it would be easy to scam them.
Person A, and person B have Skyrim installed.
Person A has the add-on, but person B doesn't.
Person A downloads it, and gives it to person B, since there's no restriction on how many times you can download a CD. So person B gets the add-on for... FREE!

I agree with the reviews however, the title is miss-leading. EXTREMELY miss-leading.
I advise it be changed to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard Add-on (PC Activation key for Steam).
It would cure a lot of confused users/buyers. And people will get what they expect.

Hope I helped some of you.
And, a Happy New Year to everyone!
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12 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 23 January 2013
To start off with, the delivery time of this game was very fast and I do love the game. I can't say anything against delivery time at all. But...

I really like the game. My friend has it for the Xbox. I ordered this game in hopes to recieve a disk but instead recieved a code to download it off of Steam. This wasn't specified at the time I ordered my game and if I knew it was going to be a code, I wouldn't have ordered it.

This is because 1) the reason I ordered a disk is because I have no Internet connection other than my phone so downloading is impossible. 2) I generally prefer physical copies and 3) a physical copy will be the only way I actually get to play the game.

I have Skyrim and Dawngard and just to actually play them I had to take my computer to a friends house which was a pain as it is big and heavy. I then had to create a Steam account and install everything there. This is annoying because I'll take my computer home and never use Steam again.

I understand the need to crack down on piracy and I do know that it is a big problem but it's not the people who go along with piracy that get punished. They just "fix" it with a crack. It's people like me and the other fans of this game who genuinely purchase it that get punished. We are subject to online downloading when to be honest not everyone has the capability to do so.

I love this game and the rest of its series but I can't believe what I actually had to do to play this game.
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on 14 April 2014
The different style that is added to Skyrim by this DLC is very enjoyable. The 'Gothic' feel somehow works in spite of it's apparent incongruence. It took me a while to get into playing as a vampire (optional) but I think it really does work rather well. I think I enjoyed Dragonborn all the more for playing it as a vampire (straight after completing this).
Glitches are fixed with the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch and it really was very easy to add to my already heavily modded Skyrim.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 23 March 2013
to Shane Jones
You are wrong: all games requiring a steam activation are bonded to the user account, you can use serial code once only in your steam account, you can not give it to another user: once a serial number has been used, it's useless for any other user (and you can give the serial code to other uers only if you give them ID and pw of the account in which you registered the game).
What's disappointing is that you have to pay for shipping rates of this item: it's a simple code with letters/nunmbers, why don't they send a simplier and faster email? why use postmail? Price is very low, but for shipping i should have to pay 8£: why? it's very stupid...
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on 18 April 2013
I have already played Dawnguard on the Xbox and i wasn't dissapointed with it at all, great storyline, great gameplay etc...
The reason i got it for PC aswell is i wanted to play Skyrim and the DLC's with mods installed as it does give a complete different experience, downloading it through steam is a bit annoying but i don't mind putting up with it.
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on 8 May 2013
it has it all. 290hours played and it still holds new adventures and loads of fun, and even though with all the followers and npcs animals etc it would be neat with a multiplayer edition:D
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 31 December 2012
I bought this as an add on for skyrim, I was hoping for a cd to be able to install it, I was very disappointed to find a key code for steam, it's a good game but I am not happy about the misleading title
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on 13 May 2013
Dawnguard is awesome. Skyrim is already a great game but this DLC with the skill trees it adds for Vamps and Werewolves really adds to the awesomeness.
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