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on 27 February 2014
Following ongoing problems with Windows 7, I ordered 6 iMACs for my team last year. Initially, we were all very pleased. The MAC OS is very user friendly and easy to use and the resolution and clarity of the display is fantastic. A particular advantage is that it is based on UNIX/Linux which made it very easy to integrate the new iMACs with our high-performance Linux cluster.

However, during the last nine months 3 of the 6 iMACs broke down due to hardware problems: on two the display blew up - with smoke coming out ventilation slits; on one the fan stopped working which led to overheating. The damage was covered by the warranty, but the iMACs had to be sent away to Apple Service and the repair took 2-4 week; during that time Apple did not provide any replacement. Fortunately, we had two laptops that our team could use as a replacement in the meantime, but this is certainly not the level of service I would have expected from Apple. So based on our (limited) experience, the hardware clearly does not appear to be very reliable.
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on 12 July 2013
Purchased one of these when my last (and only three and a half years old) iMac died a horrible death a few days ago. As I'm a freelance technical artist I felt it better to buy new rather than have clients waiting for mine to come back for repair and me being effectively out of a job.

This one is leaps ahead of the old in certain respects.

The first thing you'll notice, as others have said, is the thickness of the body. With the current trend to make everything slimmer, Apple have followed suit but to achieve this, they've removed the disc drive. That is my aforementioned main niggle. For an extra £65.00 you have to purchase an external drive. I opted for the USB Superdrive by Apple. A bit annoying because not only do you have to cough up more, the external drive uses up one of the USB ports.

The slimness of the unit also makes it less stable and more flimsy than the old one. For instance, plugging anything external into the back means you have to physically hold the unit with one hand....fingerprints.

On the plus side, it's easy to set up. Literally plug in, register with Apple and go. There isn't even a start up disc now. Also, the screen is a lot less reflective. This was one of my biggest bug bears with the old design. As my workstation is near a window, I constantly had to close the blinds when the sun came through at a certain angle and especially when working on a 'dark' piece of artwork. That doesn't happen with this one. I'm not sure what Apple have done there, but whatever it is, it's a huge improvement.

So overall, I'm happy. Okay, £65 is not a huge amount, but I wasn't too happy having paid good money for it, to find that I had to buy another piece of (essential) kit for it to be of use other than simply a glorified iTablet. Had that not been the case, I'd have given it five stars.

Note to Apple.......I love Apple products, but could you have not at least built in an extra USB port? Or better still included the drive as a standard accessory? After all, that is an essential piece of hardware. You chose to omit it from the design, and we are as customers shelling out well over £1,000 for your product. I'm surprised that you actually still include the keyboard and mouse as standard. Is that to be next? You might find that your customers may start feeling a little ripped off.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 March 2013
This is my first Apple product. My old desktop was acting-up so I sought the advice of my Grandson who has only recently bought an iMac. His first comment was that he would never go back to a Microsoft driven pc. He showed me how quickly and conveniently the iMac worked and how simple it was to use once you realised that the old righthand mouse button was now the toolbar at the top of the screen.
I have since added Office 2011 and bought the 'Dummies' books for the OS and Office. I have also added 'Mackeeper' to my system which really does help with keeping the pc clear of unwanted files etc.
Strongly recommended to those who can afford one!
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on 1 January 2013
To start off I really like the display on this iMac. It's bright, lucid and applications/websites look amazing on it. I love the slim design of the monitor and its light weight is a real bonus given that it sits on a small desk in my bedroom. The design is absolutely stunning and even my mother, who can't stand computers, commented on the nice aesthetics. Another fantastic feature of this set up is the involvement of just one wire connected to the back of the monitor - allowing for clutter free computing. The wireless keyboard and 'magic' mouse are again well designed and look fantastic alongside the computer.

My impressions of the computer's performance are largely positive. I haven't had a chance to install Sibelius composition software yet as I'm waiting for an external DVD drive that I purchased. Although I use CDs and DVDs the lack of an optical drive is not a major hassle for me although I can appreciate that others may feel hesitant about purchasing a computer without a DVD or even blu ray drive. This base model computer performs very well and handles multiple programmes with ease. This leads me on to my only criticism of the imac - I can't upgrade the memory myself. There are no removable slots at the back to do so and I can only imagine that installing memory myself would involve deconstructing the machine - not something I'm keen to do! Apple...why couldn't you have made it easier to upgrade memory on this computer? Although 8gb is sufficient for my computing needs I'd like to think I could upgrade this as it is my computer and not Apple's!

This is the first Apple computer I've purchased and it is quite a change from Microsoft based systems. The operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, takes a little getting used to but can be easily mastered by those new to it. Having used it for a few days now it's great to use. A lot more intuitive and less cluttered than Microsoft operating systems tend to be.

Plus points

Fantastic screen with sharp and bright display
Slim and lightweight design
Good quality sound from inbuilt speakers
Keyboard and mouse are well designed and feel nice to use
Easy to use operating system

Negative points

Not easy...or even possible? upgrade RAM
Lack of optical drive although external ones can be purchased at relatively low cost
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on 22 May 2013
I was getting so frustrated with continuous problems with microsoft based pc's and laptops, many times it was only by luck that the things behaved and worked, ( I have had computers for many years).
I had reached the point with my mid range laptop that it was going to be thrown out of the window.
I went to one of the quality retailers and was given a demonstration of an i mac, I was astounded by the smoothness.
The store couldnt supply me for a week.
I went on line to the remaining electrical retail giant, they had what I needed in stock, it was dispatched that day.
Everything about the mac was quality, even the look and feel of the packaging.
The most difficult part of my mac was finding the on/off switch. Everything works smoothly; of course it is different, it is not a pc, and I am glad of that.
Pay the extra and ENJOY computing again
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on 1 May 2013
Ok, so I didn't buy it just to look at. So far it performs fantastically well. Not sure why I had to buy a separate disc drive however which was a bit annoying but other than that so far so good
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on 3 January 2013
I was going to buy one of these off Amazon until I saw the likes of Kikatek selling these for £128 above RRP. I'm not a fan of companies who exploit short supply and rip off customers knowing that availability is limited. Luckily, I have Costco membership and I bought one last week for £1055 (inc. VAT) with a 2yr warranty. I'm still fairly new to Apple and I've only had this remarkable machine for a week but, that's long enough for me to agree with the saying "Buy a Mac and you won't go back". Unlike Windows, OS X is written to match the hardware perfectly and there is no hassle finding drivers that aren't ready for Windows 8 for example. Even though I could have got a Windows all-in-one for less, it would never be a work of art like this, have such a stunning display and would not run nearly as fast or as reliably. Even though this is an "entry level" model, it beats the beats similar Windows all-in-ones hands down. Ask yourself... do you want a fast computer with a solid, perfectly matched OS or one that crashes, fragments, nags for updates and suffers a lot more from viruses and malware? My 5* rating applies to the product only of course and wouldn't even give Amazon 1* for allowing this to be sold at inflated prices.
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on 18 March 2013
Changing from PC to Mac took quite a while for me, but I've picked it up fast and am so pleased that I was kindly talked into it by good friends.

Very few gripes with Mac, although getting used to different photo-editing tools is my only irritation.

I have come back to edit this page as I have ever more good things to say about my new MAC. I am delighted with it and even iMovies is providing me with a good movie making tool, despite it not being a completely user-friendly interface.

Having no DVD drive is no problem at all, neither does it have a cassette player or somewhere I can hear my vinyl records, but lets move on. This is not a completely new concept and downloading on this machine is a doodle.

The graphics are fabulous - gaming is good i.e. Second Life (known to be tetchy at the best of times) runs smoothly and without heating the computer to boiling point.

I have a feeling that I'll never look back to PC again.
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on 12 May 2014
neat, stylish, slimline, fast, good looking and many other complimentary adjectives that don't come immediately to mind though ought to. it does everything i want in double quick time and once you get used to the workings of an apple it leaves the PC and its rattling windows far behind though i still use that for most of the simple admin tasks which its software appears to be best at, but for processing high gig photos and anything that requires any heavy manipulation of megabits then this gets the job done and leaves a 4 gig of Ram PC absolutely standing. hares and tortoises sum's it up, though as i hinted i am not so keen on their everyday software, for that i prefer Microsoft's that might be a match made in heaven. although still probably a downside i would then have to get rid of the dinky little keyboard for the PC's much more complex ones and the simplicity of the functions can be an advantage sometimes.
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on 25 January 2013
Am I the only Apple customer annoyed and insulted by Apple's decision (amongst other things) not to include a CD / DVD drive on the new iMac?

It is a desktop computer. What does it matter if it is thinner than the previous iMac? Who cares if it's "5mm thin"?

It is a classic example of form over function. So long as it is thinner than the stand it sits on it makes no practical difference if it is thinner than before.

What does make a differrence however is how it works, what jobs it is capable of doing and how easy it is for those jobs to be done.

Without a CD / DVD drive a number of jobs / tasks are no longer possible on this machine.

It's obvious but...

You can no longer import your CDs into itunes.

You can't install your software CDs or DVDs onto the computer.

You can't watch DVDs on it.

You can't burn CDs or DVDs for playlists, back ups of data / photos / home movies etc

What I find insulting is that Apple use the excuse of disregarding the DVD/CD drive in an attempt to make the iMac (pointlessly) thin.

This isn't the real reason. Surely the real reason is so that you can no longer import CDs and DVDs, so as a result people will be forced to buy all their music and movies etc through iTunes, and software through the app store.

It is simply a money making exercise. Apple are deliberatley inconveniencing their customers in an attempt to force them to spend more of their money through iTunes rather than buy the cheaper, better quality and often preferable CDs and DVDs.

What is more insulting (and deliberately rude) is Phil Shiller's remark that people wanting the option to have a CD / DVD drive on their iMac are "stuck in the past".

I'm not stuck in the past. I'm a professional photographer whose clients often require images on DVDs. The clients are not stuck in the past either. They are at the cutting edge of fashion, design and advertising.

To say DVDs and CDs are out of date technology is simply untrue. Whilst it may be the case for some, for the vast majority of the Earth's population they are very current technology.

75% of all music and movies are still bought on CD and DVD. Apple might not like that, but it's true.

Most people also have collections of music and movies that they would like to be able to import onto their new iMac.

Apple used to be about building machines that suited the needs of creative professionals. It seems these days are over.

Apple now thinks it is acceptable to insult these customers by pretending that it is more important to have a "5mm thin" computer (at the edges only) than have a CD/ DVD reader / writer.

But this is far from the only appalling design decision Apple made regarding this iMac.

They also chose to have all the USB and Thunderbolt ports out of reach on the back of the machine.

They have abandoned their firewire support completely, leaving everyone with firewire connected external hard drives etc in a situation where they have to buy ridiculously overpriced adaptors in order to use them on these machines.

They also located the DS card slot along side the USB ports on the back of the iMac (the most inconvenient and annoying place possible on the iMac).

Along with the speaker, now facing backwards and away from the computer's user making the sound terrible. How can that possibly be a good idea?

My gripe isn't about money or the cost of an external drive.

I know I can buy an external DVD drive, and I have, but not an Apple one, a Samsung blu-ray writer. But what is the point of having a thin computer when you then have to have a drive sitting next to it using up a USB port?

Apple should not be allowed to get away with these underhand and insulting tactics and remarks.

I've been a loyal Apple customer for twenty years and have a huge amount of Apple computers, ipads, iphones etc. But I'm unhappy with their new direction.

Apple succeeded in becoming as big as they are today because customers like me bought their machines because we wanted something better to use for our work than the technology provided by the PC market.

A good looking machine is fine, but not when it comes at the price of practicality and functionality.

It's time they stop treating their customers this way and give us what we want and need, and not just what they want us to have.

This isn't the Apple that Steve Jobs created, and this company isn't infallible, it is losing it's direction and it's integrity.

If they don't want to continue to lose the support of a growing number of disgruntled customers Apple need to have a word with themselves.
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