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on 23 August 2013
How do you put a new prophet and a very religious christian girl together in a book? Jess Mountifield managed to write a first book in a series about exactly this situation. Anya has been sent by God to the place where Sherdan is trying to build a new society according to a prophecy. The book then gives in detail the problems in a new type of society, the problems with the world around, with the government of the country they're in.
The whole idea is nicely developped, also the growing relation between Anya and Sherdan.
The end of the book is still very open, even when one episode is clearly coming to an end there.
Finding the good and the bad guys is not that easy there, idealists are not always thinking about the others...
Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, hoping it won't take too long!

ps. I received a free e-book in return for an honest review, this has in no way influenced the outcome of this text!
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on 15 December 2012
I have just finished reading this book. If you have liked any of her previous books, you will definitely love this one. This is the first of , hopefully, many in a series. The author manages to portray the pain, love, stress and happiness of the characters and their struggle to understand why they are where they are and why they are who they are. I hope to see more of this in future books in the series.
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on 9 August 2013
I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.

This is a very intriguing read! I just had to keep reading to see what would happen next especially with Sherdan and Anya and whether or not my mis-trust in Hitchin is well founded!!!
I loved reading as Sherdan managed to secure his "Country"
I was really shocked by Anya leaving the way she did and the fact that I was my right in my thought's concerning Hitchin's!!!
I really can't wait to read the next book in this series to see where Sherdan's and ANya's lives take them and if they will ever be reunited!!!
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on 8 September 2013
A very intriguing and thought provoking book and something quite different to anything I expected. To me, this story was an emotional battlefield, where the two main characters confronted each other, not on a physical level, but more on a spiritual one.

Sherdan is obviously a highly intelligent man, a scientist who has created a drug, an enzyme designed to trigger special abilities in his 'subjects.' Anya, who sneaks her way into his compound knows of a `prophecy' which immediately causes unrest. She is immediately captured and worse, subjected to two days of torture by his interrogation team. Yet, somehow, she resists by entering a trance-like state - until Sherdan stops the interrogation for reasons even he cannot explain. It appears that Anya is on a higher mission. Yet when Hitchin tells him of a 2nd prophecy, one in which Anya plays a vital part, Sherdan's feelings change and he ultimately wants to protect her.

His over-ambitious 'plan' to establish his own country `Utopia' in which his `subject' reside, angers the British government to an extent where the prime minister calls the troops in. But Sherdan has developed sophisticated defence mechanisms which render their artillery useless. As the story develops, I began to think that Sherdan was not an evil person - a megalomaniac, yes, obsessed with power and trying to play God. Yet he genuinely believes that what he is doing is `good' in trying to create a perfect world. I enjoyed the power play between the two characters. Anya is so sweet and genuinely innocent, she seems almost divine. I could identify with her arguments that a `Utopia' could never exist, due to the corruptible nature of the human mind.

I liked was the gradual change in Sherdan as he began to fall in love with her. It changes him in ways you don't expect. Instead of trying to break her, he tries to understand her. He wants to make her happy, so that she may genuinely come to love him too and stay in his compound because she wants to and not through force. There is a lot more I'd like to say about this story - and was curious how Anya developed a special power of her own (without the drug). So I'll end this review by saying this was an exceptional book, with a very interesting underlying concept and I am interested to know where the story will go next, since it ends on a cliff hanger.
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on 21 June 2013
Sherdan's Prophecy by Jess Mountifield is written with such conviction and delicacy that every word has significance as the story is beautifully brought to life with elegant grace. The author is able to bring to the forefront an excellent love story with plenty of emotional turmoil for many well portrayed characters on the backdrop of a national emergency. Action scenes are purposefully placed and are an excellent pace changer to keep readers on their toes and with a few mysteries interwoven into the storyline that readers will be hooked until the last words and beyond.
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on 15 August 2013
Beauty and the Beast in a near future Christian Science Fiction Setting

If the word Christian makes you feel uncomfortable and negative towards this book ignore your feelings or you will miss what promises to be an enjoyable series. The book is a clever reworking of Beauty and the Beast, where a truly amoral man is touched by the gentle nature and physical beauty of a rather naïve young woman.

The protagonist, Sherdan, is a man so consumed by a dream that he has let all his common humanity slide and considers himself to be more powerful than God with an absolute right to decide who lives and who dies. After the worst possible start to a courtship possible he starts to try to win heart of the girl initially as a cold almost scientific process but then more humanly as his heart starts to melt under the influence of Anya (and a small ginger kitten).

The author deals with Anya's dilemma when she struggles between the tenets of her faith and her growing desire for Sherdan in a sensitive and believable way that many of us will recognise from our own lives.

The book suffers slightly from being the first in a series so very little is resolved and the author is too tied up in one part of the story that the background plot is slightly one dimensional (the fault that denies it a fifth star).

That apart I am, looking forward to the sequel.
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on 29 November 2013
How set we can be in our thinking when we make certain things absolute? Sherdan can only think towards one goal and is so used to always have his way that it doesn't even enter his mind that events can have a different reason or explanation other than for the benefit of him and his compound. Narcissistic much?

Enter Anya, there on a mission from her God and with the blessing of her church. She falls for Sherdan despite his ego problem. Her presence confuses him and challenges him which eventually leads to change.

The set up is intriguing and interesting, with the creation of a new country and all the political upheaval that goes with it, issues of religion versus love, science versus religion, manipulation versus truth. Anya's faith is interesting, but had me scratching my head as well. The character in the background - Hitchins - turns out to be somewhat different than anticipated, resulting in quite an unexpected turn of events.

The end is unraveling a bit too fast to my liking, though the cliff hanger is good - leaving me wanting to know how Sherdan and Anya will continue with their lives and what will happen next with Utopia.

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on 27 December 2012
I absolutely loved reading this. Up to chapter 7 it's very realistic and some more sensitive people may want to put it down- persevere! It's amazing once it gets past that point- a fantastically written book with a very engaging story line and extremely well developed characters. Highly highly recommended, and I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the series!
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on 12 September 2013
Jess Mountifield
Sherdan's Prophecy
Sherdan #1

I loved the concept of this book, but as I was reading it I felt the Christian aspect was pushed a little too much in the first half, the second half was much more subtle. I would love to know more about the abilities and how they evolve in each individual, this part of the book was a little light on details. Over all, it was an intriguing read and the more I read the more I enjoyed the book. I would love to see the idea developed further, with more detail.

I received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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on 27 February 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a free download. Will buy the second book as I am intrigued as to what happens next.
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