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4.7 out of 5 stars53
4.7 out of 5 stars
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George Takei, once known only for his role as Sulu on the original Star Trek series, tells us about his presence on the Internet. This primarily concerns his Facebook page, although he also discusses his use of Twitter and YouTube. There are three kinds of things to learn from the book.

First, it discusses what George Takei is up to lately. He writes about his life with his husband Brad and his involvement as a gay activist in the marriage equality issue. There is some Star Trek content, but a great deal more about the play he is helping to produce about the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. Particularly for someone in his seventies, George has an active and busy life.

The second type of information available in the book is more directly concerned with Facebook. George talks about his experiences, both before and after he earned an "in" with their engineers. We learn a few things about how Facebook algorithms decide what to include in our newsfeeds. George also has suggestions about timing posts, selecting the best format, and making one's language consistent and distinctive.

The primary focus of the book, though, is how all of this comes together in George's online presence. He discusses how he learns of new events, how reliable online information is and isn't, and the role his fans play in giving him feedback about his online behavior. He faces daily decisions about what to pass on, how to comment, and how much "Takei" to include with the humor. He sees himself as building and maintaining an online community. Certain communication techniques, content selection strategies, and rules for his own behavior have proven helpful in this effort. There have been some mistakes, too. George does not flinch away from describing them.

The book is worthwhile for its integrated treatment of these topics. I found its insights on community-building the most valuable. There is more here about maintaining an engaging Facebook page than any other source I have read. The technical tips are helpful, but more helpful is getting inside George Takei's head and seeing how he thinks about his fans, what he feels he owes them, and how he strives for the right boundaries between his online presence and the other aspects of his life.

I recommend Takei's book to anyone who posts content to Facebook on a regular basis--and wants to build lasting connections with the people who read it.
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on 20 February 2013
George Takei always held a fond spot in my heart, as a huge Star Trek fan. And then I happened across his glorious hilarious facebook self, and he became a daily fixture ever since. This book utterly captures the spirit of our generation and social media from what once would have seemed the most unlikely source.
George Takei is the cheeky, naughty, double-entendre speaking gay uncle we all wish desperately we had, and his hilarious, intelligent words really are the spirit of the essence of Facebook

This book and George himself is an utter gem... Totally priceless and impossible not to pay attention to.

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on 13 December 2012
I'm not a massive Trek fan though I enjoyed the shows well enough in their day. This is a collection of essays on various subjects, largely about how he ended up with one of the most popular pages on facebook. He has a nice sense of fun and doesn't take himself too seriously. The last part is nice insight into how to become a hit on social media delivered in Takei's witty style. Very enjoyable.
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on 28 April 2013
Oh Myyy! is George Takei's foray into social media, starting with Twitter and leading up to his now four million fans on Facebook (as announced to his followers April 27, 2013). As someone who dutifully watch every single meticulously recorded episode of the original Star Trek at the urging of my father, I knew who George Takei was when I first noticed one of his posts pop up in my Facebook feed. I think it was something about cats... From that point on, I was delighted as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and all sort of silly posts started appearing. Apparently one of my friends was an avid liker of George's posts. Eventually, I figured out how to follow him myself (I'm still rather new to Facebook) and from then on I liked almost everything he posted and even commented a few times. You may wonder why I'm outlining my own discovery and subsequent following of George Takei's Facebook page in a book review. It's simple really, his book is a gem of Facebook knowledge and history.

One of the things that caught my attention early on was the prevalence of choice memes and posts that I personally remember popping up on my Facebook news feed over the last couple of years. Not only did this allow me to enjoy the posts again, but the book reveals the context behind the posts, including messages from the occasional offended or thankful fan. It also made it feel that this wasn't just George's Facebook history, but mine too; a social connection unique to Facebook and other social media (also discussed in the book).

Another thing I enjoyed was the chapter on the Facebook algorithm and how it decides which and how many posts from various pages will actually appear in my news feed. George Takei explains about engagement (liking, commenting) and how it increases the chance you'll see more from a page. He also reveals an interesting phenomenon about what happens to your reach when you include a link in your post. Good stuff!

I recommend this book not only to George Takei or sci fi fans, but also anyone who uses social media, likes a good meme, and has an interest in the inner workings of Facebook.
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on 6 June 2013
This book was a brilliant little read! I have been a follower of Mr. Takei on his Facebook page for a year or so now and I finally decided to buy his book, having enjoyed his various posts, and was not disappointed. While a little brief, this book is written in Mr. Takei's unique style and serves both as a semi-autobiographical tour through Mr. Takei's experiences with social media and as a general 'how-to' guide for those wishing to take a shot at establishing themselves on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. All of this is accompanied by Mr. Takei's tongue-in-cheek humour, as well as a collection of funny images and memes that he enjoys. Overall, a fantastic purchase for anyone who is a fan of George Takei or even those who aren't too familiar with his work and are just looking for a lighthearted read.
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on 22 December 2012
As at least 3.1 million people know, George Takei played the character of Lt. Sulu on the original Star Trek (1966-69), and he now manages one of the most popular pages on FaceBook. "Oh, Myyy" explains how a busy 75 year old gay actor and activist mastered the world of Facebook and created a new icon for millions of people.

Takei is a witty and charming raconteur, and he offers a lot of engaging stories about what he has learned about FaceBook and its arcana, such as Edge Rank--he is both an advocate and a critic of the company, taking FB to task for certain things but giving its employees (many of whom are among his fans) the chance to tell the company's side of the story. Sprinkled throughout the book are examples of the hilarious memes that have made Takei's page so popular, as well as discussions of his efforts as an activist. He comes across as a thoughtful, conscientious and courteous fellow who hasn't let fame go to his head,

The book is also very up to date--one of the virtues of e-publishing is that the author can keep updating the text right up until the book is released--so the narrative covers events like the presidential election and Curiosity's landing on Mars. All in all, a quick, enlightening and enjoyable read. It's a must for fans of Takei's page, and well worth reading for its engaging insights about FaceBook and social media.
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on 28 January 2014
I'm a fan. I'm a trekkie. I'm a geek and in here there was something for all of me. I found Uncle George's style excellent, as if he were there talking to me. I was late to the party with Oh Myyy, but as an insite into how to engage a huge Facebook following this was perfect.
Whether you just want to laugh or you want to learn about Facebook. This book is a must.
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on 1 December 2013
George Takei demonstrats his internet savvy by letting us all in on the secret of how to have millions of facebook friends. And guess what ? It work ! While I was reading his book my friends went from 50 to 65. It won't be long George now I have you in my sights. I'll be having those millions of friends from you George. Just need a few weeks to get my act together.
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on 4 November 2013
George has a great writing style and the book takes you through how his social media presence got to where it is. However, be aware, though you can learn a lot from him - especially about Facebook - this isn't a manual on social media as such.

Just read it, enjoy the jokes, have a laugh and pick up some ideas on the way.
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on 13 January 2013
The book is entertaining but contains no real revelations, not that it should. While it won't go down as the greatest piece of literature ever written if you're a fan of Takei on fb or curious about how fb and some popular memes work then well worth a read.
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