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4.0 out of 5 stars103
4.0 out of 5 stars
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I am a HUGE fan of Rebecca Chance, and I've read and loved all of her other novels, and so when I heard that she was releasing Killer Queens, I was beyond excited. It finally arrived through the door and I was so excited I admit I practically jumped with happiness! Then in a manner that Rebecca Chance herself would be proud of, I fixed myself a drink, and sat down to eagerly start her latest release!

I LOVED Killer Queens - it was everything I hoped it would be and more! I sat down during the day to read it and I was so hooked by the storyline that i was sat up in bed late into the night racing through the ages desperate to get to the next part.

I thoroughly enjoyed the theme of royalty that ran through this book - I absolutely love anything to do with the Royal family here and I've always loved the idea of princes and princesses (when I was younger I desperately wanted to be a princess!) so I was positively delighted that Rebecca had chosen to write about was like a fantastic, sizzling version of a grown-up fairytale! Whilst reading I became so involved with the characters, I really felt as though I knew them on a personal level and Rebecca's writing is so realistic that I honestly felt as though I was in on the secrets of what went on within Royal circles!

I'm going to put it out here...this is a true bonkbuster. It is scandalous, it is racy, and it is sexy! And I mean REALLY sexy, not the type of book where the sexy scenes are implied, but this is very full-on. The scenes were brilliant and it is everything you could want in a book - at no point did I feel that this was lacking in any way, Rebecca has really hit the mark with this one and if I'm honest it really blew me away.

There is so much to delve into in Killer Queens - there are some truly fabulous leading ladies, I especially loved Lori and Chloe, they were my favourites. There is not only the subject of Royalty that is explored, but also love, scandal, secrets, sex and more! I desperately want to write everything but I don't want to give anything away. Killer Queens made me laugh, it surprised me and it had me gripped to the pages. A word of warning, make sure you have supplies of drinks and chocolate first because once you start reading you won't want to leave this book for anything else.

Killer Queens is definitely Rebecca's BEST novel so comes in with a bang and trust me, this is a book that will take you on a thrilling ride and will leave you both breathless and exhilarated. Make sure you buy a copy as this is your must read book for the summer - You won't be able to put this down!
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on 11 August 2013
I was sceptical at first, as I'm not into kings and queens and princesses and riches and all that. But this turned out to be a fun read. Two women, one English and one American, will be marrying into royalty within the same year. Chloe is a commoner, a girl with an office job who happens to meet the heir to the British throne, Hugo, and they fall in love. Five years later, they decide to get married and prepare for the big day.

Belinda is Hugo's mother, who faked her own death and has been living in Morocco with her Middle Eastern boyfriend. She hasn't seen Hugo and her daughter Sophie for twenty years, but now with the wedding coming up, she wants to see what Hugo's fiancée is like and get to better know her children. She's also noticed something fishy about the impending wedding of Lori, an American athlete, who is to marry King Joachim of Herzoslovakia.

The book is full of intrigues, hopes and doubts, and quite a bit of sex, too. The story is set out well, and slowly leads to a conclusion that suits everyone involved. An easy, fast read, but confidently written, never over the top. I loved following the preparations (and weddings) of these would-be queens and the dead princess who comes to the rescue.
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on 10 August 2013
I read this book as quicky as I could, from the moment I got it. I have read several of Rebecca Chance's previous novels and I was hoping this would be as good as the others and I wasn't disappointed! The novel centres on three women - Belinda who was married to a King and faked her own death, Lori who marries King of Herzoslovakia and Chloe who is engaged to Prince Toby. Each woman has her own problems to deal with.
Belinda is holed up in paradise with her lover after discovering her husbands infidelity, with another man! After discovering this secret she had to escape several attempts on her life! Now her son is about to marry and she wants to be part of it!
Then there is athletic Lori who is watched by the King and courted in a whirlwind romance, she readily accepts his proposal thinking it is a love match made in Heaven, events and her Mother in Law to be, the dowager take over controlling her every move. Even an attempt to escape is thwarted and the marriage takes place, the truth of the matter is only recognised by Belinda who can see the same things happening to Lori as happened to her- movements dictated, picked to be good breeding stock and drugs used to ensure what the dowager wants the dowager gets! On honeymoon Lori realises the sad truth and is lucky to have her bodyguard Akilla to fall into.
Then there is Chloe, relentlessly bullied by the press and more upmarket set. She tried hard to fit in but seen as a social climber and ridiculed my many she comes into her own as the wedding approaches. She proves with the help of her best friend to be media savvy, picking British designers and sorting out messes others have got themselves into. Hers is the only real love match.
The women find themselves thrown together as Belinda determines to save Lori from a loveless marriage where she is just breeding stock, and at the same time returns to London to see her children. At turns amusing, with enough sex to keep most happy without it intruding into the narrative, and showing us real women even when elevated into the realms of royalty this is perfect summer reading! Great fun and compelling.
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I only read my first book by Rebecca Chance last year but I enjoyed it so much I have been working my way through all her books, I can't believe what I have been missing out on!

Killer Queens is Rebecca's new release and one I was not completely sure of as I am not one who has any interest in the Royals but I was hoping the authors writing style would shine through and grab my attention and get me hooked!

The three main ladies in this book are all very different but all are facing or have faced the same situation. Each of the characters were well developed making them easy to tell apart and a joy to read, I didn't even have a favourite between these Choe, Lori and Belinda as they were all wonderful in their own way, Belinda because she was so caring and protective, Chloe because she was from lower class and was your average girl and yet found herself marrying into royalty but yet not letting it change her personality other than the problematic beauty regimes! Lori was a strong character who would not turn a blind eye to things when she was not happy with things. As with the beginning of all Rebecca Chance books it does take a little while to be introduced to each character and begin to establish who is who and how they will be connected but it is all worth the wait believe me.

If you are looking for a light breezy read then please don't look here! This is full on steamy sauciness with a big helping of scandal thrown in to keep you hooked! The hot sexy scenes in this book is not brushed upon it is a full on bonkbuster, but it is in fitting with the storyline so it is appropriate ( or so I keep telling myself hehe!)

I think this could possibly be my favourite book by Rebecca Chance, it took a subject matter that is not of interest to me and yet turned it around and sparked my interest. This book has a great storyline, a small helping of suspense, a touch of humour, and an enormous helping of steamy scenes, and not forgetting fabulous characters. An easy 5* rating for me as I couldn't put it down!
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on 4 August 2013
Now we all know that Rebecca Chance is the master of the `bonkbuster' and this book was no exception. Filled with incredibly well written sexy time, believable characters and an addictive storyline, this is one book you must read this summer.

We always wonder what goes on behind palace doors don't we? Well we get the chance to be a fly on the wall and discover what really happens when the public are no longer watching...

Chloe is counting down the days until she can marry Prince Hugo, making her a princess and one day a queen. Everything seems to be pretty perfect in their little world until Hugo's family begin to cause a whole manner of problems. First there is Hugo's snotty sister Sophie who doesn't think a commoner like Chloe should be marrying into the royal family, and then there's is Hugo's devilishly handsome cousin Toby who catches Chloe's eye...

Lori, a retired athlete, has just accepted King Joachim's hand in marriage. She will soon become the Queen of Herzoslovakia but she can't help but question the speed with which she was engaged and wonders if the whirlwind romance was really a `romance' after all.

Lastly, Belinda, Hugo's mother who died tragically in a skiing accident when Hugo was a young boy may about to come back from the dead..... Did she really die and if not, why has she been hiding from her family for so long?

Three women, each dizzy with royal attention have to decide what they really want in life and whether the men that they are in love with are really the right ones for them....

As I commented above, this book was full of sex, sex and more sex. Rebecca Chance writes these scenes incredibly well and they fall into the plot seamlessly. Unlike other books you read where there is a focus on sex, it seems to be all they talk about, but Rebecca has such a strong and solid plot for the sex to fall into, that it all works incredibly well.

The three leading women of this novel are perfectly written and I loved Chloe the most. She was such a sweetheart and was at first daunted by the role she would one day have to take on, but over the course of the book grew and changed as a character to be an even stronger and powerful woman. Lori was equally strong and I loved the outcome of her story. I was desperate for her to see what was happening in front of her eyes. Belinda played a rather smaller role in the novel but a rather important one. She was the rescuer and I couldn't help but fall in love with her commitment and desire to protect her family.

One thing about Rebecca's novels is you can sometimes become overwhelmed by the number of characters and it can take you a little while to remember who they all are and what relation they are to each other. But, once you've got over that, the plot is so well crafted and everyone has an important role to play. Also, this is a bit of a lengthy book (500 pages) so make sure you have the time to dedicate to reading it in a short period of time. This isn't the kind of book you could put down and come back to at a later date because you would have forgotten who everyone was!

In my humble opinion this is Rebecca's best novel to date.

If you loved her already then you will be so excited to delve into this one but if you haven't read any of Rebecca's novels then this would be a very good place to start.

Just be warned, there's lots of naughty and you may not look at a banana in the same way ever again.....

A clever, addictive, exciting peek into the world of royalty and what really goes on behind closed doors...
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on 4 September 2013
Very disappointed with this latest book from Rebecca Chance. Too much of the story revolves around sex, sex and more sex and while I'm no prude, it was just too much. The ending of the book was rushed and totally unrealistic. Won't be bothering with her books in the future.
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on 15 December 2014
My first introduction to Rebecca Chance's work was at Polari, Paul Burston's literary salon, earlier on this year. Her silky voice radiated warmth and fun as she read from a selection of her books, accompanied with some rather hilarious dialogue with the audience. A complete joy!

Another joy was gained through a recent devouring of her novel, Killer Queens. The book has everything: lashings of steamy sex; scheming homosexuals; attempted murder; glamorous ladies; sand; chocolate-box vistas and hunky, edible misters; royal scandal; sparkling gems; fast gin; helicopters; bananas!

If you don't enjoy this book, then you deserve a wet slap on the botty!
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on 21 October 2013
Twenty years ago, fearing for her life, Princess Belinda faked her own death, leaving behind her two children, Prince Hugo and Princess Sophie. Nobody could know that she was still alive, so Belinda has hidden away with her lover, Rahim, watching her children grow from a distance via newspaper reports and articles.

Now grown, Prince Hugo is about to marry. His fiancee Chloe doesn't really fit in with royalty and the upper class but she loves Hugo too much to let him go, despite her future sister-in-law's efforts.

Olympic medallist Lori also doesn't fit in with royalty. After growing up in a small New York State town, she made it into the American volleyball Olympic team. After one of her games, she meets VIP spectator Joachim, the ruling King of Herzoslovakia. Joachim is charmingly old fashioned and sweeps Lori off her feet before proposing to her after a magical whirlwind romance. Lori can't wait to marry Joachim and become queen of the nation that has taken her under its wing, to start a family with her husband and produce beautiful heirs. But Lori soon realises that marrying King Joachim may not be as wonderful as the fairy tales make out.

I'd been looking forward to reading Killer Queens as I loved Rebecca Chance's Killer Heels and Bad Angels last year and I wasn't disappointed. It took me a little while to get into the book as I was introduced to all the characters but I was soon hooked. The book is full of big characters, from straight-talking Lauren (who was my favourite character), to the intimidating Prince Oliver and the wild-child antics of Princess Sophie and her cousin, Toby. I loved the relationship between Chloe and Hugo, which, despite Hugo being third in line to throne, was very down to earth and honest. Chloe has grown up in a secure, loving family and it was nice to see Hugo slotting into their life with such ease. I adored Chloe's parents, who I thought were hilarious, and would have liked to have seen a bit of more of them in the book.

Contrasting with Hugo and Chloe's easy relationship is Lori and Joachim, whose relationship mirrors Belinda and Prince Oliver's troubled marriage much more. Lori finds it difficult to fit into Joachim's life, which is the complete opposite to her own small-town lifestyle and I felt for her as she struggles with the changes.

I thought Killer Queens was a fantastic book, full of wit and Rebecca Chance's usual naughtiness and I was sorry to have to say goodbye to the wonderful characters.
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`Killer Queens' focuses on the royalty of Europe and zooms in on three different women: Chloe is just your average English girl, except for the fact that she is engaged to Hugo, the prince and future king of the United Kingdom. Chloe's love for Hugo is deep and real, but there are lots of people ready to make her life difficult, including her future sister-in-law Sophie. Lori is an American Olympic medal winner who is about to marry King Joachim of Herzoslovakia, after a few short but intense weeks of dating. Lori is convinced she is in love with her future husband, but something seems to be off and she can't quite figure out what it is. Is she really willing to give up everything for this marriage? And then there's Belinda, who married and divorced Prince Oliver of the United Kingdom (Hugo's father), before she tragically died in a skiing accident numerous years ago. She was trapped in an unhappy marriage and was willing to do anything to see her children grow up happily, including staging her own death. But now, circumstances are forcing her to return to England and to uncover her big secret. These three women have the promise of a true fairy tale in common, the question is: what happens when they find out what goes on behind the closed doors of the castle...?

Ever since I was a little girl I've been in love with anything that has to do with royalty, castles, gorgeous gowns, princesses, fairy tales... So, it's not strange that the blurb of `Killer Queens' immediately made me want to add the book to my to-read list. After reading it, there's only one thing I can say: WOW. `Killer Queens' is a brilliant and addictive read with three great storylines at its core. I loved Chloe, Lori and Belinda, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what would happen to them. The novel includes a fabulous mix of characters, from evil stepmothers to hilarious best friends that made me laugh out loud, and it is great how everything is connected to each other one way or another.

The novel includes some very steamy, full-on sex scenes; it's not called a bonkbuster for nothing! While some of these scenes might have been a bit too saucy for my personal liking (I will never look at a banana in the same way), they are well-written and did not change the fact that this novel is not just sex; there's a real story behind all of it, which I really enjoyed. If you decide to pick up `Killer Queens', which I hope you will, make sure to have enough free time ahead of you, because it is a highly addictive read which you will not want to put down. `Killer Queens' is an outrageously sexy, glamorous fairytale for grown-ups, which gives you a sneak-peak into the world of royalty and what goes on behind those palace walls.
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on 18 August 2013
A wild and rollicking ride, as ever with Rebecca Chance bonkbusters, full of glamour, action, twists and turns, and lots of sex involving lots of diverse, well-drawn characters. What's not to love! This book has a bold and unusual angle though, its setting is royalty(UK, and Europe) hence even more glamour and exotic locations and experiences we can only enjoy vicariously. Cleverly, Rebecca has created a kind of alternate reality, with a royal family different, yet in so many ways strangely reminiscent, of our own... There is danger, especially to the women who get drawn into royal families by marriage or the prospect of it, so the glamour is not just aspirational but cautionary! I don't want to describe the story, lots of reviewers have done that and I don't want to risk spoilers, but just to add that Rebecca Chance's books are the only bonkbusters I read - not only is the sex full-on, erotic, warm-hearted and funny by turns, but the writing is so good, and that's what makes them special for me. I have to say I'm puzzled by reviewers who find the sex a bit much or too explicit: the term 'bonkbuster' kind of tells you what to expect! Good sex writing is rare, sadly, so these books with their many joyful, fun, adventurous sex scenes, which you can just tell she relished writing, are truly exceptional. She always creates some characters who are the heart of the books, people you can related to, and root for, which adds depth and suspense.
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