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5.0 out of 5 stars I'd give them 4.9 if I could, 9 Dec 2013
J. Ray (UK) - See all my reviews
I'll try and make this short but detailed:

Sound Quality: Incredible! Have you ever pressed your over-ear headphones tighter against your head, improving their sound greatly, and then thought "Man, I wish they sounded like that all the time..." Well that's exactly how the M4Us sound! In fact you can't actually improve their sound by pressing them tighter against your head.

Like one of the other reviewers my main headphones before these were the Sennheiser HD202s. Those headphones are great for the price, however I began to long for something more, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Then, after about a year, the Senns broke (cable issue) and I had an excuse to upgrade. Without going into a long story about my amazing journey from then to now, I ended up deciding between these and the HP100s by SoundMAGIC.

Firstly, what the HD202s lacked that I couldn't put my finger on before was separation, soundstage, imaging and timbre, as well as balance and clarity (so pretty much everything except bass). The M4Us deliver beautifully in all said areas and have certainly fulfilled that longing. Interestingly, the HP100s are technically better in almost every way, but this taught me that at a certain point preference takes priority over technicality.
The M4Us have a lovely soundstage that feels both intimate and spacious. Electric guitars and singers are right up in your face (comfortably so, though) while reverb has the ability to fly off into the space around you before fading away. Tom drums and cymbals, too, are a nice distance from you so that they don't clash with everything else.
Which brings me to separation: There's enough space between each instrument that you can pick them out and focus on each one, but there's not so much that the headphones stop sounding musical. Channel separation is perfect to my ear, with no noticeable bleeding from one channel to the other.
Which brings me to imaging: Everything feels in the right place as I mentioned in soundstage. Drum and cymbal rolls pan nicely from one side to the other, almost making it feel as though you're at the drum kit yourself. Once or twice I even felt as though instruments were just behind me. This is obviously more on the recording end, but that these headphones were able to reproduce the effect is impressive! My one criticism here is that sometimes sounds (mainly vocals) can sound more like they're in your head than in front of you. This is a common downside to closed headphones, however, and isn't the reason for the 4.9 rating.
Onto timbre: Guitars djent, chug and wale as you'd hope (with fret sounds where it's required), snares cut through and roll beautifully, tom drums give a lovely reverb that I'd only heard in real life before these headphones. This is partly due to an anomoly I've experienced with these headphones: Certain sounds/instruments (mainly drums) affect the headphone drivers in such a way that it feels like they're right next to your ear (in a good way). It sounds as though the driver were a drum itself that were being hit, which makes sense given the nature of both things, but this is something I'd not experienced until now. It really adds to that intimate feel and I love it.

So lastly, balance and clarity: The balance is perfect to my ears, with only the mids possibly being very slightly forward, though this may be due to the 'pressed against your head' sound I talked about earlier more than the tuning of the drivers. There's no colouration to speak of, just pure honest, neutral sound. Though the bass doesn't reach the heavenly depths that the HP100s do, it's still impactful enough and doesn't at all interfere with the rest of the sound. It's tight and controlled and gives a lovely tone. You can pick it out if you wish, but it doesn't take centre stage (which is the point of bass, after all). The HP100s have slightly more clarity as well, but the M4Us still retrieve a lot of detail.

So that's sound covered. This is turning out a lot longer than I planned... I apologise, but I genuinely couldn't stop thinking of praise to give to the sound of these headphones!

Anyway, onto comfort, something that has almost the same priority as sound in my opinion: The earpads are exceptionally soft and comfortable, which they have to be with the whole 'squished against your ears' thing. I have different sized ears; my left one is bigger and doesn't completely fit inside the cup, but my right one fits in fine. After a couple of hours of listening my left ear can become slightly uncomfortable, but this isn't an issue for me as I rarely listen for that long at a time. Interestingly my left ear doesn't reduce isolation as the pads kind of mould around my earlobe. Isolation on these is good, but not great. The HP100s had better isolation, and that was without pressing them against my head (though interestingly doing so did improve sound and isolation). However, this isn't crushing as music is generally clear at comfortable volumes next to busy roads. The occasional double decker bus might interfere for a couple of seconds, but drowning that out would be asking a lot. The headband can become a little uncomfortable after about half an hour and the pad used for it stays in the shape of your head for a while after you take them off (and never fully goes back to its original form). Again, this isn't a deal-breaker as its comfortable enough for the length of time I use them generally (though others have actually said they find these comfortable for around 6-8 hours). The driver housings articulate every way they need to and it isn't hard to find the right spot for them. These are a little weighty, though, and that leads me onto the lost 0.1 point:

The weight itself isn't an issue, I find them comfortable to walk around in and they don't feel like they'll slide off or anything. However, they produce something I'm coining as 'feetback'. This is where you'll hear a muffled thud through the headphones each time you take a step, and I believe it's down to their weight because holding the drivers up slightly or pressing the headphones against my head completely alleviates this issue. The bright side is that this encourages me to improve my ninja skills, but it is a little irksome when listening to quieter music. At comfortable listening levels, when the music is really 'kicking' it's barely noticeable, but I do feel it was worth deducting 0.1 of a point.

As far as extras go: You get more than you'd expect in the box. Not only do you get a 3.5 to 6.3 jack adaptor, an airplane adaptor, a nice hard case, a little clip-it-onto-your-bag clippy thing (though I'm not sure why'd you'd want to do that. It's probably not for your bag), but you also get two cables, a standard straight-through cable and a cable with a mic and all-purpose button (which works with Android as well as iStuff!) and you even get a spare set of earpads! They're the same as the ones already on the headphones, which is a slight shame, but they're still awesome to have. I choose to see it as a sign that the headphones will last a long time, and not that the earpads won't... I imagine they'd also help with reselling if you ever wanted to.

So, to give the short version (for reals): These headphones produce beautiful, musical and true-to-source sound. They have one or two very minor--well I can't call them flaws--discrepancies; but this never really detracts from the amazing sound. Are they worth the £170 more than the HD202s? Yes, if you have the money and you love music, definitely. Are they better than the HP100s? No, they're just different. I do miss the fantastic bass extension from the HP100s, but I much prefer the feel of the music that I get from the M4Us.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Quiet and beautiful sound, 25 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I listen mostly to classical Music and the sound here is neutral and just great. The earpads are very good at keeping out noise from the outside.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Are you a bass-head? Not for you. Do you appreciate good, proper sound? Buy these now., 30 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought these about 2 months ago, and have given myself a while to get used to them (I use them daily, around 6-8 hours a day) and so have got quite a bit of use out of them now; so I'm hoping my review will be of use to whoever reads it!

First, sound quality:

I switched to these from a cheap pair of Sennheiser 202's, which were great for the money, but obviously not comparable to the likes of these. Before buying these I'd also listened to competing products and pretty much all ranges of headphones, from AT M50's to Sennheiser 600's to (Yes, I know, fashion accessories) Beats by Dr Dre. These blow all of the aforementioned out of the water in terms of audio fidelity.

I'm going to be clear and not sugar coat the fact, however, that these are not what you're looking for if all you're interested is an "exciting" or "punchy" sound. These do sound fun, don't get me wrong - but they don't do anything to the music. Literally, they have a completely flat frequency response and audio reproduction. But that is NOT bad... For audiophiles and people like myself who want to hear things how they were produced and meant to be heard, not through some equalizer, these headphones are a dream come true.

I'm not exaggerating my statement when I say these headphones make you want to listen to every song in your music library all over again, because you hear new things you'd never known existed in the songs before, and just in a completely different way. (Assuming what you're listening to is well produced and a good quality copy. Crap in = crap out, if you listen to 160Kbps MP3s through these and then a pair of £50 headphones, the difference will be almost negligible.)

Such accurate and clear audio reproduction isn't overly useful when listening to low quality MP3s, movie rips, old games and the likes because you can hear everything that's "wrong" with the audio. But if you're listening to a good source, these will blow your mind.

Next, comfort:

I have a medium-large head, and these fit me just fine. They are heavier than some headphones, but this has never affected me. They are a pleasure to wear - they are VERY loose fitting and you can forget that you're wearing them, if that's what you're after. I can fall asleep in these no problems at all. This can be an issue if you want to use these in public or while moving about, however. They are prone to falling off if you shake your head too much. They're not too bad, you can walk about in them, but they're not for sports. The pads themselves are so soft to the touch that the first time you feel them, you'll be naturally inclined to check that your senses didn't deceive you and feel them once more. They really are that soft, and I love it. I'm very fussy with comfort, and I can wear these for about 5-6 hours in a row without taking them off before they become uncomfortable.

Next, accessories:
You're not paying for naff cans here. These come with an abundance of accessories, and they're all great quality. I'm not going to list them one by one... You can read the list in almost any other review or on the product description. What I will say is that they all fit in the carry case comfortably, and are all very useful.

Next, quality:
Not much can be said here, because they're simply so good. Not a hitch in this department. I honestly don't mind the plastic build - it's practical, light, and convenient. These do not feel or look cheap at all, if aesthetics worry you. Although they do use imitation leather (leatherette, to be specific), it's very good quality fake leather.


If you're after a decent pair of headphones that will last you a long time, and are appropriate for all types of audio for any genre, these are for you. They're worth every penny (£200 at the time I bought them. If they're cheaper right now, BUY THEM).

If you're looking at these because they look like the Beats or want cool headphones with a brand name to show off, these are really not your headphones. Their sound quality will be wasted on you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Slap yourself if you bought a pair of beats by dr dre, 7 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When I bought these I slapped myself too because I previously owned a pair of £350 (if I remember right) beats studio pros and these sound considerably clearer. They have a bit less bass but its still powerful. They are sturdier, the cables are very well built and the cups are very comfortable. Love them
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