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4.5 out of 5 stars77
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 December 2013
As there are no reviews on the UK Amazon, I feel I should describe a little of what the item is about. Most details of this item can already be found on the US Amazon but I'll do my best to give as much information as possible about this item.

Although this Blu-Ray set states on the back of the case Region A only, it plays absolutely fine on my UK PS3. And I'm certain the Blu-Ray drive for PS3 Consoles are Locked to their own Region. So a UK PS3 would be Region B for the Blu-Rays only. Yet this set of Elfen Lied plays fine. So I'm guessing this Elfen Lied set is either Multi Region or Regions A and B. And yes, I have a UK PS3.

The set says it plays in 1080p High Definition. I'm not smart when it comes to the technical details but I can tell you that the picture quality is amazing. I never owned the original DVD set so I can't compare. However the quality of this set is sharp, clear, and so easy to see and look at.

The Audio is DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 for both English and Japanese. The sound is very clear. I watched through the complete set in Japanese with Subs and I didn't have any problems with the sound. I've only watched 1 episode in English though (Episode 10) and still, no issues with sound.

The English subtitles are done well. I didn't notice any mistakes. I'm not sure if they've just been taken from the DVD set or not. I believe I saw a review on the US Amazon of someone saying this. But their is nothing wrong with the Subs so really well done.

This set contains all 13 episodes as well as the OVA which is all on 2 Discs. Disc 1 contains episodes 1 to 10 and disc 2 contains episodes 11 to 13, the OVA plus Special Features. However, with most Anime sets, the Special Features aren't huge. Their is a 16-18 minute video of production artwork and another 16-18 minute video of the character artwork. I personally fast forwarded when viewing these. It's nice artwork but not something I could watch through for over 30 minutes. And for those who are curious, when watching the artwork, it plays the Elfen Lied Opening theme and then the Ending theme one after the other through both of the artwork videos. Other than that, there is a clean opening and ending theme which is nice to watch.

For those that have never seen Elfen Lied before, I highly recommend you watch it. In a nutshell, it's about a psychopathic serial killer called Lucy who has a split personality. The characters in this are loveable and the story is beautiful and emotional. It also contains lots of violence, blood and gore and nudity. Don't let these put you off though. Some of the nudity scenes may make you laugh whereas some are more serious and touch on more serious issues. Many of these scenes are done exceptionally well and the nudity isn't simply there for Fan Service.

Some of you may find this Anime a mixed bag but in my opinion I will say this. It was an amazing ride and I'm so glad that I saw this and own it now.

If your not one for Blu-Ray then you will most likely be fine with the DVD set. I only got this because I love Anime, I love Elfen Lied and I love Blu-Ray.

Although I ordered this on the UK Amazon site, I did not order it from Amazon themselves as Amazon don't seem to be selling this. Probably due to it technically only being available in the US. The Company I ordered it from was called 'all your music' and they were great with shipping and delivery. I got a message a day after ordering saying that the item had been shipped and within 10-12 days roughly it arrived. Which for an item coming from the States is very good.

Pricing. For me it cost £26.31 brand harry spankers (brand new), including postage and packing. I personally think that's a reasonable price for this upscale which includes the OVA. From what I've heard the DVD set does not include the OVA. If you have that much money and can part with it, then I would recommend this. However, sellers on Amazon do have a habit of having their prices fluctuate. I personally would not go over £30 but I guess it all depends on how much your willing to spend on this. Again, if your not that amazed by Blu-Ray then the DVD set would probably be more practical. But again, I believe it does not contain the OVA.

I think I've mentioned everything I know. If you have any questions please leave a comment of course and I'll do my best to answer. Hope this review helps.
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on 18 March 2010
Purchased this recently and although Im no Anime conniseur (Paranoia Agent, Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are the only series I have watched) I can safely say this is a worthy addition to the aformentioned.

Technically the DVD is well mastered and upscaled looks a treat although the sound is quiet and the english dub (as mentioned earlier) is a little grating.

Its hard to pinpoint exactly what has got me about this series but as an analogy I would describe it as akin to good music where its the space between the notes which is important, not just the notes themselves (I hope this makes sense).

The script is sharp and poignant and genuinley touching and humourous with great characters and progression.

The nudity and violence is not gratutitous and always progresses the plot, its never done for 'fan service'.

Addictive as hell and it reminds me atmosphere-wise of Perfect Blue (but not so obtuse) I can't recommend this series highly enough.
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on 14 November 2008
I won't make any bones about it - Elfen Lied is not perfect by any standards. But that doesn't matter. It's not the best animated and the storyline has more holes than a colander, but it's undoubtedly one of the most compelling Anime's out there.

The story revoleves around a group of girl who are all Diclonius - an alien species, usually born to human parents - and their struggle to find acceptance in a world which views them as monsters while at the same time battling the madness which comes with their dual natures. The image of a teenage girl standing naked and streaked with blood, surrounded by the bodies of the soldiers charged with keeping her imprisoned, is one of the most enduring and iconic in anime.

The story leaps from tradgedy to tradgedy - from a the horrors of school yard bullying to the little girl who sacrifices herself to save the father who abandoned her. In any other anime this constant gloom would get boring quickly, but the compelling and tragic characters Lynn Okomoto created draw you into their world and make a place for themselves in your heart. And it is not without it's uplifting moments - the scenes of ordinary life amongst the strange little family the characters form are truely touching.

So please don't be put off by the low budget or the jumpy plot. The theme song says it all here - bizarre, incongruous but hauntingly and achingly beautiful. A real gem.
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on 7 August 2007
I've watched many anime series since I was about 12 years old, most of which are fantasy, adventure combined with good character development and visuals. Now 21, most of the series found in my DVD collection I've loved at first glance of the cover/synopsis and never looked back. The same goes for Elfen Lied.

The story centres around a mutant race known as "diclionius", who are mainly pink haired, female, have noticable horns growing from their heads and have psychic abilities from their invisible-to-the-naked-eye hands known as "vectors". The main focus from this race is Lucy, a sadistic woman bent on destroying the human race as she breaks free from a research facilty. After attempting to escape she washes ashore in a nearby town where two innocent college students find her...

After watching the first 2 minutes from the pilot episode, its easy to make the assumption that it's made for fanservice only. The opening titles have pictures of naked girls and Lucy, as she goes on a killing spree in the first episode, walks around naked, however after the pilot episode its goes into so much more depth than most 'fan service' based material.
Though the series is dominated by violence and sexual content (nothing porn related, just lots of nakedness), this is forgiven since the series takes a very dark tone. The violence and sexual content is meant to stress the dark side of humanity and empathise the trauma the character has suffered, not just to please its audience.

The music is beautiful, not just the opening and ending themes but the music score is wonderfully composed and fits the anime well. The art is some of the best I've seen, and though the series takes small elements from other series - as a whole it's original and is considered one of my favourites.

The biggest flaw I experienced from the series is the background story; lots of questions were raised and were not answered, many characters "flashbacks" are set at least 8 years before the anime series begins, yet offers no input in between the gaps. For example many 'Lucy' flashbacks took place when she was 10 years old, in the series she's 18 and you never find out how she became captured by the research facility and the series does not go into too much depth about the "diclonius" race. Though some questions are answered in a special OVA episode, its not avaliable officially outside of Japan. This factor to me though only made me want to watch the series again, and create a great desire to read the manga, which is yet to be translated into English but have discovered that it goes into much more depth that the anime fails too.

If you can watch anime in Japanese with Subtitles, I recommened you do so. The English dud voices are not the worst I've heard, but after the first 2 disks they become tiresome. My main annoyance it towards the females voices, with an exception of a few, most of them have high pitched breathy voices. They sound like they are all done by the same actress. What's worst is that the characters with those voices happen to be the most whinney/child-like of the cast - not a good combination!

DVD Extras wise, there isn't much to offer; on all disks you'll find a clean opening and closing, character artwork, production artwork, DVD credits and ADV previews - most of which are the same consistantly on all 4 disks.

Despite it's flaws I highly recommend this series to all anime fans, it offers a fresh insight on the genre and is worth adding to any DVD self. If you can't stand the sight of blood and body parts being ripped apart, this series certainly isn't for you. The same goes for those who want an anime series to answer all the questions it raises, you'll only get disappointment. However if you can overlook this and enjoy it for what it is, you'll find this quite enjoyable.

Please note that I own the four volumes separately and not the box set above, but I have read elsewhere that there are no differences between them.
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on 21 January 2008
Before I start, let me list the things that might put me off an anime series:
1. Big eyes - A shallow reason, I know but if it gets too stylised (ie the eyes take up half the face or more) I tend to let it be a problem for me.
2. Excessive nudity - a bit of nudity if it contributes to the story is okay, but when it crosses over to fanservice thats another thing.
3. Excessive gore and violence - again, a certain amount may be justified depending on the story and context. Too much and it feels like its there just to satisfy the slavering primal beast within us.

Elfen Lied has lots of all three and initially it was on my 'do not watch' list, so why have I given it 5 stars? Simply because despite all these things, its a beautiful series with an intelligent storyline, appealing characters and high quality artwork and music. From the infamously beautiful opening, drawing on the works of Klimt it had me hooked, and once I'd made it through the first half of the first episode without feeling too queasy, the story deepened and the violence took a back seat.

Yes, it has big eyes, but actually the series makes good use of them to distinguish between the Nyuu and Lucy personalities; the nudity is quite common, but its never sexual and rarely feels like fanservice, and the violence - well, sometimes it made me squirm but a series that can introduce you to a hateful mass murdering psycho at the start and have you rooting for her by the end - well, that's as good a praise I can give.

I would say to those who are hesitant to buy this series because of what they have heard about it to borrow off a friend at watch at least an episode. The only reason I know that my initial thoughts on it were wrong is because it was on the telly one evening and I had nothing better to watch.

In the end, not only was I wanting to keep watching the little world of Kohta and his 'family' by the end of the all-too-short 13 episode run, I'll also end up watching Elfen Lied again and again in the future rather than letting the set gather dust like too many other series I have bought.

Recommended to those who enjoyed Haibane-Renmei, Kino's Journey, Millennium Actress, Planetes and Whisper of the Heart.
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on 21 March 2008
My God, it feels great to be treated like an adult for once. Having watched this continuously since I bought it, I was absolutely knocked out by the sheer wit, violence and charm of 'Elfen Lied'. I've been a huge anime fan for many years now, having introduced many of my friends to the genre. I've championed anime ever since 'Akira', and having saturated myself on the genre ever since, it takes something truly special to impress me this much.

The plot is sheer brilliance. Lucy, a bio-genetic experiment, escapes her captivity, and during a brief chase, makes her bid for freedom. A bullet to the head causes her amnesia and, with no memory of who she is, is fortunately picked up by a caring couple. As Lucy is hunted and unbeknownst to the danger surrounding them, life goes on as normal. The catch? Lucy's alter-ego is a cold blooded assassin which can manifest itself at any time.

Even by anime's standards, this is disturbing stuff. The episodes focus on Lucy's adorable clumsiness (all she can say is 'Nyu' in a Pokemon style voice), which changes to terror when the other half of her personality is revealed. By this point, nobody is safe, and the series climax's in one of the most horrific twists ever seen. Rarely if ever, has a series bordered between horror and charm so effectively. And 'Elfen Lied's' ending must surely rank as one of the most touching ever. For a story this upsetting, there had to be some kind of closure.

And for those who hate reading subtitles, worry not. The English language dub is excellent, if anything even superior to the Japanese dub (very rare).

Never have I been so amused, shocked and baffled by anything. As anime series' go, this stands alone.
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on 25 February 2013
I think i have nothing to say to this anime. Its just great!

What i want to say about this Product is:

When i ordered this renewed collection i was afraid of there is no german language. The only online-store wich descripted it with german dub was amazon. But i believed in and now i have the proof: IT HAS! FINALLY AFTER YEARS A GOOD-PRICED VERSION WITH GERMAN LANGUAGE OF THIS GREAT ANIME.

Thanks at 101Anime for this great job!!!!!
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on 18 November 2008
This is my first posting on this site so forgive any newness!!

I have returned to Anime after a gap, in which a lot has changed in my life. I have to say that I was wonderfully suprised by the sensitivity of the depiction of emotion and the slow developement of the main characters and the intertwining of their lives through previously repressed memories. That it took almost up to the climactic confrontation to reveal the full details is greatly to the credit of this series.

Yes there is a full range of decapitation and gore but many questions remain even up to and including the beautifully judged closing frames.

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on 1 February 2009
I watched all 13 episodes in just 2 days. After seeing the first episode you just can't stop and you always want to know how it goes on.
What will happen to Lucy, where does she come from, why is she hunted - everything is explained piece by piece in the later episodes so you definitely have to watch it till the end.

Regarding the brutality, gore and nudity Elfenlied is nothing for sensitive people and least of all for children. I would classify and recommend it for adult audience only!

But if you are 18+, you like animes and don't mind a lot of blood and good looking naked girls Elfenlied is a must have.
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on 8 May 2009
Elfen Lied is a anime with elements of gore, action and adventure. The story is about a "Diclionious" named Lucy, who has pink hair with horns growing out of her head. She is dangerous, and is able to use stretching invisible hands called "Vectors." These enable her to take out any targets, and that is what deems her so dangerous, making her way out of a facility, aiming on cleansing the world of humans by taking their limbs off in a dramatic manner.

Soon enough she is in the hands of two teenagers, and unlike Lucy, she becomes invulnerable and isn't aware of what things are around her, saying the word "Nyu" continously. What you see is the same person, who changes depending on what happens, one moment she could be innocent and the next she could be extremely deadly.

The anime features nudity, but not sexually, just the human form of the female body, naked and strolling around. The storyline is very good, the ending (I won't give it away) is an ending that makes you question yourself, it makes you question what is going to happen and why.

The story also gives setbacks in the past throughout the series, giving you ideas on why something is happening in the future, why is the character behaving that way. It helps the storyline thicken, and answers questions into what you might have about it.

The music is lovely, especially the opening score, it is powerful and mysterious, and will stick with you throughout the series.

The dvd was wonderful, the main menu music isn't noisy and the Extras feature artwork, ADV previews on all four disks. If you find the English Dub isn't to your liking, you can change it to Japanese with English Subtitles to give it a fresh experience, depending if you can take the English voices, as some can be sore to the ears. It depends with each person, some people can find the voices good, and some can't bear it.

I usually watch comedy Anime so this was a new experience for me, and I enjoyed it. Truthfully I am not 100% sure I would watch it again, but if you like gore and suspense then this Anime is for you.
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