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4.1 out of 5 stars34
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2007
Anyone considering 'swanning off' in a Motorhome should acquire this book immediately! And anyone who just wants a pleasant, light, summer read should do so too.
Well observed and entertaining.
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on 2 July 2009
How Katie Pulled Boris - Travels with an American Motorhome (RV) in Europe
A very entertaining read but in common with other reviewers I would have liked to hear more about the human side of the expedition and also more information at the end of costs, camping, fuel, ferries etc.
Also info on the various documentation needed so that someone wanting to make the plunge as I do will not have to make the same mistakes etc.
How did his wife feel about the trip and would they do it again?
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on 1 May 2008
Looking for the answer to my mid life crisis question, 'should I buy an RV?', I decided to look for guidance and purchased this book.

Reading the first few chapters, it was as if the author was writing about my own recent experiences. so I was hooked and read the whole book in one sitting. The author obviously has a wonderful witty sense of humour and his honest observations of his camping and people watching experiences made me laugh out load (to my families amusement).

This in short is a fantastic book and a must for anyone thinking of getting a motorhome. Needless to say, for me gave me the push and I went ahead and ordered my first 34ft American RV due to arrive June 2008.

I would urge the author to release a second book on a guide to buying and owning a motorhome as there are clearly hundreds of people in the uk alone asking the same questions and going through the same dilemmas that he has already gone through!
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on 16 July 2007
An informative, intelligent , fun , easy read . It is very thought provoking and makes you wonder why you go to work every day. I recommend it strongly.
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on 28 April 2015
I am so glad that I read this book. No, not read, finished this book. And the only reason that I did finish it was because on principal I do not like to leave a book half read. Since first picking it up I struggled to find even the remotest interest within the pages. The author managed to take what could have been mildly amusing accounts and suck the life out of them by turning them into shallow, disjointed ramblings.
The premise of the book is that the author, and his long suffering wife, buy a hugely expensive and overlarge motorhome to travel through Europe. He is neither capable nor qualified to drive such a vehicle, so the first few chapters are devoted to a fragmented expose of how they came to buy this monstrosity and the process of learning to drive it. As becomes familiar later in the book, any setbacks are always the making of others and seldom result in anything approaching an amusing anecdote, let alone the hilarity promised by reading the back cover. Having finally got on the road, we are then forced to read what appears to be a street atlas of road numbers as he navigates through France and Spain, staying at one inappropriate camp site after another. You would have thought that when buying a motorhome the size of Dorset, and attaching Boris the ‘Mercedes’ to the back of it, he might actually have planned his route ahead to avoid minor lanes and campsites smaller than his ‘pull-out living area’.
Still eager to find the promised ‘hilarious scrapes’, I persevered only to read of how they enjoyed a leisurely Sunday when he read a book while his wife did the domestic chores. Or when he was amused by the prolonged setting up of recent German arrivals as they made ready their site including ‘digging trenches’. And oh the fun in learning that as he showed 30 Spaniards around the RV, he held one of his shoes aloft to indicate that they should remove theirs, and not that he was a Muslim. Not of course that all 30 wanted to go aboard, no, of course only the women were interested in the domestic arrangements and the men far more engrossed by the external lockers. But probably one of the more disquieting revelations, was his annoyance that the Spanish authority run establishments that closed for the day in acknowledgement of the Madrid bombings when he only had that particular day to visit. Such heart-warming empathy is rare.
Now if you are still reading this review, then I consider that I have done a better job than the author who habitually starts what appears might be an interesting story, only to suddenly deviate away to such trivia as ‘we noted a Lidl for potential shopping later’. Thank goodness for the great British supermarket abroad I say. Or his copied and pasted descriptions of historic sites that lack any warmth or character and in which he manages to come across as being totally unmoved by the most notable attractions. He even makes some of the most stunning mountain routes in Europe sound boring, largely I guess because his own enjoyment of them was spoilt by his anxieties of driving a monster RV.
So, would I recommend this book? No, not unless you get bored of sticking a red hot needle in your eye and can think of nothing better to do. I was given more interesting books to read at school for exams and that’s saying something. Is it a good read? Not even if you happen to be on holiday in Europe and your talkative neighbours drive a socking great RV with a Mercedes strapped to the back of it!
(Reviewed by an ardent motorhome owner who loves the thrills of travelling abroad, and who has not been put off by How Katie Pulled Boris!)
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on 23 July 2013
I was sent a PDF copy of the book in order to give my honest opinion.

If you've ever dreamed of travelling the world in your very own motorhome, then you might want to give How Katie Pulled Boris a read first. The book is Keith Mashiter's true life tale of how he brought a 33-foot long, 8-foot four inch wide, 12-foot high American Winnebago (RV) so he could travel Europe with his wife, Gail. Despite having little experience of this way of life, Keith and Gail set off for a six month journey that would take them nearly 4.000 miles.

How Katie Pulled Boris takes the reader through the very beginning of the adventure, from the moment Keith Mahister made the decision to buy the RV to the process of buying a motorhome - and avoiding dodgy dealers and avoiding a few scrapes along the way.

This book could have so easily have been dull but it wasn't. Thanks to the light hearted, easy writing style of the author, How Katie Pulled Boris was enjoyable throughout and if you didn't feel like travelling through Europe before you read the book, then you most certainly will afterwards. The detailed descriptions of the author's time in France, Spain, etc. painted such a colourful picture of life in these European countries that it made me want to visit them, too.

As well as being a thoroughly entertaining read, there is a lot of information about the considerations that need to be taken into account before buying a vehicle like this and undertaking such a journey. Anyone planning to do something similar or planning to travel Europe would find this book invaluable.

I found the book compelling and engaging right from the start. Most of us have dreams, ambitions or wild ideas, but the majority of us don't have the sense of adventure or determination to go ahead with them. For me, this book is about living your dreams; I found it inspiring and insightful. If your ambition is to travel, and you want to read a first-hand, well-written experience of what it is really like, then this book is for you.
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on 22 July 2013
This book is an absolute delight to read, whether you are interested in buying an RV or simply want to hear the story of one couple’s adventures through Europe. The tone is light and jovial throughout and everything you want to know about this journey is explained in a personable manner that makes you instantly like Keith and his wife, Gail.

From a prospective buyers point of view this book is ideal. It explains all the details you need to know without the questionable bias of an RV salesman, but it also goes further, demonstrating what you should expect and how to avoid any common pitfalls. But it is the manner in which Keith tells his story that really makes it a good read. His personality comes through at all points and he makes difficult issues such as waste pipes and the finer details of French loos a humerous story that we can all relate to. And it is exactly these points that make it useful to prospective buyers, as it is unlikely that a salesman is going to explain or talk about these issues.

For anyone who does not have any plans for investing in a motorhome, Keith’s story is none-the-less enthralling. It tells the story of two people who have the courage to embrace their retirement and step into the unknown instead of opting for the safe yet somewhat dull package holiday offers. The adventures are plentiful and it has the light, carefree feel of a Carry On film, perfectly coupled with the illustrations, which really bring out the humour of the story.
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on 3 October 2013
I instantly warmed to the author of this book as he recounted the experiences of himself and his wife, after an early retirement prompted them to take to the road with an RV, affectionately christened (Katie) who is pulling a Mercedes (Boris) behind her. After hiccupping their way towards their final departure, the result is the hilarious experience of two virgin RVers searching for a well-travelled, peaceful and enjoyable early retirement. Of course, life throws them many curve balls along the way, but their unswerving devotion to their mission, and overall optimistic enthusiasm helps them to deal with every crisis as it occurs.

Out of the numerous cryptic incidents, I love the tongue in cheek attitude of hubby when he says "Then we panicked ¬ how could Gail dry her hair without an electric hook-up?" When it is known that no man alive could truly understand the devastating ramifications of this horrific situation. Another amusing titbit is the description of their waste hose having unknown pinpricks while they used it to expel their waste, and it produced an `impressive fertilising fine spray onto the surrounding grass'. These events are typical of what happens to them throughout their journey.

This book is a testament to the phrase `the best laid plans'. A sharp-witted and often amusing collection of the pitfalls and successes of a life on the road with a trusted RV(Katie) and the faithful Mercedes (Boris) she is pulling behind.
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on 9 July 2007
If you plan to tour Europe in a motorhome, then this book will give you a great idea about what to expect. It is a well observed and splendily written account of their travels. The authors motorhome was a large American RV but the book is a "must have" library addition for anyone who wants to travel in Europe in any type of motorhome or caravan. A good book that comes highly reccomended.
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on 19 July 2013
How Katie Pulled Boris is a lovable tale of one man following his dreams. For any Motorhome `wannabe' this should be considered the bible as almost anything which can go wrong does.

This book reads as a travel diary so those looking for an intricate novel will be disappointed. However, people who know what they are buying and are looking for a story about a motorhome and the perils involved will quickly fall in love with this book and it's quirky adventures through Europe.

The novel way in which the author personifies his motorhome and car really helps bring to life the guts of the story. It's continual anecdotal style will give RV owners flashbacks from previous adventures of their own and will give potential owners a good insight into the unknown.

I read the ebook version which was very well put together with humorous drawings at the head of each chapter although it would have been nice to see a couple of pictures aswell.

For those with absolutely no interest in motor homing or caravanning then this probably isn't for you but if you have the slightest interest in these areas then quite simply, this book is a must read!
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