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3.5 out of 5 stars20
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2014
"Siege of the Dead" and "The Horde" are both low budget zombie flicks. They prove you can make good films with very little money. "Gangsters Guns and Zombies" proves you can make appalling films with just as much money.

From the reviews, I guessed this was a "micro" budget film, so wasn't expecting lavish effects, but... well... I was expecting some sort of effects. All you get is people with red liquid splashed on them - way too bright and too red to be blood in most cases.

As for the view of London, a helicopter and a pump action shotgun on the DVD cover? Yeah, right. You get as much of that as you do special effects.

Okay, so you can forgive poor effects and dismal settings if there's a great story with interesting characters.

A pity the screenwriters weren't privy to such information.

The "story" is non-existent.

The characters? Not one is likeable or realistically drawn.

For example (small spoiler), one character is an old woman. The writers obviously thought they'd had a moment of briliance by giving her a double barrel shotgun and a love of the F-word. But the character brought nothing else to the story, so they might just as well have gone the whole hog and given her a wooden leg and a parrot, too!

There's nothing worse than buying a product on the strength of believable reviews and ending up with a piece of junk.

Don't buy this. You'll regret it!
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on 21 December 2012
This is a very low budget movie. How low? well the effects are minimal. very minimal. As in putting a little fake blood on someone, there is one scene of real gore. mostly this is pg rated horror and that's ok. We never see the bankrobbery either. Just the group of guys in a van who are trying to get away. There is a little cgi in this movie with some burning stuff in the background. But they did the best the could with the small budget they had. In fact this flick takes place mainly in the country and that's where you will see the boys trying to escape fast running zombies. For humour there are different groups of zombies attacking them, a sports team? medieval reenactors in full armour, etc. Many people would rate this low budgeter a one star ,certainly all of the regular critics would; but horror fans will find some enjoyment from this british film. You never see any cities in this one either. The cover has a city in the background and this is similiar zombie diaries two cover. but if you are not into microbudget movies then you may not like this one. I liked it though and the extras were obviously unpaid and enjoying themselves as zombies! I know this because in the credits you see them cheering after a scene. That's a good group of folks the director found for sure. the picture is widescreen and it looks good. SO at least this was shot on film. Making this a step up from alot of (video camera) zombie flicks production wise.
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on 24 June 2013
Maybe I've not been getting out much but I'd forgotten how cheap (albeit cheerful) a low budget flick can look.

Looked, to me, like a film school affair.

I'm sure the guys making it had a whale of a time.

It's not without a few redeeming qualities. There were some funny moments.

The bloke playing "Muscles" was good for a few laughs, as was "Crazy Steve".

Perhaps not one to watch while stone cold sober or if you've got anything else (and I mean anything else) to do for 80 minutes or so.
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on 21 March 2013
I really enjoyed this low end budget Brit Flick. Yes the acting is a wee bit wooden in a couple of places but it has a great script and some truly comic laugh out loud moments.
The characters are quirky and you'll instantly love the likes of Muscles, Crazy Steve and Grandma.
The Extras were a nice treat also - looks like everyone had a great time :)
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on 15 January 2013
`Gangsters Guns and Zombies' is a thoroughly endearing low budget British zombie flick, which delivers more than just the three points listed in the title. This is with out a doubt a low budget movie but I must stress the production value is remarkably high, it looks filmic and the director (Matt Mitchell) has taken time to treat us to some really striking imagery. Definitely would love to see what the GGZ crew could actually do with a budget.

In brief, 'Gangsters' flee a zombie-infested city, leaving a sea of slapstick zombie humour in their wake. The film develops as an increasingly charming road movie, with cockney expletive a plenty and no shortage of the aforementioned `Guns', the bank robbers goal is a safe house in the country and they don't intend to let anything get in their way.

The characters are genuine, Tony (Huggy Leaver, briefly of `Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels') plays a great straight man to the ludicrous carnage, notching up a non-to shoddy body count. Q (Vincent Jerome) embarks on a welcome and convincing romantic excursion with Cassie (Cassandra Orhan). A very attractive and talented actress, expertly cast, she works really well along side Q (you must watch the out takes at the end, I was in stitches). The zombies undoubtedly deserve credit, as do all low budget zombie volunteers, but especially in this instance their acting talent was called upon to fill the roles of, for example: `Football team zombie 1', `Fat zombie medieval reenactor knight 6', and my favourite, `Walks into a tree zombie', hilarious.

GGZ is a good laugh, looks great and unlike a lot of low budget zombie films, it has a script. It's fun and much smarter and sleeker than the cover and soundtrack suggests. I don't miss the overabundant cheesy CGI decapitations or the unconvincing burning cityscapes we're used to, this film is perhaps, dare I say it a little more grown up, but just a little.
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A group of bank robbers make their getaway during a major world wide zombie infestation. Danny (Simon Mathews) has been shot and it isn't rocket science to figure out what will happen. Tony (Huggy Leaver) is the gang leader. Q (Vincent Jerome) is the new guy and driver. Their van makes its way through the countryside looking for a safe house. Along the way we see clown zombies, doctor zombies, soccer zombies, and my favorite, re-enactor zombies.

The cause of the infestation is unknown. The BBC smartly broadcasts instructions as what to do during the outbreak. On the plus side of this film is the British humor, although it is not a "Fido" over the top type of funny. On the negative side, the zombie actors were bad. There was little to no zombie make-up other than splatter red blood all over their faces. Much of the film takes place inside a van which makes things more "realistic" but at the same time more boring as we listen to conversations. The drawn scenes on the DVD cover are not in the film. They didn't spend that much money on special effects.

It is a passable zombie film, although if you had trouble watching "Zombie Diaries" or "Zombie Apocalypse" you might take a pass on this one. It is less in quality.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex. Brief distant male rear zombie nudity.
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on 23 January 2013
I LOVE this film, it's wonderfully British, well cast, well directed & funny! I even watched the dvd extras (The making of Gangsters, Guns And Zombies) in which the warmth of the cast and crew really shines through, you can tell these guys put their heart & soul into this film.
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on 7 February 2013
For a very low budget movie, this is a clever and funny entertainment. The characters are well drawn, the whole movie will make you laugh, and go uuurgh - what more could you want from this genre? Good direction and tongue in cheek humour, and where else will you find a gun toting granny, and a mad man making a demand for replacement shoes - with the receipt. Really good.
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on 5 February 2013
So, ok, none of the scenes on the front of the DVD come from the film. And some of the dialogue it is a little clunky, both in composition and delivery. But the mid-section, with the Knights and the Football fans? Quality.
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on 3 December 2015
good delivery very happy with my purchase
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