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on 12 April 2013
Great product for a great price. Arrived in perfect condition within a couple of days. Amazing what you can get for your money these days.
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on 3 June 2013
I bought this tablet, essentially for surfing and to replace my Kindle which is now a bit tired. I know Kindle offer a guarantee but as I have a rather tattered Mk1 Kindle, I thought I'd get a tablet that 'does a bit more' than just books (albeit not a lot more - I prefer doing most of my work on a laptop, still, sad as that may be!).

I'll start with the not-so-great:

If you're used to an iPad or Galaxy/other leading tablet, do NOT expect a lot from this - and be prepared to buy expandable memory if you want all your apps to work. It is roughly only 10% of the cost of an iPad though, so remember you get what you pay for.

Also, reminder this is a low-quality capacitative screen, if you're used to superAMOLED or Apple's Retina display, just remember this! If you're used to gorilla glass be aware the screen is plastic and may feel 'tacky' (you have to slide apps with the pad rather than the tip of your finger to get the best response out of it - or buy a rubber styus). Games like Fruit Ninja aren't that great on this tablet - so be aware of that if you are buying it as a cheap doesn't-matter-if-it-gets-dropped-tablet for children to play games on.

Battery life isn't long either - 4 hours if used and about 10 static, tops - happily it's a micro USB charger so if you've a bunch of other things that use micro USB chargers then you shouldn't get caught short (I like to charge mine in the car whenever I drive anywhere then it's 'topped up' when I get out.

Better bits:
Next day delivery! I ordered through Afunta UK and it arrived the very next morning. :)

The tablet handles a few simple apps well - I pretty much bought it as a cheap alternative to my Kindle, which has since died. That advantage of a tablet is you can read in the dark for a lot less money than an official Kindle!

Nice and light, about the same weight as my Kindle - so I was happy with that!

Not as bulky as larger tablets, and quite thin as well - I was expecting a cheap tablet to come in slightly chunkier build than it did, so was pleasantly surprised.

Going back to the screen, the capacitive screen has one advantage in that you can use it like an old school PDA and tap it with the blunt end of a biro or use it whilst wearing gloves if you like - nice if you're new to the technology like my parents are (or if like me you live in Wales and it decides to snow even in May!) NB on this, the stylus pictured is NOT INCLUDED.

Marmite bits (love or hate!):

4-way screen rotation - I've got a 'phablet' that only rotates 3 ways, I wasn't expecting expecting the screen of such a cheap tablet to orientate itself in any direction, tbh - so that was a nice surprise for me. It may annoy other people though so be wary

Unlock-to-camera option. This would be AMAZING if the tablet was dual camera, not sure if it's a feature on Allwinner's other offerings that do have a camera on the back and on the front. Unfortunately this tablet only has a camera on the screen side (ok for the generic 'Facetime' apps etc) but it sort of defeats the point of the feature if you then have to point the screen away from you to take a picture. If you're into spontaneous selfies though, then you'll like this feature. The downside if you're used to swiping to unlock in any direction you may end up accidentally unlocking the camera - particularly if you bear in mind the 4-way rotation the screen has. You can unlock to camera if you change the angle of the tablet when swiping.
There might be a way to turn it off but the instruction manual is minimal and it really isn't of massive bother to me so I've not tried looking.

No charging light. A lot of tablets, phones and phablets (and even laptops) often have a small light, or the screen lights up, whilst you're charging. This has nothing like that, so if you're reading in bed and then stick it on to charge before you put the lights out then it won't get on your nerves.

Wifi seems alright to me - though I notice other reviewers have complained. It's better at home wifi than commercial wifi though. There was an option for this with 3G


Start with low expectations and be surprised, rather than start with high expectations and be disappointed. At ~£30 I can afford to replace it yearly if I wanted, you could get one every year for 10 years before you've met the mean average cost of an iPad - I doubt an iPad will last 10 years (especially if Apple are against backwards compatibility). Snideness for snobbier tablets aside, if you don't need much out of your tablet then this one is great. If you're expecting it to get heavy usage though I might suggest you serve your search back for the market leaders anyway - the two really aren't comparable.
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on 29 December 2013
I brought 2 of these for my 5 and 4 year old sons for christmas. Thankfully i checked them before i wrapped them up for christmas. the chargers dont fit or work and the usb doesnt charge the tablet. They do have charge on them and will work for the first 3 times you switch them on. Apps were downloaded and the playstore was on there so i could download more apps but after the 3rd time of using the tablet and switching them on and off lines appeared on the screen and i could not charge them. this happened with both tablets.

Delivery was really fast, next day.

I do have to say on the positve that i reurned both the tablets to amazon and they have given me a full refund.

Please note that anyone can write a review on amazon even if they did not buy the product so dont be fooled like i was buy all the positive reviews that could have been writen by the seller.
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on 3 April 2013
the tablet is superb, the only downside is it isn't windows but my wife (who the tablet was for) has found operating platforms that work in the same way as microsoft word.
the tablet can do the same as my laptop but easier and lighter to carry about.

I gave it 5 stars because of the functions within it and it was so inexpensive that I got another one for myself.
the delivery was quick, it was a day earlier than expected and in perfect working order. My one on the other hand wouldn't power up so sent it back, got my refund and ordered another one that works perfectly.
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on 25 December 2012
7" inch Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner A13 1.0GHz CPU (up to 1.5GHz maximumly)Processor Android 4.0.3 (Latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS) Tablet PC 4GB HDD 512MB WiFi MID Epad Flash Player 11.1 - Compatible with BBC iPlayer / Youtube / Facebook by Dx-mall...The tablet arrived within three or four days of ordering. I had initial concerns about the quality of the screen as it appeared scratched and marked. I was assured(by quick response) that there was a protective film over the screen. It took a bit of finding but eventually peeled off to reveal a perfect screen. All the apps work well, the quality of playback is fantastic. The ease of set up was very user friendly and there seems to be no problems at all. Very pleased with the purchase so far and hope it continues to provide many hours of enjoyment.
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on 16 March 2013
I bought a similar product from Wise Technology in June 2012.

It became faulty after very little use in November 2012. After many emails they reluctantly asked me to return tablet for repair / replacement.

They received the tablet on 28th Jan. 2013 by tracked courier. 7 weeks later they claim they have sent 2 replacements but refuse to provide tracking information / proof of postage.

I complained to amazon who replied saying that it was out of their hands because it was outside of the 90 day a-z buying guarantee period and contact trading standards.

My 10 yr old daughter saved pocket money and birthday money to buy this tablet and is currently owed £124.99 by Wise Technology.

To make matters worse Amazon are currently fulfilling orders from wise technology despite their terrible feedback.

Last 30 days they have less than 90% feedback. This means that more than 1 in 10 customers who left a review have had cause to leave them bad feedback.

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on 27 January 2014
I've given it a month and did not expect much for the price. Just wanted it to work,even slowly, while on public transport and in hotels. It's worked for a while but it gave up yesterday. Expected it to last about six months not 28 days. i have been trying to get it to reboot for two days but don't think it is going to happen. Giving it until tomorrow to reboot. If it doesn't looks like a trip to the post office. Like i said i realise it was cheap but I only wanted it to WORK!!!! EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY disappointed.
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on 3 June 2013
Bought this for my 5 year olds birthday as she's always playing on my phone and WOW!

Delivered quicker than I thought and easy to use, easy to set up. My LO hasn't put it down. Videos play great, the music is fab and she loves all the apps.

I will be buying another just for general web browsing. Would recommend to anyone looking for a cheap, basic tablet.
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on 17 April 2013
This tablet came very quickly from System 87. It worked on all counts including the USB
& worked straight away with the Amazon bought case/keyboard with no app.
Very sturdy for it's size.
I would buy the right angled micro to Normal 'A' USB Adaptor with about eight inch approx lead as the leverage
with the normal 'A' USB could cause problems in the long run and is protruding.
I would like to find a short extension lead for the charger connection as it is stiff as it should be, I think taking this in
and out with the USB connection near could cause problems. A strange plug to me.
Connected to my router with the 'Wireless key' password found on your desktop 'C' Networks. No problem.
Overall buy it. Right price: Good service: and you can add your own bits. EW.
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on 5 January 2014
I bought this as an ebook reader (because they were the same price anyway) and thought 'why not get the extra functionality of a tablet?'

I saw some bad views for this item so hopefully I'll be able to clear up a few things. First things first, it's really not too shabby for the just under £40 I paid altogether. AS long as you don't have too much open it's operational. I've got the android office app running smoothly on there, several 3d games and a lot of PDFs. Too say the least it was money well spent.

The battery lasts for about 1:30 - 2:00 hrs with heavy use, but simply turning it down into aeroplane mode increases the battery considerably. It's definitely worth going through the settings and conserving the power as much as possible. The screen is the biggest killer taking up practically all the power so make sure you turn the backlight down.

Yet to root it and really mess with it but so far I am genuinely pleased with it. In my box I got A DC charger (although it happily charges from USB), a microUSB to USB cable and microUSB to USB converter. The last bit is interesting as I've had a mouse plugged into it and a memory stick and it run perfectly fine. The mouse was a little unresponsive but use-able.

For how much it cost me, it definitely does everything I want it to do for it's price. If it lasts a year I will be happy.

Just a little complaint but I'll give the Company the benefit of the doubt and that was how long it took to arrive. Almost a month. To be totally fair, I didn't get fast shipping, it was over Christmas and they did warn me it could take as much as that long. By chance it worked out fine anyway. Just a little heads up, because it isn't tracked I didn't get no warning that it was being posted through the door so luckily somebody was in.
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