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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars151
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2016
Fantastic evening buy sister loves it
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on 28 September 2015
Beautiful film, chillingly realised.
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on 28 January 2013
yul bryner great looking great in this fim exciting well made scenes brilliant go get a copy ull enjoy it
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on 12 March 2013
Although its age is beginning to show a bit, this classic is still able to hold its own as a work of sheer brilliance. Pre-dating the Terminator franchise, it is the ultimate original single-minded-killer-robot story that draws in the audience and keeps us hanging on right til the end.

This film features a wonderful build up of story and suspense, with some fantastic moments of enjoyable fun-filled action (set at the slightly slower, but more natural, pace of the time) and is filled with open-ended philsophical questions about consciousness, human desire, playing God, and general moralities, as any good Sci-fi should be.

If you can ignore the typical futuristic-fashion choices, and the extremely dated-looking computer consoles (both of which are relatively infrequent, as the majority of the film is set in the "Worlds"), then you are in for a treat with this film.
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This is an extremely original and quait science fiction about a leisure theme park where some robots designed for providing pleasure-leisure to entertain the fantasies of the rich clientele from across the world rebel against their exploitation .
The theme of intelligent cloned life being used as slave labour in a futuristic theme park is quite fascinating but than we have mayhem and carnage as the computer malfunction creates a disaster for the indulgent human guests ,thus raising moralist and ethical issues regarding use of intelligent cloned life as models for sadomosochist pleasure as an acceptable social model in a gold standard,and the theme is very well debated in an extremely taut and unpredictably entertaining movie ,which is a satire as well as a slick thriller ,two rare qualities together in a science fiction fantasy.

Yul Brynner gives one of his best performances ever as the "robotic gunslinger cowboy" who is a the perfect killing machine modelled to give way to the whims of human guests to please their violent insticts ,but once he is let loose he is unstoppable and a menace in a maniacally precise role, regarding both the acting department and the physical demands of the perfect gun hand who is now free to practice on the human protagonists with his designer killing skills ,while James Brolin plays the desperate man on the run within the park ,who is the prime target of the killer robot wanting to avenge his past humiliation .

Surprisingly you feel sorry for the robots rather than the human victims ,who are the origonal self -indulgent tyrants , and in some ways this movie stands up for the oppressed of the planet in reminding the rest that the role reversal can happen by a freak accident at any moment and it goes a long way intellectually in that aspect as well as a duel between machines and human beings, where the human imperfection and instincts can ultimately become the saving strength in face of a perfectly logical and programmed machine,and this intelligent movie with great technical values and some extremely elaborate set designs ,works wonderfully and delivers it's theme to the total satisfaction of the cineaste .
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on 5 August 2013
Based on the recomendations from the reviews here I decided to get this movie on BluRay. Westworld is a futuristic movie about a Theme Park that offers customers the chance to live and be part of a wild west town from the 1880s or in a medieval castle in the 13th century or lastly participate in the Roman life during the Roman conquests.
The story and ideas in this movie are very enjoyable, very original with some superb acting from Yul Bryner.
The picture of the BluRay are superb as is the 5.1 sound which I enjoyed through my surround system.
Westworld is a very well made film that is even better on BluRay.
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on 7 June 2016
Good original sc-fi
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on 18 October 2015
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on 3 March 2015
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on 10 January 2011
Deliberately flawed theme park codes add massively to the tension in this brilliantly original sci-fi thriller.

An edgy and unnerving futuristic thriller from Jurassic Park's Michael Crichton, in which glaring (and almost certainly deliberate) premise confusions are ignored as a distracting carnival atmosphere covers them up, leaving the viewer tense and on the edge of their collective seats. Before dinasours became the subject of a theme park, there were robots. And this outing is clever and cunning from the beginning, because the inherent flaws in the Delos Theme Park Design, as a PART OF THE MOVIE (NOT the movies' "plot holes", as some people would have it - there is nothing wrong with the plot!) mean that you KNOW, almost from the start, that it HAS to be a recipe for disaster. After all, you get to shoot at and/or have relations with these robots, designed to look and behave just like real human beings. Great! do you know if you are directing it towards a real human like yourself or a robot? Because, after all, it is a theme park, with plenty of human visitors, alongside the robots. Answer, you don't.

But this fact is never mentioned, which only adds to the fun, because it unsettles the mind, and there's too much going on in the film to give you time to stop and think about it, though it nags you in the back of your mind as you watch. And though you're not supposed to be able to hurt other humans because of heat sensor guns, this is a pretty low-denominator safety catch. Could temperature sensors really provide 100% safety from hurting humans mistaken for robots? But I think that this is a clever and deliberate piece of subtext. Such simple premises, but such a good and clever film. Added to which is the fact that the robots don't really appear to want people to do the things that they're doing to them. Another unspoken factor, but equally unsettling, which makes the film even better. The humans go around nervously but somehow half-confidently reminding each other that what they are doing is alright, it's the point of being there. And the robots go around acting unsettlingly like they have real feelings too. And every reported problem that the technicians say the robots have in their functioning only succeeds in making the robots sound more and more like human beings. And then the robots, which were never less than somewhat surly and apparently resentful, begin to malfunction. But do they, or are they just getting sick of being mistreated? And all this happens within the claustrophobic setting of a well-run theme park. All-in-all, I really think that every apparent hole in the premise of this film is deliberate, and just makes it a notch more clever and unsettling. This is another one of those films you will either love or hate. Not everybody loves such sharp and cerebral plot intricacies. But I loved it. I so totally get the point of what is going on in this movie. It would definitely be on my favourite movies list. Recommended.
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