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on 3 June 2014
I've only had the torch a few days but so far it seems a really good buy and I may buy another for a relative.
The light output with 3 AAA batteries in the supplied holder is impressive and far better than any maglight torch but to get a blindingly bright beam I bought a rechargeable 18650 battery to replace the AAA battery and holder.
With the 18650 battery the light output is a lot brighter but I have to admit its not the quoted 1600 lumens but I knew it wouldn't be because sellers always over exaggerate the brightness levels and as far as I know a cree T6 bulb couldn't achieve this brightness any way.

*********Follow up: I did indeed buy another torch but this time the supplier was a company called DigiYess and again it was fulfilled and despatched by Amazon,WARNING the second torch I bought was a crap fake copy and of a poorer quality to the first one I bought from Deserveprice Europe.
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on 17 February 2014
You really do get your value's worth for this torch, all things considered. It's small and easy to carry, has an end-pushbutton - much easier to find in the dark, three levels of brightness, an SOS and a strobe mode, powered by 3xaaas (with adapter, included) or 18650, and best of all is zoomable. The red 'seal' looked like it would break fairly easily, and it did. But I can't say it's caused any problems since.

I would encourage those finding these to be weak to use one 18650 battery rather than three aaa's. You'll get that bit more power and durability. Also, I've noticed that occasionally the head can become accidentally unscrewed a bit when changing batteries with the head extended, so those who are having difficulties with 'flickering' might try pushing the beam end towards the body and rotating the torch in the same way you rotate the end cap when closing it.
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on 10 April 2014
I bought this in case I ever need a powerful torch when I go hiking in the Peak District. In terms of brightness, toughness and multi-functionality, it is excellent. The zoom feature goes from what you would expect on a "normal" torch right down to a square "point". On the model that I received, there are a total of five brightness/strobe settings. This is great for conserving the batteries if you don't require full brightness all the time, but it can be frustrating to have to repeatedly toggle between all the various "modes", just to get back to the brightness setting you were on before you last switched it off. All the different brightness settings are accessed by pressing a large recessed button located in the base of the torch. This button is easy to access and has a solid "click" feel to it. Here is how the button cycles through the various "modes":

1st button press: ON - Full brightness
2nd button press: OFF
3rd button press: ON - Still very bright
4th button press: OFF
5th button press: ON - Dimmed down to the brightness of a "standard" torch.
6th button press: OFF
7th button press: ON - Strobe light (full brightness)
8th button press: OFF
9th button press: ON - Morse code for "S.O.S." (full brightness)
10th button press: OFF
11th button press: ON - Back to full brightness again (and so on)

If you are looking for a basic torch that you can toggle on and off as needed, then this one might be a bit too complicated for your needs. If however, you are looking for an emergency torch for backpacking, military use or even routine security work, then this torch has much to recommend it.

The torch body is robustly constructed out of solid aluminium. It looks very nice and works well, with the zoom feature operating smoothly with just the right amount of resistance. Most people will appreciate having a torch with such a solid feel to it. Professional mountaineers however (for whom every ounce matters) might be looking for something a bit more light-weight.

Although this torch does include an automatic "S.O.S." signal mode, the lack of a dedicated "flash" button means that it is not suitable for general-purpose Morse Code signalling. In other words, if you happen to know Morse Code and you want to say a bit more than just "Help!", then this is NOT the right torch for you.

Conclusion: A very bright, robust multi-function torch, but the repeated button-pressing can get a bit tedious.
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on 31 May 2014
If, like me, you can't make out what the bits in the pictures are,:
What you get in the box are : the torch, a holder that takes 3 x AAA batteries, and because that is slightly larger than a 18650 battery, a plastic sheath to stop the 18650 rattling around inside the case.
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on 24 December 2013
I just got the package. I had actually ordered the whole pack of flashlight, 2 chargeable batteries, AAA battery holder and 2 chargers. The whole lot cost me 11 bucks. The brightness of this thing is out of this world! Adjustable focus is great. It gives a good beam and really wide spread too. It feels sturdy and is not too long. Length is only 135mm(just measured). I've got to admit that I have a good collection of cree flashlights already and this seems to be the best so far. I can assure you that it will blow your mind!
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on 30 July 2014
I bought this to light my way during a long, overnight bike ride through the English countryside (Dunwich Dynamo, since you ask) and it served me very well. It was easily bright enough to cut through the light fog that descended on us in the early hours and the tough aluminium casing sealed tightly enough to keep the later rain out. With the beam angle at its widest it gives a good area of illumination that clearly lights up everything within a couple of dozen metres, which is invaluable on unlit country lanes, and you don't even need to have it on the brightest setting for it to be useful in that scenario. Teamed with my standard set-up of more usual bike lights (a Moongem 2, small Lezyne and a cheap Cateye - all rendered almost unnecessary by the UF A100) it was like riding on well lit urban roads.
The build quality is good; the on/off button is a bright orange, silicone covered switch that gives satisfying tactile feedback; the lens is good and thick and the whole thing is a good size to hold as a torch, put in your mouth when you need both hands to fix a bike problem, or carry in a pocket when you park your bike up.

Spend a bit of money on a couple of good rechargeable lithium batteries (not the cheap Ultrafire brand) and you can't go wrong. 3x AAA last just over an hour, 1x Li-ion lasts over 3 hrs. I'd also recommend this clamp to hold it to your bars, but be warned, the bolt is only plastic:
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on 18 February 2014
So, like it says in the title. The torch is not 1600 Lumens is about 500/600. It is very bright so don't worry too much about that. The only issue i have is that i can't manually flash the torch. It has 5 different settings but i would prefer to have control over how fast or slow to flash it. That is just a personal issue so don't be put of. When you have the narrow beam ( Square ) you do not lose the outer ring. Also the square beam is not full, you can see lines across it.
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on 13 January 2016
Quality is expected for its price.
Cons: no actual packaging; led isn't centered; internal spring contact wasn't attached; many imperfections inside the glass.
Pros: comes with AAA adaptor or 18650 tube; using 18650 batteries it actually is quite bright (the tree in the photograph below is around 100 metres away with the beam on max zoom).

No idea on the actual run time but for throwing in the glove/toolbox it's decent.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 25 December 2013
Top little torch for the price.

Compared it to an LED Lenser P7, one of the high-end market leaders of similar size. It's obviously not in the same league quality-wise, and the spot function on this is a square image of the chip opposed to the clean circle the Lenser produces. And as you'd expect, the Lenser wins on brightness (P7 has a claimed 200 lumens, this one claims 1600... ha) and beam range.

But given that it's about quarter of the cost of a P7, this is a great budget alternative.

UPDATE: After 7 months of moderate/heavy use something which controls the brightness has started to fail, so the torch powers up then flickers away to a dull glow. Getting another one though, as it's so incredibly cheap. Still a 5-star product.
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on 21 October 2015
Warning these are fake rubbish don't see why so meany people are giving good reviews no brighter than cheep £3 torch i brought from market stand. lens is cheep plastic and scratched up. Screw threads on cap are bad. And noway these get any where near the Clammed 1600 lumens more like 160 lumens. Ultrafire is a registered trademark and can not be used by any other company.
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