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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars27
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2009
Words are about the most powerful business tool going - and they're all available absolutely free from your nearest dictionary. This book is full of straightforward, unpretentious advice about how to put them in the right order. If your work involves writing emails, letters or just persuading people to get something done, you'll get something useful out of it. Possibly even a pay rise.
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on 16 March 2010
I used to write like a policeman describing a crime to a judge. It was all very factual, very professional, and very dull. But then - because I'm lucky enough to work for a company that uses Neil's company to improve how they communicate - I went on a course called Tone of Voice. I loved it; it really opened my eyes to how you could write in business. And, because my team has to write to a lot of very busy people about really complex things in a way that gets the important stuff across, that's important to me. So I ordered this book and read it in a couple of days, sticking in little post-it notes and highlighting bits as I went. It's great. There's something you can use on almost every page. And the best thing about it? It feels like you're having a chat down the pub with a mate who knows what he's talking about ... not like someone's preaching at you. I've banged on to my team about it for a couple of weeks and they're getting the hang of it now. They've twigged that plain, simple language isn't a bad thing, and that writing the words you'd use if you spoke it is completely allowed. So, hats off to Neil I say. If you want to simplify what you say without dumbing it down, or just need people to actually read what you write, this is the book for you.
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on 2 February 2014
This book, is a must have resource not just for business writing, but for writing in general.

It's completely turned the quality of my writing around. I doubt I'll win a Pulitzer anytime soon. But, taking on board some of the lessons in the book, has really helped me put my thoughts on to paper (and the screen), much more easily and clearly.

Part of my job is to write to people on pretty much a daily basis. I write them things like proposals, reports, emails, letters, etc. It's usually to ask them to do something, or, change their minds about something. Because I'm dealing with subject matters so dull and boring to start with, I'm probably the last person they'd like to read something from.

I'm now able to put interesting and creative spins on the generally boring things I write. What's more, I've had better results and responses from people I write stuff to so far (though, I don't think they'll be jumping out their seats, and punching the air in excitement when they get an email from me, just yet). This definitely has something to do with the type of writing style and tone that the book supports throughout.

Neil takes an approachable and easily digestible style in giving you the information from his book - staying true to the stuff he bangs on about. It's easy to pick up and read, and has stuff that you can take and put into practice right away.

I can't recommend this highly enough.

P.S. One bad thing about this book, is that it left me with this typically clichéd 'I wish I found this sooner' feeling.
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on 21 March 2011
The first thing you notice about `Brilliant Business Writing' is how enjoyable it is to read. It's a genuinely entertaining, laugh out loud read, which is why it's so convincing. Neil obviously knows how to write. The second thing you notice is how easy it is to take in what he's saying. Unlike most business books you don't get to the end of the first chapter and think `Now what was that again?'. Parts of the book come back to me all the time and that makes it really practical to apply to everyday business writing.

The only down side to the book is that it might make you violent. I've had lots of moments of wanting to bash my more verbose colleagues over the head with it and say `For god's sake, just read this! Then you'll know what I mean.'

Rosie Heptonstall
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on 19 November 2009
He wrote BBW
A very good book indeed
You need to read it

I am excited about this. My first ever Haiku, a special type of Japanese poem. Also a useful writing technique I learnt about in Neil Taylor's book `Brilliant Business Writing' (BBW). And there's more. Lots more that inspired, engaged and persuaded me (see the sub-title). And plenty for you if you are looking for help with writing - whether for business or not. This is 5 star help. Here's my three reasons why.

First, from page one I met a real person (the writer), Neil. Well, that hooked me. His personality is there on every page. He has a passion for writing that kept me fully engaged. His down-to-earth (northern influence) myth-busting approach gives us all permission to break some of those precious rules (what rules?). And his witty wisdom gives you the techniques to write better in business. His presence in his writing made a potentially boring how-to book a real page-turner for me. Honest.

Second, he practices what he preaches. On the other hand, he might prefer - he writes as he tells you to write. I'm learning. Structure, style and magic, his three core ideas for writing, are there in the book to read about and experience. He takes you on the journey of how to write better, step by step, in a clear, natural and interesting way which is central to how he suggests we put his ideas into practice. They work because his book works.

If you have read this far, then Neil's ideas do work because I have used them here in this review. Although he is a wee bit cheeky (I like that), I swear on the BBW that Neil Taylor did not pay me to write this review while he sits in Kennington watching Doctor Who. See page 220 - but read the rest of the book first. No cheating.

I nearly forgot my third reason why you should read this book. The answer you are looking for is on pages 11 and 12 under `What will it do for you?' It's not in the Amazon `click here -Look inside!', so you need to get the book.

I recommend this book with 5 stars.
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on 1 April 2010
This is a really easy to read book and is packed full of practical hints and tips. I've used these when writing at work, from internal emails to reports and it really does help make your writing more intersting and engaging.

I started it on the bus on the way to work and didn't want to get off so I could carry on reading..and thats saying something on a packed London bus at rush hour!
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on 17 December 2009
I read this book like a novel, which surprised and delighted me. Each page after page offers useful insights, practical tips, and important and serious messages. And it's done in a way that will make you remember and best of all smile. I wish this book had been around when I was doing my MBA. Better late than never...Thank you!
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on 15 November 2010
For many people, I imagine business writing is about as exciting as watching Christmas Day repeats with the in-laws. Most of us have to do it but it's no fun. Well, Neil Taylor's book does an admirable job of proving just the opposite. It's entertaining, engaging and informative. What's more, there are great tips to apply to other styles of writing. Credit should go to the publishers too because they seem to have got good, clean layout and design down to a fine art. Well worth buying. I'm sure I will dip into it again and again.
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on 28 April 2013
I'm a young writer developing my skills. I am able to write in a convoluted academic style that makes me sound smart, but I don't think this ability is very useful for most of the writing I do. I have been reading practical advice on writing for the last two years to help me simplify my writing, but most of this advice has been unmemorable.

This book is brilliant at explaining how to write clearly and in a way suited to the task at hand. Taylor justifies why you should use his approach so you can weigh pros and cons of his techniques for style: few writers justify their advice so explicitly. For you to confidently write better, you'll need good advice in a structured book, written in a readable and memorable way- this is such a book.

I've just got this book today, so don't look at the flaws in my writing as much of an indication. You'll be better previewing some of the introduction, this indicates the unpretentious clarity of the work.
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on 11 August 2009
A really easy and enjoyable read! If you have to communicate in writing this book provides realistic and simple to use tips and techniques that make a difference. Excellent!
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