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3.8 out of 5 stars33
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2014
Great book to read. I originally wanted it as a joke, but it is well written and the tips and hints are very clear and valuable even if you are not a PUA.

Great read!!!
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on 15 March 2012
I've read both of Richard's books, watched his DVD's and even attended private approaching classes so I don't consider myself new to pick up.

True, much of what is in the book was already covered in his old book, which was by far the best book on this subject I'd ever read. The new book is perhaps a little better because it's a little less autobiographical with a little more daygame thrown in, which is what I was hoping for.

So if you're new to pick up then this book is by far the best thing on the subject you'll read, a perfect introduction, although my one complaint coming from a newbie perspective would be the lack of material on approach anxiety. This is still the number 1 issue for most guys starting in pick up. I've found the book by Charlie Valentino Destroy Approach Anxiety - Effortlessly Approach Women Without Fear to be the best book on that subject and should be the first book all aspiring pick up artists should read.

If you are however advanced in pick up then you're not going to get an awful lot of new material from The Natural, if any at all. Buti'll conclude by saying it is still probably the best book on this subject! But I don't think it quite matches up to the hype. Still, I'll give it a 5 star!
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on 6 March 2015
Brilliant read and well laid out. This book is relevant to men of all backgrounds who are simply looking for a girlfriend to possibly a future wife. You really get the feeling that Ruina is there every step of the way as he communicates with the reader excellently.
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on 14 February 2013
I am relatively new to pick up and am currently reading books and watching vids from the likes of Neil Strauss to David DeAngelo.

I must say that Richard comes across as a genuinely nice guy and has a real empathy and respect towards women which so many PUA's just don't seem to have. My long term goal with learning pick up techniques is to make myself a better person socially and get the long term girlfriend who I want to be with, not just the typical ''I might as well'' relationship or one night stands.

I used one of the openers on a nurse I met yesterday and she offered her phone number at the end of the conversation. Big smiles! I have always been ok with women but never really know what I do when I get success. This book just makes perfect sense and has given me a lot more clarity and confidence in just a few days. I guess knowledge is power?!

Thank you.
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on 17 March 2013
I've read / watched quite a lot of material produced by the pick-up / dating community, and I picked up this book on Amazon hoping for something a bit different. I'm naturally drawn away from self-professed 'PUAs' who use jargon like 'sets', 'HBs' and 'kinoing', so I was pleased to discover that this book gave a lot of more general advice on inner game, body language etc., rather than some techniques which only work in a small number of situations (though the book did indeed use at least one of the pieces of PUA jargon I just mentioned).

'The Natural' opens with a short biography about Richard, explaining how he made the transition 'from geek to Natural'. I particularly enjoyed this opening section, as I love a good story, and it was pretty inspiring for me, even though my situation is a bit different to his. It certainly was interesting to hear the full story of Richard's metamorphosis and transformation.

There is a good amount of information in what is quite a short book. The inner game material at the beginning is thorough and a great way to get started. I recommend spending some time on this section. The 'seduction blueprint' and other, more situational advice are also pretty useful.

In all, there is a limit to how much skill a book like this can impart - just reading it is not going to turn you into a lothario overnight, but neither is reading any book on the subject. Ultimately, you get out what you put in, but if you want some guidelines to make sense of the huge mess of 'dating' information you might have come across, you could do a lot worse than this book.
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on 12 April 2015
Very good book

I recommend it to all of you who are as bad with women as I was .
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on 28 January 2016
Been following this guy. He really knows alot. And doesn't come across slimy like some of the guys. The book was great read straight through in one go, really addictive. The story was great. The different sections help alot. Makes you feel like you know what way to go. And understand things alot more.
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on 22 February 2012
First, all kudos to Richard (Gambler) for what he's achieved. Im a big fan, ive bought several of his products before including DVD'S (Natural Game, )PUA University etc. And even his free links are great. And after the publicity i had high hopes for this book!
OK - the bottom line is -
if you are a complete beginner, have never approached a woman or got a phone number then this book is for YOU. go ahead and buy it, you will be astonished and impressed at the information and tacticts Richard provides. For you, this is a 5 star review.
However, if like me, you have been reading game material for a couple of years, and have done hundreds of approaches already, then this book is sadly nothing new. It is a well presented and well laid out book that covers - succinctly - topics already covered many times over by every other PUA out there. It is nice to have a proper book rather than destroying my eyes with endless PDF's. But for someone with any experience at all, then here we have a collection of ideas already out there.
Whats the competition?
Kezia Noble, of course. However, Kezia's book is basically her previous book (exactly) with a few new bits, so not worth the money either. (How about a product on Push Pull Kezia - like you have said a few times before ;-)
To summarise -
if your new to game - this if for you, buy immediately.
If you are intermediate or upwards - seen it all before
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on 22 February 2012
Well I received my copy last week and upon finishing the book must say I was VERY impressed by it.
The book begins with an introduction of Richard during his teenage years where he describes himself as a shy, self concious and socially inept human being- who at times would remain housebound for weeks on end.

Through sheer hunger and desperation, Richard worked upon his own self-image, crushed his inner limiting beliefs and went out every day and night in the hope of making himself more attractive and competent in interactions with the opposite sex. Not only this but he makes drastic changes to his everyday lifestyle and moves away to London in order to gain access to locations with the most exclusive holding of women!

The book offers a step-by-step guide and explains clearly the techniques that any man can deploy in order to enhance his own interpersonal relationships and make a real self-transformation, if he so wishes.

He explains a simple but EFFECTIVE NLP exercise to increase self-confidence and diminish inner game issues ( I know this as I have done it several times!) tips on Becoming an attractive male, body language, fashion and improving conversational threads to gain a connection all the way through to the seduction- going for the kiss without coming across too cheesy.

I feel Richard has done a great job with this book in providing, simple and practical techniques that any man can use to radically change and enhance his dating life.
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on 28 October 2014
Another classic from La Runia. Having read his first book I was excited to see he brought out another and I was not disappointed. There is some overlap from his first but nothing that you wouldn't want to read again. A story of his past tests and turmoils in trying to attract the opposite sex and his genius guidelines and advise to help you spot and stop your common mistakes and transform yourself into a ladies man. A much better book than 'The game' in my opinion with advice and tips that can be implemented into you everyday routine. Its not just a book about picking up women but a self help book to build yourself into a more confident person. A must read!!
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