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3.2 out of 5 stars795
3.2 out of 5 stars
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 11 September 2013
'I had a fleeting second of incredulity that there'd ever been a time I hadn't known the extent of the supernatural world. And here I sat in Lucky Bar-B-Q with two witches, two part-demons, a telepath, and a weretiger.'

---My Thoughts---

Since I bought the first Sookie Stackhouse book on a whim, I've been hooked on the series. I read the first few within a few months, and got really impatient waiting for the next one's to be delivered. I've always loved Sookie's character and was always worried for her when more and more danger was thrown her way throughout the series. I've followed Sookie through several relationships and attempts on her life and have always find myself wanting more.

It's my understanding that thirteen books were always planned for this series. I have to say, as much as I love the series as a whole, the last few books started to lose the magic for me. There's only so much that can happen during a series, so at times the last few books felt more like a story was being dragged out and I didn't enjoy them as much.

The way this book is written is different to the other books in the series. The story is told from different points of view; mostly from Sookie's point of view, but also from that of the people out to get Sookie. At the start, you have no idea who the people are, since all that you're given is a vague description. As the story progresses a few familiar names emerge, and this was a nice twist since I thought Sookie had seen the last of them. Some of the names are kept a secret until the end, and I really enjoyed the twist of who was behind it all. I liked how this was done, it kept me guessing who the people were, as they were people that I'd met in previous books. All is revealed towards the end, and the different narratives tie together nicely.

A big part of the Sookie Stackhouse series is the Romance. Sookie has had a few different boyfriends during the series, and I'm sure everybody enjoyed this aspect of the story, especially Sookie's relationship with Eric. I'm sad to say that there wasn't really a lot of Romance going on in this book. There is a lot going on in Sookie's life, so I suppose she's too busy for a relationship, but this could be what was missing from this book for me.

I did enjoy the story, but compared to the previous books in the series, particularly the first few, this book was disappointing. It's never taken me more than a few days to read a Sookie Stackhouse book, and this one was no different. The only difference is that I read this quickly because it was an easy read and uncomplicated page turner, and the previous books really gripped me and left me wanting more. I've seen a lot of reviews for this, and most of them are similar to my rating. I've also seen a lot of people that weren't happy with the way the series ended, and I have to agree to some extent. The ending seemed quite abrupt to me, stopping in a strange place. I was happy with Sookie's choice of men at the end of the book though, since she ended up with who I always wanted her to be with, but I'll leave it at that.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 21 September 2013
I have been an avid and enthusiastic reader of the whole Sookie Series, I mean who wouldn't be? The start of the book series brought us an original idea, a great cast of characters, and enough steamy scenes to make a dominatrix blush. Although I've found the book series pretty repetitive and predictable, I still enjoyed reading the books, as we all know life can be a little like that. That's where I thought Charlaine was going with the series, make the characters tick over nicely, and then BAM! End the series with a huge climax!

I think its pretty safe to say I was disappointed with it. I couldn't wait to get to the end, and not in a good way. I was bored with reading about Sookie's garden, her tomatoes and pretty lettuce. If she wasn't talking about that, she was dribbling on about housework. I felt the start of the book dragged, and then suddenly all the action was rushed and shoved into the last thirty pages. However, unlike other readers I thought the relationship between Sam and Sookie was justified, and I totally understood why Harris ended the series with that development in their relationship. I just really hoped the last book would reveal something amazing, either about Sookie or the whole plot in general. I felt like we didn't really say goodbye to Bill, Eric, Quinn or Alcide. It was kind of like they were forgotten about and as a reader you have a certain relationship with them too.

At the end of the book I felt a little cheated. I mean thirteen books for an ending like that! I wanted to throw my kindle out the window, but then realised I still have my wonderful Game of Thrones to read.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 February 2014
Considering how many people she has killed throughout this series, it is ironic that in this book Sookie is arrested for a murder she didn't commit. She has an enemy determined to destroy her, and when things look bleak, Sookie begins to find out how much she can rely on her surprisingly large number of friends and supporters.

But who wants to set up Sookie for murder and why? There's zero help from Sookie's Faery relatives since all ties between the Fae and human worlds have been severed, plus Sam is behaving strangely since she saved his life and unwilling to explain his distance.

I thought that Eric was portrayed particularly badly in the previous book, and although he doesn't have a large role, he continues to display disappointing behaviour. There was absolutely no surprise for me as to whom Sookie ends up with at the end and although it was a relationship I wanted to bloom at the start of this series, it felt strange after Sookie's passionate affair with Eric. Although CH tries to inject some heat with a bedroom scene between Sookie and her new love interest, I didn't really consider them a couple. I thought the ending somewhat anti-climatic for a series that has predominantly been a whirlwind of action, but it sort of petered out and lost momentum in the last few books and never managed to regain the sparkle found at the start of this series.
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94 of 105 people found the following review helpful
on 14 May 2013
Such an epic disappointment. Not that I expected much after the last couple of books, but I thought CH might bring out the big guns for the final book. Looks like she dragged out a water pistol.

*****SPOILER ALERT******

Yes, I'm an Eric fan and I would have liked to see them somehow have their HEA...But...I am reasonable enough to realise that that probably wasn't going to happen. First, let me say that I've read hundreds of these reviews. I truly wanted to see if the way I was feeling was just me or the general feeling amongst the fan base. What I've found and what really annoys me is the presumption by some of the 5 star fans (and they've actually mentioned it) that we're all bitching about Eric. NO, we're not. Again and again (ex)fans are saying the same thing...the gist of which is that while it's disappointing that Sookie didn't end up with Eric, we could have accepted it if there had been ANY logical build up to Sam. We're saying that the book was sloppily thrown together; that CH had an ending in mind at around book 2 and so-help-her she was ending it that way even if the story and characters had really found a voice of their own and diverged from that ending...she was going to finagle, forget continuity, change lore, anything to get her ending; that the premise/mystery was poorly thought out and that CH threw anyone that had ever been in the books into the mix to act as filler with no real need for them to be there (especially as she's supposedly letting us know all that in the coda out in October).

I'm incredibly disappointed that there was no real, mature and emotional "ending" for Eric and Sookie. OK, so they couldn't be let them have a mature discussion and have them realise that, say their goodbyes, voice their regrets...goddamn it...just a bloody hug would have been nice....but noooo, we have an emotionally immature reaction from Sookie (and a totally out of character threatening, sulky attitude from Eric) and a slamming door. Real mature *snort*. Oh yes, I can certainly see how Sookie has matured through the series, NOT! And no, I'm not saying Eric doesn't have his faults, and realistically Sookie probably needed a "man" who could live with her in the sun, father children etc, but I'd rather have seen her alone than settling for Sam. Because settle she did. Nice safe, boring Sam.

CH has made no bones about the fact that she's never understood the fans love of Eric. What I can't understand is that she created and wrote him as a heroic, but flawed, bad-boy character, with dazzling good looks, a ready smirk and grin, a sense of humour, a real presence, and a habit of taking bullets for Sookie. Yes, he hid things from Sookie but at least he always told her the truth. And lets not forget the "gracious plenty" and what he could do with it. What did she expect us to do? What's not to like? Sookie fell in love with him, why wouldn't we?

After the promise of the first 8/9 books, the progress Sookie made in accepting herself and making an effort to grow and learn, it was sad to see such a promising heroine close herself off to possibilities. To slide back into her mundane little existence and her mundane little job; to a relationship with someone who never gave her the credit due her intelligence, treated her like a child and generally took her a bit for granted. But in saying that, I never really liked Sookie all that much anyway. I never saw what ever Eric, Alcide, Quinn and Bill did. I found her childish, self-centred, whiney, ungrateful, self-righteous, hypocritical and sanctimonious. I could go on...and on. And I have to wonder about CH's ideas on rape. How could she have Sookie forgive, be friendly with and even kiss her rapist????? Bit of a slap in the face for victims everywhere. Just saying!

I only continued reading the series because of the developing relationship with Eric. He's the one who enticed me to keep reading the series. He's probably the greatest character she'll ever create and she destroyed him (and in my mind Sookie as well). So a big boo to Ms Harris for her treatment of him in the last book and for the piss-poor writing effort that she obviously didn't care about after book 8 or so. Never picking up another book of hers again. Wouldn't risk having another series of hers end in the same disappointment. Find your HEA in fanfic. There's some fantastic, well written stories out there.
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131 of 147 people found the following review helpful
on 9 May 2013
I have been a fan of the books long before the TV series, and along with other readers have also felt the last couple of books weren't living up to expectation. I was hopeful though, that as the last book, it would end with a bang - a gritty, gripping page turner but sadly have been let down.

The plot felt rushed & erratic. It seemed watery at best & took second stage to the characters - allowing some that have been long gone (with story lines at the time that wrapped up their own parts in the series) to return with cameo appearences. It was clear that the book was heading in a certain direction from the start. While many would be happy at the return of many of the faces, it felt like a poor ending to a mediocre TV series with cameo's of famous characters rather than a compelling emotion ridden book.

Characters that we have been led to love have been left out almost entirely for reasons that do seem to not fit in with their previous nature.

Harris has stated that she has known the ending since almost the beginning, but if true then the series has been planned poorly. We readers have been swept up in the romance of Sookie/Eric & even her pasts relationships (Quinn/Bill/Alcide) would have held more credibility than the one that have been given. It does unfortunately seem that Harris has become very bored of the Sookie series & rather than be inventive with her plot & ending. She has not stood true to the characters that she has written & created, nor has she moved with the direction her series had taken, and when the ending which she anticipated so long ago no longer fit - she forced it upon us anyway.
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57 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on 8 May 2013
Quite disappointed, the book could have been so much better.I know people were upset about the ending, but I was more upset about the actual was very weak and felt "jerky". I'm not jumping on the bandwagon about the ending,I'm just disappointed with the whole thing.
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53 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on 12 May 2013
**Review contains spoilers**

Not sure where to start, except to say in over 30 years of reading I have never felt the need to warn other potential buyers just how completely horrible a book is. After 12 books of adventures with vampires, they are most notable by their limited page time in this terrible tale. Sookie is unlikable and most of the time, acts like she doesn't care about anything any more (maybe that is a mirror to how Charlaine Harris feels about this world she once lovingly created - let's face it she only wrote the last 3 books to make money and capitalize on the success of the TV show).

My biggest gripe is how the writer chose to end the character arc of Eric Northman. A character that for some inexplicable reason Ms Harris has decided she hates (but could have, if given the correct ending, become one of the greatest vampires of modern literature). She used him to sell 12 books and then shafted him and his fans, fans who have invested a lot of time and money in these books, and have become emotionally invested in his relationship with our heroine.Now Ms Harris is moaning about the back-lash from Eric fans. Really? Did she not see it coming? (I've seen interviews where she talked about the number of fans who want their books signing to Mrs Eric Northman) and now Ms Harris is surprised by the back-lash? I get it that he may not have been Ms Harris' original HEA, and she knew who that was going to be all along, so why did she use Eric so unscrupulously to sell truck loads of books? Why not the Southern Shifter Mysteries? Why did she even bother to write "Dead to the world" if apparently she already knew who the HEA was 2 books before that?

I absolutely believe that all the disgruntled fans have every reason to be angry and upset as we have all been completely used and played by a writer who has no empathy for her readers at all. She did not have to turn Eric's character as badly as she did or give him such an undignified ending (Just look at Bill - the ex-rapist who gets to stay and live next door).

I urge anyone who becomes emotionally involved with characters and relationships (and let's face it that is what good books are all about) not to buy anything Charlaine Harris writes in the future as there is a strong likelihood she will stomp all over everything you hold dear with character assassinations and inconsistent and lazy plotting. (Claude again? Really?) (Sookie's problem with reading Sam's thoughts suddenly not a problem after all? Really?).

"Dead Ever After"is a truly awful book.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 April 2014
I am very on the fence about this.
I'm a long-time fan of the series, and was very eager to see how it ended. But it didn't end terribly well.
Whereas I think Eric's actions are totally in keeping with his character, as much of his goodness was down to the blood bond, I wanted more Bill, more Pam, more Mr Catalides, more EVERYONE. The barn dance finale is bizarrely out of character for Sookie, as we get to know her across the books. I feel like Jason got a better ending than she did.

Although I don't think it could have ended romantically any other way, the book isn't written with much spark. Everything is rushed. We never find out enough about the supernatural world Ms Harris has written to accept a devil popping up from nowhere. The ultimate villain is at odds with his characterisation across the series.
I would like more Sookieverse short stories, but perhaps it's better the series has ended. A shame it was with this story.
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 13 May 2013
I've just finished this book and I feel so deflated and depressed. Charlaine Harris obviously had no interest in finishing off this series but she should at least have tried for the sake of her fans who have followed Sookie for years!


I'm devastated by how the main and favourite characters were portrayed, especially Eric. He only has about 2 lines in the entire book and there is no emotion in the break up! In fact, there's hardly any emotion in the book at all. It's flat and it's boring and most characters don't act like themselves. It got to the point where I couldn't care less who died and who didn't, even Eric. Infact, I would have prefered it if he was Dead Ever After if he had stayed the same engaging, funny and strong character and went out in a blaze of glory.

Sam and Sookie getting together was pretty much inevitable and while that isn't the choice I wanted her to make but I could have lived with it if Sookie and Eric had came to some kind of emotional climax but neither of them seem to care they've broken up! Even the sex scene between Sam and Sookie is awful, flat and cringeworthy.

Don't even get me started on the bad guys. Pathetic.


My advice would be not to read this book and just make up your own ending as you see fit. Gutted.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 June 2013
A nice way for existing fans to spend a few hours and get closure.

The end of Sookie and Eric was long overdue. CH made it obvious Eric wasn't perfect and Sookie had so many past lovers that were better suited for her but still left. Eric was cold and calculating. It's true that he changed for her-and that was sweet-but not enough. It was always reaffirmed that he was just too practical, too vampire. He cared for her, but more for himself. Eric never understood her morals, or respected her right to stand by them and her decisions e.g. staying human. Sookie was always having adventures and facing dangers, but Eric was rarely there. It was day, or he was busy with Fangtasia or vamp politics. I became so tired of him sending others in his place! Mindblowing sex is good, but where was the substance?
She ended up with someone I wanted her to give a chance from the get-go. My complaint is that it's kept for the end of the book. Far too late, considering it's the last. You wait and wait for it, then don't get to see them date/develop properly, nor to enjoy any butterflies. Maybe that would've won readers around and made it feel less awkward. He was the sensible candidate, and likeable in his own right...but there was too much sense and not enough effort. After all these years of 'will they won't they?' and occasional hints, the idea was somewhat limp. I still adore him though.

The mystery side of things was enjoyable. I loved the twist when a hideously burnt Claude was the one to betray her, having been orchestrating Sookie's various enemies. The climax is entertaining too. There's a wild ride in a stolen van and he makes his homophobic accomplices experience gay lust.
However, until then there's too much focus on his lesser minions plotting to 'get' Sookie. They're quite incompetent. Their motive is hating Sookie; by now this is a tad predictable. I resented them getting their own chapters. Claude should have done more himself, less clumsily, and been a more formidable adversary.

Some old characters return- Mr Cataliades, Diantha, Bob, Amelia, Barry, Tara. They're mostly filler, with their best moments in the other books- but it's nice to see them again, and they make the scenes at her house more interesting. Alcide isn't in DEA and Bill is hardly mentioned either. I don't know why CH invented another child of Eric's. Karin is blonde and as bland as cardboard. Her entire purpose is to do Bubba's old job i.e. watch Sookie's property.
We get closure with Arlene, and to a lesser extent Quinn.
I applaud CH for keeping Sookie human and not taking the 'easy' way out, or simply doing what she thought would be popular.
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