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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars25
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2013
As descibed in other reviews, the packaging and service from Vicosell was good. But, the quality of the picture was poor and worse, the film was dubbed in Italian with no means of listening in English. This was not obvious from the description made by Amazon and unfortunately, I didn't look at the worst reviews at the time of ordering, which would have made me suspicious. This is a disappointment since I have enjoyed the Quatermass tales since watching 'Quatermass and the pit' back in 1958, on BBC television.
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on 11 August 2004
Unlike most of the other reviewers for this, I did not see this when it was originally transmitted, and when I received it for my seventeenth birthday, I expected it to be another monster flick from the sixties, produced as quickly as possible for a cold war paranoid audience.
Fact no. 1: This film is more than slightly depressing.
There; as obvious as that may seem to those who have seen it, it still has to be said.
In fact, it has an air of utter hopelessness in some parts. Nigel Kneale, instead of his usual way of slowly taking Quatermass from the normal world into the para-normal, starts us off in a post-Thatcher England (not really, as this was done in 79), yet so terrifying even by today's standards, that I can't imagine what effect it must have had back then.
Streets in London blocked by burnt-out cars, dead bodies, and endless trash effectively illustrate to state of urban decay. Most of the population is dead or in hiding. Though these aren't new ideas, it's the fact that these are only a backdrop for the story that makes them so effective.
After the inciting incident is set up in the form of a disastrous space flight, the opposing forces appear to us as the desire to run away, and the need to stand and fight. While the Planet People abandon reason, our heroes do not. Alas, it goes without saying, that the easy way is not the right one.
Quatermass' goal in thi story appears to be, believe it or not, the solemn search for his lost granddaughter. This is wonderful, because it serves to illustrate my favourite aspects of the Quatermass character, in that he isn't an action hero in the ordinary sense. The British Rocket group isn't a secret government spy agency (ok, it is really), but the point is that he is what just used to be known as a 'Good man', very much like Doctor Who, and this is how you can tell that this is the same Quatermass from the rest of the other films.
There is also a beautiful message in here about the generation gap, and this is carried through the film by a brilliant cast who really understand their roles.
On the more personal side, I found this an absolutely devastating blow to my mind. I suffered much grief because it meant so much; because I realised how little distance there is from this world and that world. I think something like this is meant to make you feel a bit guilty and weak; otherwise there would be little point. I hope you gain something from it like I did.
This set includes both the film and the television version, which, if nothing else, is interesting from a writer's point of view.
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on 19 February 2004
A bit harsh maybe- after all I shelled out a few £££'s on this merely on remembering it from childhood.
Having said that I found it very compelling towards the end though. Maybe that's Nigel Kneales writing- I've liked all his Quatermass films........
Not to everyone's taste (my wife couldn't watch more than 10 minutes!).
I felt even the makers (actors, director & Kneale) had difficulty with this. Reading the background explains a lot of things- it was dogged with problems in production.
Definitely one for enthusiasts though good value overall.
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on 3 March 2015
Did not realise this would be entirely in Italian with not even any English subtitles. Useless to anyone who is not fluent in Italian.
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on 15 November 2013
Only in Italian - bought this by accident, can't even get english subtitles on it.

The reason for the One is due to the poor quality of the video footage. Would have got a higher mark if it had been properly restored. I might have even considered learning the language.
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on 23 September 2013
I've been after this for years but upset when got as it was in Italian, grainy Picture poor quality the english version it seems is out of stock and has been for some time on the Picture on the dvd just looks like the English version so BUYER BEWARE!
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on 2 July 2013
If anyone is put off by reviews stating that it's in Italian only be rest assured that the 3 disc DVD is in English, it's only the one disc version that is for Italian speakers.

The three discs here break down as follows:
1 - Quatermass episodes 1 and 2 as broadcast on ITV (50 minutes each)
2 - Quatermass episodes 3 and 4 as broadcast on ITV (50 minutes each)
3 - The Quatermass Conclusion - a 100 minute movie edit for international theatrical release

I loved this final instalment of Quatermass - very, very bleak, but totally in character with the other serials.
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on 8 February 2010
I had great difficulty in appreciating that this was written by Nigel Kneale as it seemed to lack the real impact of "Quatermass and the Pit" and I had to read the book to unravel the plot. Sir john Mills also seemed decidedly uncertain as Quatermass.

Unlike the other Quatermass series we never get see who the aliens really are so just how were they causing the chaos with the satellites etc?

I have all the other Quatermass series as special treasures but wasn't impressed by this last offering at all.
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on 10 May 2003
This one stuck in the memory from childhood, if only in flashes. Quatermass's previous adventures are mentioned only obliquely during the new sci-fi crisis, thus washing over the problem as to how the human race can have both a Martian insect racial memory and another subconcious memory influenced by these other aliens both pushing the human race towards anarchy and violence. A very crowded house in the brain box departement here on earth. Lack of new plot ideas from the author methinks is the problem. Speaking of Mr Kneale, this series takes his bizarre obsession with nihilism to new heights of near absurdity. Throughout the previous trilogy anyone even remotely acquantied with Mr Quatermass was sure to come to a sticky end, but this is ridiculous. Even poor Joe the thief had to end up under the wheels of a forklift. The only reason the Russian guy is spared is because they needed someone for the voiceover at the end. Just when you think the story cannot get any more tragic you are hit with one of the most memorably heartbreaking denounements ever.
The picture quality of the DVD is disappointing, seemingly taken from a VCR copy and that, coupled with the arguably unnecessary inclusion of a film version, bumphs up the price to the borderline exhorbitant for what you get.
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on 26 February 2006
I remember watching this when it was shown on TV the first time around. Obviously better special effects than the original black and white shows but it didn't have the same spooky atmosphere. The strength of the story makes up for this though and, although cheesy in places, at least it's entertainingly cheesy. And some bits really stick in the mind.... Huffedy puffedy Ringstone Round, if you lose your hat it'll never be found... Priceless.
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