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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars44
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour: BlackChange
Price:£82.01 - £131.24
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on 5 August 2014
The design is excellent the concept is excellent, the feeling in hand is excellent.
Could be a five star item if Mad Catz care to make the switches extra long life. I have broken two of them in less than two years both left click switch worn out. RMAed both and it went out of warranty. This is the third one I own, still love the feeling in hand, love the dpi switch is so easy to use. But I will not use this mouse for MMO games or RTS games since too many clicks would went through, this mouse simply can't last to coupe with the amount clicks, and MMO, RTS don't really need a high dpi mouse anyway.

One additional problem I notice using this mouse in FPS. The sensor occasionally go hyper like a glitch during game causing my aiming view rotate multiple circles in a blink of an eye. To physically rotate that fast it requires a very long linear movement so I know it's glitching. you can also find similar complains on RAT7 if you search the internet for forum comments. Note this is a RAT7 only issue. does not apply to RAT 9, which is the ones I previous own. I got tired changing battery every day every day so got this wired version instead. Unfortunately, the sensor glitch only appears in RAT7 not in RAT9. So if you are buying one of these, be aware of this issue. A lot forum and review says the glitch is only version 1 issue. Mad Catz has since fixed it, but it is not true. This one I got is a very late version as they moved the brand from cyborg to mad catz now. Glitch is still there. It is very occasionally. I only notice this once or twice per week. Only in game as well, never had this problem on desktop.

Overall I would say an excellent mouse for casual gamers. Other than the glitch, it is very precise and sensitive. And it is such a cool looking mouse!

As said, if you don't do a million click per month, it's probably going to be ok for you.
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on 12 January 2013
Fantastic mouse love the way the buttons are layed,
You can change it to suit the user easy to access the buttons,
Love the software that you download you can change it to suit the gaming stile.
Would buy it again if breaks down
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on 11 November 2013
exceptional mouse! bought this to replace the roccat kova+ because the scroll wheel began to loosen and wobble, thus the scroll wheel became more difficult to carry out the action of scrolling up and down whilst browsing internet pages. the mad catz RAT7 looks, feels and responds amazingly and would go as far as to say its the best mouse i have ever owned.

extra weight components can replace parts of the mouse to make it heavier and therefore tailored more to your liking. the components can have grips, logos or smooth aesthetics and even has an extra pinkie rest on the right hand side if desired! mouse wheel feels very sturdy and robust, extra button next to the main left hand side finger button also.

there is a handy little pin in the back of the mouse which can be detached or left in place which is used to screw/unscrew the other components and help customise the mouse to suit your needs.

everything about the mouse feels extremely sturdy and solid build quality. the dpi sensor is (for me personally) very strategically placed and all in all i cannot fault this mouse one iota and would definitely recommend buying this mouse hands down!

excellent product!
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on 7 January 2014
I adore this item. So much-so I've bought several RAT 3s and 5s for friends when they've been in need of replacements - or their first decent mouse after enduring £10 supermarket junk.

Nonetheless, I acknowledge its multiple flaws; The mousewheel cradle is weak, and will eventually drop - the mouse will be in a permanent 'clicked' state after 8-18 months depending upon usage, to which the only solution I could find was to download a third party program to disable Mouse3/MMB entirely. Mouse4, the rear thumb-button was always unreliable, as though improperly connecting with the sensor beneath - unreliable for any 'held' function, such as sneaking or blocking in games, or transmitting as a Push To Talk button for voice communication, but adequate for click funtions, only manifesting issue when held down, flickering on and off contact.

The 'side-scroll' thumb-wheel meanwhile is essentially useless, as Windows simply doesn't support it. It can be bound to certain functions, but it cannot be used, as implied by its very presence, like a mousewheel. A frivolity, or an idea ahead of its time? Irrelevant, as it has little practical function. Further, without ever being used beyond the constantly minor rotations caused by the hand resting upon it, it has weakened considerably, losing much of its stiffness and click.

Primary mouse buttons are excellent - long, suitable for hands of any size and reach and any grip, with a comfortable click, neither too deep nor shallow. DPI rocker switch behind the mousewheel is perfectly adequate. Mouse5 (front thumb button) is far better than Mouse4. 'Sniper Mode' is another useless item, the small red button at the front, simply due to being too far from even my quite long thumb and requiring a HELD rather than TOGGLE usage, altering your grip to such an extent that the increased precision gained by the use of the key is lost in the uncomfortable posture of the hand and necessary awkwardness of movement.

The varied attachments and adjustable weights, however, are a great boon, particularly the default thumb-rest and included (in my early version) pinky rest. The ability to adjust the length of the mouse, change the angle of the thumb-plate and replace the parts of the mouse with others of alternate texture and shape is absolutely wonderful.

A fantastic mouse that needs to be refined and updated to meet its own potential. As a concept and a design, this mouse is the finest I've ever owned or tested, by a wide margin - but this generation of RAT mice suffers for being a prototype released at a rather high price.

MadCatz support can also be very slow if you've an issue, take this into account.

Final word: You won't find a better mouse. You could pick several, however, that might be more reliable and durable in the long term. Value for money over time may falter, but the comfortable design and modular/adjustable features of this mouse are without compare. An excellent product with notable flaws.
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on 20 August 2015
Well what can I say.

I have been using this mouse since November 2013 and its still going strong. For me it is nearly a perfect mouse or as perfect as a right handed mouse can be for a left handed person.

So in reality the side buttons are never used and only the primary 3 are (I have included wheel click as well).

So the advantages for me of this mouse are:
Well constructed
Fits my hand well
Heavy (I like to have a mouse that you can feel when you move it)

It needs a really good surface to work on otherwise you will get tracking problems. I use a brushed Aluminium mouse mat and this works perfectly with the mouse.
Pads on the bottom can wear out quite quickly, but can be replaced.

I had no problems installing the software onto a windows 7 64bit platform,but I rarely use it so I am not in a position to really talk about it.

Great mouse.
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on 24 February 2015
Fantastic mouse (or should I say rat). It's button layout is perfect along with it's adjust-ability. I've had no issues with durability unlike in may reviews, sometimes the sensor gets a little glitchy and the curser doesn't want to move properly, but all I need to do is blow in to it and it works fine. My friend has the M.M.O.7 and I found it had too many buttons unlike this one. The gloss black version, after using it for a few hours it starts to feel dirty and you'll always want to clean it.

era-gnomic adjust-ability (more so than the M.M.O.7)
Just the right amount of buttons
Wired (so it doesn't run out of power unlike the R.A.T.9)

Has durability issues for some people
The gloss version feels dirty quickly
No LEDs on the front (unlike the M.M.O.7)
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on 25 April 2014
I've been using the R.A.T 3's for over 2 years and thought I'd step up my game and go for the slightly higher end R.A.T.7. The main addition of this step-up was the precision aim feature.

Sounds great, but does it work great. No!

What lets this feature down is the location of the precision aim button. it is positioned too far forward away from the thumb buttons (forward, backward & thumb scroll) because of this you have to re-position your hand slightly when going for this button which totally knocks off your 'precision' aim.

The natural position for the button should have been where the thumb bracket screw is, but hey I'm no engineer, clearly playing thumb wars while trying to aim was the only option... disappointing.

looks cool though...
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on 17 September 2013
Without a doubt the best mouse i have ever owned or used. It looks wierd and you might think it won't feel right to hold but it fits perfectly in your hand. It can be customised in so many ways for people who have big or small hands and even people with only 1 hand can make use of all the buttons and scrolls on it. I tested it playing Warframe with only 1 hand and set the mouse up for this and all i can say is it was brilliant.

Everyone who has seen my mouse is like wtf is that. They then use it for a while and everyone who has used it said wow its awesome. I use it with a Mad Catz large mouse mat and the smoothness is like nothing else. My headshot count went up by like 80% when i got this mouse. It really is a stunning product and i can't speak highly enough about it.
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on 1 April 2014
I had my reservations about ordering this mouse and I wish I had not bothered.

Mouse felt decent build quality and was surprised when I removed it from the packing.


If you have large hands like me this mouse is a no go, even with all its adaptability the mouse was just SO uncomfy. Took me over a hour of tinkering to get like what felt okish in the hand but after 10mins my hand/wrist was aching, and that was off browsing not gaming.

Tracking was poor for a mouse of this price (might have been a dodgey one) but I must say that the software for the mouse is the best I have seen.

For me it was no good but for others it obviously is as it has a decent rating.

Amazon returns was top notch as always.
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on 22 December 2015
Let me start by saying that this would be a great mouse ,fully adjustable it will fit in any size hand and the software works well, plus it is very precise ,good for any gamer...but....maybe it is the laser sensor or driver ,you will most likely find as I did ,that the cursor will start to drift , a little at first then as you carry on using it , a little more until the cursor moves on its own across the screen.

I read up about this problem ,swapped to usb 2 port , cleaned sensor ,cleaned then after removed mouse mat and removed other and older mouse drivers.
Nothing has worked for now, which is a shame because this from what little gaming I got out of it was brill.
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