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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 September 2013
Faultless from beginning to end. It's rare to have a film like this that you can go back to countless times and still get huge enjoyment from watching it.Timeless might be an overused expression but it fits perfectly in this instance .
Bogart proves what an all time 'great' he was.. Even when hitching up his trousers which was his 'bit of business'in all his films he did it with style!
Trying his hat on again after his haircut still makes me laugh every time I see it
He was when the film was made the top box office attraction worldwide and did'nt mind going a little mad and ending up like a tramp before his demise. Other stars of the era would not have agreed to behave in such a way as it would have impacted on their 'image'... Gary Cooper was one who certainly would not affect his public by behaving in such a way a and certainly not dying! Cary Grant was another as was Clark Gable .
Even in the casting of the support parts this film has stand out memories. Of course I am referring to Goldhat or 'stinking badges' himself Alfonso Bedoya.A small contribution by him but one which leaves a lasting impression and makes you look forward to his appearance.
They simply don't make them like this anymore -- nor sadly will they ever again .
If your happy watching the latest Hollywood crapola with BruceWillis, Nicholas Cage, Adam Sandler or any other non actor then 'Treasure ' is not for you .
Pure class from start to finish
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on 15 February 2010
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is set in the 1930's and tells the tale of three men who set out prospecting for gold in the Sierra Madre Mountains. The three men start out as friends but by the end have been completely driven apart by greed ambition and stupidity. This film brilliantly explores the nature of manhood and friendship as all three characters fail to balance these attributes. This film was one of the best films to come out of the 1930's and Gained john Houston and Walter Houston Oscars for best supporting actor and director.

The picture is much better on the Blu ray version and is region free so will play in any country.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 September 2013
It's 1925, Tampico, Mexico, Fred C Dobbs is on the bum until he meets and befriends fellow American Bob Curtin. After finding a bit of work with a shifty contractor (and literally having to fight for their hard earned pay), they meet the colourful Howard, an old Klondike prospector who regales the men with stories of gold. After a bit of fortune comes Fred's way, the two men enter into a journey with Howard to mine gold from the Sierra Madre hills, but it's a journey that will not only bring personal pressures, but also interference from outside sources.

A contender for John Huston's greatest film, The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre oozes class from every single frame. Boasting top line performances from Humphrey Bogart (Dobbs), Tim Holt (Curtin) and Walter Huston (Howard), Huston's gloriously humane adaptation of the Berwick Traven novel plays out devilishly as a cautionary tale of greed and its pitfalls. This is a film that most have heard about, the word of mouth reputation is well deserved, so I myself don't feel the need to try and sell the picture to anyone reading. John Huston won golden statues for both Best Director and Best Screenplay (one of the best screenplays of the 40s to my mind), whilst Walter Huston picked up the Best Supporting statue to make it one happy day in the Huston household.

What is of interest to me is that there was not a nomination for Bogart here, quite possibly his Dobbs portrayal is one of his most effective, yet with it being a veer from the norm I can't help thinking that is why it was sadly ignored. It can't have helped that studio bigwigs were vocal in their displeasure at Bogart playing such a morally challenged character, the public reaction at the time as well was less than favourable, but time has proved it to be a great Bogart show in what is firmly, and rightly so, hailed a classic of classics. 10/10
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 April 2014
For a blu ray release in a steelbook enclosure I was disappointed with this product. Most of the film looks old stock although there is no picture break-up or 'bits' of stuff flickering. On a plasma screen the foreground is far too dark, as though the contrast has been increased.

What makes it worse for me was that I recently viewed my old dvd copy of The Maltese Falcon (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD]. Both films were viewed on projection. But The Maltese Falcon is an immaculate viewing experience. I would not dream of buying a blu ray version of this movie.

Watching Sierra Madre this time had me comparing the lust for gold with the urge to consume these days. The other day I heard myself telling someone that I have to face a choice between getting new footwear or the James Bond blu ray box set! Although oddly enough merely saying that to someone had me maturely reflecting on that perverted conundrum. New hiking boots were ordered. Much cheaper than burros.
review image
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on 31 January 2013
Very pleased with this purchase. Have wanted this film on bluray for a while now and it's one of the better looking (black & white film) blurays in this series of recent Warner Bros vintage steelbooks. I was pleasantly surprised too by the quality of the actual steelbook- it looks better in person than in the pictures. It has a nice satin finish and quality feel. The cover art has a nice 'retro' feel to it and looks great with other older b/w steelbooks on my shelf like 'Touch Of Evil', 'The Lost weekend' and 'Double Indemnity'.
Great purchase especially at the low price point. Buy with confidence.
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on 26 March 2011
'Treasure of the Sierra Madre' is, I think, one of the greatest films ever made and, contrary to reviewer Humpty Dumpty, I would argue even a bit UNDER-rated. The storytelling is masterful; there are omens, foreshadowing, turns in the plot when you least expect it, but best of all, is the psychology that makes this film so riveting.

I first saw this film on a late winter night in a hotel in San Diego at a time when I myself was down on my luck. Before that, the name Humphry Bogart didn't mean very much, but after seeing 'Sierra Madre', I was instantly a Bogart freak. If I had to choose one Bogart desert island DVD, I honestly could not tell you whether it would be Sierra Madre or Casablanca.
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on 29 May 2016
So---how did I come by this film? Well I brought a Kindle - to listen to the Audio book of Michael Caine who wanted to work on The Man Who Would Be King film, simply because he admired John Huston who wrote and directed this film. Yes it's Black and White. Yes it's from the 1940's. And Yes I've never seen an Humphrey Bogart film in my life. But this film - made way before I was born - still sparkles and bristles with a dialogue and plot that anticipates, articulates and expostulates all the devil weaknesses and paranoia of man through greed. In hindsight, it really is a tour de force that obviously influenced and cast a spectre upon many a similar themed film after it. As a 55 year old in 2016 I don't regret buying and sitting the whole way through it. It's a great parable whereby simple good can make you happy, compared to the choking rope of wealth turning you into a suspicious and murderous thinking thug!
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on 30 September 2015
A great film that can stand many watchings, in fact I purchased mine as a replacement for an old and tired VHS. I can only reiterate the positive comments: excellent casting, especially Bogart, Huston and Bedoya, a cracking yarn, well acted and directed and a brilliant ending. There is a very apt philosophical comment about gold, early in the film, from the inimitable Huston and I believe the moral decline of Bogart referred to by another reviewer is the director's underlying comment about the possible evil consequences of greed and in this film it's ultimate futility. The death toll alone reinforcing Huston's comments about the value of gold. However, no need to draw any moral conclusions from this film, to repeat myself it's a cracking yarn. I would take slight issue with another reviewer who referred to this as the best film ever. I would say one of a number of classic B&W films of equal ranking. Consider "Twelve Angry Men" , "Rififi" etc. How do we distinguish? It does however seem a sad fact that in these days of computer generated special effects and gratuitous sexual activity which are becoming the staple of many modern movies we are losing true drama and re-watchability.
As to the DVD itself I had some initial reservations about buying a far Eastern import having concerns about picture quality, pirating etc. Anyway I took a chance and mine came via Amazon from "SodamifeelDVD". Totally happy with the quality and delivery time and would recommend.
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This film directed by the legendary John Huston in 1948 is based on the cult 1927 novel by B Traven. It is unusual for the time in that it was filmed entirely on location in Mexico, which later became a very popular trend. It is set unusually in 1920s Mexico shortly after the revolution. The country was still in turmoil and patrolled by the ruthless Federales. A sort of local Police with attitude. Their justice often being of the summary kind, and the final verdict being decided with a bullet for the miscreant.

Into this arena enter three Gringo prospectors and general down and outs. Humphrey Bogart never at ease in Western guise plays Fred Dobbs the lottery ticket winner who invests all his money in prospecting equipment. He is joined by the younger Bob Curtin played by Tim Holt and the older and wiser Howard played by Walter Huston. Howard predicts trouble and he is not far wrong. The three strike it rich but the gold causes Bogart to lose his mind with greed. This leads to confrontation in the group and ultimately to tragedy. There is a rather fitting twist to the story at the end.

The film was nominated for an oscar for best picture, but lost out to Oliviers "Hamlet". Perhaps the films main flaw lies in Bogart's metamorphosis from Mr nice guy to a frothing lunatic in such a short space of time. A little heavy handed for someone as skilled as Huston. Bogart seems to have been rehearsing for his later role as Captain Queeg in "The Caine Mutiny", where he again loses his marbles big time. The film is a strong morality fable and could almost be taken from a Biblical parable. Gold and riches are not the most important things in life, and lusting after such wealth can lead to tragic consequences. It is a cautionary tale of old but still posseses great power.

Watch out for the brief one line appearence of Tim Holt's father Jack Holt the old silent screen hero. He is one of the men down on their luck. Overall the film is still very enjoyable despite the flaws. A fairly generous 4 stars.
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on 22 January 2016
Get this if you want ye old original influence to Raiders of the Lost Ark. From Start to Finish, you can't take your eyes off this beautifully made, acted & scored gold bar of a film.

The begging at the beginning of the film reminds me of a similar experience in life & I chuckle to myself every time I watch the very same mannerisms & body language I remember observing back then, being acted out here by these great actors.
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