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4.4 out of 5 stars212
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 November 2012
I didn't read the first book in this series but I liked 'Because of Low' and 'While it Lasts'. However, this book is the weakest in my opinion.
Amanda (Marcus' sister) has been in love with Preston since she was 16. She's now 18 and the book starts as she makes a play for Preston one night when he is drunk. They have sex in an outside storage unit and she gives him her virginity (although she had told him she wasn't innocent). It's over very quickly and then he walks out and leaves her alone.
The book then starts 3 months later. Preston has been trying to avoid Amanda because he feels he's not good enough for her. When he does see her, he is quite mean to her and hurts her. Poor Amanda is what can only be described as a drip!! When Preston finally gives in to Amanda again it turns out he had forgotten about having sex with her! When he finds out he took her virginity, he feels bad. He also remembers that Amanda had an orgasm that night. Now considering all he did was kiss her breast, I find this a bit laughable!!
They embark on a sort of relationship but its a bit difficult because her brother Marcus or any of his and Preston's friends can't find out. Preston also has siblings he has to take care of because his Trailer Park Mother is a waste of space. Now here is the part I found hard to take about this story. To make enough money to have his own apartment, go to school and look after his mother and siblings, Preston needs to make a lot of money. To do this, he sells his body, yep, he's a Gigolo!!
Whilst seeing and having sex with Amanda, he still carries on servicing the older women who pay him for sex. He does feel guilty but he carries on because he needs the money.
When Marcus finds out they are seeing each other he is angry but then he realises that Preston has never been like that with a girl before and Amanda declares her love for him, so he allows their relationship but doesn't tell their mother. However, Amanda's mother is the one that finds out about Preston's secret life.
I could go on, but I have given away enough spoilers. All I will say is their fall out and reconciliation is very unrealistic. Everything is tied up too neatly in a nice little bow whereas in reality, how could you forgive your boyfriend for being a gigolo?! The book ends too quickly and we are left to believe that they will live happily ever after - what, with her mother and all those women knowing he was a Gigolo?!
It's an odd plot line for Glines to come up with and as these books are aimed at Young Adults, I find it a bit of an irresponsible storyline.
I also noticed a few errors in this book.
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on 21 April 2012
In a nutshell, Sadie White is a teenager struggling to deal with a childish, heavily pregnant mother. She ends up having to go to her mother's work place to take over her job, as her irresponsible mother can't be bothered to do it herself. The home she goes to just happens to be the summer abode of the "hottest, most famous teen idol in the world'. They meet, and it's love at first sight. Various dilemmas ensue.

This book was ok. Not brilliant, just ok. I say that for a variety of reasons, but primaily because I found alot of the language/conversation between Sadie and Jax, the superstar teen idol, to be unrealistic and stilted, with a lack of realistic flow (as well as content. They say an awful lot of hugely melodramtic things about each other. It's just a little bit jarring, and unbeliievable). There wasn't very many contractions in their speech with each other, making them seem like formal adults (lack of 'I'm", "wouldn't", would've" etc. Mostly it's - "I am", I would not", "that is not so", and so on. Which I feel adds to to the lack of realistic conversational flow. Who speaks like that?)

The other aspect which made the book just ok for me was the relationshop between the two main characters, which I don't think anyone could relate to because the things they say to each other and how they act towards one another is just a bit too over the top and filled with melodrama that has no real basis in real life relationships (even though of course Jax is a super famous idol. What I mean is that no one really speak like that to each other, only little kids). There is a lot of mention (from the "great, beautiful, amazing" Sadie herself as well) of how mature and grown up Sadie is. How beautiful she is, how desirable she is etc. She just comes across as this impossibly beautiful, amazing, intelligent girl who, again, isn't very realistic as a character. Professing her love for a guy she's known all of five seconds doesn't really cut it either. It all happened a bit too fast I think and had the author not had their 'love' so rushed, with maybe more time spent between 'suspense-filled' moments etc, it could've come off a lot better and believable. As it is, it's just a really big pieve of over the top, unrealistic, melodramtic and kind of weird fanfiction (and I've read better free fanfiction on

All in all, I guess I just couldn't relate to any of the story, which is why I didn't enjoy it very much. I guess if you are a younger teenage you can enjoy it, but if you're an adult it's probably not going to be so great.
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on 22 July 2013
* Some minor spoilers throughout this review *

I was really looking forward to this book. Preston had been the character that interested me the most in this series and I'd liked Amanda since book 1.

Amanda is Marcus' little sister. She is in love with Marcus' best friend Preston.

Preston has a new woman every night in his personal life (total man-whore) and then you find out what his job is and you realise "man-whore" is actually a literal description. You meet his mother who is complete scum and your heart breaks for his 3 much younger siblings... Preston is not perfect by a long shot but your heart simply breaks for him, the choices he makes and the reasons he does what he does...

However, It doesn't excuse the fact he can sleep with someone and completely forget about it!!!

Oh, sorry, think it was a dream... Okay, he's devastated when he realises it wasn't a dream but it still doesn't make up for it.

Amanda is young and naive.

She wants Preston and she gets him just not the way she wants him... In all fairness I don't think anyone in her right mind would be happy with losing their virginity on a wooden box in a shed and then having the guy get off you and leave without a word... What I don't understand is how that experience didn't turn her completely off him! So what he's beautiful? He isn't even nice to her! Does she have no self-respect?

As the story goes on Preston changes and the relationship grows and you can accept it...

Amanda's reaction to Preston's "job" is understandable. Her taking him back once everything unfolds and his job changes to a normal one is also understandable... But the ending left me with no way to envision a happy future for them and that made me sad. It's totally unsatisfying and I don't like that the sacrifices Preston made for his siblings will forever make him tainted and unworthy in the eyes of Amanda's mother (possibly brother? Who knows as Marcus isn't privy to the scandal).

What I do like is how Preston's friends rally for him in this book. I love how Rock and Trisha get the family they desire and those poor children will get a stable home and unconditional love not just from their big brother but from parents...

I really hope as this series progresses we get some more closure on this but - since the next book is Cage and Eva book 2 and the one after that is Jason Stone - I doubt it. So after looking forward to reading this, I was left disapointed.

2 out of 5 stars.
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on 3 December 2013

These books did not leave my hand from the first to last book. Each book allowed you to get to know the characters and fall in love with them individually. They all made me laugh, smile, tear up and shout the words 'oh my god!'.

Highly recommend these books, if you like a bit of drama, romance and your imagination to run away with the books then make sure you have plenty of spare time because these books will not fail to impress.

DO NOT JUST STOP HERE..Abbi Glines' other books are just as good I didn't think it was possible to be in love with so many characters at the same time.
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on 13 November 2013
drama, love, hate, friends, enemies, jealousy, relationships, and explosive sex. whats not to love? Each book is about a different couple, but they are all a group of friends so you see the characters turn up in each others stories. fantastic!
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on 4 January 2016
I remember reading this book on my Kindle aaages ago and really liking it, but this time round I wasn’t quite so impressed.

Breathe is a major chick-lit, based on the love story of rock star Jax Stone and regular teen Sadie White. They meet by chance when Sadie takes her pregnant mother’s job, which happens to be at the Stones’ summer house.

They face multiple obstacles, such as Sadie’s other admirer and the invasive press sharing stories about each of them. Eventually, Jax decides it would be best for Sadie if he didn’t drag her into his life of fame. Heartbroken, she falls under a ‘dark blanket’ which she is only freed from when Marcus appears at her window. Finally out of her slump, Sadie gets herself a new job.

Sadie is shocked to find her mother in labour as she returns from work one day, and panics to get her to hospital. But the birth is only the start of her difficulties; her mother is struck with severe post-partum depression, and so Sadie is stuck taking care of her little brother.

Little Sam keeps Sadie on her toes, driving her to black out on the way to school due to exhaustion. After two weeks, she wakes up to find herself in a hospital room, with… Jax. The two of them decide to get back together, and make plans for the future.

So, this book is an extreme romance. It’s soppy, cheesy, and just totally unrealistic in my opinion. I guess a lot of girls may like it due to it being what many dream of – a beautiful romance with a hot teen idol. But I just found it so fake, and even the grammar is often incorrect and speech is written so strangely… Like, nobody would talk like that. It’s just not accurate.

Sorry, but this just isn’t my kind of book. So 2.5 stars from me.
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I've really enjoyed the previous books in Abbi Glines' Sea Breeze series and I was looking forward to getting to know bad boy Preston a little better in Just for Now. We've seen quite a lot of him in the previous books but while he's a good friend to Marcus he's also always been a player and a ladies man and I wasn't sure how Amanda was going to get him to change his ways.

What we didn't know before was quite how much pressure is on Preston from his waste of space mother who she relies on Preston for everything. He pays her rent, buys her food and even puts petrol in her car for her and he does it all to protect his younger siblings Jimmy, Brent and Daisy. Preston is in college full time trying to get a decent education but he needs to earn money and he doesn't have enough free time to work a full time job as well. He's resorted to desperate measures but while the income means he can look after his family the work makes him feel dirty and cheap. He doesn't feel worthy of love and he's so ashamed of his situation that he doesn't feel that he can ask his friends for help or even tell them what is happening in his life. Because of that his friends just think of him as a party boy who doesn't have a care in the world when in reality that couldn't be further from the truth.

Amanda is Preston's best friend Marcus's little sister and completely off limits. Preston knows she is special but she is far too pure and innocent for the likes of him, besides Marcus would kill him if he ever found out about Preston's feelings. Amanda may be innocent but she knows what she wants and once she realises that Preston is attracted to her she deliberately sets out to get her man. Amanda sees Preston for who he really is and once she starts to get under his skin she realises how much he does to protect his siblings. I loved Amanda for the way she was so caring towards Jimmy, Brent and Daisy and I really enjoyed every scene with the younger kids in. They had such a tough upbringing but were really sweet kids and that was down to Preston and the way he had cared for them.

One thing that I found really noticeable in this story was the double standards and slut shaming though. All of the girls that Preston had been with were called names and considered whores by Amanda and the rest of Preston's friends but the fact that Preston slept with a different girl every night was completely fine. At one point Amanda actually thought "So he slept around. A lot of guys did. He was sowing his wild oats. It was okay to do that." about Preston but she'd earlier introduced one of her supposed friends to readers by thinking "Jess, Rock's cousin and the town slut". I'm not going to get into the whole issue of sleeping around and whether it's right or wrong but what I really HATE is that people seem to think it's OK for guys to do it but not for girls. Double standards irritate me and it did stop me enjoying this book quite as much as I would have done otherwise. If you want to get on your high horse about sleeping around you should call out the boys for their behaviour just as much as the girls! Or you can just take the opinion that they're all consenting adults and they have every right to do whatever the hell they want. Either way would be better than what happens here.

I did like Preston, he was in an impossible situation and he was doing the only thing he could think of to make sure his family survived. I'll admit I got a little irritated with him for not confiding in his friends sooner and asking for help but I could understand why he hadn't. In general I liked Amanda but her double standards kept making me want to shake some sense into her. I have really enjoyed the sea breeze series though so even though Just for Now wasn't my favourite instalment I'm still looking forward to reading more about this group of friends.
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Sadie doesn't have the luxury of spending the holiday's having fun with her friends, she's far too busy holding down a full time job to support her heavily pregnant mother. The last thing she wants, or needs, is a summer fling, especially not with the famous teenage rock star who owns the mansion it is her job to clean. Jax spends every summer with his family in Sea Breeze as a way to wind down after a busy year of touring. He just wants a place where he can forget about his fame and have fun being a regular guy. Sadie is the first girl he's met that doesn't throw herself at him and that just makes her all the more intriguing. The more time he spends with her the more he realises that she spends her entire life looking after others and he wants to be the one to look after her for a change. Even if he can persuade her to give him a chance will his fame get in the way of a lasting relationship.

I have to admit I was confused when Simon & Schuster published the 2nd, 3rd & 4th books (Because of Low, While it Lasts & Just for Now) in this series before the first one. I hate reading a series out of order but I had ended up reading books 2 & 3 before this one and as much as reading them in the wrong order distressed me I really enjoyed them. As it turns out there was a rights issue with Breathe that meant it couldn't be published sooner and because it was the first book she had written Abbi Glines chose to edit the story before S&S reissued it. So it's worth noting that this review is for the revised edition of the story and if you bought your version before August 2013 when it was published you may have read a different version.

Having read some of the other books in this series I was excited to come back and discover how it all began in Breathe. While I enjoyed the story and found it a very quick and easy read I have to say that I think it is the weakest book in the series (out of the ones I've read so far). I guess that is understandable since it was the author's first novel but even though she has added additional scenes I don't think this is up to the standards I've come to expect from Abbi Glines. I'm not trying to put people off reading it though because I did like it, I just didn't love it as much as I'd hoped to.

Sadie has a tough life, her mother is completely useless and leaves Sadie in charge of running the household, paying the bills and even making sure there is food on the table. Being heavily pregnant has made her even more useless than normal and she spends all her time complaining and expecting Sadie to wait on her hand and foot. I have to say there were more than a few occasions when I just wanted to shake some sense into her mother or kidnap Sadie and take her somewhere that she would have a chance at living like a normal teenager! Sadie had to grow up fast and that shows in the way she interacts with the people around her, she is an old soul and often doesn't act like most other teenagers.

There is no doubt that Jax is a hottie, he's also a rich, famous rock star so everything a girl could want in a lot of ways. He's also quite jaded and cynical because people are constantly trying to use him for his money or as a way to launch their own music careers. I have to say that even though the money would be nice I don't think I'd want to be famous. Meeting Sadie is an eye opener for him, although he is under constant pressure from his mother about his career he has never had as much responsibility as she does. The fact that she sees past his fame to the boy underneath is what appeals to him most, she isn't interested in his money or the things he could do for her, she just likes spending time with him.

I think the main thing that bothered me was how quickly their relationship developed, I would have loved more of a slow build to it and for them to have spent more time getting to know each other before the "I love you"s started. In spite of the fast pace they did have some really sweet moments and overall I enjoyed spending time with them. Sadie is a little too naive for my taste but it made sense that her character would be like that. I think what I enjoyed most was seeing Sadie find friendship and support from her co-workers, she's never really had anyone who looks out for her before so it was great to see her learn to trust others and accept the help they were offering.

Breathe is a really sweet romance and I already know that this series just gets stronger with every instalment so it's definitely one I'd be happy to recommend.
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on 5 January 2014
Preston Drake has been the object of Amanda Hardy's affection for years. What started as a crush has burned into what she thinks is unrequited love for her brother's best friend. As Amanda matures into a beautiful young woman she uses all the weapons at her disposal to get Preston to wake up and realise she isn't a kid anymore. And one night after Preston has one too many beers, she succeeds. Too bad he doesn't remember, because it is all Amanda thinks about.

Preston likes his woman fast and easy, just ask anyone. There are few women in Sea Breeze he hasn't bedded. With an attitude to match his handsome surfer look, no one could ever accuse him of being a man with morals or substance. Scratch a little off the surface and peer into his life and they may change their mind.

Taking care of his family is expensive work when his mother is a drug addict and he is the sole provider for his three younger siblings. But Preston learned to use his looks to his advantage in a way that he never had to worry about money again. For a long time Preston never thought there was anything wrong with the way he lived his life. But when Amanda succeeds in getting under his skin and staying there, he feels shamed and dirty. And he can never let her get too close...never let her discover his secrets.

Let me just say that I loved Preston, warts and all. He is a broken and damaged man doing all he can to support his family and there is honour in that, at least. Just For Now was a beautiful instalment in this amazing series, and I couldn't get enough of this book.

I adored Preston and Amanda together and their chemistry leapt off the page. Preston's story is a dark one, but it is written effortlessly well. A superb story.
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on 13 November 2013
After reading, and falling in love with, the `Too Far' series by Abbi Glines, I decided to give the Sea Breeze book's a try, and wow! I loved them all!

Each booked is based around one of the main, male characters finding love. Book one is about Jax and Sadie, book two is focused on Marcus and Low, book three is Cage and Eva's story, and book four is about Preston and Amanda. Each instalment includes the other main characters so the stories follow on nicely from each other. I'm trying to work out which is my favourite but it continuously changes as there's parts of every story that I love.

My favourite hottie by far is Cage York - everything about him is appealing. He's a typical bad boy who has had his wicked way with many girls, but the tenderness he show's towards Low, and then Eva would melt any girls heart - amazing character. But then there's Preston. Again, he comes across as a player and a bit of a pig really, but then we find out about his little brothers and sister, and how he cares for them whilst his alcoholic mother neglects them...another heart melting moment. Oh, and Marcus is worth a mention too! He's not my favourite character (he comes across as a bit of a wet wipe really) but the way he cares for Low and tries to pick up the pieces of his broken family is very cute. Him and Low's story is probably the most frustrating to read but still brilliant! And last but not least, Jax. He's a famous rock star who has come home to Sea breeze for the summer and ends up falling in love with Sadie, the `domestic help'. Again, not the most believable story but everyone likes a fairy tale ending :)

So, you can see the predicament I'm in! How is a girl to choose her favourite when they're all pretty amazing. Basically, what I'm trying to say is go and buy all four books, you will not be disappointed!! :)
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