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on 7 January 2013
I recently bought a Smart TV and also have Sky On Demand so needed to place my router in my lounge, which is at the furthest end of the house to my home office. My house is old with solid brick walls, so the wireless signal from the router to my desk top computer and printer was poor and slow. I reasearched what was available and, although I felt this product was expensive, it included the performance and security features, as well as a few extras, I was looking for. The Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ starter kit comes with 2 Homeplug AV adapters with integrated sockets. The smaller adapter goes near the router and the larger one I use in my home office. The set up was simple and I quickly had it working. My signal strength instantly changed from poor to excellent. The larger adapter comes with 3 ethernet ports on the top, so you can connect ethernet cables directly into it if you wish. The integrated sockets are very useful if you're running short of power sockets (and who isn't). I plugged 4-gang extensions into both adapters and they work fine. With a bit more configuration you can change the SSID and password, I also set up the timer to switch off the wireless in my home office overnight. I was delighted with the result and it has worked really well for me.
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on 30 January 2013
just recently got one to use - fully endorsed what the other reviewers wrote. Just plug and go! :-) forget isp address etc etc. It just toweringly overshadows my cheaper device in performance. You can unplug the terminal device and plug it where you want it when you want it. I think it's worth the money.
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on 10 February 2013
Product works great but Ive had a bit of an argument with Amazon over what should be in the box. The box arrived sealed but inside there was no cable in the pre-formed space where it should have been. Amazon said one isnt included but on the box itself is a picture of the package contents that includes a cable, and the Amazon iphone app lists a cable as included. They've given me a credit to go buy one but I'd be interested if other buyers have had the same problem.
Other than that, plug and play, strong signal. Wifi extenders need to be positioned where there is already a signal but the devolo can sit in a dead zone. Only drawback is that you shift from one signal to another as you move out of range of your router signal but I think thats fairly minor. Note that this plug is also noticeably bigger than the non-wifi versions so check dimensions if you are tight for space.
Also think the price should come down to nearer the £60-70 mark. Seems pricey at £85 for one plug.
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on 5 October 2013
Like all powerline adapters they have great potential but often fall short.

This one claims to have gigabit Ethernet ports but with the obvious limit of 500Mbps. This I knew and was fine with. Unfortunately only the single port adapter has gigabit ports and the triple port adapter has 10/100 Mbps ports.

The main reason I got the adapter was because I thought the triple adapter had gigabit ports so that at least the 3 computers going directly to that adapter could talk to each other a bit faster. Even if I had gotten 200-300Mbps I would have been happy but stuck at 90Mbps is just too slow to transfer large amounts of data across.

Now I will have to buy a separate 4 port gigabit switch, should have done this in the first place and stuck with my old 200av kit.

There is just too much false advertising these days especially when it comes to technology.

What's the point in selling an adapter with 500Mbps when you limit the ports to 100Mbps. Stupid!
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on 8 February 2013
I bought this to replace the SECOND Devolo dLan 500 plug which expired, only to return it as soon as it arrived, due to the original still being under guarantee. As I rely on these plugs for various tasks, I HAD to replace it and had tried to get a replacement from Amazon. However, I found that while Amazon used to honour the manufacturers 3 year guarantee, things have changed. Amazon informed me that the period in which I could get the product replaced had ended. So, I took this up with Devolo, who confirmed via e-mail that, yes, they do still guarantee their products for 3 years. Furthermore, I would not need to send them the failed unit, all I had to do was photograph the serial number and send that along with a copy of my Amazon invoice. Okay, a bit fiddly, but easy enough.... or so I thought.

Thus began a three week odyssey, with the forces of Devolo. Having checked again on the phone that I was providing the right info, I e-mailed two attachments, and waited, then waited some more. After a week of nothing, I called again, this time speaking to a very helpful fellow, who assured me that my e-mail had not arrived. I was asked to send again, which I did so while talking to support. This e-mail in various configurations and via two different domain names did not arrive. Yet, I knew for sure that all was well at my end. Eventually, thorough trial and error, we discovered that the Devolo mail server doesn't like .PNG files. Not only does it block them, but apparently nukes the e-mail as well! There is no mention of this on their website, and the staff seemed utterly oblivious. So, I resent using .JPG files, and waited again. When I heard nothing I called up the support line, and found myself talking to someone whose command of written English was so poor, that he thought I lived on the 'Iceland of Wig'. Nevertheless, he assured me that the e-mail had arrived, and the replacement was in process. At no point was I given any idea as to when this replacement might arrive, only that I'd be notified via e-mail. Presumably when Devolo were good and ready. After a third week, and a complaint about the unnecessary delay, the replacement finally arrived, and I saw what the problem had been about. While Devolo support and business is in Coventry, England, my replacement was dispatched from Aachen, Germany! No doubt there is some business advantage for Devolo, but for the consumer it simply wastes time.

After buying Devolo products for several years, secure in the knowledge that they had a long guarantee which Amazon would deal with, I am now looking around for possible alternatives. The next time the weasel goes pop, I'm not inclined to be left for weeks without wi-fi in much of my home, due to the above nonsense.
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on 22 March 2013
Bought the Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit together with 2 Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ units to set up a network with 3 new wireless access points. Installation was simple and without problems. The network has now been working flawlessly for 6 weeks without needing any intervention at all. I can only recommend these modules.
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on 19 October 2013
I have a virgin SUPER(not!)HUB downstairs and desktop on wireless upstairs . Virgin package is 20Mb download .
My desktop only ever got 15Mb download on speedtest , two bars on the desktop icon, and a -80dB range.
Constant complaints from the family "Internets gone again - its slow again ! "
Constant wifi connection drops.
Tried everything - changed browsers, changing the TCP/IP settings, removing IPv6 - on the phone to Virgin about slow response on browsers.

Eventually read an article on PC Adviser about PowerLines. Checked Amazon and reviewed the Devolo .
Plugged in the Devolo upstairs - download speeds went from 15Mb to 30Mb (even though I only have 20Mb with virgin ?!) .
Range went from -80dB to -30dB.
I still have the connection drops (even downstairs in the same room as the superhub) - but I think this is to do with Virgin Cable itself . So resorted to a wired connection to the Devolo plug - situated in same room as the desktop upstairs.
No more trailing ethernet cables across the room and landing!
Next job - buy another Devolo extender to hardwire the SmartTV and PS3.
Best thing about PowerLine technology is that you can hard wired connections in your home - without resorting to installing a CAT5/6 network, or have trailing cables across rooms.
If you have a flaky Wifi connection ( as in the case of my Virgin Router ) - the hard wire possibility is a life saver .
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on 10 April 2013
Have upgraded my broadband to fibre and getting roughly 20-25mb speed, not great but better than previous 2mb.

Office broadband at front of the house upstairs and lounge at back downstairs so very slow, also Sky On Demand took forever to download through their wireless box and laptops also very slow, when Sky was downloading took all the band width so everything stopped downstairs, lots of moaning from the whole family, as I'm the IT guru (not) in our house I get it all.

Been looking at these types of products for a while, cheaper options, some wife extenders for £20 and other wireless power lines for roughly £60, all had mixed reviews. Plus I've learnt you get what you pay for!

Devolo seems to have mostly good reviews so took the plunge. Received today took out of the package, one connected to broadband is through a surge extension lead and one downstairs is in wall socket.

Found the devolo wireless connection straight away and connected tv, sky, laptops ipad, phones etc. All work well and getting same speed as upstairs now, 20mb.

So happy and more importantly, so easy.

Getting a cabin/office soon which will be a 100ft way from the house, so happy to know I can run my work broadband through a power line.

Thank you DEVOLO, a product that actually does what is is supposed to!!

Update: 11th May 2013

Had a few problems with signal dropping off and lots of red flashing so have had to run direct through the mains power rather than through an extension lead, noticed that the speed has increased straight away.

Cabin coming in a few weeks so will update to see how this works.
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on 25 January 2013
Fantastic. Reliable, powerful and simple. Much better than cheaper simila alternatives. Even better than complicated routers, repeaters. Just plug and go.
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on 11 November 2013
I had been thinking of running these around the house for a while. I have 120Mb broadband wired straight to the router but my Daughter and Wife use wireless and were always complaining about the lag when playing games on the internet. The router was upstairs and they were downstairs or elsewhere in the house. I initially purchased wired Develo 500 units locally to connect the wife's and the Daughters laptop and PC and they were very happy with the results The wife was getting the full 120Mb bandwidth directly below where I had plugged in the unit / router connection and the Daughter, 70Mb in the far corner of the house, so they were now getting no lag and a strong reliable signal.
I now wanted to put a unit in the lounge but wanted wireless and wired so purchased this unit. The 3 wired connections now feed my Sky HD box, PlayStation 3 and Home Theatre surround system and use the 5.0 GHz wireless purely for Wi-Fi connection to my mobile. The phone is running at 52Mpbs download and 12.2 Mbps upload which is pretty impressive compared to the Virgin Media Wireless. It is a bit more directional being so low to the ground when compared to the router but it is much faster when downloading apps etc. The wired connections stream music and films to the Home theatre when required and allow the PlayStation to run smoothly and download quickly. Sky Any Time also downloads quickly.
The units run fairly cool and so far have been reliable. I have not detected any RF interference (audible) and they sleep when not in use to keep running costs down. The other great thing is that you don't loose a socket outlet. The only slight issue is that they are quite wide and bulky so tend to obscure the power switch on some wall sockets. Another good point is that the outlets are at the top so if you have low mounted sockets you can easily make a connection. I would have preferred the connections at the bottom as it makes routing cables neater but one can't please everyone I guess.
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